California Heat


California was hot and humid and it was good to get a shower after the long walk from the lawyer’s office. I had had to sign the last papers to wind up the company my brother (now dead two years) and I had owned. I was jet lagged and the long walk and shower had relaxed me totally. My sister-in-law had gone to work for the day so I relaxed on the sofa reading and listening to some quiet music after my shower. I guess I dosed off after a few minutes.

The sound of a door closing was amplified in my dream, and I jumped involuntarily. I awoke rather more quickly than usual as I had a nagging feeling that there was something that I had to do right away. There was my sister-in-law looking down at me on her living room sofa. I had fallen asleep after my shower and I suddenly realized that the bathrobe was completely open exposing my midsection to her roving eyes. I must have been having an erotic dream as evidenced by my erection. I quickly covered up and excused myself with a rather red face. “That’s ok. No harm done. Looks like you were having an interesting dream.” She smiled and turned away slowly, taking a long look at my waistline. “I’m getting a glass of wine, want one?”

“Sure. That sounds great. White if you have it. Meanwhile, I’ll put something on.”

“Don’t bother, just lie there, relax and take it easy. You don’t have to go any where and neither do I.” I lay back down and propped my head on the arm of the sofa.

She came back with two glasses of white wine from the kitchenette. Her blouse was now unbuttoned and tied in a loose knot just above her navel. I got a good look at her bra-covered breasts as she bent down to hand me my glass. She chose the easy chair opposite me and her skirt rode up her thighs as she sat down. “Chin Chin.” she said leaning towards me to clink her glass with mine. My eyes widened involuntarily as her blouse opened a bit and exposed the cleavage between her not too small breasts. Her quick smile acknowledged my stare. She sat back and crossed her legs drawing her skirt further up her thighs. She had no need for nylons as her legs looked as smooth as silk.

“So what or should I say who were you dreaming about when I came in?”

“No, no one,” I said sheepishly and unconvincingly. “Or at least I can’t remember now.”

“I guess it was one of those dreams that guys have about some mysterious lady. Seems to me you guys should do less dreaming and more doing. That would Bayan Escort make certain of us girls much happier.” She adjusted her seating as her skirt moved higher up her thighs, which were now open even wider than before. My eyes as well got wider too. She took a sip of wine and licked her lips as her eyes, like a cat, watched my every move and facial expression. I almost felt like a mouse being used for her amusement.

The afternoon sun was streaming into the room and illuminating her every outline. I watched her back and I examined her as closely as she was doing me. She was a feast for my eyes and now my desires. I had been divorced for more than a year and had not had any kind of relationship during that time. “Do you want a refill?” She downed the last of her wine and got up just like a languid cat, and bending over in front of me to as I got another eyeful of her breasts. She came back with the wine bottle and that’s when I noticed that the knot of her blouse was almost undone, and it slipped completely free as she came into the room. She came around to the front of the sofa to pour more wine into my glass, her leg brushing against my robe as she did. It came open again exposing my privates. This time I did not replace it.

“Hmm. It looks like someone wants to do something rather than dream about it.” The front panels of her blouse opened as she sat down again, giving me a real good look at almost all of her bra covered breasts. She smiled again as she saw me staring at her. “Ok let’s try this,” she almost purred. She watched me intently as she leaned forward and pulled first one arm then the other out of her blouse. This forced her breasts to push tight up against the smooth white bra cups. Her hardening nipples were almost boring through the silky material. I could see the outline of the aureoles clearly now. My heart started to race and my penis started to twitch and grow as I licked my lips in anticipation. I felt my face get very red and hot.

“Oh man. Your breasts look so beautiful in those silky cups,” I gasped. I wanted so much to bury my face between those two silky globes. She stood up, unzipped and dropped her skirt on the floor, exposing a pair of matching white silk panties. She stopped a foot away from me, cupping her breasts in both hands, with her index fingers caressing her hardening nipples. I reached out and pulled her down to me, staring intently at her breasts. I drew her near me and kissed first one then the other of her nipples through the white silky fabric. “Oh that feels good” she murmured as she rubbed her breasts all over my face. I took them in each of my hands and buried my face between the white silky mounds, filling up my nostrils with her scent.

“I’ve been dreaming about your breasts since I arrived yesterday.” I love the feel of your breasts through the silk, I softly said to her, as I rubbed my nose around and around each nipple. “I love that you are wearing white silk. It’s so cool and smooth on my skin. I squeezed her tits to my cheeks and rubbed them up and down as I took each of her hard nipples into my mouth. She sighed and pushed herself at my face even more. She cooed “Yeah, caress my silky tits” as I turned my face from one side to the other rubbing her silk covered tits all over my face.

I pulled on one nipple and rubbed it all around as I mouthed the other one with my lips. I shuddered at the sensation of the cool smooth silk wrapped nipple in my hands. Then she moved so that I could do the same with her other nipple between my lips. “I love you playing with my tits. I love you playing with them and pulling on my nipples. You’re making me all wet. And it looks like you’re getting very excited there too,” as she fondled and caressed my long hard cock. “Let’s do something about that,” she cooed with a smile.

She moved towards my penis and guided her silky breasts to it, gently moving them slowly back and forth along the long hard shaft. She raised herself a little higher and placed my penis between her silky orbs, squeezing them together with her hands all the while smiling up into my enraptured face. “Oh God that feels so good,” I gasped. She slid them up and down the shaft. The silky smooth bra cups felt so cool on my red-hot cock.

“So you like to fuck my tits. Well I love you fucking them. Does the silky bra make you want to come all over me?’ She took my throbbing cock in her hand and rubbed the head of it all over her tits and particularly concentrating on her nipples. By now there was a bit of cum just oozing out of my swollen cock. As my juice soaked into the silky bra fabric it made the material semi-transparent, showing off her nipples and aureoles even more. “Look at that. Your cum has exposed my nipples. HMM that feels good. I like you fucking my tits. Do you want to shoot your cum all over my tits?

“Yes. No. Not yet. I want to fuck your tits more. Let me sit up.” I moved to the edge of the sofa and drew her towards me again. I pulled the bottom of her silk bra away from under her tits and slipped my swollen cock inside her bra from underneath as she squeezed her tits together. She caressed her own tits, making sure to finger her nipples as she moved up and down on my swollen cock. “Now you are fucking my cock with your tits. I want you to make me come in your silky bra, all over your fucking tits. That’s what I have been dreaming about for two days, just fucking your tits. Fuck me! Fuck me! Make me cream your silky tits. Oh that feels so good. The silkiness of your bra and the silkiness of you beautiful tits” I was in heaven. I was fascinated to see my swollen cock ride up a down between those beautifully silk clad boobs. More cum oozed from my cock and glistened on her tits that bulged from her bra as she pushed them together to meet my upward thrust between them. A little of my pre-cum trickled down and started to soak into the silk lace around the top of her bra cups.

She stared at me with smiling eyes as she pumped my big fucking cock between her tits. “I love you fucking my tits so much that you’re making me real sopping wet. Your cream is soaking my bra and my pussy is soaking my panties. Want to taste” I nodded as one of her hands went down between her legs for a second, then she pushed her pussy juiced fingers into my willing mouth, and I licked them dry. “Hmm. Your pussy juice is sweet. You got more of that?”

“Oh yeah. There is a lot more. And I want you to get a really good taste.” She pulled my cock from under her bra and pulled off her juice soaked panties. ”Lay back down again so we can 69 each other. She raised herself over me and spread her legs over my head, lowering her pussy onto my open mouth. She bent her head to my throbbing cock as she took it all the way into her sucking mouth.

I alternately sucked her now swollen clit and licked her juicy pussy lips as she moaned and squirmed her pelvis hard against my now juice covered face.

Her moans were joined by mine as her head pumped up and down on my saliva slicked cock. I pushed my pelvis up to meet the downward thrust of her mouth on my cock. She pushed her cunt harder into my face every time my tongue licked her juicy clit. It didn’t take long for me to shoot her mouth full of my hot steaming cum. I continued to suck on her clit until she came with a burst of her own cum covering my bearded face. Wow highway 69 is the greatest route to take in any state.