Captured By The Morning Light


I love the morning, sun shining so brightly through the blinds. It makes the most interesting patterns on your body. Lines of dark shadows crisscrossing the suntan of your skin, and each time you toss or turn it creates another picture.

It doesn’t take long for the light to wake you up, and always in such a cheerful mood, smiling and laughing. You leap out of bed, time to get dressed; I’ll be peeking, watching you hold up your clothes as you try to decide just what to wear. My breath stops as you bend over to slide my favorite panties up those long, smooth legs.

Damn, babe, what a great ass you have, the tiny triangle of your panties sliding right over the luscious curves, so hard to resist just grabbing it, slipping my hands underneath and squeezing. I know, I know, shocking talk from someone who’s so interested in your mind as well, but damn! I grab you, pull you back to bed.

Such a wonderful feeling as we lay next to each other, spooning, your ass rubbing on me, I know you can feel how hard you make me get. I love to just rub my hands all over you, your skin so soft and smooth. My fingers, accustomed to the feel of rough steel and rusty chains, delight in the warm silkiness of your skin.

Starting at your neck my fingers press down your spine, working up again, it’s like some wonderful trail from your ribs traveling down that slope to your waist, then jutting back up again on the curve of your hips. You are a beautiful woman, babe, curvy, soft, smelling so sweet. And from your hips my hands make a detour, sliding back around your ass, taking my time.

I love when you whisper to me, telling my how wet you’ve become, my cock thickens at the thought, my pulse making it jump. You turn over now, facing me, and I have the pleasure of looking right into the face of my goddess, I’m not sure what I’ve done to earn this trip into heaven. Your glorious smile and your sparkling eyes fill my head with pride, making me feel not just like the only man in the world, but the best one as well.

Your hand snakes out, I feel warm fingers wrapping around my cock…mmmm…I’m leaky…you rub it into me, sliding up and down. Your lips start their own journey now, blazing a trail through the thicket of hair on my chest, stopping only Gaziantep Escort to tease my nipples.

Leaning back, I let you take charge, I’m your subject after all, you my queen. Suddenly I feel your very warm breath on my cock, I know your lips will soon follow, and I’m not disappointed. Oh fuck baby, your mouth feels soooooo good as you take me inside you, your teeth lightly grazing me, your tongue tantalizing. Lips wrapped tightly around my shaft, your head bobs up and down, maddeningly slow, as your eyes bore into mine.

You know I’m under your spell, I can’t look away, don’t want to look away, such a beautiful sight, my manhood in your hands, in your mouth, like some special treat. You take it out,slapping it playfully against your lips, your hands stroking, cupping my balls, your saliva and my leaking making everything so slick. Your tongue darts out, bathing my balls, you suck one into your mouth, teeth just barely nipping.

Your stroking grows faster, your tongue swirling ’round the head, every few strokes you take me deep inside…mmm…so fucking hot…my fingers are tangled in your hair; it’s getting hard for me to resist the urge to raise my hips, thrust inside you. You can feel my cock getting even harder, you know I’m close; your hand starts to fly. I can see the hunger in your eyes, and you take me out of your mouth and blow me a kiss as you feel my cock start to throb. Now you feel the cum as it boils through on it’s journey and with a blast is set free. That first spurt catches you by surprise, feels so hot on your cheek and your chin. The next spurt cums as I moan out your name; it lands on your breast, like some kind of lava streaming out of a volcano and finally the last flies out, covering your hand and my stomach. You’re just holding my cock now, wondering at the physical changes it’s just gone through, softer now, but oh so hot. My heart is pounding, my hands softly stroke your hair, your neck, paralyzed by pleasure, not even able to speak.

“Like that, honey?” you ask with a smile, knowing full well I can’t answer. But I nod again and again, a beaming smile plastered on my face. You lean in, your face next to mine, and our lips meet in a hungry kiss. I taste myself in your mouth, Gaziantep Escort Bayan my tongue darts inside. You kiss your way to my ear, “it’s my turn now, John, you’re going to make me sooooo happy.”

I like the sound of that, ’cause of course I do want to make you feel just as good as you’ve made me feel.

You slowly slide your body over mine, like a slithering snake, twisting and turning, it seems as though you’re touching every square inch. I can feel your heat, your wetness as it moves along my body. I want you so much, I want you now. Your sitting on my chest, legs spread wide open, your treats just resting there, on display for me, like some treasured masterpiece. The sunlight glistens on the dew collecting on your lips. Your fingers dance along your thighs, showing me the path you want my lips to take.

My head rises, my lips pursed, I want to taste you. You lean over me, your hands resting on the pillow, and raise your ass up a bit. Now you lower yourself onto my mouth…oh fuck…I’m kissing your wetness, my tongue delving inside your heat. I can’t believe how wet you’ve become, the slickness spreading all over.

My nose bumps against your rising bud, a moan slips out. My teeth gently tug on your lips, and now my fingers join the party, spreading your flower open, my tongue able to dig deeper now. I put my lips over my teeth and grasp your clit, attacking it with my tongue. Your hips are moving faster now, hard for you to stay still. A hand pushes on my head, a drop of sweat falls from above. My thumb slips inside you and you grunt, my tongue constant in it’s strumming, taking you closer and closer to that wonderful place.

And then, without warning, I feel your body tighten. Your pussy clenches tightly on my thumb, your thighs begin to quiver; you’re cumming, on me, over me, flooding me. Still I don’t stop, I want you to ride this wave over and over again. Mmmmm, smothered by your pussy, not able to breathe but not even caring. Now you cry out and collapse on top of me, my face just resting against your thigh; I can feel the blood rushing through your veins.

It feels so good to please you like this, gives a boost to my ego. I’m feeling like quite the man as I start to lift Escort Gaziantep you off me, confident that I’ve fulfilled your every desire.

But as I lift, my arms straight out and in the air, I hear a metallic tinkling.

From some far off corner of my mind, warning bells go off. I’m not comprehending though, and suddenly I feel cold steel circling my wrists, and the “snick, snick, click” of a very sturdy set of handcuffs holds me prisoner. Panicking slightly, I’m very confused; the only other time I’ve been cuffed was years ago, and definitely for business, not pleasure. I’d thought I’d left that life long ago.

Your face has a curious smile on it. “You really didn’t think that was all I wanted do you, John?” There’s a powerful gleam in your eye as you say this, the essence of strength pouring off you; it’s soothing in its own way.

I don’t resist as you roll me over on my stomach, your hands caressing my body as it turns. God, your touch is so gentle, so sweet, in distinct contrast to the message that the steel bracelets convey.

But your voice is so soft, so full of love and concern; I can’t help but feel trust for you, I know you wouldn’t hurt me. My stomach tightens though, when your hands disappear underneath the bed, and reappear holding a very lifelike object. You’re holding it so tenderly, as though it were alive, the very same way you held me only minutes before. And as you press it against my skin, I’m shocked as to how soft it is, almost like my own flesh.

“You’re gonna love this baby, you really, really will. You know I’d never hurt you, right?” Your voice is still like music to my ears, even if it is a tune I’ve never heard before. “This is mine” you whisper, “and soon it’s going to be yours. Do you like the way it feels?”

Your hands are moving all over my body, I’m tingling in each place you touch. Still nervous though,unsure, but never doubting you.

“Look, John, look at just how good this makes me feel.” You slide it slowly inside you, moaning softly as it makes it’s way into that spot I so crave. And now you pull it out, it’s coated with your wetness. “See, baby, see how good it is?” You press it against my lips, I can smell you, I want to taste you again; my tongue slips out to lick it.

Oh fuck, my mind is in a jumble, not sure what to think. I’m scared, I think, but more excited than I’ve ever been. My own cock is throbbing, and thicker than the one that’s in your hands. Yes, I do want this, I want you, I want you to take me and make me yours.

What more can this morning have in store?