Car Buff Ch. 01


The sun was beating down as the day reached its halfway point. It was another hard weekend at work, but I seldom complained because the money was decent most days. My name is Justice, and this is my life as I know it. I am a junior at Lakeview High School in a decent sized city, well suburb in Illinois. I am about 5’10” tall, and weigh about 170 lbs. I wouldn’t consider myself an Adonis by any means, but I will admit that I am not bad to look at. I cycle about 20 miles everyday not to exercise, but to get to work and my friends’ house everyday not to mention school. My family is lower middle class so my two sisters and I don’t get to many extras in life, such as a car. That is why I am hard at work on this hot day trying to make some extra cash so I can finally buy a decent set of wheels.

Unfortunately, I did not go on many dates throughout my life, because I hardly had any extra time between school and work. I am not saying that I don’t appreciate the fairer sex, because I definitely like looking. I am sure once I get my own wheels though that will all change. I will have dates every weekend. I mean, come on, what girl in her right mind wouldn’t want a guy with a nice ride.

As I was buffing off another sports car owned by a forty-something, balding man, sweat started to bead off my forehead. It was almost noon, and the heat was really starting to kick on. I knew by 3:00 pm I would be roasting from the heat wave that struck early this week. It was only early May and it was already reaching the low 90s. This summer was sure going to be a hot one if this weather kept up.

As I finished the last detailing of the Corvette, I signaled to the owner that his car was finished. As he came over towards his ‘Vette I saw him reaching for his wallet. He quickly pulled out a bill, and stored it in his palm. I handed him his keys, and he quickly inspected his car. I made sure I spent extra time and effort on this car hoping for a big tip.

“Nice job, son,” he said with a huge smile on his face. “If you keep up the hard work, you just might be driving one of these yourself one day.”

“I sure hope so, sir,” I quickly replied. “I will keep up the hard work.”

The man shook my hand, and in doing so left me his tip. I quickly closed my hand around it as the other employees were looking in my direction all probably wondering how much I got for a tip. Every once in a while a big tipper with a nice ride would come to the car wash, and I was usually lucky enough to get them. This pissed off some of the other guys, because they never got any of the big twenty dollar tips. I smiled and waved as the man drove off not looking at the tip until he was out of site.

“How much did you rake in this time moneybags,” shouted Lee, one of the other employees.

It was then that I first looked at the folded bill in my hand. The man had folded it so as I couldn’t tell right away. As I quickly unfolded the bill I instantly recognized George Washington’s face.

“One dollar…. That ass only gave me a buck tip after all that extra work,” I shouted towards Lee. “What a cheap ass… man I feel used.”

“Whatever, Justice, I know you are lying,” Lee retorted.

“No, I am serious. That bum only gave me a buck,” I professed, waving the dollar in the air to show Lee I wasn’t lying.

“Finally, some justice for Justice,” Lee chuckled.

“Man, that is not funny,” I told Lee. “I don’t laugh when you get bad tips, I actually feel sorry for you.”

“Well look at it this way, Justice; you now know how we feel most of the time,” Lee hollered as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Yeah, I guess… man that blows, but maybe the next one will be better. Still have a few more hours of cars to clean,” I replied in Lee’s direction.

“I keep telling myself that, and I am still waiting for those better tips,” Lee mocked.

I went back to work as the next car pulled up. The day seemed to drag on because of the heat, but hot days usually pull in a lot of cars so the money was flowing in pretty steadily. By three in the afternoon I was pouring with sweat as I was detailing a car rim. As I finished that car, and sent another happy customer on the way I took off my shirt to wipe off my face. While doing so I heard another car pull into the car wash.

Looking at my watch I decided to take my break, and try to cool down. As I walked toward the waiting room, which was air conditioned I told Lee I was going to take my break.

“Thanks man… I owe you one,” said Lee with a shit eating grin on his face.

“What is that smile all about,” I asked in quizzically.

“You mean you didn’t see…. I knew you wouldn’t pass this up,” Lee chuckled.

I looked around to what Lee was staring at, and quickly saw a fancy sports car. I couldn’t make out the make or model of the car, but knew I could be giving up a big tip if I went on break that Lee could be picking up. I could take the break later, and work this car but I decided against it. I was burning up, and the day Maltepe Escort was just getting hotter.

I decided to let Lee get a crack at a nice tip, because not only was I hosed earlier but the prolific heat was getting to me. I kept my shirt off as I walked into the air conditioned waiting room. Normally, we are not supposed to take our breaks in the waiting room, but the owner wasn’t here today to be watching our every move. That rule was quickly abandoned by the whole staff earlier, and I was no exception.

I used my massive dollar tip from earlier to buy myself a cold bottled water from one of the vending machines inside the waiting room. I quickly chugged the refreshing water as I stood in front of the air conditioner. I zoned out as the crisp cool air caressed my bare skin.

I was startled by the sound of the door closing, and realized I probably had to put my shirt back on. I looked over to see the most beautiful Asian beauty I had ever seen. She was about 5′ 2″ tall with curves that a sports car couldn’t even hug. She had straight black hair with bright green, almond eyes. Her skin was the perfect tan to dark brown most girls struggle to get and maintain through tanning. She wore bright red lipstick that made her lips look so moist and delicious. She looked like she was at least a C cup, but maybe even a small D cup. As I snuck a few more glances in her direction I fumbled to put my shirt back on.

The cold sticky sweat from my body was making my attempts to put the shirt back on in vain. While sneaking my last glance I noticed her smile and starring at me intently as I wrestled with my shirt trying to put it on my body. Finally she broke the awkward silence.

“You don’t have to put your shirt on for me,” she softly whispered so I could just barely hear her.

“Excuse me?” I replied not sure if my ears and brain were playing tricks on me from all the heat of the day.

“Keep your shirt off, I really enjoy the view,” she said with more confidence in her voice than before.

“I should really get going, I am not even supposed to be in here. If my boss finds out, he will kill me,” I quickly stammered.

As I went to pass her she quickly ran her hands over my smooth hard abs. I heard her let out a soft coo as she retracted her hands from my body. I stopped short of the door not knowing what to do mostly from my inexperience with these types of situations.

“Change your mind,” she asked with a smirk on her face. “You know your boss wants satisfied customers. Do you think you can satisfy this one?”

I could feel my cheeks burning, and it wasn’t from the sun as I blushed at her comment. I just looked at this Asian goddess who was coming on to me not sure what to do. She approached me slowly getting ever so closer until I could feel her hot warm breath on my bare chest purring as she did so.

“Well are you going to satisfy me or not,” she said starting to be a little forceful with her tone, but soft with her hands.

“Ummm….well….ah… what would satisfy you,” I managed to spit out as my brain had failed to provide me with anything intelligible to say.

“Aren’t you a shy one? I figured with a body like yours you would be a real ladies man,” she chucked.

Again my brain failed me shutting down not allowing me to converse with this sexy vixen. I looked at her, and then quickly through the window to see Lee buffing what must be this hotty’s ride. I quickly looked back at her and our eyes met. I was lost in her gaze and time seemed to stand still. It was then that I knew I was hers and she could have me do anything to satisfy her. She broke eye contact with me, and quickly glanced around me apparently to see what I was looking at.

“You know my car isn’t the only thing that needs buffing,” she whispered to me again playing with my chest.

“You have another car,” I quickly blurted out.

She laughed at me, and was highly amused by my comment. I tried to pass it off as a joke, but I must have kept a straight face for to long.

“You really are cute and innocent aren’t you,” she replied with a smile. “That wasn’t what I meant by that comment. It was a sexual innuendo if you know what one of those are.”

“Yeah, I knew that,” I lied with a crooked smile.

“You’re cute… what’s your name,” she asked me while starring into my eyes and biting her lower lip.

“Justice, my name is Justice,” I spoke trying not to get to tongue tied. “Wha… What’s yours?” I inquired with my hands twisting my shirt between us.

“You can call me Kat, it’s my American name I took on,” she told me.

“Your American name,” I quickly asked totally puzzled.

“Yeah, I am not yet a full citizen, but I am working on that,” she retorted still looking deep into my eyes. She quickly peeked around me to see Lee working harder than ever on her car. “So do you want to take me some where a little more private, and make me a satisfied customer?”

“I would love to,” I quickly replied Anadolu Yakası Escort wearing that same shit eating grin Lee had on earlier. I thought to myself no matter how big of a tip Lee would get from this woman mine would definitely be better.

We quickly and quietly left the enclosed waiting area, and made our way to the back of the car wash. Once we were out of view she quickly jumped on top of me, and I had no choice but to catch her. I wanted to move a little farther in so we would be out of the view of the security cameras I knew were there. As I started to carry us out of the field of view of the cameras she just leaned into me, and aggressively started kissing me. I opened my mouth to tell her about the security cameras, but before I could say anything I was greeted by her probing tongue. My mind instantly went blank as I passionately kissed her back. She removed her tongue from my mouth, and mine followed into her wanton mouth. She then started to suck on it like as if it were my dick, making soft moaning sounds.

My dick was now rigid, and straining for release against my zipper. I couldn’t believe my pants didn’t rip as my dick ached for release. I was running out of breath from our fierce kissing, and needed air soon but I didn’t want to break away. Kat ended up breaking the kiss, and was having a difficult time breathing. She quickly pulled off her top, and I was treated to a nice view of the two perkiest large breasts I had ever seen. Though my experience being limited to a few pornos I had bought, I knew that these were easily the best two in the world.

My primal instinct took over as I again picked her up, and started to suckle on each nipple first the right one followed by the left. I did this over and over as Kat started to breath even harder than before. She was now moaning as I picked her up even higher, kissing her flat stomach all the way down to her waist.

“Justice, put me down, and let me take care of you for a bit,” Kat moaned as I kept kissing her sweet tanned flesh.

I reluctantly put Kat down after another quick couple of kisses to both breasts making sure they got the attention they deserved. She took a moment as we both gathered our breathe, and then she dropped onto one knee, and bent her head forward. She pursed her lips on my zipper, and looked up into my eyes as she slowly lowered her lips and starred at my crotch with hungry eyes. Kat quickly undid the top button and with one tug had not only my jeans but boxers too around my ankles.

Like an animal, Kat quickly swallowed my eight inches of manhood as I let a loud groan as the first lips ever engulfed my cock. On the third pump, she took me all they way to the hilt and her nose smashed into my pubic hair. I could actually feel her swallow as the tip of my cock was being massaged by her throat. I lost all control, and grabbed the back of her head and started to thrust in and out of her sweet mouth. Kat just grabbed my ass and started to massage as I fucked her sweet lips, mouth, and throat. Kat then moved her hands from my ass only to cup and play with my balls.

This new sensation around my balls caused them to tighten, and I released what felt like a gallon of cum from my balls. Kat quickly swallowed as much as she could, but it still flowed out of the sides of her mouth. Kat gave one more up and down stroke with her tongue before releasing me from her mouth. She licked her lips to collect the remaining cum that had escaped her, and quickly and greedily swallowed it.

“Mmmm… that filled me up a little bit, but I am still hungry. Think you have any more for me,” Kat whispered in a ragged voice.

My dick quickly sprang back to life at the sound of her ragged voice. Kat managed an impish smile as she got off her knees, and bent over a 55 gallon drum. I was a little puzzled why she didn’t take off her skirt and panties, and figured she probably wanted me to do it. I moved in behind Kat and grabbed hold of her skirt ready to pull it down slowly kissing her all the way down as I did so.

“What do you think you are doing, stud,” she growled. “If I wanted it off, I would have taken it off. Now just put that big stick in me.”

Not needing a lecture, and blow my chance at fucking this Asian beauty not to mention losing my virginity I quickly flipped up her skirt and rammed my big cock up her pussy. I pulled out quickly, and shoved it back in full force till my balls slapped hard against her. She cried out, and I again lost control as I started to jackhammer her pussy. Kat also lost control as her animal instincts took over as she started to push back and scream from her impending orgasm.

“Yes, shove that big stick in my pussy… harder, baby…. Give me more…. YES, THAT’S IT,” Kat screamed as I continued my brutal assault on her.

I was starting to sweat even more as I continued to plow in and out of Kat. Her smooth velvety tunnel was starting to clamp even harder on my dick, making it more difficult to keep up my İstanbul Escort speed.

“GOD, YES….. KEEP GOING,” Kat screamed as her pussy gripped my cock like a vise, and then started to loosen and tighten quickly as her orgasm rocked her.

Feeling my own orgasm approaching I increased my thrusting as I rammed in and out of her tunnel. Again Kat started moaning louder and louder as her second orgasm rushed over her. I then felt my balls tighten as I flooded her battered pussy. I slumped over Kat’s bent over body totally exhausted from our wild fucking session. Kat then reached behind and started to massage my balls making sure they were totally empty. She purred while fondling my balls, and then slowly slipped me out of her. I existed her vagina with a loud plopping sound, and caused a rush of our cum to start oozing out of her gaping hole.

Wiping the oozing cum off her thigh with her finger she quickly licked it and starred into my eyes. If I had anything left in me I would have instantly been hard and going for round three. Kat then dropped to her knees again sucking my cock into her warm mouth. She gave me a couple of bobs to clean off my spent cock, and then came up and frenched kissed me swirling her tongue around mine. I could taste our collective salty cum, and weirdly enough was not repulsed from it. I kissed Kat deeper as I started to play with her perky tits again. Kat broke the kiss, and then turned to pick up her shirt.

“Thanks for the buffing, you made me more than satisfied,” Kat rasped. “I would enjoy more but your buddy is probably done with my car.”

Kat walked away toward the front waiting area as I slid on my boxers and jeans, and again struggled to put my shirt on my sweaty body. I then walked up to the front of the car wash with my mind racing over the sexual escapade. As I reached the front of the car wash I noticed Kat’s car was gone, and saw Lee with a big grin on his face.

“Thanks Justice, she gave me a huge tip, twenty bucks can you believe that,” Lee quickly gloated. “I will give you five if you want. I know you could have taken it if you wanted to.”

“Nah, that is alright I enjoyed my break while you worked your ass off,” I replied wearing the biggest grin I could muster.

Lee was so enamored with his tip, he didn’t even notice my happy demeanor or that I had accidentally put my shirt on backwards and had my fly down. The day progressed rather slowly after that, but I was kept distracted as I worked reliving the earlier events in my mind. At about 7:00 p.m., we started to close up shop as night time was setting in. I rode home in the dark, and quickly ate dinner only to go to bed early as I was spent from work and the fucking session I had with Kat. That night I had the best dreams of my life.

The alarm woke me with a jolt of surprise halfway through a dream of Kat. I quickly silenced the alarm, and spent about another fifteen minutes day dreaming about Kat and if I would ever get to see her again. I quickly got showered and dressed for work, and started my bike ride to the car wash. I was going to be a few minutes late, because of the time I spent day dreaming but I didn’t care.

As I approached the car wash, I noticed all the employees standing around the advertisement sign displaying the specials. Some were pointing and laughing others just shaking their heads. Finally getting off my bike and locking it up I walked over to take a closer look at what everybody was starring at.

BOB GRUZIN HAS A SMALL PRICK, AND FOR $4.95 WILL DO MEN. Someone must have changed the sign at night, and I knew that this wasn’t going to be a fun day at work, because Bob Gruzin was the owner and my boss. Lee and I quickly looked at each other. Since we closed up shop, and knew some how this was going to be our fault. I heard the office door shut as Bobby, the manager, approached the crowd.

“The boss says leave the sign up he is on his way over right now,” Bobby quickly grumbled. “But we are supposed to cover it up so the public doesn’t see it.”

We quickly covered the sign with a blue tarp, and opened up the car wash hoping that if we had customers Bob would not yell and blame us for the sign. About fifteen minutes of working past when we heard the whine of an engine flying down the street. That was followed by the screeching of tires as a car whipped into the car wash. Bob quickly got out of his car and went into the office where Bobby was. I didn’t see much as I was trying to stay out of the boss’s path. Bobby then came looking for Lee and me, saying the boss wanted to see us because we locked up last night. Both Lee and I walked into the office with Bobby. We were immediately attacked by Bob as we walked into the office.

“Which one of you shit heads did this….I know one of you had to do it because you had the keys to lock up and to get access to the lettering for the sign,” roared Mr. Gruzin.

“Mr. Gruzin, sir, we did not do this. Justice and I locked up at 7:00 p.m., and dropped the keys in the lock box like we are told to, sir, I swear,” Lee contested.

“We will see about that, I will check the security cameras to make sure you aren’t lying to me, which I know you punk kids are. Then I will have your asses! Press charges for vandalism,” Mr. Gruzin roared.