Car Ride Caress


I was twenty years old the first time I ever stroked and sucked a cock. He was my fiancé at the time; now he is my husband. We’d known each other for ten months, five of those as friends, two as a dating couple. The last three, after becoming engaged, we were like two teenagers let loose on each other. He was twenty-three and hadn’t dated until I came around. I was a virgin until I met him. I had dated some, not a lot. The dates I did have, involved some heavy petting on the man’s part, but not mine. Looking back, I don’t know what set off the spark to just throw caution to the wind so quickly between me and my fiancé, but something did. Was it age? Curiosity? Desire? Lust? Yes, I think it was all of those things combined. Both of us were past our teens and we loved each other. We were engaged and became sexually active before we tried oral sex. It was a fast romance, but aren’t many these days. Either way, my first blow job was pleasant, pleasant enough in fact, I still do it.


The day was hot; it was the Summer of 1993. The windows on the car were down. He drove a Chrysler, something. I have no clue what it was, but I don’t believe that really matters for this particular memory. I was wearing a skirt, a simple white one. I remember that vividly because it was his favorite thing to see me in. My blouse was pink and buttoned up the front.

We were on our way home from picking up a few items for my parents. I was sitting in the middle of the front seat, pressed against him. One of his hands was on the wheel, of course, the other was on my shoulder. His arm was draped across the seat. I was turned into him. My left arm was pressed to my side and my right hand was on his thigh. With my head resting against his chest, I studied his crotch. Soon my fingers moved up his jeans and over to the center of his slacks.

“Hey, you can’t be doing that,” he told me.

“What?” I asked, then chuckled as I slowly began to rub his cock through the denim of his jeans.

“That,” he said. He shifted in his seat and I smiled wider. I looked up at him and blinked innocently.

“What?” I asked again. I rubbed harder and winked when I saw his jaw tighten.

“Stop now. I can’t go into your parents’ house with a hard-on,” he said.

I bursa suriyeli escort escort ignored him and continued rubbing harder. I wasn’t buckled in with the center strap so I turned in my seat and used both my hands to release the button of his jeans and ease the zipper down. “You have to stop when we drive past your Uncle’s,” he told me. I agreed and tucked myself back against his side.

I started running my fingers up and down over the warm flesh of his cock. My fingers slipped over the head of his swollen shaft and as I stroked him, my head dropped lower on his chest. Later I asked him what he’d been thinking as my head made that slow decent down his torso. He told me he kept running the thought, ‘Oh please. Oh please. Come on. Please,’ over and over. I chuckle when I think of that. I was thinking, ‘If I do this, will he like it? Will he think less of me?’

The hand he’d draped over my shoulder was in my hair and he was combing the long strands with his fingers. I loved having my hair stroked. I still do. It brings tingles to my skin and that day, it was no different.

I gripped his cock gently in my hand and stroked him. My lips were so very close to his cock. I almost asked him if he wanted me to take him in my mouth or not. I could feel my skin burning from the blush that was flaming over my flesh. His fingers massaged my scalp. I know now that was his way of encouraging me to continue, but at the time, there was no pressure from him. He was letting me decide if this was something I wanted.

“We’re at your parents’ road,” I heard him say.

There was no turning back. I wasn’t ready to go back to Mom and Dad’s. I opened my mouth and took his sex. “We aren’t going back now,” he said.

I chuckled and he groaned. I ran my tongue over his member before lifting my mouth off of it and taking him back in. His fingers played in my hair and he never pulled or forced me to move quicker or slower. This was my first time, his too; I think we both wanted to savor it.

I took his cock from my mouth and stroked it with my hand. I moved my body so I almost laid on the front seat. One leg was curled under me, the other extended to the passenger floor of the car. His hand was bursa ucuz escort gentle and welcoming. I will always remember that part of the day, how he seemed to just let me take my time.

I used both my hands to play with his cock. There was no talking between us. I never spoke, to worried that he’d tell me to stop. I took his sex back into my mouth and sucked on the thick rod. He did finally break the silence with, “I have to pull over.”

I chuckled and left his cock for a moment, while he pulled to the side of the road. I recognized the scenery and knew we were on the county road down from my parents. Once the car was put in park I quickly dropped my head back to his swollen member. “Oh. . . careful teeth,” I heard him hiss.

“Oops,” I told him after releasing his cock. I placed a wet kiss on his sex and then ran my tongue up and down the stiff tool. I may not have given ‘head’ or was very experienced sexually, but I was knowledgeable about sex. I could tell from his groans of pleasure he was welcoming every timid touch I gave him. He continued stroking my hair and then began to rub my back.

Once I had pushed his cock back into my mouth, I concentrated on him. I wasn’t sure if he’d come for me this first time or not, or how I’d react. I sucked harder and felt the blood rushing through the extended vein at the front of his cock. I found the feeling of that interesting so I continued to suck and pleasure him, so I could concentrate on the sensation of rushing fluid. I heard a groan from him and I stopped sucking for a moment and listened to him.

“Drive around. Don’t stop. Just keep going, please don’t stop.”

It took me a moment to make the connection and I eased his dick from my mouth again and waited. I kept my head pressed to his stomach and made ready to ease myself away from him in case the car that was coming up the road behind us pulled over to see if he needed assistance. I say ‘he’ because I was so far down on the seat, there was no way it looked like there was more then one person in the car. The car slowed, but drove right by. He sighed and I went back to taking his cock into my mouth.

“Can you take it deeper?” he asked me.

I tried. I took his sex as deep bursa üniversiteli escort as I could, gagging slightly, but adjusted my jaw and relaxed it so I could ease the pressure on my throat. I then began bobbing my head up and down, faster and faster. The flowing blood just rushed through the veins of his sex and I could feel my own desire growing as I sucked his cock.

My arousal grew as I continued to fuck him. Knowing he was enjoying what I was doing, my pussy grew slick with juice. I could feel it sliding over my sex and when I squeezed my muscles together I could feel all that warm, sticky moisture slip over my thighs. My body shifted back and forth and then I felt his hand move over my ass. I lifted my hips and he pushed a finger between my panties and my sex. His finger found my slick pussy and he pushed into it.

I increased my tempo on his cock as he finger-fucked me. He brought me to orgasm and I shuddered. I wanted to bring him to orgasm too, but he wouldn’t let me. I don’t think he was ready to do that for me just yet. I wanted it, but I wasn’t going to force the issue. He toyed with my cunt with one hand while his other grabbed the base of his cock and he asked me to let him go. I slowly eased my mouth from his cock and watched him come on the bottom of his T-shirt. I was curious about the flavor, but I didn’t taste him. I abided by his wishes and he tucked the wet cotton into his pants between his briefs and his jeans. I sat up and smiled at him, then tucked myself against him, after I repaired my skirt.

We made it back to my parents and gave some excuse why we were so late, yeah. . . it was a lie, but I don’t think the truth would have been something they wanted to hear.

A week went by and I got the nerve up to do it again. There must be something about being close to arriving at a destination, because I was giving him his second blow job right there in the car eight miles from my parents’ house again! This time he came in my mouth and I was shocked. I wasn’t expecting it and afterwards he admitted by the time he realized it was going to happen, it happened. I swallowed. I won’t lie. My first instinct was to throw up, but then I heard his voice. He was apologizing and telling me over and over how sorry he was. I couldn’t spit or throw up. He felt so bad, so I swallowed. The flavor was bitter, it wasn’t my favorite taste, it still isn’t, but I do swallow.

Afterwards, he repaired his state of dress and he pulled into a gas station where he bought me a soda. I won’t fib about this either; the soda tasted better then his come, but I still was very pleased at having pleasured him.