Call Me Teddy


The drive home from the airport was nothing shy of arduous. It was forty miles away, but took an eternity to navigate. I was only gone for two days, but I was extremely anxious to get home. While I was on the plane, I got a text message from my wife: You. Me. Dildo. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but I wanted ever so much to find out as quickly as possible.

I arrived at home and had to check around me for my neighbors. I dare not get out of my vehicle with the massive bulge in my jeans clearly visible for all to see. There was no one around, so I got out, grabbed my bags, and made way into the house. I was greeted by my wife with a long and loving kiss. She kissed me as though I had been gone for a month and I could feel the heat emanating from her body.

I took a moment to look her over. She was wearing skin tight blue jeans and a shirt that hugged her sides and breasts. She must have chosen the perfect bra to wear with the shirt because her chest rested into a shelf of absolute beauty. All I could do was grin. Then she asked, “What’s this?” as she hooked her finger into the waist band of my jeans and tugged it away from the hard on poking out the top.

In a snide reply, I said, “It’s yours if you want it.” We exchanged smiles then deep kisses. Then she broke away from our locked lips and told me to come with her.

She turned around and started up the stairs. I waited only a second longer than she so I could follow her up with her ass at my face level. I watched in awe as her hips swayed seductively left then right with each step. She had an air of absolute sex about her and I couldn’t hold back. I gave her ass a light and playful slap. She just moaned playfully and led the way to our bedroom.

We arrived at our bed and she turned around to face me. I was still staring at her ass and when she turned my eyes fell to her crotch. My attention returned to her face as she said, “I missed you and I’ve been having such naughty thoughts about you…” Before she could start her next sentence, I asked what she had in mind. To my pleasure, her reply was simple: “Take off your clothes.”

She didn’t have to repeat the request. I was almost Cebeci Escort immediately nude with a raging hard on poking out and upward from my body. I had not been that hard in a long, long time and it was reaching a point of near pain. It had been a nail on ice since I departed from the airport and it was finally let free. My tip was slick with precum and I wanted to jerk off for some relief. More so, I wanted to hold out to see what my wife had in store.

As I stood there naked, my wife looked me over. Then she smiled and walked away into her walk-in closet. She was gone only for a second and she returned with a single hanger. Upon the hanger were a purple satin baby doll night gown, a black leather corset, and a red lace teddy. It had been ages since she had worn anything that sexy for me, so I decided I most wanted to see her in the red teddy. She pulled it off the hanger, returned to her closet to place the others back on the rack, and came back. She was still wearing her jeans and shirt, but holding the teddy in her hand.

“What are you doing?” I asked wondering why she was still clothed. She tossed me the teddy and said, “Put it on.”

The air became thick, there was a sudden thud in the center of my chest, and my cock bounced. “What?” I feigned.

She repeated, “Put it on.”

I didn’t resist. I didn’t put up an argument. I didn’t hesitate further. My throbbing cock got even harder and I stepped into the teddy. The lace distorted and stretched as I pulled it up and over my hips. The material was tight against my balls and held my cock to my stomach as I pulled the straps over my shoulders.

“How does that feel?” she asked with a slight giggle.

I paused then answered, “Silly… but kind of sexy. This is pretty kinky stuff.”

Her face flustered for a second as she retorted, “You… actually look kind of sexy. It’s lacy, high on the hips, and you have a great ass” as she poked her head around me to the mirror on our wall. I looked over my shoulder and saw that the teddy was seated up my rear as it was designed to do for a woman’s ass.

As I looked back, Kolej Escort my hand involuntarily found my cock under the lace. The material was soft against my skin and made it even more enticing to rub. “Hold on a second,” she interrupted my touching, “there’s more.”

I took my hand away from my member as she walked away to the closet once more. When she returned, she was holding an eight inch dildo and a bottle of lube. The dildo was flesh colored and had vein-like ridges. It was a very realistic cock aside from the large suction cup at the base.

She walked over to the bed, slapped the dildo’s suction cup to the headboard, and told me to get on the bed. “What do you want to do?” I asked naively.

She explained, “I’m not going to do anything. You are going to fuck this dildo while I watch.” My cock jumped again.

I walked over to her, placed my lips against hers and we allowed our tongues to dance back and forth for a moment. Then she pulled away and told me to stop stalling. She handed me the lube and told me to get on the bed.

We had never done this particular act before, but I was no stranger to ass play. I got on the bed and faced away from the rubber hard-on jaunting from the head board. “Are you going to get yourself ready?” she asked coyly.

I explained that it was a necessity. “It’s been awhile and it’s probably going to hurt,” I said as I pulled the back of the teddy aside and began rubbing a generous amount of lube on my ass.

“Finger your self for me,” she purred and I complied. I pushed the tip of my middle finger past the ring of my ass. The lube made it easy for me to slide my finger in to the knuckle. I waited until the clenching subsided and allowed my ring finger to join in on the fun. I pushed and tugged at my asshole until I was able to relax.

Once I was ready, I bent forward on my hands and knees. The back of the teddy was still pulled to the side, wrapped around my ass cheek, and allowed access to my hole. I backed up until the tip of the dong poked at the rim of my ass. I looked up at my wife as she watched in amazement. Then I backed up a little Rus Escort more. The rubber head popped into my ass and there was an immediate sting of excitement. There was a hot rush through my body and I exhaled long and low. I was relaxed and I pushed back until my ass cheeks nearly touched the headboard. The dildo was buried in my ass and my wife asked, “How does that feel?” All I could think to answer was that it was huge.

I sat still for a second as my asshole adjusted to the width and length of the cock. Then my wife spoke with a hot breath into my ear and over my neck, “Fuck yourself.” She was excited and wanted to see me play her game. I pulled forward until the ring of the dong’s head was at my rim. Then I slid back again. I began rocking back and forth, back and forth, and the bed began to rock with me. I loved the feeling and enjoyed the fact that she was watching me so much that I started slamming back onto the dildo. I was fucking myself hard and fast with long and deep strokes each time I rocked.

I could feel my orgasm building inside me and every time I rocked on all fours, my cock would barely rub the inside of the lace teddy. The sensation was amazing, but it was heightened a little more as my wife got onto the bed in front of me. She had unbuttoned her jeans and was just out of my tongue’s reach. She spread her legs wide, just in front of my face, and slid her hand into her panties. I could see her hand working in small circles beneath the cover of the denim.

The fact that she was going to get off while watching me fuck myself in the ass made me even hotter. I put some lube into my hand and reached into the side of the teddy. I wrapped my hand around my hard on. Then I pumped my fist in the same rhythm I used to pound against the rubber cock in my ass.

I could feel the heat coming out of my wife’s pussy as she screamed, “I’m cumming!” She twitched and jolted several times and we locked eyes as I moaned loud and long. I felt the first blast of cum against my stomach amongst the lace material. Then stream after stream covered my hand. I pushed back as far as I could on the dildo until the rubber balls rested against mine and a final heavy spurt shot from my cock. My dick drained over my hand and into the lingerie.

As my orgasm subsided, I slid off of the dildo and fell to my wife’s crotch completely satisfied and relieved. We were both panting from our orgasms, laughing from the pleasure, and eager to see what was next in our bag of tricks.