Carole’s Answer to her Needs Pt. 02

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Three days later, John answered the phone and heard what he was hoping for.

“Hello, John,” Carole’s voice purred at him. “Come over here, no need to mow the lawn, I need your special servicing.”

John quickly made her way next door, and at the patio doors, he was greeted by the sight of Carole’s nudity, she was smiling invitingly, beckoning him in. She turned towards the bedroom, the view of her shapely rump moving in such a harmonious rhythm, had his rapidly growing cock following eagerly.

She quickly stripped him, his majestic cock rose, and she felt the tingling between her thighs. As much as she wanted him to ram her pussy, she was enjoying the build-up, taking him up, step by step. She lay back and told him what she had in mind.

“This time I want you to cum all over my tits! Not just that, wrap my tits around your cock, and I want you to tit-fuck me, and blow your load. I want to feel your cock surging and pulsing between my tits as you mark my body with a hot, juicy load.”

John eagerly took the position, squatting over her just below the valley of her breasts. He felt her hands around his cock, giving him a stroke, smiling as she felt the rock hardness of his cock.

Carole purred, “Lube is next to us on the bedside table, get my tits all ready for titty fucking.”

John took the tube, flipped open the top, then spread a generous helping up and down in the cleavage between her tits, then spread it on the sides up to the top of her mounds. Carole’s generous dairies were perfect for tit fucking, she had to be at least a 36D.

Carole pushed her tits tightly together, then he slid his cock in. After a few pumps, John settled his cock as deep in Carole’s cleavage as he could.

Carole took her hands away and purred, “Now, grab my tits and fuck them!”

John did so as he grabbed her tits and pushed her mounds tightly together, perfect. His cock was now wrapped up by her luscious melons, and holding her tits tightly around his cock, he started to tit fuck her in earnest.

Carole moaned deep in her throat, she loved having her tits manhandled, and the way her breasts were squashed tight around John’s cock was perfect.

“Oh yeah, I love it, getting my big tits fucked, let me know when you’re ready to blow,” Carole cooed.

John could see her face, full of excitement, as she watched him between her tits. His cock head was starting to appear just above the top of her tits.

John casino siteleri could feel the build-up, and he grunted, “Oh yeah, getting set baby, gonna cum!”

Carole lifted her head so she was looking right at his cock, opening her mouth. He saw the pink hole of her mouth, framed by her crimson lips, awaiting his load. He grunted, growled, and thrust forward, a hot blast of cum flew into her mouth, a second one quickly followed, a third one arced up, painting a line down her face from forehead to chin. Watching her face getting plastered drove John on, his cock gushed out more thick ropes, over her neck, just above the valley of her breasts, and with her urging him on, he pulled his cock up and stroked out the last two full streams all over her stiff nipples, milking out the last squirts and dribbles all over her tit flesh.

“John lay back, I want you to take care of my need to cum.”

He quickly did so and gazed up in awe as she squatted over his face. Hot damn, he could see that bare, hair-free opening, so pink and wet, awaiting his tongue.

Just before he could go any further, they both heard the front door opening. Carole’s head snapped up, her eyes widened, and John felt a chill on the back of his neck, as he heard the unmistakable sound of her husband’s voice calling out, “Hey baby, where are you?”

Carole answered steadily, “I’m in the bedroom Louis.”

“Great, stay there, I’ll be there in just a sec.”

They quickly disentangled themselves, and John grabbed up his clothes, he knew he would be foolish to risk sneaking out with her husband there.

Carole hissed, “In the closet John.”

John quickly went in. The closet had sliding mirrored doors, so it could not be opened completely like a conventional set of doors. He slid the door almost completely shut, naked and in the closet, jeez, it was like he was in some crazy soap opera. He saw Carole grab a towel, wiping away the spunk he had so recently deposited on her.

Before she could even step into her panties, the bedroom door opened.

“Oh yeah, looking so hot baby. Looks like you were getting all ready for me, all hot and naked.”

“Louis, I hadn’t really planned to…I should have a shower…so much to do today.”

John saw Louis step into his line of sight, he stripped quickly, his cock swollen, and he pushed her back onto the bed. Louis’ secretary had been giving him lots of good looks down her blouse, and güvenilir casino she had even flipped up her skirt behind his office door, to let him see that not only was she not wearing panties, but the neatly trimmed bush also showed that she was a true redhead. He’d felt the surging need, but fooling around with a secretary he could get hit with a sexual harassment suit, he decided to get home and vent his built-up needs on his wife.

Louis quickly swarmed all over Carole, tweaking her nipples, then sucking hard on her tits.

Carole could feel the response, having been warmed up by John, her lust quickly jumped back up. She pulled his mouth against her tits, whispering, “Oh yeah lover man, suck my tits, suck them hard!”

Louis growled, “Oh yeah, thinking about your hot body all the way home, imagining you hot and naked, gave me a raging hard-on!”

Carole purred, “Ummm, yes I am, very hot, spend your stiff cock in my eager pussy.”

John, watching from the closet, felt his cock surge up. Oh fuck, getting a live sex show was amazing, especially watching a body as hot as Carole had, about to get into it.

Carole could feel her lust starting to roar, knowing that John, who had so recently spunked all over her, was watching. She turned her head towards the closet, giving him a lust-filled smile, as Louis sucked at her nipples. She gave a loud moan as she felt two of her husband’s fingers slide inside of her, Ummm, that felt so good as she felt the juices flood all over his fingers.

“Oh yeah, so hot and ready, so wet.”

Carole watched her husband slide between the spread of her thighs, his fingers came out and he spread the juices all over her cock. Carole was letting out a keening sound, she was so horny, god, she needed to get fucked, NOW.

“Oh yeah lover, I’m so fucking horny, mount me, drive your cock in, and fuck me to a hot creamy explosion!”

John’s cock was a raging hard-on, he watched as Louis mounted up, then drove his cock in on a true cunt splitting path, Carole’s loud shriek of pleasure sounding as Louis drove his cock into her, his grunt joining in as he bottomed out.

Carole’s face had a wild, feral look, and she gasped, “Oh yeah, fuck my cunt, fuck me hard, I want to feel you squirt every drop!”

John watched as they got into a rhythm quickly, their bodies locked together, writhing and squirming against each other. The action became fast and furious, the canlı casino slap of wet flesh, the sounds of wet juicy squelches, and Carole’s cries and moans of pleasure filled the bedroom as they fucked wildly.

Just before Carole exploded, she turned her head towards the closet, and cried out, “Oh fuck lover, yes, cream my cunt, make me cum, nnngghhhh, oh yes, yes, flood MEEEE!”

John saw her looking right at him, as her husband grunted “Oh fuck, yeah, cumming FUCK!” and he blew his nut deep inside her, their mingled sounds of orgasm blending as she could feel her cunt eagerly miking her husband’s dick.

They lay sprawled out for a few minutes before Louis suggested a dip in the hot tub. Carole was happy to agree, it would give John the chance to sneak out. She thought of him, his cock probably a raging hard-on, she wanted to suck that load out of his cock. She suggested that he go and take off the hot tub cover and get the jets going. Once he was out of sight on the patio, Carole ran over to the closet.

She opened the closet door and saw John’s cock, rock hard. She went to her knees, and sucked him in, wildly bobbing her head back and forth, needing to bring him off quick.

John, being a typical 18-year-old, had gotten the extra stimulus of watching the delectable Carole getting boned, and having her looking at him as she exhorted her husband to flood her, had really primed him up. He felt his fingers wrap around his balls, gently squeezing them, in just a minute, he grunted as she swallowed him to the balls, and his cock erupted, she swallowed the first two shots, then pulled back and let hot streams spew all over her tongue. Keeping him in until the last spasms had raced through his cock, she pulled back, looking up at him with a big smile as she swallowed her big mouthful.

“Until next time John.”

She went towards the patio doors and gave him a wiggle of her sexy ass as she went outside.

John waited a minute or so, then quickly got dressed, and headed for the door. He peeked out and saw them going at it, Carole was getting rammed again, this time, he was taking her from behind as she was bent at the waist, her husband obviously was primed up, and the water churned around them as they fucked in a lust-fueled frenzy. He filled his eyes with the sight until Carole tumbled into orgasm again, then pulled back and headed for the front of the house.

He slipped quietly out the front door, and walked away normally, lest some snoopy neighbor see him sneaking away, and get suspicious. He walked with the strolling gait of someone who had just paid a social call to a neighbor. His mind was playing back today’s hot fun, god, he could hardly wait for his next visit.

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