Caning for a College Fellow Ch. 02

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This story involves some caning, a martinet, and bodily functions so if those things bother you, read no further. All characters are over 18.


Beth Wilson returned to her school duties as deputy headmistress and literature instructor after the delightful getaway at her old friend Maisie’s seaside home. The term went quickly, partly because the weather was fair and Beth had plenty of free time to go for runs and also use the indoor pool she supervised.

The children at school had been behaving themselves, mostly, so Beth had had scant occasion to make much use of her thin cane. She had come to accept that this kind of discipline was integral to the mission of the school so she banished any thoughts that it was hopelessly old-fashioned still to cane pupils when they misbehaved.

What she had trouble getting out of her head was the experience when she visited Maisie of caning Maisie’s elder daughter Laura. It was hard enough to realize that this bright young woman had become a Fellow of Beth’s old Cambridge college, but then it seemed that Laura had a penchant for baring her bottom to be spanked or caned by Beth or by Maisie.

True, Laura had misbehaved. She had departed Cambridge to make the long drive to Maisie’s place after imbibing a good deal at the Fellows’ regular drinks party. When she confessed to this offence, Beth was willing to demonstrate how she wielded her cane in disciplining errant students.

Beth never had any role problems in her disciplining pupils at her school. It was all part of her business. But Laura was another story. Beth was surprised at how seeing Laura kneeling on the wooden chair, her knickers pulled down, and her bottom having been reddened and striped, seemed to fascinate her.

Maisie and Beth had remained great friends ever since their own school days at Roedaean. Over the years when Beth had visited in the summers, they enjoyed each other’s company and Beth had found it heartening to watch her friend’s girls grow up. Now the veteran teacher found herself focused on Laura’s bottom.

She telephoned Maisie to see how everything was going in her friend’s life. Maisie usually had returned from some days in London catching up on the theatre and the museums. They chatted about what she had seen and then Maisie seemed to sense Beth’s need to be invited down.

“Why don’t you drive down to spend spring break with us?” Maisie inquired. “It’ll just be Laura and me here and I know she would love to see you, too. My daughter does adore you, you know.”

Beth felt a twinge of both excitement and fear at that statement. What was she doing?

But she knew she needed to respond to Maisie’s invitation.

“Yes, sweetie,” Beth answered brightly, “it will be a nice change of pace for me to get out of here over break and spend the time with you. I’m never so relaxed as when I get to your porch and throw my feet up looking out at the sea.”

“Well, then, that’s settled,” Maisie responded with feeling. “You have no idea how much we enjoy your coming to spend time with us. I mean Laura as well as me. She adores you, you know.”

“Maze,” Beth said, equally deeply expressed, “I have nothing but such great regard for Laura. She has achieved so much and I respect that in her. She is obviously bright and has applied herself. Granted, it’s a bit easier for women there now but she still has been outstanding.”

“Nice of you to say that,” Maisie said, a trifle coolly. “You know that since you were here and showed me that she was receptive, I have disciplined her when she misbehaves. But enough chatter, there’ll be time enough when you get here. See you soon, darling.”

As she entered the imposing hallway, her friend walked out in a sprightly pace and hugged her tightly.

“So good to see you, darling Beth,” she cooed, “and Laura just got her a little while ago, too. I’ve arranged for us to have a light repast out on the porch, knowing how you like the sea view and that the weather is fine.”

Beth took her case to her room, which also had a fine outlook on the Irish Sea, and changed into something more comfortable, shorts and a sleeveless top. Her new flats were also out and waiting for her to slip them on. She “freshened up” and was not surprised to find that her knickers were totally soaked from when she heard that Laura was here and that the girl adored her. She erred on the side of caution and put on a clean pair of undies, the pale blue hicuts from Harvey Nichols that were her favorites.

Maisie’s husband usually remained in London most of the time. He earned a good income Muğla Escort which helped support this establishment but Maisie also had her own inheritance to draw on and Beth knew it was well and carefully invested. Meanwhile the three women had the house to themselves, although Maisie usually had some help on hand.

Soon all three were on the porch enjoying the fine warm day and the sea air.

“Miss Wilson,” Laura ventured, “I’ve found that coming up here really does refresh me, body and soul. I think I now understand why you seem so happy here.”

Beth smiled, and said, “Seeing your mom and catching up with her has always given me the greatest pleasure. But now that you have joined us, I have to admit that I’m even more excited when Maisie sees fit to indulge me in yet another visit.”

“Stop that talk, Beth,” Maisie interjected, “or I’ll spank you right now! You know that I would have you retire from teaching at that school out in the middle of nowhere and live here. It would be no imposition at all.”

Beth smiled and responded by telling them that they both were just the best friends she could have and wanted them to know how much she enjoyed them.

They had a couple of rounds of gins-and-tonic and then Maisie’s live-in set out what looked to be a picnic meal, only there was something hot as well as the lovely salads and antipasti. No one was wildly hungry but each of the women took a plate and some greens and a piece of the frittata.

“Maisie,” Beth said with a grin, “I recall your telling me last time that you still had occasion to spank your elder daughter here but were you at all serious when you threatened to put me through my paces?”

Maisie smiled in return and observed with a twinkle in her eye, “Beth, sweetie, if I thought you would like that and would accept it, I’d be quite pleased to take you over my lap now.”

Beth spoke quietly but clearly that she had longed for some time to be on the receiving end. She had been using her cane at school for a long time and needed to switch roles. Then Beth somehow managed to render a slight affirmative nod which both Maisie and Laura were delighted to see.

“Then get over here right now, Beth Wilson, and stand right there in front of me,” Maisie ordered. She quickly pulled out her phone, buzzed her live-in, and told her that they would not be needing anything more and that she was free to go out or retire, at her pleasure. Maisie had made certain that her help understood when she was not to be disturbed.

Beth stood and solemnly walked over to stand in front of her closest friend. They had stayed friends through thick and thin, and even had been caned together at Roedaean when both were caught violating some rule or other.

Maisie did not deign to rise and instead directed Beth to lower her shorts and then to take them off entirely, which Beth proceeded to do, shedding her flats as well. Beth was now in her sleeveless top, bra, and pale blue hicuts.

Now Maisie reached up and put her thumbs in the waistband of Beth’s knicks and slowly tugged them down just below her knees. Beth’s luxuriant bush was on full display and Maisie was more than joyous in her visual appreciation of her friend’s intimate charms.

Looking at Laura, who sat transfixed at the attraction that was Beth’s pudenda, Maisie couldn’t keep from commenting, “Laura, we may have to trim this girl’s pubes before they strangle someone.”

This intimation of such wholehearted oral pleasure stimulated Beth all the more and her friend did notice the large wet spot in Beth’s knicks as well as the glistening of the wetness seeping out of her quim.

Maisie was tempted to place a towel on her lap but decided it would be more fun to have Beth place her bare middle directly on Maisie’s tweed skirt. She motioned to Beth to so place herself.

Then she began softly spanking Beth’s lovely bottom cheeks, alternately and then harder. As Beth’s cheeks reddened, Maisie ran her finger down Beth’s rear crack, which excited Beth incredibly, and then through her hairy furrow between her legs.

“This girl is soaking, Laura,” Maisie reported gleefully, and Beth wasn’t embarrassed now. She exulted in being in the submissive position for once and felt her muscles deep inside expand, contract, and finally erupt with a volcanic orgasm that sent a rush of her juices flowing out onto Maisie’s tweed skirt.

“You really have made a bit of a mess here, darling,” Maisie chided her friend playfully. “Get up and hand me your cane from your handbag and then bend over the back of the strong chair Muğla Escort Bayan there,” she instructed as Beth rose from the maternal lap and did exactly what she had been told to do.

Maisie was now standing behind the bent-over Beth and brandished the teacher’s thin cane. Beth winced as he heard the swishes as it lurched through the air.

Then, showing Laura that her mother indeed could wield a cane effectively, she lay the cane on Beth’s already rosy bottom and flicked it expertly to impart a stinging stroke on those ass cheeks. Laura watched entranced as the tell-tale tramlines of the cane stroke soon appeared on Beth’s posterior.

Maisie proceeded to give Beth five more stingers until her friend had received the traditional “six of the best.”

Then she took Beth in her arms and hugged her with joy as the two reflected to themselves how long they had enjoyed each other’s company. Anxious not to leave Laura out of this warm embrace, Beth drew her into the twosome so that all three were close and felt each other’s warmth.

The sun had set over the sea and Maisie suggested that they repair to her large bedroom upstairs overlooking the expanse of water. Beth slipped her shorts back on and walked with them. Maisie picked up her cell, spoke quietly to her head of staff and told her that they would be retiring for the evening, needed no further assistance, and that the staff could finish up cleaning up the terrace where they had been.

She led the three up the stairs in the stone house into her commodious bedroom with its king-size bed.

“We need to attend, Beth, to the obvious need of my daughter for some discipline,” Maisie announced calmly as Laura grinned. “Miss Laura has stopped just short of becoming notorious at her college, as she even entertained a man friend one weekend in her rooms for the entire weekend,” she related, as Laura now blushed. “While this is apparently allowed now, it did not mean that her colleagues took no notice and I have told her that she must be more discreet in future for her own benefit.”

“Laura,” Beth now declared in a lecturing tone, “you really need to set an example now that you are a Fellow of the college. We will start by having you unzip and remove your skirt.”

Laura complied with Beth’s instruction as if she were back in school with a dominating teacher.

Beth and Maisie admired her fashionable pale lilac boyshorts but Beth motioned to her to pull them down. In so doing, Laura disclosed that her mons had been shaved bare and Beth could see her slit already glistening with her excitement.

“Turn round and lean across the bed,” Beth said, “and keep those legs well apart.” She now stood behind Laura’s tall frame and stared into her bottom crack and then with her finger, petted the cheeks as she insinuated the finger deep into the crack, probing into Laura’s cute little rosette and pushing through her anal ring into her rectum.

This excited Laura even more and Beth withdrew her finger and let her hand roam between the girl’s legs, savoring the wetness it encountered down there.

But now Beth picked up her cane from where Maisie had left it after applying it to Beth’s bare bottom. She was going to show them how this fearsome implement was properly employed. Carefully placing it just above the base of Laura’s gorgeous bottom, she drew it back and precisely landed the first stroke with a flick of her wrist. It landed on the exact place she had first identified.

This was low enough on Laura’s bottom to sting terribly, a sting that developed in the seconds after the stroke was administered. Beth allowed this sting to rise and waited as Laura suddenly screamed out as the pain grew in her seat. Soon it was time for the second and third as Beth progressed northward on Laura’s pale bottom.

Now it was time for the criss-crossing. Beth angled the cane to cut across the first three tramline sets imposed by the three initial strokes. These strokes, again delivered in a measured, deliberate time frame, elicited more fervent screams from the recipient. Finally, the sixth stroke was applied vertically so the cane tip cut into the bottom crack and kissed the rear terminus of Laura’s furrow between her legs, impelling her to scream and jump up from the shock as well as the sharp flash of pain.

Beth reached into her handbag once again but this time Laura’s trailing eyes saw Beth’s hand emerge with a packet of what turned out to be soothing cream which Beth proceeded to apply with a very soft touch to the tram lined stripes she had lain on Laura’s bottom. Escort Muğla She rubbed the cream in once the initial application had begun to soothe the bruises.

Maisie opened the covers and invited Laura and Beth to shed their remaining clothes and join her beneath the pretty bedlinens. Maisie had already slipped out of her sundress and slipped off her bra and knickers. The three cuddled together under the covers and their hands wandered between each other’s legs.

Beth found herself urging Laura to slide up so Beth could clamber between the younger woman’s legs and lick her bare lips and tease Laura’s risen clit with the tip of her tongue. Maisie was now behind Beth’s bottom and licking her friend’s anal rosette so she could insert her tongue into Beth’s rear hole. Laura was enjoying Beth’s attentions and was the first to go into orgasm as Beth’s fingers now pulsed in and out of Laura’s vagina.

Maisie knew that Beth was most sensitive in her rear so she too inserted first one finger and then another into Beth’s back passage. This resulted in the second orgasm of the session and now, having enjoyed their initial ecstasy, Laura and Beth focused on Maisie. Beth played with Maisie’s pleasantly-shaped breasts, lightly tapping a finger against the nipples and seeing them harden and rise to the occasion. Laura sucked on her mother’s pussy, lapping at her juices and pointing her tongue to stimulate Maisie’s clit.

When Maisie’s orgasm inevitably followed, she writhed beneath their attentions and managed to sit up and stand facing the other two still in the bed.

“I’ve not been disciplined, darlings,” she complained.

Beth smiled at her and told her she had saved something special for her. Then Beth went to her handbag and extracted a French martinet.

Maisie accordingly bent over the edge of the bed and Beth stood and brandished her newest implement, snapping the tails so that slapped across her friend’s broad bottom. Maisie let out a scream but she awaited the next stroke with a bit of fear. Beth aimed a bit lower on her bottom and two of the nasty tails slapped between Maisie’s open legs and landed with a splat right in her open vulval fig. She really screamed and then collapsed on the bed.

Beth came over and kissed her sweetly on her mouth and petted her. Laura joined her and began to lave her mother’s pussy with her tongue, making sure to tease the large clit with her tongue until Maisie went into a second cum and a jet of fluid shot out of her vagina into Laura’s open mouth.

Now all three lay back in the bed and held each other closely and lovingly. Maisie whispered to Beth that it was time for a trip to her bathroom and Beth told Laura to join them as the three naked ladies raised themselves from the bed and trooped behind Maisie into her adjoining ensuite bathroom.

The bathroom was quite expansive and there was a round tub with plenty of spots to sit around the edge. The three sat there and Maisie turned on the faucets to start to fill the tub with warm water. When there was enough, she invited Laura to lie on the base and Beth and Maisie perched over her in squatting position so that Laura just saw their hairy slits poised above her face and boobs, respectively.

In a few seconds, both Beth and Maisie released their sphincters and two hot jets of pee splashed on Laura’s tits and pussy. She loved seeing their streams emerge from between their hairy splits and land on her and she found herself enjoying the taste of Beth’s pee in her mouth. Finally the two finished and Maisie helpfully applied some soap to Laura’s upper body and offered her a cool cup of water to wash her mouth out.

She asked Laura if she needed to tinkle and Laura responded by telling her mother to lie down and rest her head on the seat shelf. Laura now squatted over Maisie’s face and held her labia apart so as to direct the strong stream from her quim right into her mother’s open mouth. Laura’s urination lasted the longest and Maisie could not retain it all in her mouth. But once Laura ended her stream, Maisie leaned up and licked her daughter’s slit clean.

Now all three sat on the shelf as Maisie emptied the tub, then turned the faucets back on, filled the tub with warmer water, and when it was high enough, started the jets that provided bubbles. Each of the women sat herself facing the outlets for the jets so that each of their clits was receiving the stimulation from the jets in the hot tub. This was enough to give each another nice orgasm.

The tub immersion last a while but finally Maisie gave each a nice comfy towel to both dry with and wrap round herself. Now when they returned to bed, they each slipped on a warm nightgown. Holding each other in their arms, they kissed and showed affection for on another until they dropped off into a sleep that each enjoyed right through until morning.

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