Casino Ship Love


This story is based on true events, changes have been made to protect the innocent. Even if he doesn’t want to admit it happened, I will.

My name is Mike and I was getting tired of working in Casinos so I deceided to try Cruise Ship Casinos so I could see the world and get paid for it. As I walked on board I could not beleave how these ships looked. Crystal chandelers, marble floors, and lots of flowers. The smell of gardena carried lightly in the air and the happy faces seemed to say welcome to paridise. I had no idea were I was going to get my work scheduale or any info I needed so I asked a bell hop were is the supervisor and he took me down the elevator to the crew decks. These were not the same as up stairs.

As I got out of the elevator I saw that instead of lavish d?r there were metal floors, floresaunt lights, walls the ugliest shade of gray and a stale sort of smell that I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. As I stepped in to the Human Resources office I was greeted by the ugliest meanest looking woman who instantly perked up as I walked in. I guess I was the best looking person she had seen in months. I’m 22 years old, 6’ 1″ and 185 lbs. with strawberry blond hair, baby blue eyes, tan skin, and I am quite fit. I was told that my room was C57 and that I would be sharing it with Kyle, a bartender, that worked here. I walked around trying to find my room and was about to give up when Chris walked up and asked me if I was lost. Please help me find my room I asked. He explained the layout and pointed out the signs but still walked me along to make sure I found it.As we walked off all I could think was “Oh my god I’m gonna die. He was beautiful 21 years old, 6’ 2”, brown hair, dark brown eyes with a little green, tan skin the likes of a god, and the most sexy voice I’ve ever heard I could have climaxed just listening to him. He showed me where the rooms were and said he had to run his shift was starting.

I walking in my room and my roommate was not in, I stepped in the shower and couldn’t help but think about Chris and the thought of him made my manhood swell. I couldn’t help it so I took my 7 inch cock and started stroking it nice and slow while I pinched my nipples after a minute I soaped up my finger and started to rub my asshole. Needless to say the thought of Chris in my mind it didn’t take long for me to blow the biggest load over my hand and up on my shaved chest.

I got dressed and headed out for my shift now that the ship had left the casino would get busy. I got in the elevator and headed up 4 floors to the casino. Just as the doors were about to close a hand stopped them and in stepped Chris “oh hi” I said. “Did you make out all right after you got to your room ” he asked . “Yes I did thanks to you” I replied. Just as I said that my dick started to grow and I tried to hide it but I could tell he saw it but he said nothing. I guessed he Sex hikayeleri didn’t want to make me feel awkward which made me know he was a caring person and made me harder. Just starting here the last thing I wanted was people to know was that my idea of a good night was a dick in my ass, but it’s a choice I never hid. I just waited to let it be known because lets face it some people are homophobic and this place would be lonely without some friends.

As the doors to the elevator closed and it head up there was a funny noise and it came to a stop. After a minute we heard on the speaker that the emergency brakes had kicked in by accident and to hang tight and it’ll be fixed in 15 minutes. That’s when I notice the smell coming off Chris it was a mix of soap, cotton, and lavender. I couldn’t help myself so I had to ask “What kind of cologne are you wearing it smells great”. ” I’m not wearing any that smell is just me” he replied. God what an aroma I could just smell him for hours and this thought didn’t really help my throbbing erection. I guess he couldn’t help so he asked me what was making me so horny the only thing I could say was that it most be the excitement of the emergency we were in, like he would beleave that. “That happens to me at times” he replied ” somethings just get you hard and you don’t know why but don’t worry I won’t tell anyone you got a raging hard on stuck with me in the elevator, nice size of it though”. Did I hear him right did he comment on my size could he be gay too?, god I could only fantize, just then the elevator surged upwords and we were off to work.

After my shift ended I went back to my room and found Kyle he wasn’t good looking at all and I hoped he didn’t rely on his looks to get tips if so he’d be broke. “Pack your stuff you cant stay here” he said. “Why not” I asked him. “You have been reasinged to C34, Human Resources wants to put the people who work together in the same rooms so they can get each other up and not be late” he informed me. I guess it was a problem with staff. I walked down to my new room and turn the knob as I walked in my heart skipped a beat it was Chris he was my roommate I could not beleaved it I dug my key into my leg to make sure I was not asleep, nope wide awake. “Hey look who it is Hard On Boy” he said I blushed at that. “Hey I thought they said we were bunking with coworkers I didn’t see you in the Casino”. Like I cared or not. ” Don’t worry I’m a blackjack dealer too I was sent to a private game with a big player that’s why you didn’t see me Mr. Hard On” he replied. I blushed even deeper “its Mike not Hard On Boy” I said. ” Oh ok then I still like Hard On Boy better” he replied. “Hey until you fuck me you can’t have a pet name for me” I told him. “Well I guess I’m going to have to fuck you then” He laughed and walked off to the shower. Oh how I wish he would. He showered pretty quick and came out Sikiş hikayeleri “its all you Hard On” he said. I went in to bathe and all I could smell was that familiar aroma that had got me hard before.

I came out with just a towel around my waist since I had not unpacked. Chris had looked fast asleep in the bottom bunk so I guess I was getting the top bunk, I threw my bag on my bunk and grabbed my boxers. I started toweling off and thought I saw his eye open but it quickly shut. Feeling courageous I let my dick show and bent over to dry my legs and feet with my ass faceing him so he could get a look if he wanted. As I bent over I had the feeling of warm breath blowing on my pink asshole, this made my dick rock hard and I slowly rose up. I turned around to see if it was him but he still looked asleep. I knew he wasn’t and I could see a smirk on his full sexy lips. I decied to try and see if he would do something I walked over to my bed and ruffled though my bag letting my fully erect cock dance above his head, if he was asleep or not interested I’d know fast.

I waited a good minute and thought he was not interested so I was about to back off when I felt his warm breath on my cock I stood still and flexed my dick slightly that’s when he gave it a kiss on the head and licked it from the base on up to the head and took just the head in his mouth. I was in heaven I could not beleave it my dreams were cumming true. ” oh yes you like that hard cock don’t you” I said. ” it tastes so good nice and sweet” he said.

I stepped back and got in to his bunk oh that aroma it overwhelmed me and I loved it. “Kiss me” he said. I put my lips on those gourgous lips of his and didn’t want to stop, my tounge slid in is mouth and his in mine what a taste I could have just eaten him if not for the fear of cavities. He push me back and turned his head to the side, I knew what he wanted, I kissed his neck and nibbled on his ear. “Ohh yes you know what to do to make me feel good” He mumbled unable to catch his breath. I slowly traveled down to his chest I guess he shaved his body too because it was hairless, I sucked on his nipples and softly bit them. By now I was on top of him and noticed he was naked. The feel of our skin together it was pure ectauscy. “Ohh yeah do what you want with me” he said. Moving down I licked his waistline which made him giggle “how did you know that would make me tickle” he asked. “Because I’m your bitch and your bitch knows what you like” Did I just say that god I felt naughty and needed a spanking. I started licking his soft hairless balls and moved my ass to his head ” Spank your bitch for being naughty” I said. Pow came his hand as I started licking the head of his 6 and a half inch dick “yes do it some more please teach me not to be naughty” I said.

Slap! came his had again and my ass was on fire, by now I had taken his cock in my mouth Erotik hikaye and started sucking I don’t deepthroat not that I can’t its just my mouth was made to lick and suck he would get the chance to fuck something later. I licked my finger and rubbed his sweet asshole that’s when he threw me on my side and started sucking my cock with the power of a vacuum. There we were sucking each other and fingering our asses when I felt him tense up and try to pull away I just kept him still, knowing what was coming. “oh I’m gonna cum. Are you gonna swallow it? I’ll swallow yours” He asked. “That’s what your bitch is for ain’t it” As I sucked on, it didn’t take long when I felt the spurt of sweet cum in my mouth before I could swallow it he told he not to and to kiss him when I came, I didn’t have to wait long I exploded in to his hot mouth and turned to kiss him deep. There we were tasteing each other cum and tounges it was great and my dick stayed hard and so did his. After we swallowed all we had he said for me to lick his asshole and fuck him. I reached up and grabbed the bottle of lube I pulled out of my bag.

He was on his back and I licked that pink hole like I was starving and I was. There was a little sweat on it but it tasted great, man was everything about him delicious? I rubbed a little lube in my fingers and his ass, slowly I inserted a finger in to his ass till he got used to it then two and I was going for three when he said ” I can’t take it anymore, fuck me now” I rubbed a good bit of lube on my cock and aimed for his tight ass, the first 3 inches slid in then he yelped so I stopped ” all the way” he said. So I rammed it hard and he yelped “yes like that fuck me hard” I slammed his ass hard and deep for what seemed like forever when I felt my load escalating ” I’m gonna cum” I said. “Do it in my ass deep” was all I heard and I followed orders and blew a huge load in his tight asshole. I laid on his chest and kissed slowly, as my dick went soft and slid out he said “ohh that feels nice” ” Do you know what feels better your dick in my ass” I said.

He turned me on my knees and started to lick my asshole with the same egarness as I had his. He lubed my ass and inserted two fingers. ” Wow your tight” he said. ” Why don’t you fix that and fuck me hard” I responded. No sooner had I said that when he rammed me hard and fucked my tight ass like a jackhammer. ” Oh your ass is just to tight I’m gonna cum in your ass” he said. ” Yes give it to me” I responded. That’s when I felt the biggest load ever I explode in my ass. “Ohhhh Goddddd that was great” He said as he fell on to me. He pulled out and I could feel cum trickling out of my ass. We just layed there is each others arms when he whispered in my ear “Now I can call you Hard On Boy” I just giggled and kissed him. We soon feel asleep. I was awoken by him sucking my dick and from then I knew I had made a good choice to change jobs. We still had 89 days on they job before we went home and I intended to make sure we fucked at least 200 more times before we had to leave. Or we could just stay on longer that would be ok too.