Cabin Fever Ch. 04

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Author note: This story contains bisexual activity between males. If this isn’t something you care for, please skip the story.


Brad and Lisa didn’t see their siblings for two weeks. The couples spent time coming to grips with their new relationships. They refreshed their commitment to each other and expanded their sexual activity.

At Brad’s request, Lisa invited Kevin and Wendy to their house on Saturday. Kevin and Wendy arrived at two in the afternoon.

“Who’d like a drink?” Brad asked his brother in law and sister.

“I’ll have one, Brad. Whiskey and water please,” Wendy said.

Kevin said he wanted whiskey on the rocks. Brad fixed the drinks and handed them out. He sat in his recliner and gazed at Wendy and her husband. Lisa sat on the couch next to her brother.

“I’ve been thinking about what we talked about. You know, about all of us living in your house.” Brad said while looking at his sister. “I’m not sure it’s a good idea.”

Glancing at the others, Brad noticed the looks on their faces. It was clear they didn’t agree with him.

“I think it would be better to sell both our houses and build one for all of us,” Brad said. “I don’t know about you and my sister, but Lisa and I want to have children someday. We’ll need a house large enough for the kids too.”

“It sounds wonderful, but how can we afford it?” Wendy said.

“We’ll have the money we make by selling our houses,” Brad said.

“Do you think it will be enough? It would be cheaper to add on to one of our houses,” Kevin said.

“True, but we wouldn’t end up with what I have in mind.” Brad stood up and went to another room. He asked the rest of the group to join him in the kitchen.

“I’ve given this some thought. I think we can build something nice if we do a lot of the work ourselves.” Brad rolled out a drawing. “Here is what I have in mind.”

The two couples looked at the drawing. Brad began explaining the floor plan to the others.

“If we build the house with two wings and a common area in the middle, we can all have our privacy. Each wing will have three bedrooms, a living room, and a den. The master bedroom, master bath, and the den will be on the second floor. Two bedrooms, a bathroom and the living room will be on the first floor.

“The common area will have the kitchen, the dinning room, a large family room with a fireplace, and a half bath. We can have cathedral ceilings in the common area. Each of the wings will have their own stairway to the second floor,” Brad said as he pointed at the drawing.

“How big is this?” Kevin asked.

“I think it will work out to be a little over six thousand square feet overall. Each wing will be about two thousand square feet. The house will be equally divided into thirds,” Brad said.

Wendy put her arm around her brother’s waist. She rubbed his side and said, “Brad, this would be wonderful, but I don’t see how we could afford it. Kevin and I have savings, but even our money, and all of us working, it would be too much.”

Brad smiled and pulled out another drawing. The drawing showed the front of the house with landscaping. It was clear a professional did the rendition.

“Now I know you’re crazy, honey,” Lisa said. “There is no way in the world we’d ever be able to afford anything like this! Who did the drawings?”

“One of the architects I work with,” Brad said as he flipped to another drawing. Like Kevin, Brad worked as a carpenter, but for a different company.

The next drawing showed the house from the rear. It detailed the walkout basement and a swimming pool. Four car garages on each wing extended the horseshoe, making the patio and pool secluded.

“That’s my big brother, always the dreamer,” Wendy said. “Something like this would cost a fortune. Shit, the land would be more than we could afford.”

Brad chuckled and then said, “If someone gives me a blowjob I’ll tell you how we can afford to build the house.”

Kevin laughed and said, “If you can show us how we can afford this I’ll give you a blowjob!”

“Now that’s something I’d like to see,” Lisa said. She chuckled and added, “It would be hot for Wendy and me to watch.”

“Be careful, honey, my brother might surprise you,” Wendy said.

“Maybe, but to live in a place like this would be worth it.” Kevin laughed again. “Shit, I’d even let you take pictures.”

Brad looked at his brother in law and said, “I just might call your bluff. Don’t write a check with your mouth your ass can’t cover.”

Kevin moved closer to Brad. He reached down and grabbed Brad’s cock and balls. “Put up or shut up. You’re just fucking with us anyway.”

“Get ready to suck my cock. I have a way for us to do this if it’s what we all want,” Brad said.

“I would love to live in a house like this as long as we all lived together. I just don’t see how it’s possible,” Lisa said.

Wendy eyes opened wide and she began laughing. She put her arms around her husband’s waist and pressed her chest against his back. “Sweetie, get ready to suck Zeytinburnu Escort my brother’s cock. I think I know how we can afford the house too!”

Brad chuckled and winked at Wendy. They both laughed.

“Okay, what the hell is going on here?” Kevin said.

“Baby, you just committed to sucking my brother’s cock.” Wendy said.

“I wish someone would tell me what you’re talking about,” Lisa said.

“It all depends on your brother. He shot off his mouth and now we get to see if he’s willing to back up his words with action,” Wendy said.

Kevin poured more whiskey in his glass. He tipped it up and downed the contents of the glass. “I said I would if Brad told us how we can afford this house and I will. So now, it’s up to you, Brad. Are you shooting your mouth off or am I going to blow you?”

Wendy laughed, hugged her husband, and said, “Um, I think you better get ready to give Brad a blowjob. I’m not talking about a quick kiss, baby. I want to see his cum in your mouth!”

“Let’s go into the living room. I’ll fill you guys in on the details of how we’re going to build and live in our dream house,” Brad said.

Lisa made fresh drinks for everyone. They sat in the living room and waited for Brad to explain how he planned to pay for a house.

“When our father passed away, he left Wendy and me a trust. We agreed not to touch it unless it was very important. As far as I’m concerned, all of us living together is very important. Would you agree, Wendy?”

“Hell yes!” Wendy said. She put her hand on Kevin’s leg and smiled.

“How much money is in the trust?” Lisa asked.

Brad and Wendy looked at one another. They shrugged their shoulders and then Brad said, “I’m not sure. Our parents’ lawyer manages the trust. The last time I checked, there was over a couple million in assets, but it was a couple of years ago. One of the assets is ten acres of land north of us. We can build the house on the property.”

Kevin shook his head. He stood up and walked over to Brad. Kneeling on the floor, Kevin said, “I feel like I was set up.” He reached up and began unfastening Brad’s jeans.

Brad was about to tell his brother in law he was kidding when he saw his wife and sister shaking their heads. Raising his eyebrows, Brad shrugged his shoulders. Kevin opened Brad’s jeans and began to tug on the waistband. Brad raised his ass and Kevin slid the pants down his leg.

“Brad doesn’t wear underwear anymore,” Lisa said with a giggle. “It makes getting to his cock easier for me.”

Wendy laughed and said, “Looks like it’s making easier for Kevin too.” She put her hand on Lisa’s breast and gave it a firm squeeze. “How about you? Hmmm, guess you quit wearing underwear too, at least a bra.”

Lisa grinned and lifted her skirt. She took Wendy’s hand and put on her pussy. “I don’t wear panties often either.”

Kevin reached for Brad’s cock. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and began to stroke it. Brad leaned back and rested his hands on the arms of the chair. Looking up, he saw his wife and sister moving toward him and Kevin. They knelt next to Kevin to see what he was planning to do.

When Kevin leaned forward and took Brad’s cock in his mouth, Wendy gasped. “Honey, I don’t think Brad meant it,” she said.

Kevin pulled his mouth off Brad’s cock. He slowly stroked his brother in law and looked at his wife. “Don’t hate me, but I want to do this,” Kevin said in a whisper. Wendy nodded, put her hand on her husband’s back, and stroked him.

Returning his mouth to Brad’s cock, Kevin took over half of it into his mouth. He began bobbing his head, feeling the hot member stiffen and glide over his lips and tongue. Lisa reached between her brother’s legs and rubbed him. She undid his pants and fished Kevin’s cock out. Lisa stroked Kevin while he slurped on Brad.

Wendy began removing her clothing. The sight of Kevin blowing Brad made her hot. She stripped naked and moved over to Lisa. Lisa continued to stroke Kevin as Wendy removed her clothes.

“Oh my god, this feels so good,” Brad said and he started to move his hips.

Kevin took Brad as deep as he could and gagged when the cock hit the back of his throat. Brad put his hands on Kevin’s head and guided him up and down. After several moments, Brad pulled Kevin off his cock.

“You don’t have to finish, Kevin. You’re a trooper for going this far,” Brad said.

“I said I would and I will,” Kevin said as he looked up.

Nodding, Brad said, “Give me a few minutes. I need a drink.”

The action stopped and Brad got up to remove the rest of his clothing. While Brad mixed everyone drinks, Lisa and Wendy undressed Kevin. The four of them sat on the floor and enjoyed their drinks.

“When can we see the property?” Kevin asked.

“We can go now. I would like to get started as soon as we can. If we decide this is what we want, we can have the foundation poured before bad weather sets in. With any luck at all, we could move in by the first of the year,” Brad said.

“As Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan you said, we can do a lot of the work ourselves,” Kevin said. “Once the house is roughed in, we can do the finish work.”

“That’s what I was planning,” Brad said. “I’ve been thinking about this all week. I want us to be together more than anything.”

Wendy reached into her brother’s lap. She fondled his cock and said, “Guess what I’ve been thinking about all week?”

“I think your hubby has first dibs on his cock,” Lisa said with a giggle.

Wendy laughed and moved over to Lisa. She wrapped her arms around her sister in law and gave her a kiss. “Well, I guess we’ll have to do each other then,” Wendy said to Lisa.

Kevin and Brad sat next to each other, watching their wives kissing and touching each other. Kevin put his hand on Brad’s leg, stroking him lightly. As he moved his hand, Kevin came closer to his brother in law’s crotch.

“As I said, you don’t have to do it. I’m surprised you did anything at all. I was horsing around didn’t expect it,” Brad said.

Kevin looked at Brad and nodded. He moved his hand higher, rubbing it against Brad’s cock and balls. “I know you probably think I’m sick, but I’ve thought about doing this before. There was a time I wasn’t real sure about my sexuality,” Brad said.

“I don’t think you’re sick. I think most guys have those thoughts at one time or another,” Kevin said.

“Have you?”

“Sure, as I said, I don’t find it strange or unusual.”

“Have you ever acted on your thoughts?” Brad said.

Chuckling, Kevin reached into Brad’s lap and began fondling his cock. Brad sighed and spread his legs. “Not until now,” Kevin said.

Brad and Kevin sat quietly as they stroked each other’s cocks. Lisa and Wendy sat on the other couch, with their arms around one another, watching their husbands.

“This is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Wendy said softly.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I knew my brother had feelings about sex with another man. We talked about it before. He was struggling with his sexuality when we were younger and he confided in me. It’s one of the reasons I screwed him, I wanted him to know what it was like to be with a girl,” Lisa said. “Does it bother you?”

Shaking her head, Wendy said, “No, as I said, I think it’s hot. Far be it for me to chastise someone for doing the same thing I’m doing. After everything that’s transpired over the last weeks, I don’t think anything would surprise me. If our hubbies want to fool around, I say let them.”

Lisa nodded and gave Wendy a kiss. They sat cuddled together, watching Kevin and Brad.

“This feels nice, doesn’t it?” Brad said. He tightened his grip on Kevin’s cock as he stroked it.

“It does. What you’re doing feels great and I like the feeling of your cock in my hand.” Kevin twisted toward Brad. “I still owe you a blow job, don’t I?”

Brad shrugged his shoulders and smiled. He released Kevin’s cock and stood up. “Let’s go,” Brad said.

Kevin got up and followed Brad down the hall. Brad walked into the bathroom and started the shower. After adjusting the water, Brad took Kevin’s arm and pulled him into the stall.

“When I used to think about being with a man, it was for a quick blow job or a fuck. I never thought about actually being with a man, if you know what I mean,” Brad said.

“Yes, I know exactly what you’re talking about. When I was a teen, before I found out what having sex with a girl was all about, I thought about other guys. In fact, I used to get excited when I showered after physical education. I would look at the other boys and wonder what it would be like to touch them or have them touch me,” Kevin said.

Brad picked up the soap. He started rubbing the bar against Kevin’s body, smiling at him as he did. Brad handed the soap to Kevin and he did the same to Brad. They took turns washing each other as they pondered their next move.

Lisa and Wendy came into the bathroom and stood against the counter watching their brothers and husbands in the shower. Brad noticed them and slid the door open a bit.

“Do you want us to leave?” Wendy said.

“No, Kevin and I wouldn’t leave if you two were in here together,” Brad said. He closed the glass shower door and went back to washing Kevin.

Taking the bar of soap from Brad, Kevin rubbed it in his hands. He put the soap in the holder and moved his hands to Brad’s crotch. Looking into his brother in law’s eyes, Kevin began rubbing his soapy hands on Brad’s cock and balls. Brad put his hands on Kevin’s shoulders and let out a moan.

After a few moments, Brad picked up the soap and began washing Kevin. Lisa and Wendy stood silently as they watched their men fondle one another. Wendy put her arm around Lisa’s waist, pulling her close.

Brad and Kevin took turns washing each other’s backs and then their asses. Instead of turning around, they came together and reached behind one another. Their chests and cocks pressed together. Brad and Kevin Escort Zeytinburnu started moving their bodies, increasing the contact and friction between them. They began laughing and then Brad shut off the shower. Kevin opened the door, accepting the towels Lisa offered. They stepped out of the stall and rubbed themselves with the towels.

“You guys are too much. I thought Lisa and I were going to see a show,” Wendy said.

“No kidding, so did I. You still owe Brad a blowjob, Kevin,” Lisa said.

“Yup, and I plan to collect. Right how, I think we should take off and see the property,” Brad said as he reached out as stroked Kevin’s cock. Kevin groped Brad and they laughed.

Kevin and Brad released each other’s cocks and stood up. They looked at Wendy and Lisa, grinning from ear to ear.

“Let’s get dressed and go for a ride,” Brad said.

The two couples dressed and left the house. Brad drove to a northern suburb and then to the ten acres he wanted to show Kevin and Lisa. He parked on the road and shut off the car.

“This is it,” Brad said. He opened the door and got out.

Everyone followed Brad as he walked toward a hill on the first third of the property. They walked up the hill, stopping on top.

“If we build the house into this hill, we can have what we want. The property behind us is State Land and no one can build on it. If we use the horseshoe design I showed you, we’ll have privacy even if someone builds next to us,” Brad said.

“This is wonderful, sweetie,” Wendy said. “I didn’t know you and Lisa owned it.”

“It’s been in the family for years, Wendy. To tell the truth, I didn’t think much about it until we talked about moving in together.”

“This is perfect,” Kevin said. “Are you and Wendy sure you want to use it for a new house?”

“Why not? It’s just sitting here and the trust is paying taxes on it. I could never figure out how Lisa and I could split it without selling the property. Now we can. I talked to the general contractor I work for and he said he would give us a good deal on the construction. Kevin and I can help and do the finish work,” Brad said.

“How long do you think it will take?” Wendy said.

“Once we get all of the permits, we should be able to complete the house and move in by the first of the year.” Brad turned to the rest of the group. “So, what do you think?”

“I say we do it,” Lisa said.

They stood on the hill talking about how they wanted to place the house. Brad led the group to the woodlot at the back of the property so they could see everything.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if there were deer in the woods,” Kevin said.

Pointing at tracks on the ground, Brad said, “It appears there are deer back here. I think it’s legal to hunt on this property.”

“What’s our next step?” Wendy said.

“We have to decide on a final design and then have blueprints drawn up. Then we apply for the permits and get started,” Brad said.

“Let’s go back to the house and take a look at the drawings again. I have an idea I’d like to bounce off everyone,” Kevin said.

The two couples walked back to the car and headed to back to Brad and Wendy’s house. At the house, they sat at the kitchen table and looked at the drawings.

“Okay, what’s your idea, Kevin?” Brad said.

“I was thinking if we put the master bedrooms on the first floor and two bedrooms on the second floor, it would be better when we have kids. We won’t disturb them if we entertain. We could build bonus rooms over the garages for play rooms,” Kevin said.

“That’s a great idea,” Wendy said. “I remember seeing a house with a bonus room when we visited friends in North Carolina. We could have a stairway leading down to the main floor from the bonus room so it would be easy to get upstairs when we have kids.”

The two couples sat at the table talking about the design for several hours. They all offered ideas for the new house and Brad made notes. By the time they were ready for dinner, they felt they had everything they needed to get started.

Brad and Kevin grilled steaks and Wendy and Lisa prepared the rest of their dinner. They sat at the table and continued talking about the new house and the idea of all of them living together.

“You know, if we put the master bedrooms on the first floor, we’ll be able to move in and finish the second floor rooms while we live there,” Kevin said.

“That’s very true. I guess we need to start getting our houses ready to sell. If one of us sells our house before we can move in, we can live in the other’s house,” Lisa said.

Wendy chuckled and said, “Moving into one house while we wait for the new house to be ready doesn’t sound like a bad idea.”

“I’m game,” Kevin said. “We can get our house ready and move in to yours. You have a little more room.”

The four of them shared glances as they thought about the idea. Suddenly, the idea of living together as one big family became a reality. Each of them wondered if it was the right decision. Each of them felt it was.

“Okay, then that’s what we’ll do,” Lisa said. “You two will move in with Brad and me until the new house is to a point we can move in. It will give us a chance to get used to living together. It’s not going to be strange if you think about it. It wasn’t too long ago I lived with Kevin and Wendy lived with Brad.”

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