Caribbean Vacation


The plane could not get me there fast enough. Non-stop from Newark to Cancún, by myself. No child, no man, just freedom. And adventure. I had not reserved a hotel room. I did not speak a lot of Spanish. But I would get by, I knew. And I would avoid the Hotel Zone at all cost.

From the airport, I took the bus downtown. It only took a couple of stops; then the little bus was crowded with Mexicans going home from work. On Avenida Sayil, a woman with her two children got on, and the children stared at my long curly blond hair. Their big eyes got even bigger when I spoke to them in Spanish. A minute later, the little girl combed my hair with her fingers. We smiled at each other.

I got off at the traffic circle by the bus station downtown. Then, strolling along Avenida Tulum and making a right onto Avenida Tulipanes, I searched for a small hotel. I did not have to search for long. As I checked in, the tall man next to me followed my conversation with the hotel manager with interest. I tried my best to explain in Spanish that I did not need air conditioning and that I wanted a lower rate than the one he offered me.

After a few minutes of talking back and forth and not getting anywhere, Mr. Silent next to me said a few words in Spanish to the manager, and just like that I got a 15% discount – with air conditioning. I was too tired to say more than ‘Thank you!’ to my tall helper. I carried my bag upstairs, took a shower, turned on the fan instead of the air conditioner, and went to bed.

The bus for Mérida did not leave until 9am. I did not know what possessed me but I was too excited to stay in bed any longer than 6am. And so I broke my vow to not go near Cancún’s Hotel Zone and took the bus from Avenida Tulum to Zona Hotelera and got off at the next best hotel. Walking through the impressive foyer, I felt like a thief trying to steal a piece of ocean view. And what a nice view it was. And the color of the water seemed too blue to be true. And the best was the totally empty beach. It was serene; silent except for the gentle waves splashing across the white sand. Stripping down to my blue bikini, I dove right in.

A couple of hours later, I had just enough time to take a shower before I left for the bus station. Standing in line at the ticket booth, I looked over my shoulder only to see Mr. Tall and Silent from last night standing behind me. ‘Chichén Itzá?’ he asked, smiling. His dark complexion made his white teeth even more impressive. I shook my head. ‘No, Mérida!’ He raised one eyebrow slightly. Then, he looked me up and down as if my clothes gave some sort of clue as to why I would not stop to see the famous Mayan site most tourists went to, coming in busloads from Cancún, unless they were too content partying in their resort hotels.

‘You are not interested in Mayan architecture?’ he asked, and I had to smile at his polite question. ‘I want to see the ruins in Palenque first,’ I said, moving forward in line and paying for my ticket. As I stepped aside, I had a minute to check him out. He was handsome, no doubt. I could not quite decide on his nationality. He was tall and had short black hair. His dark complexion made me think he was Hispanic. But the only thing I knew for certain was that he was neither Mexican nor Puerto Rican. When he paid, I noticed his strong hands which were obviously used to hard work. For some reason, that excited me, and I quickly looked at my ticket before he could catch me checking him out. ‘Let’s get going!’ he said nonchalantly as he passed me. And just like that I was traveling with company.

From my travel book I knew that Mérida is about 320 km away from Cancún. I had read other things about Mérida but my new companion provided me with a lot more facts of the Capital of the Yucatán than I could have found in any travel book. The ride ended up being a little over five hours, but it seemed much less than that.

His name was David, and he was an excellent story-teller. After a while, I closed my eyes, leaned back comfortably in my seat and listened to his deep voice while taking in the very faint scent of the perfume he was wearing. After the first hour on the bus I knew that David was very well educated, quite polite, funny with a dry sense of humor, charming, and entertaining. After two hours more I knew that he was thirty-five years old, five years older than me, had an American mother and a Colombian father, taught History at NYU in New York City, had been divorced for four years, had no children, samsun escort and came to Mexico at least once a year.

When we got off the bus and got our bags, I was surprised to feel at a loss for words. It was time to say good-bye and head my way, and yet the words did not come out. This trip represented so much independence to me that it was hard to admit to myself that not only had I enjoyed this man’s company but that I also wanted to spend some more time with him.

A little uneasy, my eyes met his as people around us slowly walked out of the bus station. ‘I would like to show you around,’ he offered. ‘Today is Sunday. At the Palacio Municipal, Mayan children and teenagers will wear traditional costumes and show a mestizo wedding. You would like it!’ There was a pause in which I was torn between exploring on my own and enjoying his company. He could sense my hesitation. ‘I tell you what: The show starts at 6pm. Let’s just meet on the front steps of the cathedral a little before six and we watch the show together.’ I smiled. ‘Ok!’

I walked through town for hours. Resisting the urge to buy a hammock and a Panama Hat, I admired the university, the big colonial buildings, and the pulsing life downtown. I loved the children! At the Plaza Grande, a band was playing, and next to me on the bench sat a little Mayan girl who could not help staring at my hair. Apparently, her grandfather had brought the whole family to watch the show. After a while, I remembered the pack of gum I had in my backpack. I gave each child a piece. They were happy.

When I saw a big crowd forming on one side of the Plaza Grande, I walked over to the cathedral, wondering if David would really be there waiting for me. I spotted him immediately. Taller than most of the people around him, he appeared like someone familiar in a sea of strangers, and by now I was tired enough to let him lead. A big smile crossed his face when I reached him. ‘I was hoping you would not forget me!’ he said. I returned his smile and was surprised at my reaction. My heart was beating a little faster. Or was it? Before I could reply, David reached for my hand and pulled me with him. ‘Let’s go! They are starting already!’

It was so easy. And he did not lead me anywhere I did not want to go myself. The crowd seemed too massive to see anything when we got there, but David was determined. Not only did he make out a narrow path leading through the crowd; he also spotted some room up on the bleachers facing the show. It was tight, though. We had to sit close; so close that our sides practically pressed into each other. And just like I had noticed his hands earlier that morning, I now noticed his muscular thigh pressing against mine. I could feel the soft dark hair tickling my thigh, and it took a lot of effort to focus my attention on the beautiful show in front of me instead.

There was a bakery at the corner of Calle 62 and Calle 63. After the show we bought some pastry and talked. I could not believe how easy it was to strike up a conversation with him. He was so easy to talk to. ‘I know nothing about you but your name,’ he said after a while. I looked at him mischievously. ‘I am going to Palenque,’ I teased, and he couldn’t help but smile. ‘A girl like you should stay in an air conditioned room and sun-bathe by the pool,’ he countered, and I punched him playfully in his chest. ‘You do not know me at all!’ I laughed. ‘Exactly my point!’ he said. ‘Do I have to come with you to Palenque to find out more about you?’

Palenque was about eight hours away. I already had a ticket for the bus for tonight. I looked at my watch. In two hours, I would leave Mérida and probably never see David again. It was crazy. I did not even know him. And yet I did not want him to leave. All day he had been friendly and polite. He had given no hint of anything but friendship between fellow travelers. Well, except for the ten minutes during which he had held my hand. And a few times up on the bleachers when he leaned closer than necessary to explain what was happening before us. When he looked at me, even now, in the bakery, his eyes showed a friendly curiosity. But behind that, I could sense more.

Without thinking, my eyes dropped down to his mouth. His lips were full and sensuous. Before I could prevent it, thoughts of being kissed by those lips entered my mind, and the thought of where else those lips could kiss me made my head spin in the evening breeze. What was wrong with a little fun?

Teasingly, I pulled the ticket out of my jeans pocket and showed it to him. ‘I would tell you everything you want to know about me. But I am sure the seat next to mine is taken already.’ I showed him the seat number printed on my ticket and made a sad face. In response, he took me by the elbow and led me down Calle 62 towards the bus terminal. ‘I don’t think that will be a problem!’

And it wasn’t a problem. David seemed a little impatient as he watched people get on the bus, but at last he exchanged a few words in Spanish with the person who had the lucky seat number, and a few seconds later, he sat down next to me with a long sigh. ‘I have never before taken an eight hour trip just to get to know a woman who dares to take a night bus into the heart of Mexico all by herself.’ I turned towards him. ‘Am I crazy?’ I asked, smiling. He shook his head, his eyes never letting go of mine. ‘Fascinating!’ My smile got bigger. ‘Daring,’ he said. To add more emphasis to his words, he raised his hand and traced the outline of my chin with his finger as the bus pulled out of the terminal. ‘Smart.’ His finger touched my eyebrow slightly and traveled down the base of my nose. ‘Funny.’ He let his thumb rest on a dimple as I was smiling. ‘Beautiful!’ His thumb now brushed across my bottom lip slowly, sending an excited shiver down my spine.

Then he leaned even closer and touched my lips just slightly with his mouth. He lingered there, waiting; waiting for me to deepen the kiss. In the back of my head I could not believe how turned on I was. Just a few hours ago I would not have thought it possible to ever again feel this way. But my hand traveled up his arm, passed his elbow, rounded his broad shoulder, and reached his neck only to pull his face closer to me. My fingers entangled themselves in his black hair as he deepened the kiss, pressing his lips against mine in a hunger that was only matched my mine. All of the sudden I could not get him close enough. I wanted to pull him towards me, on top of me. I wanted to wrap myself around him. I wanted to feel his skin against mine. I wanted to fuck.

It was all in this kiss. It was arousing and frustrating at the same time. Our tongues played with each other violently at first, then passionately, then sensuously. It ended as a promise. I expected his hands on me, on my tits, on my pussy. I would have welcomed it, needed it. But he did not touch me. When he lifted his head, his eyes burnt into mine like fire. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. With an effort, he sat up straight and cleared his throat. Then he looked at me again. ‘You picked the town. I’ll pick the hotel!’

The ride was long, the seats were comfortable, but it was hard to sleep. I had a window seat and leaned my head against it to rest. I liked the motion of the bus but I wanted to put up my feet and couldn’t. There was not enough room. The kiss had excited me beyond belief, but I was tired from the long day and the short sleep the previous night, and I knew that I would sleep well even on this bus if I could only get halfway comfortable. David lifted the arm rest between us. ‘Come lean against me,’ he said.

I looked at David’s body skeptically. I could see myself holding on to his shoulders during sex but they looked too hard to lean my head against for long. His shirt could not hide the outline of his muscular chest. His belly was flat. My eyes dropped down to his crotch. I could curl up and lay my head on his lap, but… I looked him in the eyes and saw him smirking at me. ‘If you put your head down there we both will not get any sleep tonight, I can promise you that.’ We laughed. He scooted down farther in his seat, then put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me towards him. After moving around for a little while, we leaned against each other, with my head resting on David’s shoulder. Feeling his chest rise and fall rhythmically, I fell asleep.

The hotel was a few kilometers outside of town, towards the ruins. We took a taxi to get there. The taxi driver told us about different sights besides the impressive Mayan ruins. At this point, however, I did not care. I had gotten six hours of sleep, finally told David a few things about my life upstate New York as we watched the sunrise, and now all I wanted was sitting right next to me. I wanted him so badly.

The room was air conditioned. With a smile, David walked across the room and turned it off. Then he turned on the large ceiling fan while I checked out the bathroom. The bed was big. So was the room. But the bathroom was tiny. I had imagined a shower for two but seeing the tiny shower cubicle made that thought into a fantasy that would not come true today. I stripped and stepped into the shower. The water was freezing cold. I loved it!

When I stepped out of the shower three minutes later, David stood in the doorframe watching me. ‘Stay right there!’ he said, taking off his shirt before turning on the water in the shower. I stepped aside to give him room and reached for the towel. ‘No!’ he said, stepping out of his pants before pulling the shower curtain closed. ‘Don’t use the towel! I want you wet and wild, baby!’

He did not dry himself, either. I giggled as he slipped on the wet floor and almost broke his neck while making his way towards me. Somehow he caught himself without falling down. I backed away from him until the back of my legs bumped against the bed and I fell backwards onto it. Feet still connected to the floor, knees bent, propping myself up on my elbows, I watched him come closer. He was gorgeous! His chest was void of hair. I couldn’t wait to touch it. And his cock… His cock was rising a little more with each step David made towards me.

I smiled. ‘Pretty impressive!’ I said, nodding towards his cock which was still growing before my eyes. His wicked smile told me that I would pay for my comment later. ‘Why don’t you help it along by spreading your legs a little bit?’ he said, his voice a little shaky. I obliged. I kept my eyes on David as I spread my legs slowly. His eyes were glued to my pussy which slowly came into view just for him. His cock lurched upwards when he could make out my pussy lips, swollen by now, no doubt. I could see the veins pulsing on his cock as I spread my legs even wider, exposing myself fully to him.

‘Touch yourself!’ I hesitated only a second. David’s eyes were clouded with lust as he watched my left hand travel down my chest, circling one tit, squeezing the nipple, stretching it, brushing against the soft skin of my belly, reaching my trimmed bush, wetting my fingertips in my own cream, pushing a finger into my wet cunt, pulling it out, sliding upwards, circling my engorged clit, flicking over it, again, and again, moaning, letting my head fall back, squeezing my eyes shut, drowning in the sensation.

And then he was on his knees in front of me, holding my pussy lips open, watching my finger dance across my clit, bending down, lapping at my cunt, pushing his tongue into my cunt as far as he could, fucking me with his tongue, returning my finger to my clit, moving my finger in the same rhythm as he is fucking my cunt with his tongue, sucking gently on my lips, back towards my cunt, below my cunt, licking towards my ass, licking my hole.

I am cumming.

My finger stopped flicking my clit. Instead, my hand formed a fist; a fist pressed against my mouth to muffle my scream. David used his tongue on my clit now, and my orgasm was ongoing. It was too intense. I waved my fingers into his hair. ‘David, stop,’ I pleaded. I loved the look he gave me from between my thighs. ‘I want you inside of me.’ He continued licking my clit. I moaned. ‘Now, David! Fuck me!’

He let go of my thighs. He disconnected his lips from my clit. Oh, what a perfect fit! He got up. His cock hard as steel. Turning me around onto my side, he laid down behind me and pulled my hips towards his cock. Then, he lifted my outer leg and rubbed his cockhead against my sloppy pussy. We both moaned loudly. Moving my head backwards until it touched his forehead, I told him what I wanted. ‘Put your big cock inside of me, David!’ My dirty talk turned me on beyond belief.

Holding the base of his cock in his hand, he pushed upwards. After the head had entered my cunt, he stopped. ‘Is this good enough?’ I shook my head, eyes shut tight, moving my hips in frustration. ‘No, goddamit! Fuck me David!’ He filled me in one single stroke, pushing hard. He panted. And then he fucked me with even strokes: slow and deep, then fast and short; pressure building but changing rhythms before either of us could cum. It drove me insane.

The fan might as well not have worked at all. A thin film of sweat covered our bodies as he turned me around until I was on my back right in front of him. ‘I want to see you cum, baby!’ he moaned. ‘I want to see you losing it just like before.’ His deep voice was intoxicating, his brown eyes daring me to lose it all over again, this time with him. I grabbed his shoulders, pulling myself up to kiss him. ‘Cum with me!’ We were only a few strokes away.