Cabin in the Woods

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Mark and I had been living together for just about a year. My time with him had been the happiest year of my life. It was the first time I’d ever felt like I belonged. The love we felt for each other was apparent to everyone we knew. Even though, at first, none of them thought we would make it as a couple. I doubt there are two people who are more different.

To begin with, Mark came from a rather wealthy family, he had a college degree and the career he’d always wanted. He loved all sports, but he was most passionate about baseball. Mark spent time working out in a gym three times a week and his body showed it, he was built like a wall. He towered over me by nearly a foot at 6’4″. Everything about him was big: his hands, his feet, his smile, his personality, his cock and even his sex drive. At 27, he was five years older than I was. Before we met, Mark was a slut. He slept with any guy or girl who would spread their legs or bend over in front of him. That’s actually how we met, he literally charmed me out of my clothes and onto his cock.

My family was lower middle class, I barely finished high school and had a dead-end job. I’d never been good at any sport and I only watched the ‘big games’ with Mark because it was something that was important to him. I went to the gym with him once and hadn’t been back. The whole idea of running in place or riding a bike that didn’t go anywhere didn’t appeal to me all. My body was thin, almost too thin. The bones beneath my pale skin were easily identified. Mark said I had a wonderful personality, if I was comfortable with who was with us. I can be pretty shy. My sex drive and curiosity about sex were off the charts. But pretty much everything else about me was small, including my penis.

Once we were together, I made Mark promise not to be with anyone else. I couldn’t stand the idea of him sleeping around behind my back. After a few months, when he asked me to move into his condo, I insisted he get another test, just to be sure. He was a little insulted that I didn’t believe he hadn’t cheated. But when I reminded him how we had met, he agreed to the test. When it came back clean, I moved in with him and haven’t asked anything more from him since.

As mentioned before, Mark was extremely charming. He could get me to do almost anything. I’d posed nude for him on several occasions in several settings. He had stripped me naked and made love to me in a public park at dusk. I’d given him a blowjob in the dressing room of a department store. Once, while on vacation at the beach, Mark even convinced me to wear the bottoms of a string bikini instead of my normal suit. Of course he had images of that too. He had a very large folder on his computer containing images of me in all sorts of naughty positions.

There were a few things I somehow managed to keep from doing. One of those things was letting him tie me up. It scared me a little, giving up all control, being completely helpless. Those were feelings that I didn’t associate with sex at all.

When he received a cabin in the will of an uncle he hardly knew, I knew he was thinking of the naughty things he’d get me do in the middle of nowhere. The cabin was a three hour drive into the mountains. He made the trip several times on his own under the pretense of cleaning the place up for me. I’m sure he cleaned some of the time he was up there, but I doubted that was all he did.

The day he was to drive me to the cabin for the first time, he pushed me against the wall, held my wrists above my head, leaned down and kissed me in that special way that makes my knees weak. He kissed up and down my neck, working me into a frenzy. He pressed his knee in-between my legs so I had something to grind my penis against. When he pulled his lips away from me, I was breathing heavily and trying to break free of his hold so I could attack him.

He kept me pinned against the wall and whispered, “This is what it would be like to be tied up. It isn’t scary, is it?”

I whimpered, “No, not all. Now come finish what you started!”

In that same throaty whisper, “Baby, when we get the cabin, I’d like to be able to tie you up. I won’t do it unless you give me permission. But I would really like to do this. What do you say?”

I lunged out to him, but he was far too strong. He easily kept me pinned to the wall without even flexing his muscles. “Okay! While we’re at the cabin you can tie me up! I promise! Now fuck me!”

“Not yet. We have the whole day and night at the cabin. There will be plenty of time for fucking.” He kept me there until I calmed down a little. I still tried to attack him, but he simply picked me up and carried me to his SUV. Already packed, he got in the driver’s seat and we began our drive to our ‘cabin of nastiness’.

I spent the first part of the drive with my head in his lap and Mark’s cock in my mouth. His SUV sat up high enough that hardly anyone could see inside. And anyone who was high enough to see inside, probably wouldn’t look anyway. I wasn’t Sakarya Escort really trying to get him off, I just wanted to feel his half-hard cock on my tongue, have my lips wrapped around it and smell him. It will sound stupid, but having his cock in my mouth soothed me.

Once out of the city and off the highway, I sat up to admire the wilderness as it surrounded us. I’ve never spent much time outdoors in nature, but I did love the forest. We passed one small town after another, none of which could have had more than a few hundred residents. At one of them, Mark slowed down and turned onto a less traveled road. He continued for a mile or two in the dense forest until making one final turn to the cabin that sat a little ways off the road.

I’d expected a rustic log cabin. What we came to a stop in front of, was definitely not rustic. It was 2 stories high, had a wrap-a-round porch with a satellite dish on the roof. The entire cabin looked like it had been built the day before. From the driveway, it looked far nicer than the house I grew up in! Once inside, Mark gave me a quick tour. The living room was gigantic, it had hardwood floors, a chandelier, a big screen TV and a huge sectional couch! The kitchen was equally as impressive, equipped granite countertops with some cooking utensils I couldn’t even identify.

We skipped the other rooms and went directly to the master bedroom. Inside I found my dream bed. It was a massive, king sized, 4-poster bed. The curtains on the bed were sheer white and all were neatly tied to the nearest post. The frame was an ornate light wood and all the bedcovers and pillows were perfectly white too. The bed was the only piece of furniture in the room. Two of the walls in the room were really floor to ceiling windows. The view of the forest was truly breathtaking. The other walls contained doors for closets, a bathroom and the entry into the room. It was magnificent. The room was so bright and white, I wanted to stay in there forever!

Mark stood behind me, his arms around my waist. He gave me a few moments to fully absorb the beauty of the room. I think he became impatient because he scooped me up in his arms and kissed me passionately while laying us both down on the bed. We rolled around while we kissed and our hands went exploring on the other. We finally wound up in a position with me straddling Mark while he lay on his back. Somehow, in all the rolling around, I’d lost all my clothes and I’d been unable to take a single thing from Mark! That seemed to happen often with the two of us. Our kissing was passionate and desperate. I could feel his excitement under his jeans against my own hard penis. He wanted me, just as badly as I wanted him, but he made no move to take me.

Finally, when I thought I could handle it no more, he spoke. “Are you ready for me to tie you up?”

I ground my hips down against him. Whimpering softly, I was so horny, “Fine! Do it! Just hurry! I need you so bad!”

He smiled and whispered in my ear, “So you’re asking me to tie you up?” I tried to get to his shirt, but he took my wrists in his hands, “Tell me.”

“YES! I’m asking you to please TIE ME UP!”

He pulled my hands behind my back, “Just to be sure, I don’t want to do this against your will. Tell me it’s okay for me to tie you up and have my way with you.”

Squirming around on his rigid cock which was still under his jeans, I think I screamed, “OH MY GAWD! IT’S OKAY FOR YOU TO TIE ME UP AND FUCK ME! JUST DO IT. DO IT NOW! PLEASE!”

He smiled that evil smile he gets when he’s about to do something nasty to me. But that smile didn’t scare me at all. I had some of my best, most powerful orgasms shortly after seeing that sinister smile. He rolled me onto my back and got off the bed. He went into a closet and brought out a box. He quickly pulled out four, pink leather cuffs with shiny silver buckles on them. He came back to the bed, and with surprising speed, he wrapped the cuffs around each of my ankles and wrists. All of them were buckled snugly, but not so tight they hurt. The insides of the cuffs had soft padding, they actually felt pretty nice. Each ankle and wrist cuff had a shiny silver ring attached to them. When I moved, the sound of the steel ring hitting the buckle reminded me of Santa’s sleigh.

I told Mark it wasn’t so bad, so far. He smiled down at me without saying a word. He went back the box and came back with rope, but it wasn’t normal rope. This rope was pink. I asked him what all the pink was about. He grinned and said, “A gentle color for my gentle baby.” His words made me squirm on the bed. I loved it when he talked to me that way.

With the rope in hand, he had me get up off the bed. Looping two of his fingers through the loops on my wrist cuffs, he guided me out of my favorite room, down the stairs and headed to the front door. That’s when I tried to stop him. Up until then I thought he would tie me to the bed. But he was going to take me outside? I threw a mini-fit before Adapazarı Escort he brought me back to earth, reminding me we were in the middle of nowhere. No body was around. What was the harm?

I was hesitant, but I eventually willingly let him guide me onto the porch. On our way out, he paused to pick up a nasty looking hunting knife. Standing outside, naked except for the cuffs felt awfully naughty. The trees screened the cabin from the road, but I’d be completely visible for a brief moment to anyone passing the driveway.

When I’d walked into the cabin, I failed to notice the sturdy-looking steel hooks that were driven into the floor and ceiling of the porch. They were right outside of the front door. Mark went right to work. He cut off a length of rope with the knife and passed it through the cuff on my left wrist. He passed that rope through one of the hooks in the ceiling and left it hanging loose. He did the same to my right wrist and both ankles.

He then went to my wrists first and pulled those ropes tight enough to spread my arms wide and raise them high above my head. Only when I was stretched to his satisfaction did he secure the ropes with knots. My ankles were next. They were spread far enough apart that it was a little uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Tied up on the porch like that, I fully understood what being spread-eagle felt like.

When Mark headed back inside, I begged him not to leave me. He gently laid his hand on the side of my face and told me he’d be right back. When the door closed behind, I was alone, helpless and utterly vulnerable. And I couldn’t understand why my penis was throbbing so hard! It was standing up to its full, just over 4″ length and its excitement was dripping from the soft pink head. Every noise, every movement of a branch caught my attention and I panicked every time.

When Mark came back outside, he carried a large bottle of baby oil, a towel and what looked like a pink ball on a leather strap. He set the baby oil and towel down on a nearby table. With that pink ball in hand, he smiled and told me to open up wide. It was then when I understood what it was. I wanted to refuse to let him put it in my mouth, but for whatever reason, I opened my mouth as wide as it would go. Mark moved behind me, he set the large pink ball in my mouth and with the straps pulled snug, he buckled it behind my head. The ball was wedged into my mouth, stretching my jaw wide open. For the first time in my life, I was officially gagged. I quickly learned it wasn’t easy to swallow. I struggled with the saliva in my mouth until it began to drip down my chin and onto my body.

Admiring his handiwork from different angles, he eventually walked back to me after picking up the baby oil. He poured the oil onto me and rubbed it into every square inch of my quivering body. He spent extra time tweaking my nipples, fingering my desperate bottom and denying my neglected penis. When he was finished, he wiped his hands on the towel and headed back inside.

Left alone, this time unable to make a sound except wet gurgling noises. I heard noises I wouldn’t normally hear. I saw slight movements I normally wouldn’t have. The breeze in the trees nearly gave me a heart attack! When the door opened behind me, I was relieved to have Mark back with me.

He walked out, still fully dressed. He had his camera in one hand and the keys to his SUV in the other. I completely freaked out. What the hell did he need his keys for? I thrashed against the ropes, but it was no use. There was no way of getting out of this without help.

Mark moved into the driveway, snapped off several images, and then came in for some close-ups. He must’ve snapped off more than 50 images. He moved in behind me and whispered in my ear, “These are going to be the best images ever. When we get back home, we have to have ‘that talk’ again about posting some online.”

Since I agreed to let Mark take pictures of me naked and doing nasty things, he’d been trying to talk me into letting him post them online. I was worried about my family or the people at work seeing them. So I’d been refusing to let him. He would argue that no one would see them. And even if they did, they probably wouldn’t say anything. The more he asked if he could, the weaker I became to resist him. I knew sooner or later I’d agree to let him do what he wanted with those images. It was a huge turn on knowing there was a folder of naked images of me. I couldn’t help but wonder how I’d feel once they were on the web and couldn’t be removed.

Mark finally moved right in front of me with his keys and camera in hand. He whispered, “Sweetheart, I need to run back to the last town to pick up a few things I forgot. I shouldn’t be gone long.” He kissed my cheek, “Don’t miss me too much. I love you.” And he walked to his SUV, got in and drove off.

I was completely freaking out! I should have been really mad. I should have been completely pissed off. What if someone saw me? What Serdivan Escort if someone pulled into the driveway? What if that someone was man and he raped me? What if that man kidnapped me? What if that man called the police? What if I got sent to jail naked? What if, what if, what if. I couldn’t shut my mind off. All of the things that could happen. And during all that time, my penis was stiff as ever and I couldn’t understand why! This wasn’t the time to be hard!

After who knows how long, my ears perked up when I heard a car in the distance. The noises were coming in the opposite direction that Mark drove off. That meant a stranger would be driving by! I struggled against the ropes. I tried to stretch my fingers to reach the buckles. I tried everything I could think of. There was nothing I could do. It was sheer torture hearing it approaching. The possibilities of who might be in the car flooded my imagination.

Soon enough I caught a glimpse of a car through the trees. I squirmed around and tried to hide my very stiff penis, no such luck. When the car passed the driveway, I learned it was an older couple in the front seats, they were looking straight ahead and didn’t seem to notice me at all. For that brief instant when they both could have seen me, my penis was spasming like crazy and I almost squirted my juices out onto the porch!

I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down. My heart was racing, I was breathing really heavily and I was beginning to perspire. And my penis wouldn’t realize that this shouldn’t be exciting. I had almost been seen tied spread-eagle on the porch by an older couple! My marbles had popped up inside me and I was leaking like crazy. A small puddle of saliva and my precum was forming on the porch below it.

My muscles grew tired. At times, I rested my legs and dangled from my wrists. Saliva dripped from my lips with the ball gag so tightly buckled. My mind wandered and the thoughts that consumed my mind were some of the nastiest fantasies I’ve ever had. They were thoughts of punishment, rough sex, gangbangs, rape, humiliation and sexual slavery. They were things I never would have considered desirable before that afternoon. Something about being tied up and helpless outside in the middle of the day had changed my perspective.

Hearing another car approaching in the distance immediately sent a chill up my spine and made my poor penis jump and throb like crazy. The car approached for the same direction that Mark had driven off into. The time it took for that car to get near the cabin seemed like an eternity. And I spent that time panicking and fantasizing and working myself into an even hornier wreck.

I heard the car slow down when it got really close. The moment I saw Mark’s SUV, I was mostly relived. I couldn’t stop myself from imagining ‘what if’. He pulled the SUV to a stop right in front of me strung up on the porch. I could see his perfect smile and his shiny white teeth as he studied the condition I was in.

He got out and shut the door. He stood there for several moments and then said, “You cannot imagine how beautiful you look right now.” He walked to me and let his eyes absorb what he saw. My small, skinny, pale body so worked up it wouldn’t take more than a gentle touch to make me squirt. He moved behind me and whispered, “Well, well, well. Someone seems to enjoy being tied up.”

I could only moan and make wet sounds.

“There’s only one house further down the road. And an older couple lives there. Did they stop by to introduce themselves?” I felt his hands on my hips, they slipped around on my oily skin.

I shook my head as even more saliva fell from my lip.

“That’s good. It was the one thing that concerned me when I left you hanging here. So, are you ready to admit you like being tied up now?”

I nodded my head up and down. I tried to push my hips back to him, but he simply stepped back. His hands slipping and sliding up and down my sides.

He moved his mouth in close to my ear and whispered, “Mmm. I’m glad to hear that. Because I really enjoy tying you up.”

He moved around in front of me. Looking me right in the eyes he asked a simple question, “Say the word ‘please’ if you want me to make you cum?”

I nodded my head, I tried to annunciate the word. The ball in my mouth was keeping me from saying anything. Not only was I beyond a normal level of horny, Mark was teasing me! He held his hand up to his ear as if to listen closely. After listening to me gurgle, groan and moan for several moments, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “Okay, if you don’t want me to get you off yet, it’s okay. But seeing you like that has gotten me rock hard.” He reached down and grabbed himself under his jeans. “Maybe you can wait, but I sure can’t.”

He pulled a chair so it sat right in front of me. Before sitting down, he undid his pants and fished out his massive cock. Slouching down in the chair, he wrapped his fist around that mighty cock and began to masturbate right there in front of me! The head of his cock was a deep purple color, it wasn’t quite the size of a plum, but it was close. The veiny shaft throbbed under his touch and before my eyes. His eyes wandered up and down my quivering body. Up and down his fist slid along his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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