Capture of Tight Cunt Ch. 01


(Note: This is my first try at writing something for Literotica. Any feedback is appreciated.)


“I’m serious!” I say to my best friend at the bar.

“No you’re not Clare. You’re just making it up.” El says to me drinking more of her vodka coke. “Come on, let’s go find a seat.” Her shoulder length curly black hair bounces as she walks. She’s wearing a nice top and skinny jeans and I’m surprised. She usually sticks with baggy jeans and t-shirts, even though she’s got a nicer figure than me. She just never shows it off.

“Not about this. I don’t know what causes it but I always return to being the same tightness as a virgin. No matter how many times I’m fucked or how stretched I am.” I say with a grin.

“That’s impossible though.” She says as we move over to a table and sit down.

“Not with me, I swear. All it takes in a couple of days to close up again.” I say as I finish my second drink feeling my head go a little woozy as I’m only just over the drinking age not very experienced when it comes to alcohol.

I notice a hot man in his late 30s at the bar on his own. I sit up straighter and push my boobs out a little trying to get his attention. It works like a charm he starts coming over. He’s got brown short hair and a little stubble, with dark brown eyes and wearing casual shirt and jeans.

“I couldn’t help overhearing what you nice ladies were talking about. I’m intrigued. Would you like another drink?” He says noticing my empty glass.

“We’re fine thanks” El says right away.

I frown at her and say to him, “You know, it’s rude to eavesdrop, but you can make it up to me by getting me a white wine.” I flash a smile at him.

He smiles back and goes to the bar for my drink and a coke for himself.

“What are you doing?!” El demands. She’s always been a little frigid and only had the one boyfriend who used her for sex, then dumped her after two months, leaving her completely suspicious of men. Me, on the other hand have always used my assets to my advantage. I know I look good and use it when ever I can. I’ve always been slim and my boobs are natural DDs. My tight red strap top shows them off and my short black skirt hardly covers my ass, perfect for drawing attention.

He returns and sits next to me. Placing the wine in front of me, I take a sip and smile; I notice his eyes glance down and my breasts. He grins realising I caught him looking.

“So what are your names?” He asks.

“I’m Clare, and she’s Ellen.” I say smiling at El trying to get her to relax a bit.

“Clare, can I talk with you?” Anadolu Yakası Olgun Escort She asks, pulling at my arm towards the ladies.

“Excuse us” I say to the guy.

El drags me to the ladies and demands, “What are you doing? We have no idea who he is and he’s clearly only interested in one thing!”

“Would you grow up, please? You act like you’re 12. Got to live while you’re young right?” I’m pause and see my words land, but continue regardless. “I can do what I want and you can’t stop me just because you’re so frigid and afraid to let any guy close to you.” I was angry and couldn’t stop myself.

She took a step back obviously hurt by my comment, “Fine! Fuck the whole bar for all I care! You’re just a bitch!” She storms out, I regret what I said and run after her. We’re standing within eye shot of the guy at our table.

“El, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. Please. Stay.” I grab her hand and turn her round to face me.

“You really hurt me.”

“I know I’m sorry I just lose my temper sometimes.”

“Fine, but I’m not leaving you alone with that guy. He’s creepy looking.” Just at that moment the guy walks up to us.

“Is everything ok?” He asks.

“Yeah, we’re fine” El says.

“Would you ladies want to come to mine for a bit?”

She looks at me worried. I reassure her with a smile. “Sure. That’ll be fun, won’t it El?” I reply.

“Yeah, I guess.” She says reluctantly.

“Come on, I won’t hurt you, much.” He teases. He leads the way as El and I follow. We leave the bar and take a right towards an empty street with a van parked at the very end. I start to get wary but remain confident for El. We walk for about two minutes and I ask.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“It’s just down the end of this street.” He says.

Suddenly some guys come up behind us and put there hands over our mouths and restrain our arms with tape. There hold is just too tight. I try kicking back and screaming. But it’s no use. They’re too strong. I look desperately at Ellen as a she’s in the same situation as me.

The guy from the bar reaches for a bottle and a cloth in his back pocket. Dabs the cloth with the liquid twice and goes towards Ellen.

“Well boys, we’re gonna have some fun tonight.” He laughs darkly and puts the cloth under Ellen’s nose and she goes limp instantly. The guy holding her puts a hood over her head and starts dragging her towards a van that was parked a few yards down.

I manage to get my mouth free and yell, “Ellen! You sick bastard. Let her go!”

“I Anadolu Yakası Sarışın Escort knew you were going to be a feisty slut.” He then whispers in my ear, “Can’t wait till I can fuck that tight pussy of yours.” I try to slap him but he shoves the cloth under my nose and I can’t help but take a breath. My world goes black.


My head is spinning when I eventually come around. I try to move my hand up to my head to sooth my aching temples. But my hands are tied behind my back. I’m also stark naked. I try opening my eyes and notice I’m not blind folded. I’m in a dark cell with one door with bars that allows a small amount of light. Where am I? I ask myself, as my last memory of being awake comes back to me. I start screaming for help.

“Help?! Ellen? Let me go you sick freak! El, are you ok?!”

I hear foot steps come from outside, “Ah, look who’s awake.” The door opens and it’s the guy from the bar. “Don’t worry about Ellen she’s in safe hands.” The dark smile returns.

“I don’t know who you are! But you can’t treat people like this!”

“Look sweet cheeks. Get this into that skanky head of yours. You’re ours now, to do with as we please. And I’m going to enjoy taking your tight virgin pussy. He shuts the cell door and starts undoing his shirt and pants.

“No, please. Don’t.” I beg.

“I love it when they beg. Come on, you were begging for it last night with that short skirt and tight top.” He releases his semi-erect cock from his boxers and shoves it into my mouth.

“You’re going to do what I tell you to slut. And you’re going to take what I give you. Suck that cock like the slut you are.” I whimper. Knowing there was nothing I could do. I start sucking and blow jobbing his cock. Although I put myself out there a lot I’ve only had sex with my ex steady boyfriend and that was never thrilling. I’ve never had an orgasm and only blow jobbed him a couple of times but they were never that successful. He groans and starts thrusting into my throat. I gag and gasp for air. I’ve never deep throated before. I can’t help myself getting aroused and feel my pussy start to get wet. I can feel his cock growing in my mouth. Why is this turning me on? I should be repulsed being forced to suck this bastard’s cock.

“Ahhh, that’s it slut.” He grabs the back of my head and thrusts harder into my throat. He’s fucking me hard and I gasp for air when I can. I’m helpless and can’t stop him.

After a couple of minutes of this he moves down so my legs are spread and he’s right next to my pussy.

“No, Anadolu Yakası Şişman Escort don’t please. Don’t!”

He just laughs at me. “I can see how turned on you are. Your cunt is leaking your juices.” He pushes his now rock hard cock into me. He’s grunting and moaning as he violently rapes me in the cell.

“You weren’t lying about that cunt of yours. Just as tight as you said it was. You’re going to fetch a high price, ‘The girl who won’t stretch’. Ha the buyers are going to love that.”

Before I can argue he puts a ball gag into my mouth and a blind fold over my eyes. I thrash against him trying to stop him.

I lay defeated on the floor, waiting for him to stop. I can’t help but love his hard cock thrusting into me and I start to feel a build up deep within my walls. But before it can grow anymore he slumps down onto me and cums.

After a few minutes he gets up and puts his clothes back on. I hear him get something out of his pocket and flick it twice before injecting me in my arm, I cry out; he leaves the cell and locks the door on his way out. I try and fight the drugs but I drift into unconsciousness.

About two weeks pass and I’m fed the bare minimum. I was raped more times than I can count. Used by three different men sometimes several times a day. On the last day of this torture they inject me again.

When I wake up I realise I’m knelt on the floor and attached to a leg spreader. My arms are tied behind my back like before as is the blind fold and the ball gag had been replaced with tape. I feel there is a piece of paper stuck to my stomach. I hear voices all around me and people are walking around. Surveying me and I assume a line of girls next to me.

“Ok, can everyone take your seats and the bidding will begin. To start off the round today is

. Shall we start the bids at …” I stop listening as I start to panic, the guy speaking is the same jerk who kidnapped us. They’re selling us! How can they do this? This is so wrong and immoral. “Sold! Congratulations sir.” I hear footsteps and the girl next to me is dragged to her feet and taken away. My heart quickens as I realise I’m next in line.

“And to continue the biddings tonight is a fine specimen

, believe this or not ladies and gentlemen that her cunt never gets stretched and always remains tight as a virgin. Yes, you heard me right, a virgin for a lifetime. Now let’s start the bid at £10,000″ I stop listening again trying to think of ways I can escape this torture, the bids go on for a few minutes and the price just keeps getting higher until it gets to £70,500! “We have a winner, to the man in the black suit, and for paying such a high price you get a complementary free leather paddle whip with your slave.” There’s a round of applause and I feel someone drag me back off the stage. He turns my neck to the side and injects me. I feel the effects of the drugs again and drift into unconsciousness.