Carrie and John Pt. 01


Ever since John had joined the gym he had noticed Carrie. Quite simply, she was stunning. He had instantly been hooked by her long blond hair, perfect face with piercingly blue eyes and a body which was toned to perfection. He could hardly keep his eyes off her when she was working out. She was the perfect balance of fitness with toned arms and legs and an impressive six-pack with full but not oversized breasts and a very pert backside coupled with a pretty and feminine poise. It was all John could do to not go hard whenever in her presence. Each time he saw her she seemed to make a point of exchanging a casual greeting with him or flashing him a smile which made his heart beat faster. It was not long before his dreams were filled with Carrie and he was spending far too much time masturbating and fantasising about being with her. The thing was, John was really quite ordinary. He was lightly toned but had never had the drive to really get fit. The gym was more the place to spot girls and chat with his friends; a place to detox after the stress of work.

Since leaving school he had not had much luck with women. They all wanted him to take charge and John really didn’t want to. If he had not found the female form so stimulating he might have wondered if he was actually gay. He had never admitted it to anyone, but actually he really wanted a woman who would take charge, especially in the bedroom.

From time to time he went on bondage websites where men were tied up by female doms who then mistreated them or tantalized the men into submission. He had persuaded his last girlfriend to tie him to the bedposts and masturbate him until he came. Unfortunately John was so excited by the thought of being tied up, he had cum almost immediately and that had been the end of the evening. His girlfriend had not looked impressed and left him soon afterwards. It seemed impossible to John that his particular fetish would ever be satisfied, so he had spent most of his sexual life tying himself to things, only to feel disappointed and somewhat ashamed post orgasm.

So catching glimpses of Carrie in all her perfection and carrying those mental images home to turn into fantasy seemed to be about the nearest he dreamed he’d ever come to real satisfaction. It was therefore a complete surprise to him when Carrie, in one of her brief exchanges with him, had suggested that they might go running together one evening. Unlike before, she had waited just long enough after speaking for John to come to his senses and make a response. “I would love that,” he had replied, hoping he had not looked either too shocked or too keen.

“How about Friday evening,” she had replied, “6:30 in the beach car park?” Without thinking John accepted. He had not thought of the agonising wait that lay before him as it was only Wednesday when they spoke. For the following two days his mind reeled over what to wear, what to say to her, how to behave and whether she would enjoy his company after all.

Carrie had been observing John for a couple of months before she asked him to go running with her. She had first noticed the puppy dog look which came over him every time she spoke to him or even entered the same room. She was naturally cautious so wanted to really check John out before speaking to him. After all, he could be a psychopath, a stalker or just plain simple, the way he behaved towards her. Carrie was well connected so she had checked out his background: job, college education, friendship group etc. She had been strangely pleased to see that John had no living close relatives and that the property he lived in was rented from his employer. His job was in computer programming but, despite being a good employee, he lacked the confidence to push for advancement or an increase in pay. So he was intelligent but shy. What she really longed to know was whether this made him a submissive because that is what she really longed for; a man who would do whatever she asked and who would give up anything to be with her.

Carrie was only 22, the same age as John, but she was already one of the wealthiest women in the world on account of having inherited her father’s business empire when both her parents were killed in a plane crash, just before her eighteenth birthday. The pharmaceutical and technology empire was skilfully run by a team of business people her father had assembled around him as the empire grew. They allowed Carrie to take an interest, even to take over decisions, but they were equally happy for her to sit back and count the profits.

On her eighteenth birthday Carrie was awoken to be told by the servants that a powerfully built older woman waiting for her in the living room. She had dressed quickly and gone to greet the mysterious visitor who had responded by handing Carrie a letter, written in her mother’s hand. Carrie was taken aback by the letter which she had read several times before she felt she could speak to her mysterious guest; a guest who turned out to be a Mistress of the strictest kind and who had been commissioned by her mother to take over istanbul escort Carrie’s ‘sexual education’ and to prepare her for the ‘harsh world’ of business. For the next two years Carrie lost her freedom completely. There and then the mysterious visitor had ordered her to undress and after a struggle, she had reluctantly obeyed. The woman had then handcuffed Carrie and shackled her ankles before leading her to a deep basement section the girl had never known existed underneath her parent’s luxury mansion. During the following two years Carrie experienced no freedom at all. She was tortured daily and made to perform all sorts of perverted sexual acts on both men and women.

On her twentieth birthday she had been told that her education was complete. “You have been completely dominated throughout the last two years,” her Mistress had told her. “In that time you have been forced to submit, but in so doing you have proved to me that you truly are a Dom. Your mother knew you would be and it was her clear wish that you use some of your resources and facilities to take a man or woman and to extract from them every ounce of pleasure that you can. The only warning I will give you is this, you must learn to love your sub. Love them so much that you teach them to love pain and humiliation as much as you will love giving it. Hurt them completely, but never harm them. Make them your pet, but be a good pet owner!”

Carrie had been overwhelmed by the thought of freedom as her chains were removed and she was finally offered clothing to wear. Although she had fought every step of the way through her domination, often receiving far more pain as a result, she had grown to love her Mistress. “How can I do it without you?” she had asked, tears forming in her eyes.

“You will, it is in you,” replied her Mistress. But remember that everything you do to your sub is born of love and care, not hate. If you use hate, you will destroy. I will come and see you once a month. In our meetings you will spend the night as my sub. I will give you time to ask me anything you wish to know. I will not leave you to be alone. When you feel ready, find a man or woman to please you. Pick them carefully and study them before you approach them. If you choose well, they will be your to won and keep for the rest of time.”

At this, the Mistress had left and Carrie had spent the next few months reacquainting herself with life outside of the basement and with the business. She had then joined the gym, despite having all the facilities she needed at home. She knew that part of her domination would be to enforce fitness and physical perfection on to her submissive. It was during these months that she also decided it would be a man who she would take out of the world and bring into her control.

During the two years since gaining her freedom she had met several men through different means. Two she found on fetish websites, men who claimed they wanted to be completely dominated. Both had turned out to be failures, simply because they wanted to fit their fetish into their regular working lives. This was not good enough for Carrie, she wanted everything, every second of their lives for herself. The others had been men she met at the gym or in other locations who she had convinced herself were submissive. None of them had been! In fact two of these men had tried to take her to bed on only the second date, and in not at all a submissive capacity. These experiences had led Carrie to be much more circumspect. She knew she wanted a long time partner, if that was the right word, and so she could afford to wait. On her monthly meetings with her Mistress, where once again she was the slave, Carrie was able to voice her doubts and to be encouraged and corrected in turn. Patience was the key.

It was all this which had brought her to John who, despite being very average in his fitness, had the air of a man who wanted to be taken charge of. He was also pretty cute with lovely eyes, she had thought. More importantly, he also appeared to almost swoon at the sight of her and she knew that could easily be the hook into devotion and complete submission she needed. It made her smile to think that John could barely control himself physically when she spoke to him. She also felt powerful at the thought that he saw her as a beautiful fit girl with no idea of her background or the plans she had for him, if he turned out to be the one.

John had never felt so nervous as when he arrived in the beach car park a few minutes early and stood around waiting for Carrie to appear. He had bought a whole new outfit for running. Shiny Under Armour compression shorts covered by red Nike running shorts. On top he wore a shiny Under Armour compression shirt with short sleeves and Nike trainers on his feet. He had to admit the whole outfit made him feel quite turned on. John had discovered, in his experiments with bondage, that he really loved sportswear and manmade fibres. He had even cut out the built in briefs from a number of running and football shorts so that he could feel escort bayan the smooth outer material against his butt and genitals. What concerned him now, however, was whether5 Carrie would notice him physically. She was so perfectly toned and beautiful, way out of his league that he was sure she was just being kind to him by offering to go for a run.

After five minutes Carrie jogged into the car park. She was as stunning as ever with mint green Nike Pro Combat shorts, matching trainers and a dark green Nike running crop top. Her hair was tightly tied back into a long pony tail and she flashed him a beautiful and disarming smile as she came to a halt. John almost felt faint. “If we run along the beach front, we can stop for a break at my beach house,” Carrie suggested, “it’s only about 5 miles away.”

“I’ll do my best,” said John, not wanting to make a false impression from the start,” but I don’t normally run that far.”

“Try and do it for me,” she replied with a twinkle in her eye which John picked up on straight away. “I make the meanest smoothies on the beach,” she added as if to tempt him further.

To be honest John was overwhelmed at the thought that he might even go into Carrie’s house, let alone drink a smoothie with her. Carrie on the other hand noticed the bulge in the front of John’s shorts and knew she had hit the mark. He’d definitely run the eight miles, which it really was, to her beach house. Then he might just need to stay the night to recover…

Throughout the run Carrie was slightly ahead of John. She made sure to set a pace which she judged he would be able to sustain over the distance. For John the view was terrific. He hardly noticed the beautiful beach, the crystal clear sea with its waves foaming on the shore or the cliffs which rose majestically to the left of him. Carrie filled his mind, his vision and really his whole body as he ran behind her, fully erect the whole way. The perfect shape of her legs, her backside, her legs and the mesmeric bobbing of her golden hair almost hypnotised him. He had never run this far in his life, but if Carrie had told him it was twenty miles he would have followed her. In this state he did not notice how exhausted he was becoming or the sweat which dripped off him as he struggled to maintain the pace which she was setting. No matter what happened when they reached Carrie’s house, and John really did not know what to expect, he would never forget the sight of her perfect body, running ahead of him.

Eventually Carrie brought them to a halt and John saw a beautiful beach house which had several floors, being set into the face of the cliff. Wide glass windows surveyed the beautiful view and several balconies opened out on the different levels of the property as it rose up the cliff. “Wow!” was all he could say as he regained his breath and as Carrie led him through a number of stretches and poses which would prevent him cramping later and which would help his muscles to relax after their exertion.

“Let’s go get that smoothie,” she said, smiling at him, as they finished stretching and she led him to the entrance of the house. Inside they walked up a marbled flight of stairs to a wide room which overlooked the beach with those wide windows. These opened up onto a stunning balcony which was beautifully decorated with candles, lanterns and tropical plants. The windows opened electrically and Carrie bade John to find a seat outside and relax in the sun whilst she set about making their drinks. John noticed that the sitting room opened up into a well appointed kitchen behind the seating area. He walked onto the balcony and found a recliner to sit down on. Carrie soon reappeared with two brightly coloured smoothies and handed one to John before sitting down next to him. “I’m sorry the run was so long,” she said innocently, “I may have miscalculated the distance.

“Oh don’t worry,” John replied, “I guess I won’t be able to stay long, though, because I will need to get all the way back before it gets dark.”

Carrie looked at him with a slightly amused expression on her face and said, “You don’t have to go anywhere John. You’re welcome to stay the night here, after all you don’t have work tomorrow.” John couldn’t help going bright red with embarrassment at this idea, he had no idea what to say. He didn’t know whether she wanted to sleep with him or was just offering him a room for the night. He was completely out of his depth. “We could sit up and chat or play cards or even watch TV if you like,” Carrie said in order to smooth over his embarrassment. “I have a lovely spare room which you are welcome to use and I would enjoy some company, if I’m honest. It’s pretty remote out here and I don’t often get to spend time with someone else.

John relaxed a little; he also felt a pang of disappointment. It occurred to him then that whatever Carrie offered, it would affect his emotions somehow. But this was his big chance to spend time with her and it felt suddenly right that he should spend that time completely innocently. Anyway, Ataşehir escort what right did he have to assume this perfectly beautiful woman would want him for anything more than a friend? Wasn’t this the 21st century, men and women ought to be able to be friends without sex getting in the way! “I would love to stay,” he replied at last. “To be honest I don’t often have company for the weekends, I could do to chat and maybe play a few hands of cards. You’re really kind to invite me.”

So they sat and enjoyed the sunset. Carrie then suggested that they shower before supper and again John was unsure what he would wear for the night. “I’ll put your Lycra in the wash,” she said, “you should be okay in your running shorts for the night and it is due to stay warm all night so you won’t want anything more. Is that okay, I don’t think my nighties would really suit you!?” and she laughed. John agreed at this and went to the en suite spare room for his shower. This really was some kind of fantasy situation. The shorts he had worn were amongst those he had removed the built in briefs from. They were part of his sportswear fetish which would heighten his sexuality anyway. To be dressed like that in Carrie’s home was almost too much to bear.

After John dried himself off he pulled on the shorts and tied the cord tightly around his waist. He was as hard as a rock and the brief shorts could not hide his erection. He heard Carrie calling him to come and eat and knew he would just have to hope she didn’t notice. He was not prepared for the sight which met his eyes as he entred the kitchen. Carrie had also showered and changed. Whatever other people might have thought appropriate when entertaining a male guest, Carrie obviously thought differently. She was wearing a skin tight sheer chemise made of an artificial fabric called Tactel. The colour was the palest pink and the short nightie reached to just below her bottom. As the material was semi transparent john could see a matching string thong, pale pink over her crotch and black strings around the side and back. She wore no bra and her full, firm breasts showed clearly through the material as it stretched over them. Her nipples were clearly erect. Over her shoulders she wore a very short dressing gown in the same material and colours, which was open to the front. If John had been hard before, his penis was now throbbing as he sat down on a bar stool to eat his food. “I hope you don’t mind me getting ready for bed too,” Carrie said calmly, “it seemed silly to shower and then have to change again later. If you are uncomfortable I can change, though. You look as if you’ve seen a ghost!”

“No, I’ve just seen you!” John stumbled before he really knew what he was saying. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful woman in my whole life, Carrie. You really are wonderful!”

This time it was Carrie’s turn to blush. She was really taken aback by John’s words, but even more by the fact that he wasn’t already groping her and trying to get her into bed. She really was hoping that this was not a sign of plain old weakness, but a sign of his submissive nature. She so wanted him to be a true submissive. At least now she knew she was right, he did find her attractive. She knew it was cruel to do this to him, but she had to find out how he would react. Making him wear just the shorts, knowing he had cut out the briefs, thrilled her but also made him very vulnerable. She had not failed to notice his hard-on as he came into the room. She also knew the way she was dressed would torment him out of his mind if he didn’t try to make a move on her. She really hoped he wouldn’t as she so wanted John to be her slave. The tricky part would be explaining to him how complete his slavery would be, that is if he actually agreed to it in the first place.

“You really are lovely,” she said to him as innocently as she could manage. Let’s eat, then we can play cards and chat before bed time.

They ate in silence and John enjoyed every mouthful of the healthy salad she had prepared. Whenever he thought Carrie was not looking he cast a glance at her. She was more beautiful than he had even imagined in his sexual fantasies about her. The tight sheer material showed off her breasts and toned abdomen to perfection. He knew that beneath the bar her long, muscled legs went on forever. He had to really focus to avoid cumming. He cursed the hours he had spent stimulating himself, not just over Carrie, but throughout his life since puberty. All that masturbating had reduced his cum time down to next to nothing. If Carrie did want him, how would he ever satisfy her? One touch from her and he would cum all over his shorts, he just knew it.

Carrie kept the pressure on him though. She had been far less provocatively dressed when her previous male ‘friends’ had tried to take her. The last one had come at her from behind whilst she was bending down to tie up her trainers. Doubtless to say he had been sent packing, but all these experiences made Carrie ruthless in her testing of John’s manners and self-restraint. She took the empty plates and then carefully opened the dishwasher. Keeping her legs straight, she slowly bent right down from the waist to put them in the machine, giving John a perfect view of her backside and of the patch of sheer material which covered her genitals.