Can You Breathe?


I was naked and bent over, ungainly with my arse in the air. I was kissing my wife’s feet in her beautiful red leather shoes. They were open at the toe and I wanted to take her stocking clad big toe in my mouth but I did not dare. I carefully looked up the length of her taupe leg as I kissed the top of her foot but she noticed my head turning and cracked her riding crop across my buttocks and I went back to adoring her foot with my lips. She remained silent and impassive. I could feel the weight of her black eyes gazing down at me.

She pressed the tip of her crop into my throat just below the chin and used it to lift my head up. She slowly guided me so I looked at her ankle and shin and knee and soft round thigh. I knelt in front of her with my face level with her crotch. My cock was throbbing and hard. She was wearing a tight purple satin thong. She touched my cheek and made me look up into her pretty face. I could see her full breasts in a bra that matched her thong and above them her red lips. She was sneering. Her raven-black hair framed her face as she looked down on me with contempt. She kept her voice cold.

‘Stand up!’

She was actually shorter than me by a few inches. She stretched up to kiss my forehead and she let her breasts press into my chest. She circled me, trailing her hand across my chest and back. The noise of her high-heels on the floor turned me on. I had learnt not to bother trying to speak. We had been married for 3 months. She had been dominating me from the start. She stopped behind me and squeezed my buttock where she had hit me and giggled when I winced. She scratched her nail across the welt and I drew in breath raggedly but my cock throbbed with desire. I was on edge. What was her plan for me?

She stood in front of me again and bent to remove her shoes. She made sure that I could see her deep cleavage. She handed me her shoes and raised her eyebrow. I realised she wanted me to put them on so I tried to take them but she did not let go. She nodded towards her hand. I felt unsure of what she expected from me but I took a chance and bent and kissed her hand. It was the right move. She released her shoes and I sat to put them on.

She was watching me carefully. Her feet were dainty and at first I could not get into the shoes so I looked up at her. She said ‘Put them on. Now!’

I forced my feet into them. My toes were crushed together and my heels hurt too. Then she said ‘Stand up.’

I got to my feet but I wobbled. The shoes had a maybe 3 inch heel. It made my toes hurt more. I did not Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort think I would be able to walk but I knew she would force me to. There was pain shooting down below my ankle. ‘Walk! Parade yourself for me. Waggle your arse like a girl.’

I took one step and nearly fell. I recovered and slowly tottered towards her. She moved to one side and swung her crop across my arse.

‘Faster, bitch! Faster.’ My eyes stung with humiliation but I did what she said. I tried to increase my stride to go faster but I was too unstable. I had to mince like a girl. I felt sweat break out all over. I found my arse was swaying from side to side because of the small steps I was taking. She hit me again and again as I paced in front of her with a red face. I was crying but my cock was rock solid. I had fiery pain in my ankles and across the bridge of my foot and both buttocks burnt too. I felt dizzy but I kept walking, she was following me yelling ‘Come on! Faster! Run!’ Then I fell to the floor, bashing my left knee and she stood over me. I looked up at her and saw the crop rise and fall as she rained blows onto my back. She mocked me as she beat me ‘Babies can walk but you can’t. Old men even can walk. Do you want me to get you a walking stick? Do you need a wheelchair?’

She stopped and took a step back. She crouched down and I looked up into her eyes. I was her 7th husband and I knew she did not love me. She married me just to use me. But I still adored her and carried a vain hope that she would one day love me back. Now she said ‘Follow me.’ and she went to sit on her leather sofa. I followed on my knees, shaking after the beating. I was frightened too. She had me kneel between her legs and she slouched down so her crotch pressed against my chest. She slapped my left cheek. She was smiling. Then she took my hands and handcuffed them behind my back and as she leant forwards to do this her hair brushed against my face.

She reached down and grabbed my cock with her left hand and began to stroke it very gently and slowly, from the head to the base of the shaft and back. I looked at her full big breasts and wanted to kiss them. I could see her nipples under the purple satin, swollen and hard. She rubbed her crotch into my chest and kept on stroking my cock. My desire was growing stronger and without thinking I pushed my cock forwards into her hand. She responded immediately by slapping the head of my cock so it stung before going back to her slow methodical stroking. She ruffled my hair with her Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort right hand and then caressed my cheek. She leant forward so her breasts were inches from my face. I got a good look before she pulled my head to her breasts and pressed my face to her cleavage. I could smell her musky perfume and enjoyed her soft warmth but I could not see. I could only breath through my mouth. She adjusted my head so both my nose and mouth were pressed so tightly into her breasts that I could not draw air. I looked up at her merciless eyes.

She kept stroking my cock and I could feel myself getting closer to coming. I tried to pull my face away to get air but she held me tight with her right hand as her left brought me closer and closer to release. I could feel my vision going dark around the edges. The room was swaying but the way she was rubbing me was delightful. She sped up. I tried to focus on her dark eyes, trying not to pass out. Her eyes were cold and assessing and they bore into mine. I could feel the pressure rising in my cock and then suddenly she pushed me away. I drew a huge lungful of air and at the same time came. It was a massive orgasm and waves of pleasure swept through my body.

Slowly I got my breath back. She was watching me like I was an insect. I started to gush ‘Thank you thank you thank you,’ but she told me to shut up. She told me to get on the sofa and I lay on my front with my head in her lap. She turned my head so my face was towards her flat stomach and I kissed her there. She scolded me and told me to stop. Then she turned on the TV and ignored me.

After half an hour she got up and told me to lie still. I could hear running water. I thought she was having a bath. She came back with a bucket of water, a towel, some leather straps and some papers. She sat on my back and undid my handcuffs before getting up and telling me to get up. She made me bring a coffee table and put it in front of the sofa and then bring a chair which I put so it was facing the table and to the right of the sofa. She pushed me down onto the chair and quickly handcuffed my hands behind the back of the chair. She strapped my chest to the chair and fixed my ankles and upper shins to the chair legs so that my knees were about a foot apart. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked until my cock was throbbing and the veins were standing out. Then she left. I saw that the papers were the contract she had made me sign the previous week for life insurance. My throat went dry with fear. I called her but Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort she did not come. I screamed.

When she came back she was wearing black stockings and a black corset. She had black shoes. She settled herself on my lap and began to kiss me. Her perfume smelt heady. Her stockings were soft on my thighs and she pressed herself against my chest. I kissed her back. She had her arms around my neck and she purred in my ear ‘Why did you scream?’ but before I could answer she had her tongue in my mouth and she held my head so I couldn’t have pulled away even if I had wanted to. She kissed me for a long time, my cock was hard, trapped between her thigh and my stomach. She was always tender like this before she did something particularly cruel and I fell for it every time.

She stood up and smiled at me. ‘Did you see these papers?’ I nodded. ‘I bet you’re wondering why I got them out?’

I started to speak but she had taken up the towel and wrapped it once round my head. She told me ‘I’m going to wrap the rest of this towel around your head. You will be blind and deaf and mute. You’ll be useless. Then, when I’m ready, when I’m bored, I’m going to tip this bucket of water over your head. The towel will be soaked. Do you think you can breath through a wet towel?’

She pulled the towel tight and I could feel my breath hot in front of my mouth and nose. I was terrified and I tried to scream but already she had twisted the towel tightly so there were three layers all round. She fastened it with another leather strap. I felt panic tighten my chest. I wanted to vomit. Then I felt her mouth close around my cock again and it felt good. The pleasure took away some of the fear. I still felt dizzy and disoriented. Her clever mouth brought me close to another orgasm but then she stepped away. My cock bobbed and felt cool from the wetness and I tried to raise my crotch to find some satisfaction but found only air.

The chair tipped over and I felt my chest press against the glass coffee table. Suddenly the pressure on my chest increased. I realised she had sat and put her legs up on the back of the chair so that her weight was squeezing me between the table and the chair.

I could still breath but it was restricted. I felt her hand grasp my cock and she was stroking me again hard and fast. It was not long before I was about to come but then she stopped. My blood was pounding in my ears. I wondered what she was doing, what she was about to do. I was very scared and I tried to listen carefully for any sound or clue but there was nothing. She did not touch me again. Slowly my cock began to go soft and as it did so my fear increased. Would she really kill me? Her legs were still over the chair so I knew she was close but she wasn’t doing anything. I was in a silent terrifying world. My wife had complete power, and I had nothing but darkness, fear and helplessness.