Casey’s Recovery Ch. 11

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“Let me out sweetie, come on wake up, come on …” woke me from a sound sleep. It was my mother gently patting my stomach and talking softly into my ear. To tell the truth, I would like to be wakened like that every morning as it was gentle and loving. I stretched and opened my eyes seeing my mom’s pretty face looking into mine.

“Sweetie, I need to get up and go to work, lots to do today; otherwise, I would prefer to stay here and put this fine cock to its proper use.” She said as she slid her hand down from my belly to firmly hold and stroke my morning wood. “You got a little over tired yesterday, so I want you to take it easy today and save it for me tonight — Ok?”

I grinned at her saying, “Yes Mam, I’ll be saving it up for you, I promise!”

“Alright then, move your butt and don’t wake your sister, she hasn’t moved since you two came to bed this morning, I think you wore her out as well.”

“Oh Mom, you sure know how to flatter a guy.” I slid out of bed quietly and reached for the ceiling as I stretched and Mom eased from the center of the bed to the side … I could not resist, so I stepped in closely and waived my cockhead at Mom’s mouth. She looked up at me saying, “Oh you are so bad.” And then; she popped my cockhead into her mouth, suckling me like a calf might suckle its mother.

One hand went around my waist rubbing and cupping a butt cheek, the other fondled my balls. After a few moments she did something she’d never done before, she took my cock deep into her mouth abutting her throat, and then she began to swallow allowing my cock to slip into her throat. The sensation was out of this world — soft, wet, pulsating with suction — it pulled me over the edge and the cum burst in hot torrents into her throat as she buried her face into my pubic hair, swallowing and sucking. I heard myself taking deep breaths while I pushed my cock hard into her mouth.

When I finished, she eased my cock out of her mouth and said, “I know I said I was in a hurry this morning, but I’m going to make time for you to eat my pussy. Get down here Jack, start eating my pussy, come see how wet it is for you baby.”

I dropped to my knees, leaned in and lifted Mom’s legs over my shoulders shoving my face directly into her sopping wet pussy. The taste was sensational, musty — earthy — tart and sweet with the scent of spring woodlands. God it was so good, every now and then there would be a slightly acid or acrid taste, I was face deep and it was all so, so good. As I sucked her clit into my mouth rubbing it with the underside of my tongue, she began to buck, burying her fingers into my hair, clamping her legs fiercely around my head I kept licking and sucking as she rode out her orgasm. Finally she lay back on the bed relaxing her legs and I leaned over kissing her fully on the mouth. She gave me a great hug, then stood and went off to the bathroom.

Casey sat up and said, “I swear brother, every time I look up you are eating pussy or getting a blow job. You got to admit, you have it pretty sweet, Huh?”

I jumped onto the bed bouncing across to pull her into my arms and gave her a deep mouth kiss and she kissed me right back — tongue to tongue. When we came apart she said, “Mom’s pussy tastes really good, does mine taste like that?”

“Yes it does, it is simply delicious!”

Casey rubbed my face with her little hand and said, “Brother you need a shave cause you’re pretty stubbly. Tell you what, you go do your morning stuff and shave and I will go downstairs and start coffee and breakfast.”

“That would be great, but you’ve got to be careful of your leg.”

“Don’t worry, I will take it real easy and be extra careful — Ok there big brother?” she said.

With that I went over to my bathroom for a light wash up and shave; by the time I finished a good 30 minutes had passed and I was ready for a cup of coffee. Down the stairs I went, as I turned toward the kitchen I heard voices … odd, one was clearly male. Stepping into the kitchen there sat Casey wearing my big T-shirt that hung by the front door talking quietly with Chuck.

She looked up as I came into the room and said in a shocked tone, “Jack, where are your clothes?”

Chuck turned in his chair, his eyes seemingly drawn to my cock and balls as I walked toward them. I realized that I had to make a decision about this and about Chuck; and I did.

I walked directly to Chuck, doing my best to keep my cock and balls center in his vision, stuck out my hand and said, “I need to shake the hand of the man who’s had his way with my sister.”

Casey, ever the firebrand, jumped up with her hands on her hips saying, “JACK, don’t you dare talk to Chuck like that, I won’t have it!”

I waived Casey back down in her seat and said, “Where’s Mom?”

“She rushed through a few minutes ago, got konak escort some coffee and took off for work saying she was late and had lots to do. Now about Chuck, you know he is very special to me …”

“Sssssh shush, let me speak.” I said and took a seat next to Chuck. Looking at him I wasn’t sure whether he would faint or run. He had that nervous rabbit look and was blushing. “Chuck, I have some things to talk to you about; before I begin I need your promise. A real promise, no bullshit … a straight up promise that what we talk about will never, never be repeated … are you man enough for that?”

Chuck squirmed in his seat looking from Casey to me and finally said, “I can keep my promises. As long as nothing you say hurts Casey, you have my word.” Casey must have read my mind because she reached over and took his hand in hers reassuringly.

“Good!” I stood up and twisted my hips causing my cock and balls to swing wildly from side to side; Chuck eyes followed. “So Chuck, what do you see?”

“Well, ah, ah you don’t have any clothes on and your thing was flopping.”

“Ok close enough. Chuck our home is a nudist home. We go naked here all the time when it’s just our family — Casey, me, our Aunt, a friend of my Mom’s and Mom — we get naked together and we like it that way. What do you think of that?”

As I was talking, Chuck looked searchingly at Casey, to her credit she patted his hand and smiled reassuringly. “Are you really naked all the time Casey?” he asked. To answer his question, Casey stood up and pulled the oversized T-shirt over her head, then carefully stepped back standing proudly naked so he could see all the good parts. “Would you mind seeing me like this?

“No, not at all, you look wonderful …” he said.

“So far, so good.” I said, “Here’s the deal Chuck, Casey is very fond of you. So much so that she would like to include you in our nudist family but there is a problem. If you were to tell anyone outside the family about us you could embarrass Casey and you could harm my Mother’s professional reputation and that would be a r-e-a-l problem, do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I do see how that would be bad. But you have to understand that I would never, never do anything to hurt Casey or your family.”

“Look, I believe that you believe what you’re saying, but what if you and Casey have a falling out. You breakup …” Chuck started to speak, but I cut him off by putting up my hand for silence. “I need to be able to count on you before we let you into our family — think about it, talk it over with Casey. I’m going to walk out to the pool and back; then you can let me know your decision.”

I wandered around in the backyard pool area for a good 15 minutes and then headed back to the house, before I got there Casey and Chuck stepped onto the pool deck both naked as jay birds. Chuck stuck out his hand saying, “You have my word on it Sir, I promise never to say anything to harm your family, never, no matter what might happen.”

“Ok Chuck, we have a deal, welcome to the family.”

“Ah but Sir, I’m afraid that I’ll have a problem.”

“Chuck, are you afraid you’re going to walk around with a hard-on all the time?” I asked.

He blushed again and nodded, Casey giggled like a little girl and I laughed.

“Chuck, the ladies in our family take particular pleasure in causing hard dicks, don’t worry about it, just lean back, let your dick point the way and be proud, you’ll fit right in.”

Sure enough Chuck was as good as his worry, by the time I finished talking his cock was fully erect — a good 6 inches, medium thickness with a big apple red head. Yep, I decided, he’ll fit right in. Casey grabbed his hard cock and said, “Come on big boy, come with me.” At the pool edge she pushed him in and slipped in herself. I watched them play for a while — it was great to see Casey being a kid again.

The morning passed quietly and around noon Aunt Rena showed up. As she came outside I was treated to a startling sight — her pussy was in plain view — a great big, big lipped pussy with almost no hair. Apparently my stare was the most obvious thing as Aunt Rena stopped about 5 feet from my chair, spread her legs a little and said, “Well Mr. Thompson, is this the first time you’ve seen a bare pussy?”

“I’m sorry Aunt Rena, it’s just sort of a shock, I don’t mean to be rude.” I said.

“Not to worry honey boy,” and with that she walked over to my chair and stepped her leg over my legs creating a horseshoe arch placing her pussy within a foot from my face. “Lillian convinced me to do some landscaping between my legs and this is the result — what do you think?”

Just above her clitoral hood was the border between smooth absolutely hair free pussy and a short haired trapezoid above. When I first saw her, her pussy was a wild hairy patch, dense and thick. Now the dense, thick hair remained just neatly trimmed and cut rather short — had you asked me I would have said it would not be appealing; but no, I found manisa escort it really interesting, so much so that my mouth had begun to water.

“Aunt Rena, I never thought I’d say this, but it is a thing of beauty!”

“Thank you honey boy; Lillian said she’d be happier eating my puss if it was less hairy so she convinced me to get a sculptured trim and a Brazilian wax on all the other parts. Apparently you should not get a laser hair treatment during the summer, I’m supposed to wait until winter when the laser is said to do a better job. I’ll tell you one thing though; when they pulled the wax off I thought they were pulling my puss out by the roots.”

As she stood there proudly showing me her hairless pussy up close, I reached around her bottom and began to lightly massage her butt cheeks and pulled her pussy into my face. I leaned in and sniffed deeply of her womanhood enjoying the musky sweet odor; then I began kissing her smooth flesh. As I tasted her pussy, I tasted the vanilla scented lotion she used as I lightly licked and sucked her fleshy labia and inner thighs.

She reached down and grasped my head saying, “That’s my sweet boy. I’m so glad you like my puss, just keep on keeping on honey — you are doing me good. And after a few minutes I started licking deeply into her vagina, sucking up her abundant juices, as I held tightly onto her soft bottom cheeks. Her first orgasm came quickly — she pushed her pussy hard against my face and moved her bottom up and down as she moaned loudly. Her juices weren’t abundant like Casey’s or Mom’s but there was a pretty good mouthful, as I swallowed I took her rigid clit into my mouth and ran the back of my tongue over it increasing her moans until she pulled my head away, tilting my face up as she leaned down and kissed me deeply. “God, my pussy tastes good in your mouth!”

“Aunt Rena, why don’t you sit down and rest a minute?” As she did so, I directed her bottom over my stony hard cock and then down on it plunging my cock fully into her vaginal vault. Once my cock hit bottom and was fully buried inside her she bucked a moment and said, “Oh yes, just what I wanted, a nice big cock to fill me up, uuuuuummmmmhhh!”

That’s when I saw Casey and Chuck standing beside my pool chair watching us with big eyes, Chuck’s dick looked like it was going to explode, his big apple red cock head was twitching and dripping while Casey had reached between her legs and was quietly frigging herself with her left hand, her eyes had become squinted and her breathing was raspy.

“Chuck, come here — Chuck come over here.” I said as I positioned him next to the chair and Aunt Rena. He looked at me confused. “Put your dick in her mouth; go on, in her mouth.”

He turned somewhat mechanically, placing his cockhead on Aunt Rena’s lips until she opened her mouth and reached out pulling him further into her. As we sat locked together rocking softly, I watched her tongue working in her mouth, licking, sucking and tasting his dick. Very quickly he reached out grasping her head and began rocking his body as his seed spilled into her mouth. Watching Aunt Rena I saw her throat work as she swallowed his cum. I looked at Chuck and saw Casey was squeezing his hand in hers as he stood there eyes clenched shut the other hand holding Rena’s head as his cock pulsed.

That got my motor running. I stood up holding Aunt Rena close and tight and walked locked together, cock to pussy, over to the big redwood table by the pool. Once there I carefully sat her at the edge, eased her legs over my shoulders and began to pound her pussy relentlessly. Her hands sought to grip the table edge as I pounded her fast and hard. Her pussy was so hot and slick the feeling was really great. Her hot pussy inspired me as I became a blur pounding away, then — the canon went off between my legs as I poured cum deep into her fiery pussy.

As I stood there draining the last drops into Aunt Rena, Casey and Chuck came over. “Casey, I hope that it was Ok with you that I got Chuck’s cock sucked?”

“Actually, it kind of ticked me off and then I remembered that he’s a member of the family and we share, so why not let Aunt Rena suck him off. I loved seeing him shoot his load in her mouth, he really liked it, I could tell.”

“Do you mind if I put him back to work on Aunt Rena?”

Casey looked at me oddly saying, “No I guess not, what do you have in mind?”

Chuck had a somewhat dazed look, I think it must have been due to all the stimuli; after all he’d never had sex like this, never dreamed of it. I reached over and shook his shoulder softly and when he focused his eyes on me, asked “Chuck, could you help me out again, please?”

“Aaah, Ok I guess, what can I do?” he said.

Aunt Rena was lying back on the redwood table, her legs askew dangling over the edge. I pulled Chuck over and pushed him between her legs. His eyes fell on her newly sculpted pussy all swollen and red and oozing cum causing his cock to twitch and swell. Boy does youth have menderes escort its benefits, here I am at 24 needing a rest between bouts and just 5 years younger, Chuck is growing another hard-on just looking at the pussy. Casey walked up beside Chuck and I mimed for her to stroke him, which she did getting him fully hard, his cock pulsing with his heartbeat.

Casey was saying to Chuck, “Oh I am so proud of you, you are such a stud, I saw the way you fucked her face and blew your load in her mouth, I can’t wait for us to get together, I’m really looking forward to you pounding your big cock into my little pussy … Oh Chuck, I’m getting so wet; but first, get in there and fuck Rena until she drops over. You can do it, go big man!”

Chuck stepped forward and drove his cock up to the base, slamming his pubic bone against Aunt Rena’s. She let out a “oooffh” and her eyes grew wide as he continued to assault her pussy. I leaned over the table and said, “Aunt Rena, meet Chuck, he’s Casey’s friend; another bull for the herd so to speak.” Aunt Rena looked into Chuck’s eyes, tightened her legs around his back and smiled the biggest smile as he furiously drove his cock into her pussy.

I took Casey’s arm and we stepped away a few feet, all the while Chuck was rocking Rena’s pussy. It was a bit surreal to be sure. “Honey, don’t be mad at me, but I want to get Chuck fully invested in the family as soon as possible. I know that you and he are going to make lots of love; but if I can get him fucking Aunt Rena and Lillian for a while then he’ll be really invested. Besides, you know he needs the practice to be able to satisfy you properly.”

Casey looked at me sideways and said, “You know Jack, you can be one manipulating bastard.”

“So you are pissed at me, huh?”

“I guess I am; I just wanted to keep him all to myself.” Said Casey, “but you have a point, sweet and loving as he is, he tends to shoot off real easy — so, a little more control would be good. Do you think fucking Lillian and Rena will do it?”

“Baby sister, practice makes perfect and those two can really give him practice.”

“So Jack, how did you get so good — and you know you are good, I had at least five orgasms last night and from the little I know, that almost never happens — so Big Brother, you are good!”

“Practice, practice; do you remember Carol Baker?”

“Kind of … didn’t she babysit for me a couple of times?”

“Yes she did; remember she was short and a little fat with big tits. But more importantly she thought I was the be all end all, which made having sex with her easy. However, turns out that Carol while not the most attractive girl wanted to have an orgasm every time — she was no cum and go girl — more than a little demanding”

In the back ground Chuck was still pounding his cock into Aunt Rena leaning over her on his forearms he’s sucking her big nipples with gusto. Aunt Rena’s head is thrown back, her mouth is open and she is making happy fuck sounds … lots of “ungh, ungh, aaah, aaah, so good baby, so good!”

“Good Lord, look at those two. Chuck is really giving her the business and she looks like one happy girl; you know sis, you may have something really good with him.”

Casey slapped me on the arm saying, “That I already know, now get back to Carol.”

“Oh yeah, she was perfectly willing to fuck me any where any time, but she demanded satisfaction. Rather than be intimidated I told her to tell me what she liked and really wanted and I would do my best. So she did exactly what I asked. I ate that girl’s pussy for hours — we were together the entire summer I was a junior in high school. Honestly we had sex every day, sometimes 2 and 3 times a day that whole summer.”

“That explains why you were never around that summer, for a while I thought you didn’t want anything to do with me.” Said Casey.

“Not a chance baby sister. I’ve loved you since Mom brought you home from the hospital you were always special to me … and you didn’t have those pretty tits and that beautiful pussy then.”

Casey stuck her tongue out at me saying, “God you are a smooth talking devil. I believe you could talk your way out of anything. Oh my, look at them go!”

As we turned to look, Chuck leaned back grasping Aunt Rena’s thighs as he drove his bright red cock into her swollen pussy, then WHAM he stood stock still and pumped his cum into her. She wrapped her legs around his slim torso and said, “That’s it my boy, give it to me, squirt boy, squirt … yesssss.”

Casey went over to him and wrapped her arms around him as his flaccid cock slipped from her swollen pussy. She slowly walked him to the nearest chair and sat him down giving him kisses on his neck and shoulders before sitting on his lap. As they sat together they wrapped each other up in their arms.

I walked up to Aunt Rena and said, “How you doin’ Auntie?”

“Jack, when you recruit a new stud you don’t fool around. I didn’t think that skinny boy could fill the bill, but look at my poor little pussy all red and swollen. Hell, I don’t know if I can walk,” said Aunt Rena.

“I tell you what, how about you and I go to the downstairs bath and I’ll help you get a good hot shower, a little lotion on your sore spots and then you have a nice restful nap, what do you say?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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