Carjob: A True Story


This took place some time ago, with a my then best friend Dave. Dave and I met in the high school marching band we were both in and were immediate friends. Dave had a nice 66 white mustang (which I just LOVED!) and we made good use of it during the school year and throughout the summer.

One day we decided to head off to the beach. When you’re living in Southern CA, what ELSE do you do during the summer? We went there hopeful of seeing some beautiful bikini-clad women, and naturally, were NOT disappointed. We spent most of the day ogling all of them in turn. Half the time I couldn’t lie on my stomach just because of the raging hardon I had!

Finally, when we had seen all that we needed to see, we got into Dave’s car and headed back for home. It was about a one hour drive back and we spent a good amount of the time talking about the things we would have loved to have been doing with some of those delightful ladies. As you would expect, it didn’t take but a couple of sentences for both of us to be sporting strong teenage boners.

As had become a custom between us, we would tease each other mercilessly until we were SURE the other had a nice hard cock between his legs and then laugh ourselves görükle escort bayan silly. The next step was to play that we were doubting that the other one had a hardon as an excuse for groping each other. This groping would usually turn into a playful caress of each other’s cock (always careful not to squeeze too hard) which we both knew we enjoyed immediately! This time was no exception.

I had been teasing Dave for about an hour and then put on the pretense of not knowing he would have a hard on by then. So, as was the custom, I reached over and felt his hardness through his shorts. This, however, was the first time we had done this while one of us was wearing shorts…making actual access to a new cock possible! Now remember, Dave was driving down the freeway at the time, but teenage lust knows no danger. So I reached down into the front of his trunks and very carefully, so as not to make him jump and run us off the road, and touched his cock with my fingers for the first time.

It was incredible to actually be touching another guy’s dick! It was strong yet soft at the same time. He was warm almost hot, yet felt delicate in my hand. When my fingers wrapped around his altıparmak eskort cock and I heard a moan come from him, I knew Dave was not going to stop me anytime soon. So I moved my hand lower, with my second hand moving to hold the waistband of his shorts away from his firm belly so I would have easier access. Turned out that was not going to be much of a problem as Dave took the initiative to lift his ass off the seat, had me take the wheel, and dropped his shorts to his ankles. I now had a better reach and MUCH better view of one of the most beautiful and exciting things I’d ever seen; my hand on my best friends meat.

I took my time at first, just pumping him gently, and moving my second hand to explore his balls…I was tentative in all my movements. Dave and I had never really touched each other’s cock’s without the benefit of underwear and pants in the way before, but as I held him, I knew this was a first we would repeat a lot!

As we continued to move down the freeway, and I became comfortable with the fact that Dave was not going to get us killed while I gave him the first handjob I’d ever given another guy, I got more and more into it. I began nilüfer escort to squeeze him a little more firmly, and got into a nice rhythm of stroking his cock. I could have gone on doing this forever…here Dave and I had been friends for years, and now I was holding what made him physically a man in my hand, and I was enjoying playing with his cock as much as he was enjoying my doing it.

After several minutes, I decided my arm was getting tired enough that I wanted to bring him to climax, it hadn’t occurred to me when I started that I might end up making Dave cum, I was just teasing him when it began. But I couldn’t resist it…I HAD to see what it felt like to have his cock squirting his cum in my hand. So I got more careful and told him wanted to feel him cum…I don’t know if he was close to cumming or not, but it must have been something he wanted too, ‘cuz soon I felt the load rising in his cock, and erupting onto his shirt, the steering wheel, and my hand. I milked every drop out of him as I watched with delight every beautiful squirt. It was all I could do to keep from licking it all up and taking his cock into my mouth!

By sheer coincidence, we were only a few miles away from our offramp, and our first real sex adventure was over. We talked about it later, agreed it was something we were both comfortable with, and knew it was just the beginning of something we would enjoy doing over and over again, something we would share with each other and that we’d remember all our lives.