Carol’s Assignation Pt. 02

Big Dicks

In part 1 Carol has a worship session with her slave, but unbeknown to him she is awaiting the arrival of her former lover, her gardener at her old house before she moved overseas. But now she was back and having expanded her horizons she was determined to expand them sexually. She had had plenty of lovers in her time, all through her marriage, including one night stands and a couple of lovers with ten inch cocks, but none were as obedient as her slave and none had the sheer staying power of her former gardener, who could fuck her for an hour with eight thick inches of cock. In truth, she had the best of both worlds and was determined to enjoy it to the full:

After five minutes of fucking, it couldn’t be called making love, that would be later, she felt her orgasm rising, her left hand strayed down to her clit, which she nipped and rubbed, and then it was upon her. Her head was spinning and she feared she might stumble, but he held her slim hips and continued to pound into her. By now she was getting very vocal, very noisy, such that her slave, beyond the tiled wall, couldn’t fail to hear. But far from curbing herself she revelled in the fact that he could hear, could hear her being fucked by another man.

As she came she cried out and grunted through it, all ten seconds of it, a good one even by her, high, standards. The fucking continued, a steady hard shafting and when she could take no more she asked him to stop. With one last very hard deep stroke he sank deep into her and held her tight. She couldn’t speak at this point, and with mouth tightly closed, breathed through her nose as the pleasure wracked through her. It wasn’t part of the orgasm, this was something else, the next one approaching perhaps, and the hold lasted perhaps a minute. Gradually the lovers composed themselves and he withdrew his cock. She turned and looked down at the slick coated erection.

The only thought in her head at that moment was “He is going to shoot a lot of cum into me, yummy!”

She stepped past him and took the thick warm towels off the electric towel rail, handed one to him, wrapped the other around her body and walked into the dimly lit spare room, scooping up the discarded stockings as she passed, which she planned to be wearing again very soon.

Carol and her lover dried themselves and she excused herself to go and dry her hair. She took the stockings and shoes with her, stepped out the bedroom and along the hall to her bedroom.

Carol opened her bedroom door, expecting to see her slave face down on the bed. She was surprised to see him standing near the bathroom door.

“Been spying on me?” She asked, as she closed the door.

“No Mistress, just concerned you were ok.”

He approached her and fell to his knees on the thick bedside rug.

“What did you hear?”

“I heard you being fucked, I heard you come Mistress.”

“Did you enjoy my orgasm?”

“Yes, of course, Mistress, every one of your orgasms is precious to me,” he replied. She ran her fingers through his hair and bent over him.

“Not as much as I did. My knees were shaking, he had to hold me until I composed myself.” she whispered in his ear. His cock hardened at her words, his foreskin peeling back over his glans by itself, nestling in a collar, revealing the shiny purple head, with a tiny bubble of pre cum oozing out.

She walked past him and sat on the bed, taking one stocking and slipping it onto her foot, sliding it up her smooth leg, and then repeating it with her other leg. She slid her left foot into the red shoe, fastened it in place, then slipped the right one until it was balanced on her toes.

“Kiss me.” she ordered, pointing to her foot.

His lips dived to her foot, covering it in moist, but not wet, kisses. She allowed him to continue until she was satisfied he was sufficiently reverent, before pulling her foot away and fastening the high heel.

“I suppose you want to know who he is?” She asked nonchalantly.

“Yes please Mistress.”

“Do you remember I told you about my regular fuck before I went abroad?”

“The actor?”

“No, the one with the big cock and the staying power.”

“Oh!” the surprise registering on his face, his eyebrows raised “the gardener?”

“Yes, him.”

“Yes, I remember Mistress.”

“I called him and he was very keen to renew our acquaintance.”

“I can understand why. You are so gorgeous Mistress.”

“Well, I’m glad to say he still seems to think so.”

“I hope he pleases you well Mistress.”

“If you mean does he still fuck me hard, then the answer is yes. He has a long cock, thick as well.”

“Does it fill you Mistress?”

“Oh god yes!, eight thick inches is just about a perfect fit, but I was glad I had been licked beforehand, otherwise I might have struggled at first.”

She rubbed his short spiky hair as she said it, a gesture of thanks at her pre-fuck-cunt-licking.

“Is he leaving now?”

“Of course not, he hasn’t come yet. What you heard was just the preamble,” She leaned in close: “he is going to fuck me Anadolu Yakası Yabancı Escort so hard very soon,” she whispered, “but first, I need my fuck hole licked out.”

His cock bobbed at her words and his breath caught in his throat. She opened her legs and allowed him his first glimpse of her wet fucked cunt but immediately pulled him between her thighs.

“Lick my cunt slave, get me ready for his cock again.”

He licked with relish, licked her lips, her shaven mound, then up to her clit, rolling his tongue around it, before she pushed him down.

“Tongue fuck me slave.”

The tonguing was good, very good, he made his tongue hard, pushing it into her vagina, and continued until a small cough broke the silence and she opened her eyes. Her lover was stood, naked, erect cock in hand as he slowly stroked it back and forth as he watched her being worshipped by her slave.

“Er hi?” She began “how long have you been watching?”

“A few minutes.”

“Like what you see?”

“Of course. Who is he?”

“My slave silly,” she chided “that’s why his hands are tied behind his back.”

“Lucky boy.”

“He’s a good boy, getting me ready for your cock again.”

“Is he your boyfriend?”

“Well, I suppose so, but I was hoping you could both be. Do you think you’d be into that?”

“By that do you mean sharing you or being like him?”

“And do you want to be like him?”

“Well, if you’d let me know when we were together…you know seeing each other, then…”

The words hung in the air.

“Well, I didn’t even know myself that I was into this back then, its been a recent development.” She stated.

“Oh I see. Wish I’d had the nerve to mention it to you.”

“Mention what to me?”

“That I like to be …like that.”

Carol was stunned at this development, excited but stunned, and quickly thought how she could turn this into something beyond her wildest imagination.

“And what if I told you that I wanted my clit licked…” Her words hung there, only the lapping of her slave and her lovers deep breathing were audible, “while I was being fucked? What would you think of that?”

By now he was breathing deep and hard but said nothing, the slave between her legs stopped licking and looked up at his Mistress.

“Did I tell you to stop licking?” She didn’t wait for his reply just took a handful of fair hair and thrust his head back into her cunt. “Well, is that something that would excite you?”

He tried to speak but the words stuck in his dry throat, he coughed, apologised and tried again:

“Yes, Carol, yes it would.”

“And if you were the one sucking my clit while he fucked me? Would that also excite you?”

He had thought that she meant that he would be fucking her, with her slave licking her, although he didn’t know how it would be achieved, and stammered a reply, clearly thrown off guard.

“No, I didn’t think so…you’re clearly not cut off for this at all.” she said dismissively.

“Please Carol, please teach me how, I do want to…” He searched for the verb “to…”

“Serve, is the word you’re looking for. Serve and worship, please and pleasure, never thinking of your own satisfaction, but always of mine, my total sexual satisfaction. That’s what he does.” she said as she patted her slave on the head, “do you think you could learn to do that?”

Carol looked directly at him, as her slave wrapped his tongue around her hard clit. A wave of pleasure washed over her and she closed her eyes and breathed deeply through her nose. At the end of the breath, she opened her mouth and expelled the breath, accompanied by a throaty moan of lust, deep, erotic, and the next wave washed over her, throwing her head back, her fingers stretched deep and then into a claw as she grabbed a handful of her slaves hair, forcing his mouth harder onto her cunt.

She opened her eyes and looked at her lover. His cock was rock hard and bobbed in front of him. She wanted it back in her cunt, but her slave was pleasuring her so well that it would have been churlish to deny him the pleasure of making her come.

She reached out to him as he stepped into the room, putting her right hand behind his head, pulling him towards her. He thought she wanted him to kiss her but instead she pushed his mouth down to her nipple. He licked feverishly and she told him to suck it.

He sucked the lengthening nipple into his mouth. She has very long nipples, when aroused and he nibbled on it gently.

“Harder!” she extolled and as neither knew who the order was directed to, they both increased the suction on nipple and clit.

It wasn’t long before she was close to coming, her orgasm was intense, very intense and lasted several seconds, wave after wave of sheer bliss collapsed her onto the bed and she was totally incapable of thought, all that mattered was the pleasure the two slaves were giving her. As it began to subside she pushed her slave away from her highly sensitive cunt and lay gasping for breath. His mouth was Anadolu Yakası Yeni Escort still on her nipple and she struggled to think on how she could orchestrate the rest of the evening.

Eventually, she composed herself and cupped her lover’s cheek, then quite roughly pushed him away.

The Domme in her took over and she lifted her left foot towards her slaves face. He cradled her foot in his hands and bent his head to the black stocking and red leather straps of her shoe.

He kissed her foot with such devotion, making her smile, as she turned.

“So, now to define how you can serve me.”

He bowed his head and took a deep breath, his cock still rock hard, his continuing reaction to her gargantuan climax and her sheer sexuality. He had always loved fucking her and was genuinely broken hearted when she had left the country. But by now the thought of not only fucking her but serving her as well excited him beyond anything he could have thought possible.

Carol looked at him, narrowed her eyes, and pursed her lips. She shook her head slowly.

“I don’t know what Im going to do with you, I really don’t.”

His ego took a metaphorical kick in the scrotum, he wanted her to do ANYTHING SHE LIKED with him, but could only whisper “Please,” from his rapidly drying mouth.

“Earlier on,” she began “when you were fucking me in the shower, and he, ” she nodded at her kneeling slave “was listening at the door.”


“What if the roles were reversed, and he, or someone else, was fucking me and you were in here, hands bound? Is that something that would have excited you?”

“Yes Miss Carol.”

“But if you hadn’t come in here to spy on me, he would have been allowed to lick me to orgasm, then I would have come back to you, you would have fucked me, and, eventually, come inside me.”

She glanced down at her slave, his eyes were wide open his mouth still on her stockinged foot, his breathing hard, but ragged, shallow…She held his gaze and continued: “you’d have come in my cunt, and then after you’d left, he,” she nodded down at her slave, then looked at the gardener, “would then have licked it out of me.”

The gardeners eyes were also wide open in amazement, his pupils dilated.

“So would you have liked to be in his place? Because that’s what any slave of mine is required to do,” she said matter-of-factly, her eyebrow raised, expecting a prompt answer.

She didn’t wait for his reply but went on: “or if I ordered you to kneel and to watch closely as the cum slides out of my cunt, seeing it pool over my arsehole, my tight hole, and then…and only then be allowed to lick it up, lick it clean,and, ” she gesticulated again towards her slave “like him, swallow it?”

The room was silent, heavy breathing aside, until Carol said “well, is that what you think a slave does? Because in my bedroom, that is exactly what a slave does…well for starters anyway. I take your silence to mean no, which leaves us with a very strange situation. Do I let you fuck me now? Make him watch and then sit on his face? Or do you really want to be my slave and do everything I tell you to?”

The reply was hesitant, nervous, unsure, which wasn’t like him at all, his self confidence rattled, but as the words came out a smile spread over her thin red mouth and she bit her bottom lip in anticipation of the times to come.

“Please Miss Carol, please let me be your slave, I want to do all of that, and more, anything and everything you order me to do, please I beg you.”

She spread her legs wide and stretched her right foot towards his face, in exactly the way she did with her slave. He took her foot in his hand and bent his head towards it, his lips caressing her stockings his tongue licking either side of the red leather straps. Carol lay back and allowed her two slaves to worship her, thoughts of where the evening was heading flying though her brain, with one word and one word only escaping her lips.


Her new slave looked up, then glanced at her other slave.

“Mistress?” he queried.

“Twenty cock strokes each, one minute of licking me out, one minute of sucking my clit, then the other slave, same drill,no coming without asking permission. After the first round full round, you fuck me and then the other slave licks me. And if the unthinkable happens and one of you comes in me, you lick your own come out of me immediately. The first one to come, then licks the other slaves come out of me, after I eventually allow him to come that is. Do you both understand?”

They fell over themselves to answer, neither had done anything like this before, but the sheer eroticism turned both of them on, the pre cum pooling at their Japs eyes, their hard cocks pulsing with excitement.

She looked at the bedside clock, it was just gone 7.

“And if neither of you comes before 8, and I come at least 4 times, then we move on to the next stage, and believe me you will BOTH learn something new,” she told them.

“Please Goddess, who do you wish Anadolu Yakası Masaj Salonu to fuck you first?” Asked her 1st slave.

“You go first, but you,” she nodded to the Gardener, “you lick me before that. One minute with your tongue in my fuck hole, one minute on my clit.”

Her new slave wasted no time in shuffling into place and dived between her legs, with the other holding her feet wide apart, as her former lover, and newly acquired slave, licked her fuck hole.

Her slave looked over as the clock clicked over and said “1 minute Goddess,” and the gardener transferred his tongue to her clit. The minute clicked over and Her slave announced it again. Her lover moved away, whispering his thanks to Carol, as any man would and should, were he allowed to serve such a beautiful sexy lady.

The confusion over what to call each had to be resolved. Carol thought quickly, her original slave was such a cum slut, who loved it when She allowed him to perform clean up duties, that she decided he should be simply Slut. Her new slave, simply, Slave. Sorted. She giggled to herself, and told them of her snap decision.

Slut got between her legs, took his cock in hand, and rubbed it up and down her slit before plunging it into her vagina, her slick hot fuck hole. He fucked her hard and as deep as his mere six inch erection would allow, her Slave holding her feet as Slut had done before, but Slut knew he would have to perform to his very best to come anywhere near pleasing her as much as her new Slave’s eight inch plus hard thick cock.

The minute was announced and Slut withdrew his cock, falling to his knees and sliding his slut tongue into her wide hole, lapping up her cunt juice and what little pre cum he had spunked into her. The taste was heavenly and he reluctantly withdrew his tongue as Her slave announced the minute clicking by. His tongue sought out her clit, wrapping it around the hard button, swirling it around inside his lips, then sucking it into his mouth. Carol’s breathing quickened and her slut knew she was close to coming. Her slaves voice announcing the minute sounded like a bell in Slut’s head and he reluctantly backed off, kissing her clit reverentially as he did, and then stood to take over holding her feet.

Her slaves enormous cock bobbed from his groin, his hairy scrotum large but tight.

“She’ll have those pubes trimmed and shaven before the nights out,” thought Slut.

Her slave slapped his cock on her cunt, getting it extra hard, before thrusting it into her in one stroke, eight inches plus of hard cock which knocked the breath out of her making her gasp as she clutched the sheet by her head. Slut held her legs wide, and was sure Her Slave had given her more than twenty strokes but didn’t know what to do, thinking quickly he thought he would just announce the minute clicking over. However before that occurred, Carol clutched Her Slave’s hair and cried out as her orgasm began. It seemed to go on and on until the minute clicked over, and slut announced it and expected her Slave to withdraw his cock, but he didn’t.

Carol, of course, noticed.

“And what do you think you are doing slut?” momentarily forgetting their new names.

Her slave gasped and blurted out “Please, please Carol”, intimating that he wanted to come.

“Certainly not, on your knees now or get out of my house.”

He stopped fucking her and fell to his knees, his tongue sliding between her puffed and engorged lips and into her vagina, prolonging her orgasm. The minute clicked over, barely 50 seconds since he stopped fucking her, but as slut announced it, he obediently withdrew his tongue and licked her clit.

Carol was in heaven, as wave after wave of her pleasure crashed over the three of them.

Her slaves continued to please her for an hour. It was slut’s turn to fuck her next but she said she wanted her new slaves cock again, which was hardly surprising, the twenty strokes pinning her hips to the bed. He contained himself this time and withdrew to lick her, forgetting her order about changing the order of things.

The two minutes were announced and as Her slave shuffled to his left slut got to his knees licking her lips savouring her cum, licking her out again, hoping that once the minute clicked over, he would be able to make her come.

He wasn’t to be disappointed, she gave him her orgasm, the most precious gift he could ever hope to receive, about half way through his clit licking minute, which continued until Her Slave announced his minute was up.

Slut knew it was his turn to fuck her and stood and put her legs on his chest her feet either side of her head in the deep stick position, then fucked her hard, determined to stay in her for the minute, which passed far too quickly.

“That was more than twenty strokes Slut” she chided him.

“Please accept my apologies Goddess” he begged as he kissed her ankles either side of his face.

“I think you need to be taught a lesson,” announced Carol.

He slipped out of her and knelt before her.

“Go and fetch my dirty knickers from yesterday, the black lace ones.”

He hurried off and when he returned saw Her new slave on his knees, head between her legs, continuing the worship ritual. He stood with the black panties in his hand and couldn’t help but bring them to his nose as Her slave made her come on his tongue, the minute count seemingly discarded.