Carnal Cruise

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Big Tits

Chloe Taylor was embarking on her first real adventure, a tame one, but a foray into the unknown world of fun and relaxation.

At 30, Chloe was going on a cruise through the western Caribbean and vowing to enjoy herself. The newspaper researcher spent hours each day in a small room called “the morgue”, pouring over old news stories and clippings doing background research for reporters and columnists at her suburban Boston daily newspaper.

It was tedious lonely work, which in reality suited the shy woman, who shunned attention of the world around her.

Now Chloe was not a woman of hideous deformity, nor a ravishing beauty, she was simply a woman graced with poise, firm natural body, thick blonde hair and graceful features which with little effort turned her into a sensual creature.

Problem was the sensuality bloomed so rarely that men seemingly overlooked her, leaving her lonely, without companionship and with an extreme unquenched sexually appetite.

Her romantic, or at least sexual, victories were quite potent and usually came when she threw down the sexual gauntlet, dressing in provocative clothes showing off her body and pushing her feminine skills. Acting this way however bothered Chloe, sickened her to think that the only way to garner male attention was by flashing her body off.

Yet deep inside, behind the rational lobes of her brain, was a woman who loved showing off, who yearned to see the reactions of men as she strutted around a club in clingy silk chionsam dresses or flowing, loose but short, floral print summer mini-dresses.

A shy exhibitionist, who loved her body and knew how and when to show it off. This cruise, would no doubt, provide ample opportunity. Shallow, yes, she freely admitted that.

But for once in her life, for five days she would be someone else, someone bold and without reserve. But until she stepped foot on the ship she was shy researcher, hair pulled up and conservative work out clothes covering her head to toe.

Chloe brushed several loose strands of curly blonde hair away from her eyes, as they slipped from the functional bun behind her head. Brushing the hair from her eyes let Chloe catch a long glance from a young man farther up in the line. His eyes were definitely locked on her and her body.

Chloe freely admitted, and how could she not acknowledge it, her most desired and noticed assets were her breasts. D cup in 10th grade, blooming to just shy of an E cup by college. She was neither rail thin or plump, but an average woman, a medium that filled out a bikini in a sexy, classic way.

While her cabin was nice enough there was an ever present annoying hum. It was the ship’s natural mechanical workings giving off the noise, but still it annoyed Chloe to no end.

‘This better be worth the grand I spent!” she grumbled, laying on her bed staring at the ceiling.

Around her, too many bags stuffed with dresses, shorts and skirts. Annoyed at her over-compulsion to pack, Chloe hoped to spend little time in anything more than a bikini.

A chiming overhead got Chloe to sit up, attention focused.

” Attention to all our guests, this is Craig your cruise director and we will be getting underway very shortly. But first, to comply with federal and international maritime regulations we will now be conducting a life boat drill…” Chloe rolled her eyes, flopping back on the bed, dreading the lemming like shuffle, with bulky life vests on, up to the deck.

“Maybe I’ll just sleep this one out.”

Awakened by the gentle roll of the ship, Chloe sat up, drowsily rubbing her head, getting her bearings and realizing they were finally out to sea. With a long yawn and limbering stretch, Chloe went about getting ready for her first night on the ship.

She’d skip the first dinner, there would be four more ahead, but before she roamed the ship Chloe would first need to put something on, something other than the frumpy work-out suit she wore to check in.

Opening her suitcases Chloe rifled through the contents, hanging some things up and laying other garments out, before finally arriving on a particular favorite of hers.

She smiled.

Beverages of every alcoholic variety flowed from the moment the ship left its south Florida pier. By 7:30 most of the hard parties were nearly in the tank. Not Chloe, she carefully nursed a fruity concoction of rum and an assortment tropical fruits.

For tonight, Chloe wore her most conservative ” flashy” dress. A black mini dress, made of silk and lace that could have easily been a slip on another night. And the way Chloe filled it out was obscenely delicious. Her full round breasts seductively bulged out, stretching the silken material out under their weight.

She also let her hair down, literally, letting it flow in curls to the nape of her neck. With a few touches of lip stick and eyeliner, the seductress emerged.

From the strappy black heels to the delicate opal and silver necklace around her neck, Chloe was prepared to dazzle, if she could only summon up the courage to mingle. For tonight, as with many nights before, Chloe found herself battling shyness.

This was the introductory cocktail party for almanbahis each deck, helping the cruisers to get to know each other. Chloe hovered at the edge of the dance floor as many couples journeyed in and out of the gaudy emerald colored club.

While Chloe was one of several woman traveling alone, they were outnumbered three to one against single men. They ranged from 21 to 61, portly to sickly thin, geek to wanna-be southern rebel.

So while Chloe nursed her drink, she almost purposefully avoided any extraneous contact with men. Pickings this first night were slim. She hoped they would get better.

An hour into the mixer she’d been approached by five men, each progressively more slimy than the previous. She was beginning to doubt the cruises’ billing as a place for singles to meet and party. But likely the alcoholic concoction helped dull the let down, until she saw one particular couple enter.

‘Oh my.’ Chloe thought immediately focusing on the man as he sauntered in with his petite and totally gorgeous blonde. Nervously Chloe sipped on the drink watching the couple, who immediately filled the room with energy. Within minutes they were out on the dance floor, couples flocking now to join them.

Just then the petite blonde swirled away from the man to grab a drink from the bar. Chloe was not a jealous woman, as she sized the diminutive lady, but she knew physical attraction and beauty, but she knew this woman was lucky.

She wore a pink lace mini dress with faux blonde hair and a tight tanned body that completed the look of broad appeal sexuality.

Chloe looked around, pretending not to stare, but as she tried to look casual she ended up looking more uncomfortable.

“Boy this place is dead isn’t it?” a voice came from behind Chloe.

“Yes, yes it is.” smiled Chloe who was now facing the petite and hard bodied blonde she was secretly admiring.

The short thing with fairly large, firm, and very much fake, breasts smiled back introducing herself.

“I’m Janet.”


“Nice to meet you Chloe, pretty name.” Janet said slowly looking the slightly taller blonde over, ” My you are gorgeous. And what a dress. Love black silk you know.”

She smiled back, feeling relaxed by the soothing slight southern accent of Janet. After a few minutes of the initial, awkward, small talk Chloe and Janet really got into knowing into each other. Each moment passes with the woman confirming their likes and similarities. Giggles, increased by the liquor and continued when Janet slapped Chloe’s bare knee.

“God Chloe you are a riot!” the bleach blonde giggled.

“Thanks Janet. I am not usually like’s the booze.” Chloe smiled.

“Well then, if you are this uninhibited when drunk then lets not waste it.” Janet shouted, grabbing Chloe by the hand dragging across the dance floor and out the door.

“Janet where are we going?” Chloe shouted breathless from the surprise.

“Let’s get some dirty girl talk in, more drinks and someplace hot and wet where they can all happen at once.”

Janet looked back at Chloe, smiling in a devilish way, “ How do you feel about a Jacuzzi?”

Chloe smiled.


Earlier in the day the ship was alive with families and children, mixed with singles and young couples. But at night the decks were almost exclusively for the young, the horny and the drunk. Janet was bold, but not obnoxious, much to Chloe’s liking. She enjoyed spontaneity, but loathed those who were crass, unfocused and fool hardy. She loved the danger of flashing and sexual tryst in a shadowy corner, but even those things had their place. And as the champagne flowed , Chloe wondered if tonight would be the night when she could release those desires again.

She’d raced back to her cabin to make a quick change from the dress to a nice black bikini. Slipping a sheer black wrap around her waist for the trip up the deck and Jacuzzi Choe palmed the keycard to her room as she exited.

Out in the passageway she heard a laugh. She found Janet two doors down.

“Chloe, girl, you are shitting me? Our cabins are this close and didn’t even know it!”

Chloe burst out laughing, a lingering haze of champagne giving her the giggles.

Janet stood in a fluorescent pink bikini, her hard body obvious, yet feminine and her breasts jutting out in a slightly unnatural way.

‘Definitely fake.’ Chloe thought examining Janet’s breasts from a few feet away.

Looking Chloe over, hand on narrow hips, Janet smiled, “Damn girl…very sexy.”

Chloe’s face flushed red.

“Look at you, you are blushing.” Janet chuckled.

Waiting for a moment to pass, Chloe asked Janet a question she’d been dying and forgotten to ask all night.

“Janet, who the hell is that gorgeous guy you are with?”

Another devilish grin crossed Janet’s thin, red lips.

“Why? Who do you think he is?”

Chloe shook her head, “Now don’t tease me here. He’s obviously a boyfriend, or probably a husband. Only women that look like you get guys like him.”

Janet immediately frowned, “ Don’t talk like that. It must be the booze talking again, because someone as almanbahis giriş gorgeous and confident as you can’t really think something like that?”

Maybe it was the alcohol, but Chloe’s words were true and heart felt.

“It’s true.” Chloe sighed, head bowed.

Janet was beside her in an instant, “ Chloe, girlie, we have some things I think we need to talk about.”

Inserting the thin plastic card into the narrow door lock, Janet pushed open the cabin door, “ Come on. Lets get inside and talk.”

Even though the rooms were on the same deck, Janet’s cabin was double the size. Pouring a $8 bottle of spring water for Chloe, Janet gave her the tall glass, now empty of liquor. While Chloe sipped the expensive water, Janet poured another glass of champagne from a bottle she’d taken from the club.

“Now girlie, you wanted to know who that gorgeous guy with me is?”

Chloe smirked, nodding.

“Would you believe me if I told you he was my ex-husband?”

Instantly, Chloe’s eyes went wide.

“Or how about my brother?”

A cough built inside Chloe as she tried to swallow the concept and the water.

“What are you sick?” she laughed.

Janet slapped her knee again, “ Kidding with you girlie.”

“That’s Kevin. He is my boyfriend. We’ve been together for six months.”

A corner of Chloe’s mouth curled and she chuckled, “ Ha, I knew it!”

“Now hold on, hold on smart ass.” Janet waved her hands at Chloe who now reclined on the Queen sized bed.

“Kevin and I are definitely an item, but I have to tell you something..he is all man and is a guy with an appetite.”

“You mean food? Well then these all you can eat cruises should be perfect.”

“Chloe stop it. Kevin is like no man I have ever known.” Janet’s voice lowered as she leaned forward, “ I thought I was sexually adventurous and hungry, but Kevin…Kevin has even me worn out some nights.”

Chloe’s heart fluttered, “ Go on.”

Janet slid of her chair onto the bed next to Chloe, “ We came on this cruise for two reasons. One, an obvious mid-winter vacation. The second, to let us both live our lives the way we want them, but can’t”

“We live a community of 25,000 people, everyone knows everyone else’s business. I mean I try to sunbathe topless in my backyard and my nosy fucking neighbors are either spying on me or calling the cops, calling me indecent. The place we are stopping in the Caribbean, even the ship itself, are going to be places where he and I can let go of those shackles.”

Chloe’s head spun, “ Janet, I am confused. What are you saying?”

“Look, Kevin and I are want to see where we stand together. We are happy sexually, ecstatic actually, but we have desires beyond even our relationship. We want to walk down nude beaches, we want to meet other couples, we want to meet other singles…”

Janet’s word hung in the air. Chloe instantly knew what she meant. And a broad grin swept across her face.

Chloe put a hand up, stopping Janet, “ Can I say something right now?”

Janet smiled, nodding eagerly, “ Go girl.”

“Like I said before, I may be drunk and this may be the booze..but…I haven’t had sex in six months. I think about men and their touch, the feeling of a man…a real man deep inside me,” Chloe stared at the ground a hint of shame in her voice, “ I want to ride a man, for once, demand sex from him, for both his and my pleasure. I want that guy I see on the Internet, tall dark haired and hung like bull. Yes! I will admit it. I love big men, I love a good, long hard cock. I don’t care.”

Chloe burst put laughing, rolling around the bed. Janet laughing along with her, clapping her hands, “ Let it all out girl!”

“Yes! I admit it world. I am an unabashed size queen. Under 7 inches..sorry!” she roared, waggling her finger as she leapt to her feet.

Janet on her feet as well giggled along with Chloe, coming close to her, grabbing her arms, “ Chloe…what if I told you I could give you what you desire?”

Chloe stood stone still, staring at Janet, “What?”

“Can I tell you something about Kevin. I met him a chat room on the Internet. We were flirting and talking. Had a lot in common, we talked for hours. He seemed so perfect all I could imagine was this short little chubby guy. Not my type, but damn he was so good online.”

“So by the end of the night I agreed to exchange pics. And when he’s image downloaded I nearly passed out. He, as you can see is, perfect to me. I guess to you too.”

Chloe nodded silently. Kevin was handsome sure, but not drop dead gorgeous. But there was something intangible about the way he moved, the way he gestured, the way he danced and walked.

“We talked on the phone for another night before we met. We go out to dinner and he was everything he was on the phone and online. But when I took him back to my apartment….I was in for something I never, ever, expected.”

Jant, voice lower still sat Chloe down, cupping her hand to her ear, “ You know what you said about tall, dark and…”

Voice a scant whisper, what Janet said was clear as day to Chloe who’s eyes went wide. She shook her head in disbelief.

Janet slowly almanbahis yeni giriş nodded, pouring some more champagne.

Flopping back onto the bed, Chloe wondered aloud, “ It must feel like….”

“Pain and bliss simultaneously.” Janet said.


By 2 a.m., even Kevin had enough of the dancing, drinking games and bad music of the lounge. He’d brushed off passes and fought his own desires to get back to the cabin in one sober piece. For if anything, he realized that Janet was what he needed at that moment, despite of their agreement.

So knowing she’d have to come back to the cabin eventually, Kevin drowsily made his way back to the room. Unlocking the door and pushing inward, Kevin was stopped by his girlfriend coming out.

She stood flush, her plush robe hastily covering her body. His heart leapt.

“I can see you had a fun night?” Kevin smiled, “ Shall I come back?”

Janet’s hair was tousled and a fine layer of sweat covered her upper lip.

“Kevin…I cannot tell you what has happened tonight.” Her hand brushed his cheek, “ But all I can do is share darling.”

Stepping aside, Janet let Kevin into the room and in the dim light of the headboard lamp Kevin could make out a partially clothed form. Blonde and voluptuous, panting and moaning as she fingered herself.

Kevin looked down at Janet, a good foot shorter than him, “The woman from upstairs?”

Janet nodded in silence.

As the door closed behind him, Kevin saw Chloe for the first time in the full light and was dumbfounded.

She was amazing and sensual. He bikini bottom discarded so Janet and she could explore more sapphic pleasures. Janet, standing behind Kevin, wrapped her arms around him, peaking from behind.

“Here he is girl. Kevin….meet Chloe.” Janet said, running her hand along his damp dress shirt down to his crotch.

Chloe glanced up with a grin of unmistakable pleasure, “Pleased to meet you Kevin. Janet has told me so much about you.”

Kevin looked back at Janet who now worked at unbuttoning his silk shirt.

“Kevin I believe I promised Chloe something of yours…” Janet paused reaching his waist of his pants, which she quickly unbuttoned,

Chloe sat up, sober now and eagerly awaiting what Janet had spent the better part of an hour describing, detailing and painting such verbal pictures that Chloe could already feel his size inside her.

Her hands trembled as she sat forward. Waiting and watching.

Watching the buttons loosed.

Watching Janet peel open the fly.

Watching Kevin smile as what was hidden to all became known to her.

Chloe smiled, stifling an all encompassing urge to gasp, as his cock slipped into view.

It was long, thick and perfect and Chloe had to have him! __________

Her full heavy breasts were released by Kevin’s forceful yank on her bikini tops’ straps. Each pale globe, flatting out to either side of her chest. His hands cupped them gently at first but with stroke of his long fingers, grew more intense and urgent.

Chloe loved having her breasts lavished with kisses, licks and sucking. She unhesitatingly let him lick them with his broad tongue. Tiny pillars of flesh, her nipples, rose out of pale brown aereolas.

His flaccid cock, hanging heavy from just below Kevin’s flat hairless stomach, was instantly invigorated rising up and finding Chloe’s hand dangling by her side. Her finger tips brushed it, she did not relize it. On instinct her manicured fingers wrapped around the thickening shaft.

Body tingling, Chloe refused to let Kevin dictate the sexual cadence.The skin on his chest was smooth to the touch, broad and muscled, not in a showy, bodybuilder way, but that of man who knew hard work and was blessed with a body of natural strength.

His cock, to her, was a perfect shape and thickness. Chloe nervously glanced down at the broad penis that impressed her so.

As much as she could, Chloe held his shaft in her palm, gently pumping his length and girth. A bulbous dark fleshy purple cock head bulged and shrank as she played with it. It was as hard as she’d ever seen, and like no other she’d seen.

Stiff, it curved upwards and was laced with distended veins and a soft seam running down its underside. Each stroke brought her mouth closer to it. She watched his cock head swell as her hot breath bathed it.

Cock in hand, Chloe poked her tongue out, catching the first drips of pre-cum. Slowly she licked the shaft, finding veins to trace and a deep indentation on the underside of his cock head, where it met the wide shaft.. He twitched to withdraw. Chloe relinquished her lips from him for a moment, stopping him from cumming.

Chloe’s mouth fell onto his cock again, lingering over the fat knob, as she snorted hungrily. Lips stretched, Chloe’s mouth was filled with him. And all she could do was drip at the thought of what that filling feeling could mean for her. Lower and in that sacred place. A place of wet and warm dreams. Her fantasies lay in her mind, but ecstasy came from within. The room to do its twirling magic. Chloe could not wait any longer. Cock free from her for only a moment Kevin found Chloe propping herself up over his cock. Chloe took hold of Kevin, spreading her legs and letting the head of his cock slap like spring steel against her open and swollen pussy lips. Preparing to sink onto Kevin’s length, Chloe nestled the tip of his hot cock into her wet slit.

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