Busted by My Sister’s Boyfriend

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My sister Alicia is 2 years older than I am and built like a Greek Goddess with her braided blonde hair, slender body, long silky legs, tight round ass, and 36D breasts. Her boyfriend Bob is a college freshman soccer player who regularly spends the weekends at our house. My parents do a lot of weekend travel to relieve the stress of their jobs, so the house is virtually ours to do whatever we wish when Friday rolls around.

This particular weekend wasn’t much different than the others. Mom and Dad said good-bye around 4pm Friday and Bob and Alicia headed to the bedroom immediately afterwards. I was left to tug on my dick as I listened to the moans and groans coming from my sister’s bedroom. I usually fantasized about being there in the room and letting my sister give me head while Bob took her from behind. If I were really lucky, I’d find a pair of my sister’s silk panties in the laundry basket, and jerk off with them wrapped around my cock while listening to the two of them go at it.

Today was Bob’s 21st birthday and Alicia was threw him a party at our house. The place was packed with all kind of hotties and beer and booze was every where. I mingled quietly watching the activities of the evening including the constant flow of couples in and out of the family bedrooms. At one point, I noticed one couple going into an already occupied room and thought they’d come hurrying out, but they were in there for a good 30 minutes before both couples came out together laughing and giggling. I can only imagine what went on behind those closed doors. Others couples weren’t so discreet and kissed, groped, and grabbed whatever they could wherever they could. The activity kept my dick hard the entire evening until the party died down. As the last couples left shortly after 2 in the morning, glassy-eyed Alicia asked me if I’d be a good brother and clean up for her as Bob was too drunk to do anything but go to bed. I was about to tell her to fuck off when she pressed her big breast against my chest and gave me a kiss on the lips – how could I refuse her request after that?

Off they stumbled to her bedroom as I reluctantly began to pick up the remains of the party. A few minutes later I could hear the old familiar sounds of sexual foreplay coming from my sister’s room. I had thought that they were too far gone to be doing that, but apparently I was wrong. This went on for several minutes before it finally got the best of me. I crept quietly upstairs towards my sister’s room in hopes of listening in thru the door. Much to my surprise, the door was partially opened, most likely due to their carelessness in their drunken state. I figured if I had to do their clean-up, I might as well get something out of it so I leaned against the wall and peered thru the opening in the door.

There on the bed sat my sister, blouse unbuttoned, braless, and panty-clad giving a completely naked Bob a blowjob. I was mesmerized by the scene in front of me and my dick was standing at full attention. Bob had his hands on his hips as he thrust his cock in and out of my sister’s mouth. Alicia’s lipstick coated lips were firmly wrapped around his cock as she massaged his balls with one hand and stroked his long hard dick with the other. I stood there watching this as I stroked my own cock too.

This went on very several minutes until Bob took his cock out of my sister’s mouth and rubbed it across her face. In a drunken slur he told her that he wanted to fuck her tight little pussy and then reached down and grabbed her legs and lifted them up in the air. This caused Alicia to fall back onto the bed with her blouse falling completely open. Her tits were completely exposed and her nipples were hard with excitement. Bob reached down and pulled Alicia’s panties to the side and then proceeded to rub his dick up and down her wet pussy. Alicia squirmed and moaned at the teasing before finally begging him to put it in. Bob placed the head of his dick at her opening and slowly pushed his engorged cock into her cunt. Bob teased Alicia by only pushing a couple of inches in and withdrawing it in order to hear Küçükköy Escort her beg for more. Eventually she got what she wanted as Bob buried his cock into Alicia and rested it there while she climaxed. I couldn’t believe my sister had cum so quickly but there she lay thrashing back and forth as Bob simply stood there with his cock buried in her.

Once her climax subsided, Bob continued to fuck my sister, this time for his own pleasure. Alicia’s tits were bouncing up and down as Bob pounded away at her pussy. Bob rubbed Alicia’s swollen clitty with his left thumb as Alicia twisted both of her nipples with her free hands. I could tell Alicia was close to climaxing again and I timed my climax with hers perfectly, shooting a load of cum across the carpet and letting out a sigh of relief. Unfortunately for me, that sigh was a little louder than I expected and I was sure that someone had heard it. I looked back in the room and saw Alicia still thrashing in climax but saw Bob looking directly at the opening in the door. My heart sank and I ran back down stairs hoping that Bob was too drunk to notice me standing in the hallway.

I went about cleaning the house pretending that nothing had happened and hoping that the lump in my pants would quickly disappear. Fifteen minutes passed and all was quiet in the house and I thought I had gotten lucky and gotten away with something. That was until the silence was broken by Bob’s voice behind me asking, “did you enjoy watching me fuck your big sister tonight Chuckie?”

I froze like a deer in headlights not knowing what to say. I hated it when he called me “Chuckie” and I hated to think what my sister would say if she too knew I was watching them.

I turned and said, “Bob, please don’t say anything to my sister, I just happened to be walking by and…”

It was at that point that I realized that Bob was standing there naked, with a semi hard dick covered with the combined juices produced by the scene that I had just witnessed. I stared at his big wet cock and my own dick began to rise.

“Well, little Chuckie, I’m not only going to tell Alicia what you were doing, I’m going to tell your Mom and Dad what a little pervert son they have when they get home.”

“No, no, please Bob, please don’t tell them. I’ll do anything you say just please don’t say a word to them,” I said.

That’s when Bob reached down and grabbed the base of his dick with his hand and started to wave it around.

“Anything Chuckie?” he asked.

I gulped while looking at his cock and said, “well, yeah, I guess so.”

Bob walked over to me and stood in front of me for a second before placing his hands on my shoulders and pushing me to my knees. There in front of me, two inches from my face, stood his semi-erect penis, wet with his cum and the juices from my sister’s pussy. Bob picked up his cock and placed it at my lips and leaned forward pushing his cock into my mouth. The slippery cock slid into my mouth without a problem and the wetness was surprisingly tasty. I couldn’t believe how big Bob’s dick was getting, much longer and thicker than mine had ever. He placed his hands on both sides of my head and began to face fuck me with his dick. I reached up and gently squeezed his balls and rolled them in my hand. I took his cock in my other hand and stroked it as he fucked my face. My own little dick was standing straight up again, leaking cum from the tip. Bob quickened his pace and I could feel his balls tighten. Shortly thereafter, his knees buckled slightly before he dumped a load of sperm into my waiting mouth. It filled my mouth to the brink and spilled out the corners of my lips. My cock exploded as well without me even touching it. Once Bob went limp, he removed his cock from my mouth and rubbed it across my face like he had done to my sister and told me that I was a good little cocksucker “almost as good as your sister,” he said.

I took that as a compliment and smiled until he told me that from now on, whenever my sister wasn’t around and he was horny, I was going to be his blowjob Küçükköy Escort Bayan buddy or he would tell my friends and family what I just did. Fuck, and I thought this was just a one-time thing.

“Do you understand Chuckie?” he said.

“Yes,” I whimpered.

“Good, then get up and get the rest of the house clean. I’m going to bed now and expect breakfast to be ready when I get up,” he said before slapping me on the ass and heading back upstairs.

The next morning I had breakfast ready as he had requested and my sister was amazed at how clean the house was and that I had made them breakfast. She gave me a great big hug and I could feel her breast pressing into me thru the satin nightshirt she was wearing.

“Look at what Chuck did for us honey,” she said, “isn’t he the greatest brother on the planet Bob.”

“Oh yeah, he’s a real sweetheart of a brother,” he said given me a little shit eating grin that we both understood.

From that day on, Bob started to come over the house more often throughout the week under the pretense of helping me with my math work. My family thought it was wonderful of Bob to take time out of his busy schedule to help me and Alicia was tickled that Bob and I had struck up such a great relationship. Of course, Bob and I knew that the only studying being done behind my bedroom door was me studying this size of his dick as it went in and out of my mouth. This went on for several months and I had actually become accustomed to and learned to enjoy being Bob’s little cocksucker whenever the urge hit him. Then one day, when my parents and sister were out, I was in the middle of blowing Bob when all of a sudden the door flew open. There in the opening stood my sister Alicia, eyes wide, jaw dropped as Bob stood there with his cock in my mouth and I knelt there with my dick in my hand.

“What the fuck is going on here,” she cried.

Bob’s dick dropped out of my mouth as he said, “hey, I can explain honey. I caught this little pervert spying on us screwing one night and I was just making him pay for it.”

“You what? You were watching us fuck? You fucking pervert. Do you watch Mom and Dad fuck too you little pervert? I can’t believe this,” she said.

My dick shriveled up and wanted to crawl inside my body. I felt stupid kneeling there in front of my sister with my pants undone and her boyfriend’s cock exposed.

“I ought to kick the crap out of you right here and now you little faggot,” she said.

I started to get up and she pushed me right back down.

“You’re not going anywhere pussyboy until I tell you can, do you understand me?” she said.

I looked down and whimpered “yes” and she grabbed my hair and pulled my head up and said, “I can’t hear you pussyboy, speak up!”

“Yes, I understand Alicia,” I said louder this time in order to avoid more pain.

“Good, then while you’re down there, finish what you started. I want to see just how good of a cocksucker you are pussyboy,” she said.

I couldn’t believe I was going to have to suck her boyfriend’s cock off in front of her but I also didn’t want Mom and Dad to find out about this so I turned towards Bob and took his dick in my hand before resuming where I left off. I tried to pretend that I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing, but my little dick gave me away stretching it’s little head out and becoming hard again.

“Oh look at that Bob, Chuckie really likes what he’s doing here, his little dickie is getting hard while he sucks on your cock. I didn’t realize my brother was such a good little cocksucker, did you?” she said.

Bob just smiled and kept plowing away at my mouth, of course he knew, I had been his student for the last couple of months now.

I could tell by the pace and the swelling of Bob’s cock that he was ready to explode but instead of leaving his dick in my mouth and allowing me to swallow his cum like he had done so many times before, he pulled his dick out and sprayed his load all over my face, wiping the head of his dick across my lips when he was done. Escort Küçükköy

“Wow, that was great Bob, and such a big load. Wipe your face off with your hands Chuckie and lick your fingers dry when you’re done,” Alicia said.

I did as she asked pretending not to enjoy the task at hand.

“I’ve gotten so horny watching you suck off my boyfriend that I need a fucking myself,” she said.

“C’mon Bob, let’s go to my room and bring pussyboy with you I have something to show him.”

Bob grabbed me by the ear and pulled me from the ground and I followed them to her room. Inside Alicia said, “so you like to watch you big sister getting fucked huh Chuckie? Well then, I’m going to give you that chance up close and personal today.”

With that, she began to undress making me feel even more self-conscious about being there. Of course, those feelings were quickly forgotten as she stood there totally naked in front me, with her perky nipples pointing upwards, and a whisper of hair above her wet pussy.

“On the bed on your back pussyboy – now!” she snapped.

I climbed on the bed with my head on her pillows only to hear her snap again, “Oh no, pussyboy, I want your head at the end of the bed and not my my pillows.”

I rotated myself around so my head was at the end of her bed as requested. She then climbed up onto the bed and straddled me, with head towards my feet and her pussy directly above my face.

“Is this what you wanted to see Chuckie? Your big sister’s tight little pussy up close? Do you want to see Bob put his big fat cock up your sister’s cunt? Well you’re going to have to get me wet before I let Bob stick his dick in me, start licking pussyboy,” she said as she lowered her pussy onto my face.

I had never really eaten a pussy before but I had seen it done in a couple of porn flicks. I tried to imitate what I had seen and it apparently was working based on my sister’s reaction. Her pussy was dripping wet and her clitty was sticking out like a small little dick.

“Ok, Bob, I need your dick inside me. Fuck me Bob while pussyboy licks my cunt.”

Bob rubbed his dick across my lips and along my sister’s pussy lips in order to lubricate his throbbing cock. He then buried it into her cunt with one swift movement and began thrusting in and out as she rocked herself against him. Bob’s balls were dragging over my forehead and across my nose as I lapped at my sister’s pussy. The scene above me had caused my dick to be hard and start leaking juices from the head.

“Oh look at this Bob, pussyboy is cumming and we haven’t even touched his little dickie,” Alicia said as she wiped some of my cum onto her fingers and then rammed her wet fingers up my ass.

This caused me to cum a second time and sent shock waves thru my entire body. It must have drove Alicia crazy too as she began to yell and scream as her own climax swept thru her body. Bob’s climax followed hers and I watched his balls empty load after load of hot cum into my sister’s pussy. As the two of them settled down, Bob’s dick went limp and fell onto my waiting mouth.

“Clean me off pussyboy,” he said and I eagerly obliged.

As I finished cleaning his dick, I looked up to see a small pool of his cum starting to flow from the opening in my sister’s pussy.

“You’re not done quite yet pussyboy, time to clean your sister up,” she said as she lowered her wet pussy to my mouth.

I licked and sucked their combined juices from her cunt as she humped my face like she did Bob’s cock. Her clitty was even more pronounced than before and she came again sending a renewed flow of her own juices and Bob’s flooding my face. I lapped up every drop of it until she rolled off of me exhausted.

“Well, pussyboy, it seems you’re just about as good eating pussy as you are sucking dick. Perhaps we’ll keep you our little secret and not tell Mom and Dad after all, that is of course, as long as you continue to do what we tell you to do, is that understood Chuckie,” she said.

“Yes, I understand Alicia, and thanks for keeping this our little secret,” I said.

In the back of my mind, I was wishing I had looked in and got caught a long time ago as this had turned out to be a lot more fun than I had expected. I enjoyed being their little pussyboy and looked forward to our next adventure.

(to be continued?)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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