Carla Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Carla was without doubt the most desirable woman I had ever seen. Yes, she had a beautiful face, and yes, her body type was my ideal. But I’m talking more about what triggers that overwhelming need to physically want another person… and here she was, naked, on her bed, on all fours, with her pussy and ass pointed toward my gaze, beckoning me. Me, the first man she had ever invited to touch her in places that until now had only ever felt the touch of another woman.

“I’m wondering if your tongue feels as good as my girlfriend’s does?” She invited me closer.

As I made my way into her room I instinctively began taking off my clothes, just a tee shirt and shorts for this beautiful balmy Spanish day. As I reached the bed, I took a position kneeling behind her as she arched her lower back upwards so her pussy was right in my face.

“I hope I don’t smell too bad,” she said. “I haven’t showered yet.”

“You smell so bad it’s better than good,” I said, just trying to contain the overwhelming need to come amidst the funky, musky aroma of her very wet pussy.

“Go on then, lick my cunt… eat me out and make me come…”

I don’t know if it’s true for everyone, or just for some. But it’s as if I have two very different people that inhabit my body. There’s the ‘me’ that goes about all that I do in my life, my work, the people I mix with. It’s a civilized me, polite and good-natured, easygoing, almost shy. Then there is the ‘me’ that feels much more a part of the animal kingdom, something deep inside that cares little for manners and graces, that just wants to feel all consuming desire and lust, without any limits. I don’t think I had ever met another who shared these same feelings, until now… I was beginning to sense that Carla might well be my equal.

I now placed both my hands on her well-rounded buttocks so my fingers were able to part her very hairy outer lips. Carla let out a deep soft moan as my tongue touched the warm wet pink inner folds of her pussy. At first it was a gentle licking, and very soon all around my mouth had become wet from her juices… her taste, her smell, the feeling of her wetness, the heat of her sex was so overpowering I was soon in complete sensory overload, and I began to plant my lips around her lips and let my tongue dive inside as deep as I could reach. I had the feeling that I might possibly Isparta Escort be drowning, and if this was the end, I was ready to enter the next life.

Carla’s soft moans were now replaced by more of a steady growling, interjected with the odd word or two… ” OOOHHH… Fuck that’s so good… Yes, deeper… ”

I needed to catch my breath for just a second or two, and as I momentarily backed away I caught sight of the still wet and slippery cucumber that Carla had shoved deep inside her earlier. I picked it up and slowly began to insert it back into her pussy, until all that could be seen was the last few centimeters protruding out of her hairiness. Her hand had moved to her clit and began rhythmically rubbing. With her pussy now completely stuffed with what I guessed may have been part of today’s salad, I began to run my tongue around the soft delicate skin that separates the pussy from the asshole. Sensing just where I was headed Carla said,

“No one has ever licked me there before… go on… do it… lick my ass.”

As my tongue began to play over her hairy asshole, Carla’s level of excitement dramatically shifted into a higher gear, and she began to push back against my face, grinding harder, groaning deeper again, and just before the hammering spasms of her orgasm struck, her asshole dilated open and I was able to push all the way inside… I had once seen a vintage erotic lithograph where a nun was being ravaged by the devil. The devil had penetrated her virgin ass with his tongue and it had snaked it’s way through her entire body and was emerging from the nun’s open mouth as she screamed in some kind of ecstatic agony. It was just this image that came flashing into my mind as Carla’s ass began rhythmically contracting… and as the waves subsided, I slowly withdrew the cucumber, as she let her body fall limp onto the bed, completely spent.

My hand was now gently playing with all the wetness around her pussy and inner thighs… I was incredibly hard and under any other circumstance our lovemaking would be playing out differently. But knowing that this was Carla’s first experience with someone of the opposite sex, I wanted her to guide just how far she wanted it go. Just at the point when I was going to take matters into my own hands, Carla reached around and took hold of my cock.

“You’re Isparta Escort Bayan incredibly stiff, and quite big too,” she said smiling a little nervously. “This is going to be the second completely new thing I do today… I’ve never held a man’s cock before. I might not be very good at knowing just what to do. You’ll let me know if it’s not good?”

“You’re doing just fine,” I said, as she steadily pulled up and down along the shaft.

Now, she lowered her head to the tip and began to lick, like you would an ice cream.

“If you like you can put it in your mouth and move your head up and down the shaft.” It did feel strange giving instructions on how to suck a cock to a forty-year-old woman. “But I should warn you that I haven’t come in the past two weeks and it’s likely there’ll be a lot to swallow.”

Rather than deterred by this warning, Carla seemed to gather confidence and soon she was taking my cock deep in her mouth as her head bobbed up and down. She had one hand around the base of my cock, and her other hand had cupped both of my balls, gently rubbing them in rhythm with her sucking. For someone’s first time, Carla was truly amazing. My whole body tensed as I teetered on the edge, and then came that point when you tip over and there’s no turning back…

Carla sensed that something was about to happen, and with my cock deep inside her mouth, her eyes glanced upward looking straight into mine, almost questioning… There are times when you come, and semen spurts in short bursts, and others when at the beginning of the orgasm there is a continuous stream of come before the pumping starts. It was the latter that happened, and that first outpouring of cum must have streamed all the way down Carla’s throat. Suddenly with a slight look of panic, she started to cough and gag, and as she pushed me back away and freed my cock, the second phase of spurts began, and half a dozen strong jets of cum went flying everywhere. Some flew over her head, some landed in her hair, but most ended up all over her face, despite her instinctive efforts to cover up.

“Oh my God,” Carla finally said between coughs and splutters, as she tried to wipe all my sticky mess off. “I was not expecting that. I think I will need to practice more before I get it right… sorry.”

“You’ve got nothing to be sorry Escort Isparta about,” I said, placing both my hands on her cheeks, and bending down to kiss her spermy lips. “You were brilliant! The fact that I came so hard, and so much, is testament to what a great job you did. You’re a natural.”

Carla smiled. “I think I might go and shower. I’m a bit of a mess… I taste and smell of your cum, and your lips taste of my cunt, so you’d better join me too.”

After we had showered Carla prepared a beautiful salad for lunch, and we sat and talked for almost an hour as the day slowly drifted by.

“When I was fourteen, I had gone on a holiday with my Aunt and Uncle to the countryside a few hours drive from Hamburg where we lived, where I still live.” Carla paused and looked at me. I could sense that what she was telling me wasn’t easy to talk about.

“The place we stayed was a small farm, and my Uncle had offered to look after the few animals there for a fortnight while the owners were away having a holiday in another part of Germany. We’d been there a few days and it wasn’t all that interesting for young teenager, but my Aunt and Uncle had a son, my cousin, a bit older than me, seventeen, so there was at least someone to talk to. I was quite well developed even then, and well, he came into my room late one night and tried to come on to me. He was quite strong, but luckily my Aunt heard me yelling at him to stop. I remember we left there the next day, and no one talked on the way back in the car. Somehow I was made to feel guilty for what had happened, as if I somehow led him on, which I didn’t.”

I asked, “Do you think that incident had something to do with preferring woman to men?”

“I have wondered sometimes, but no, I don’t think so.” Carla paused, choosing her words carefully. “This thing with you before, like I said, is something I’ve never done before, at least with a man. I don’t want to lead you on, but if I think about it, it’s against everything I’ve always felt. But to be honest, I really like you, and I want to get to know more about you. I am very attracted in many unexpected ways… so for now, I’m not going to think, I’ll just do what I feel. Is that OK for you?”

“Carla, I’m also very attracted to you, and I’m honoured that I have been your first… ”

Before I could continue, Carla’s phone rang. I couldn’t understand the conversation as it was in German, but I could sense she was both relieved and excited. When she finally hung up, she turned to me.

“That was my girlfriend, Helen. She’s arriving tomorrow morning… I’m sure you’ll like her, for many reasons, I’m sure…”

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