Carnal Cruise Ch. 04

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I had had a very interesting and lovely night with Shirley, the shy English lady who had turned out to be a virgin although already in her thirties. Diane, the cruise line’s manager for customer entertainments, had practically asked me to pop the cherry.

I met Diane at lunch the following day.

“Well, how did it go with Shirley,” Diane asked innocently.

“Oh, all right. She is very shy and inexperienced with men as you said. But we had a good time I think,” I said politely, unsure of how much decency allowed me to tell her.

“Oh come on. I know everything that happened,” she said giggling. “At last the old filly is broken in and it was very thoroughly done, exceeding my most sanguine expectations. . . . Shirley’s words, mind you. A tough job to deflower her I understand.” Diane stopped and laughed out when she saw my astonished face. “Oh, but she has told me everything. She came running in mid-morning bubbling of joy and telling everything. I couldn’t stop her. Not that I wanted too. Quite a juicy story she told me. You really have made her like sex. She has asked for a new date already this evening. Well, now I expect her to solve some problems for me. There are some equally shy men who want to date a woman. I am convinced she will drag them into her cabin as swiftly as she did with you. But I start to feel like a pimp or a Madame of the house.” She giggled heavily and hugged me before she left. After lunch I went to my cabin to take a nap.

My cabin was on an upper deck with a small private balcony on the outside. I stripped to my shorts and went out. But I stopped just outside the sliding door.

On the next balcony a woman was sunbathing. Nothing special about that, it was what most people did after lunch. But two things were not that normal.

The first thing was that there was no dividing canvas. The cabins on my deck, I had learnt, were flexible giving the opportunity to link them in pairs with an inner door and only a canvas divider on the balcony that could be folded away. Today the canvas was pushed open. I wasn’t sure if it had been all the time. I hadn’t spent much time out there the days before

The second thing was that the woman was in the nude lying on her back in a lounge chair. A slender woman with ample breasts and long legs topped by a formidable pubic bush. She had a very nice all over tan telling that she often was sunbathing in the nude.

“Hi there,” the woman said. I looked back at her and saw that she had covered herself. Well, she had put one hand over her pubic bush and an arm over her breasts but not in panic or fear. They just graciously rested there, not covering much.

“Hi, I am Erika,” she said smilingly.

“Oh, hi, I am Tom,” I said hurriedly not knowing where to look. “Sorry that I disturbed you but of course I didn’t know. Shall I pull out the canvas?”

“Yes, that’s appropriate, don’t you think? And necessary . . . but of course only if you want your privacy. The balcony gets so small when you do and the canvas takes some of the sun away. If you don’t mind me being in the nude I rather like the canvas to be folded away,” Erika said and took her hand and arm away placing them at her sides. She looked at me smiling sweetly. She talked good English but with a clear German accent.

“No, of course not. Well, no canvas then,” I said and sat down on my chair being very aware of that she was only a couple of yards away.

“Excellent, that’s settled then,” she said and closed her eyes. “Oh, by the way, I won’t take offence if you get in the buff too. That’s what these private balconies are for, aren’t they?” She didn’t look at me and said no more, just lay back enjoying the sun.

I like sunbathing in the nude. So what the hell I thought. She had said it was all right so why not. I took my shorts off and lay down on my chair and started to read a book. As far as I could see she ignored me totally.

After some time I heard her move and looked askance at her. She rose from the chair and took the few steps to lean against the railing. My first impression of a very good looking woman was right and more so. She was a German blonde probably bleached. A slender body with long shapely legs and muscled thighs that ended in a full round ass. Her breasts were high and firm with protruding nipples in pink. When she turned to go back to her chair her pubic bush took my breath away. It was light brown, large and thick but well trimmed just the way I like. She moved back to her chair on tip toe just as she was on high heels. She looked stunning.

She didn’t look at me, just ignored me and lay down on the chair. This time she lay on her stomach. I kept on reading for a while then got sleepy and put the book down. I was soon slumbering.

I dreamt about the fantastic get together party the other night. It still amazed me that the inhibitions we all have had disappeared so completely in the darkness. I dreamt about the charms that the ladies so willingly let me savor in full. In my dream the twins came and wanted bursa escort to fuck. They got me hard and one of them entered me and joyfully rode me. As happens in dreams there was a jump and I was suddenly somewhere else with another woman that worked on my cock to get me hard.

I woke up slowly still having the nice feeling of being caressed by soft female hands. When I opened my eyes I saw my cabin neighbor kneeling at my side with her hands on my cock.

“Oh, hi, you had a nice dream, hadn’t you?” she said smilingly. “Well, I saw your . . . eh, that thing rise and then get limp again. And . . . well, I know how important it is for a man to keep his erection so . . . well, I decided to help you get the hardness back so you could fulfill what you no doubt had started in your dream. May I?” She looked at me, smiled again and lowered her head over my cock. In the next moment she had taken my semi erect cock into her mouth closing her lips just below the head, sucking and licking it.

She was very good at giving head and got me hard in no time. She let go of my cock and looked at me.

“That’s better. Hard as steel and very handsome I must say. Now you can go back to your dream and perform to your lady’s wish.” She looked at me inquiringly. “Or do you rather want me to go on sucking? I love giving head.”

I felt like in a dream. Out of the blue this woman had come and offered to give me a pleasant time.

“Oh yes, of course I would like that. It was lovely. You really know how to give head,” I said. “But . . . oh, could I give you a hand as well or rather a tongue?”

“Oh would you really? That would be very nice,” she said giggling and spun around straddling me putting her knees on either side on my head. I pulled a cushion under my head and grabbed her hips and dug into her pussy.

She was already a little moist and the pink pussy was slightly open. I put my tongue inside as far as it could reach and licked around. Then I licked her slit from the ass hole to the clit back and forth. Meanwhile she was sucking on my cock and took my balls in her mouth gently rolling them with her tongue. She gave great head.

After some time of pleasant mutual caressing Erika suddenly cried out and moved her pussy out of my reach. She had given very little forewarning that she was near orgasm. The only thing being that her clit had come out of its shelter and become big and hard.

Erika calmed down quickly and spun around again.

“That was pleasant,” she said. “But now I should want to fuck for real. I have had fantasies about how it would feel to have that handsome cock in my pussy for some time now. Well already from when you first got hard while dreaming. Please fuck me.” She tilted her head jocularly pleading.

“Oh yes, that would be a pleasure,” I said. “Here and now?”

“Oh no, well, now is fine but I want to go inside. The bed is much better, to begin with at least,” she said and smiled contentedly.

We quickly moved into her cabin. She pulled the bed cover away. On her bedside table I saw a familiar package. Excellent, she was equipped I thought.

She lay down graciously on her back, legs only slightly apart. She looked lovely, like a picture. I moved close and started to caress her body. Her breasts were soft and firm at the same time, soft on the surface and firm underneath. I kissed her pink nipples which reacted quickly getting long and stiff. I moved down and sifted through her exuberant pubic bush. I grabbed her flesh and rocked it slightly. She moaned of pleasure.

I leaned down and kissed her body carefully from her mouth all the way down one leg to her foot and back up along the other leg. When I reached the knee she spread her legs to give me room to kiss along the inner thigh. I came to a stop when her pussy bush tickled my nose and I dug into her pussy. She panted hard when I caressed her breasts and suddenly cried out once, a short high pitch cry that stopped abruptly. She pushed me away and closed her legs.

She rested for a short while then looked up at me with beaming eyes. She reached out and grabbed my semi erect cock and pulled me close taking me into her mouth. As before she closed her lips around my cock head but she didn’t suck on it. Instead she let her tongue swirl around and pushed it under the foreskin going all the way round. That was something new to me and it felt fantastic. But it didn’t last long. My cock stiffened fast making it impossible.

She pulled her mouth away and reached out for the condom handy at her bedside table. She rolled one on and then lay down on her back. She spread her legs wide and held out her arms to welcome me. I quickly moved to lie down on top of her. She embraced me with both arms and legs holding me close. We kissed, a kiss that became a tongue twisting French kiss that got us both breathless.

She released her grip around my body and made it clear that she wanted to be entered. She helped my cock in position and at once she felt the head at her entrance she thrust upwards bursa escort bayan to get me inside. I was pushing down at the same time and our combined efforts made my cock to bottom out in her. She grunted happily and heaved under me. I fucked with long slow strokes. Her pussy was narrow but well lubricated making it easy and very pleasant to fuck. It was tight all along my cock at all times but gave way when I thrust inwards.

She moaned softly and heaved her ass to meet my thrusts. She signaled with her ass that she wanted it faster and harder and acknowledged it by panting hard after a few short hard thrusts in rapid order. After a few more her back arched and she cried out, her high pitch, cut off cry. She fell back on the bed.

“Lovely, just lovely,” she said beaming. “But you are not finished yet, are you? . . . No, I thought not, thank god.” She had tested my cock by tightening her pussy muscles and found that I was still very hard. I gave her a friendly shove to tell that I wanted to go on.

“Yes yes, of course we shall. But let’s get some change. I want to be on top.” She rolled us over on the wide bed and somehow succeeded to get on top with my cock still deep inside her. “Yes, that’s lovely. Shall we proceed?” she said laughing happily.

But she didn’t start riding at once. Instead she sat down looking at me with a smile on her face. She took my hands and used them to caress her body but only until I got the message. I started to stroke all over her body, squeezing her buttocks, grabbing her hips hard, massaging her ample breasts that piled up above me swinging, pinching the stiffening nipples and much more. She laughed throatily and started to move, slowly at first and then picking up speed.

It became a ride to remember. She was skilful and tender but also demanding. She came several times giving up her little cry each time before she let me follow her into a shuddering climax that drained me completely. It started with a low mumble from deep inside her that grew and became a high pitch cry when she reached the top but it wasn’t cut off as before. The cry lasted long but got deeper in line with her orgasm and ended in a deep laugh when the orgasm died away.

“Oh my goodness. Marvelous wasn’t it? I needed that. I just loved it. Oh, I could have continued all afternoon. It was heavenly.” She sat down on me, laughing of happiness and chatting in her heavy accent. She tried to grip around my cock to keep it inside her but it went soft and wasn’t serviceable at all. Instead she dismounted, pulled the condom off and took care of my cock taking it into her mouth where she gently sucked it clean.

She cuddled up beside me and wanted to be caressed. She was like a kitten, playful, eager wanting my hands all over her body. Finally she straddled my head wanting to get her pussy licked again. While I worked on her she again took my cock in her mouth and gave it a pleasant suck including her specialty with her tongue under the foreskin. When it stiffened she put it between her lovely pair and gave a lovely massage that made me fully hard. And it paid off. We had another nice, leisurely fuck although it didn’t take us to the top heights. But it was a very nice way to spend the afternoon.

I picked her up for dinner. Dinner on board was always a dress up affair. She was wearing a long narrow dress that clung to her body and with a vent up to mid thigh. It was cut low showing a deep narrow cleavage. She was very elegant, very classy and very, very sexy without being vulgar. I was very proud of being her escort for the night.

We had a lovely time starting with a drink in the upper deck bar. I had talked to the dining room to place us together and dinner was as always excellent. We talked a lot and she said that she was German with no kids but beside that she told very little about herself. She got very flattered when I said that she couldn’t be a day over thirty so probably she was in her middle thirties although in very good shape looking younger.

Afterwards we went back to the upper deck bar for coffee and drinks. We danced under the stars and she was very flirty. When we danced cheek to cheek she clung to me grinding her pubes hard against me. She put her leg in between mine and laughed throatily in my ear when she felt my hardness against her belly. She kissed me while we danced. I felt the green light for a pleasurable night.

When we finally went down to our cabins it was over midnight but I felt in good shape although I had had quite a few drinks. Gallantly I waited while she got her key out and opened her door. But when I was about to follow her into her cabin she turned around on the door step.

“Good night, Tom. Thanks for a wonderful evening. See you tomorrow perhaps,” she said and pecked my cheek lightly, a much more sisterly kiss than the ones I had got in the upper deck bar. She turned and quickly shut the door in my face.

There were other people in the corridor and I could do nothing but go into my own cabin. I felt disappointed and escort bursa upset and got rid of my dinner suit. I took a large whisky from the bar but spilled half of it on my shirt and took another. I thought about her and the way she had teased me all evening just to turn me down at the last moment. I couldn’t understand it.

I got more and more worked up the more I thought about it. The whisky helped as well. Eventually I couldn’t bear it any more. I went out on the balcony to get into her cabin the back way. To my luck the door was open. I stepped in and slammed the door shut behind me.

She startled when she saw me standing there and looked frightened. She was in the process of undressing and had just unbuttoned her dress. It fell to the floor forming a puddle around her feet. Her body rose from it looking absolute stunning. She was naked except for high heels, a narrow thong and a bra all in bright green that matched her bronzed body excellently.

“What do you want? Go away. I don’t want you in here. Get out this moment,” she shouted.

“Why don’t you take care of that gorgeous dress? Put it on a hanger or something. Pity to ruin it, wouldn’t it?” I said. She got surprised and immediately did as I had suggested probably in chock. She stepped out of the dress, bent over graciously to pick it up, found a hanger and went to the built in closet to hang it in. I had moved to stand between her and the cabin door. No way was she going to escape now.

She turned away from the closet and stood watching me defiantly one hand on her hip.

“What now?” she asked. “I still want you out of this cabin immediately. Get away.” Her voice was scornful but it trembled slightly and she looked frightened.

God, how gorgeous she looked. The long legs on high heels, the narrow thong emphasizing her pubes and belly, the strands that went up over her hips to disappear between her buttocks leaving her full ass naked and on top of it her ample boobs in a very supportive bra. My cock swelled in anticipation. I was going to mount her, whether she wanted it or not.

“Well, that’s not going to happen,” I said slowly. “You have two choices. I am going to fuck you with or without your consent. It’s up to you how rough it’s going to be.” I slapped her ass to get her realize her options. She cried out but I hadn’t slapped her that hard. Well, I thought so anyway. It felt so good that I slapped her other ass cheek as well. The soft thud and the sting in the palm of my hand told that it was a good slap. She screamed, in horror or pain I couldn’t tell. Maybe both.

She stood watching me, still with that defiant expression on her face. She looked marvelous with her reddening round ass and my cock twitched. I raised my hand to slap her ass again.

“No wait,” she exclaimed. She watched me for a while. The defiant expression on her face had changed to one of defeat. Just what I wanted.

“All right. What do you want me to do?” She said meekly.

“That’s better. Good choice. Well, you can start by taking your bra off and move around. But make sure to wriggle your hips. I want to see that ass roll and those breasts swing,” I was now fully erect, my cock poked out through my boxers. This really turned me on.

Obediently she started to move around with exaggerated movements anxious not to upset me. When she passed I slapped her ass but half missed and it became a friendly pat instead I thought. But she cried out and startled. She looked very desirable and I was tremendously worked up.

“Enough of that. Get down on your hands and knees. I want to get into that cunt of yours,” I commanded sternly. She looked at me with fear which was a turn on for me. My cock twitched which she noticed with horror. I slapped her ass because it felt so good which made her to flung down on all fours.

I knelt behind her ready to mount but realized that I had forgotten her thong. I didn’t want anything in the way. I tried to tear it off but the fabric was strong. I saw a pair of scissors on her dresser and got it. I showed it to her which made her shiver. It was exciting to use it on the straps letting the metal slide over her hips when I cut the thong away. I slapped her ass again to make her spread the thighs wider to get in position to be mounted.

I helped myself to place my cock head at her entrance cruelly opening her up. With a few hard thrusts I forced my cock into her cunt. It was narrow. She tried to keep it shut but that was a tremendous challenge to fight my way inside. She grunted when I did. I started to bang into her using much force to bottom out each time and to fight her muscles that tried to stop me. That excited me even more. Her narrow cunt gave much friction to my cock and the feeling of power was tremendous. Now I was going to show her. She had had no right to decline me these pleasures after all the teasing earlier in the evening.

I was in a haze, aware only of my forceful cock banging the lovely narrow cunt. I had grabbed her hips when I mounted her and I was also squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples hard. I heard her scream but of fear or pain I wasn’t aware. It wasn’t important, both turned me on. My cock swelled even more and was hard as never before forcing its way into her cunt.

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