Car Park Ch. 02


The slave follows his new Mistress along a short corridor and enters a large spacious bedroom behind her.

“Sit!” She demands.

He turns to follow her gesture and spies a large chair in the corner of the room. He moves over to the chair and sits with his eyes fixed to one imaginary spot on the floor.

Footsteps approach and she feels a smile creep over her face. Pierre, her alpha-male appears in the doorway with a quizzical look on his face. He had been working late elsewhere in the building and had not heard her return. She gestures towards the slave and smiles. Pierre moves into the room, draped only in a large towel from the waist down and strokes her arm lovingly.

The slave feels uneasy in the presence of this other man but knows he has no choice but to remain in place and do his Mistress’ bidding.

“Have you been a naughty girl?” Pierre asks, with a wry look on his face.

“Yes, he is my new slave.” She replies.

“Has he touched you yet?”

“Yes, he has already tasted my pussy.” She grins.

Pierre makes his way over to the slave and tilts the slave’s face up to his own.

“She must like you! She was very generous to let you taste her so soon!” he comments.

The slave immediately returns his gaze to the floor and does not comment.

Pierre returns to her and moves in to kiss her. During their deep loving kiss he pulls at the poppers and frees her pussy of the panties once more. He strokes a finger up along her inner thighs and along her sopping wet slit.

“So smooth and wet!” Pierre observes, as he allows his finger to slide in between her labia and find even more wetness inside.

“Does he obey?” Pierre asks, looking back at the slave.

“Yes!” She replies “he is my best slave yet, by far!”

She and Pierre continue their deep kiss while he fondles her pussy, labia and clitoris in one adept movement. She can feel her hunger and wanting building up inside and Pierre can see the lust glinting in her emerald green eyes.

“Tell him to get you ready!” Pierre requests.

She moves to the bed and signals to the slave to join her.

“He Anadolu Yakası Sınırsız Escort wants to fuck my arse, slave” She informs him, “so you must prepare me.”

The slave nods briefly and without words picks up a large bottle of lubricant and a long stainless steel probe from the bedside table. She moves onto the bed and kneels before Pierre and the slave. The slave moves up behind her and squirts a large amount of lube onto his fingers. Pierre moves in closer to watch more intently.

The slave begins by parting her buttocks and exposing her tight arsehole then gently begins to massage the lubricant into her crinkled skin. He feels her flinch against his touch but she doesn’t tell him to stop. He massages more determinedly now allowing the tip of his finger to probe just inside her anus. She responds well to his touch and begins to move back ever so slightly onto the tip of his finger. Suddenly his finger slips into her and she gives a gasp of delight. Then another finger begins to probe her and she moves back onto the width of that finger smiling back at Pierre who is enchanted by the scene in front of him. Then, another finger begins to probe her and the slave worries that he may soon hurt his Mistress. She sighs at the glorious sensation of having her arse penetrated and moves back firmly onto the slave’s fingers swallowing all three of them together. She works her arse back and forth rocking against him. He feels her anal muscles begin to relax against his fingers as she purrs in front of him. Pierre has allowed his towel to fall away and he has started to stroke his wonderfully formed cock which is now hard and glistening.

Pierre takes the lubricant and squirts even more along the crack of her arse.

“Probe her more! She loves it!” he instructs the slave.

The slave hesitates only taking orders from his Mistress but she acknowledges that she agrees with Pierre and moves back onto the slave’s fingers harder and with more purpose. He can feel her playing with her unhooded clit now and shudders pass through her.

Slowly she moves forwards off the Anadolu Yakası Suriyeli Escort slave’s fingers and signals towards the stainless steel probe. Pierre moves closer. He wants to see the glistening end of the plug slide into his woman’s arse.

The slave gently pries open her buttocks again and places the cold, now slippery steel against her more relaxed opening. She twitches at the touch of the cold object. He allows her to feel the touch and to guide herself back onto the plug. Bllluup! The probe pops inside her and slides heavily into her anal canal stretching her more now. She groans at the pleasure of feeling the long, cold steel sliding inside her. The tab on the end of the plug is the only thing stopping her from swallowing the object whole.

“Lay down slave,” She orders, “and get hard for me… NOW!”

Pierre strokes her buttocks as he gently flexes the probe inside her. She moans with pleasure at his touch and pushes back, still flicking her fingers over her pussy.

The slave positions himself beside her in the centre of the huge bed and awaits his Mistress. He allows himself to get hard at her command but knows he must not touch himself. She would be furious.

She moves across the bed, the plug still inside her, and manoeuvres to just between the slave’s knees. Pierre moves up behind her — his own cock hard and erect now, dribbling at the thought of what is awaiting him.

She moves into a new position so she is straddled across the slave. She makes him look at her for the first time.

“You must stay hard for me, slave!” She requests, more gently now but still hungry and in control.

The slave feels her outer labia tease the end of his hard, hungry cock. At the same moment he hears Pierre remove the silver plug from her arse and she pushes herself down onto her slave’s now erect cock. At the same moment that he feels the smooth, warm wetness of the inside of his Mistress he feels the solid mass of Pierre’s own cock which is now also inside her. Their cocks are almost touching except for her pelvic wall. Pierre moves his long hard cock Anadolu Yakası İranlı Escort inside her rubbing against the slave through her divide. He begins to pump her arse and she shrieks with joy at this wonderful sensation. She moves down more purposefully onto the slave’s cock and begins to get herself off by grinding down on him.

She rocks between the two cocks now revelling in the sensation of the two men inside her. Both swell inside her and she swoons at the feeling of being full of cock. Pierre rocks against her movement from behind and reaches forward to feel the girth of the slaves cock inside his woman’s cunt. The cock is broad and soaking wet now. Pierre moans with pleasure as he feels the slave’s cock moving up into his woman from between his own fingers.

Suddenly, Pierre withdraws from her and moves around to her side. He can feel that she too is close to climax and masturbates as he moves. She throws her full cunt onto the slave’s straining cock now, grinding into him more as Pierre moves forward.

She opens her mouth, panting now, the orgasm rising in her as Pierre kneels in front of her, wanking himself at the beautiful sight of her in full heat. She bears down completely now swallowing the slave’s entire cock inside Her… and whoooosh!…. She cums again all over the slave’s cock and balls, a huge orgasm just as Pierre also cums, shooting his load of silky semen all over her tongue and chin, his cock throbbing and twitching as he ejaculates.

After a moment she moves off the slave and down toward his cock. She licks at his stiff shaft and tastes her own juices. Pierre joins her now and sucks at the huge cock himself, tasting his girl on the twitching penis.

“Get yourself off slave, we want to watch!” she orders as she moves her position again to allow the slave’s hand access to his cock.

He masturbates now in front of the couple, each in turn flicking their tongue over his glans and shaft until in one involuntary movement the slave orgasms and shoots a huge wad of sticky cum which pumps out of the end of his penis, spilling down over his fingers and over his balls.

She and Pierre smile a very naughty smile to each other and kiss in a long lingering kiss. The slave retreats back to the chair in the corner of the room and, again, averts his eyes from his Mistress. His head is spinning with what he has just experienced and he knows he will need to discuss it with his Mistress as soon as he has her on her own once more.