Cassie and Trevor

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Trevor heaved a sigh of relief as he pulled into the driveway. It was Friday and he had the whole weekend to look forward to. Better yet, it was his birthday, and his wife Cassie told him she had a special surprise for the big 4-0.

The sun was setting behind him as he turned his key in the lock, excited to see his wife and what gift she had in store for him. He hoped it was that that power tool he had his eyes on lately. He smiled as he opened the door with anticipation.

Trevor walked in and immediately felt his cock stiffen in his pants. Standing in front of him was Cassie, hardly dressed at all in that black thing he loved. Two tiny triangles barely covered her ample tits, and sexy black lace clung to her curves all the way down to her hips. His eyes drifted down. Strapped to her pantie-less cunt was her favourite cock. She said it was her favourite because it was just the same length and girth as his… she liked to remind him while she was fucking him that this was what it was like to be her. Currently, the bright purple dildo was standing at attention, bobbing slightly, begging for an ass to fuck. On her feet were her black fuck-me heels that she said made her feel like a porn star.

“Happy Birthday, baby,” she said huskily, leaning in for a kiss. He pulled her up to him and kissed her deeply. He could smell her freshly shampooed scent in her soft brunette hair that she dried naturally, making it curl just the way he liked. Her skin was warm and smooth, but broke out in goosebumps at his greeting. She pulled back, bit her lip, and smiled coyly.

She had both arms behind her back, hiding the first of his birthday gifts. Trevor moaned a greeting back and pulled her to him, grinding his rapidly growing cock against hers. She eased one hand between them and massaged his cock while she pushed him away slightly. “You go take a shower while I get dinner ready.” She brought her hand around and showed him a small bag. “Here’s a surprise for when you’re done.”

Trevor reluctantly headed downstairs to the bathroom where he took a long, hot shower. He took his time soaping up and readying his ass for what he hoped would be a post-dinner pounding. He gently stroked himself, thinking of the possibilities. But he didn’t want to get too worked up… yet. He turned off the taps and reached for his towel. As he stepped out of the shower into the steamy room, he saw Cassie waiting for him and he towelled himself off quickly.

Cassie held out the bag. As he peered in, expecting to see a new shirt, or maybe a pair of panties – she loved to make him wear them when they went out for dinner – his cock throbbed and his ass puckered. Inside was a brand new butt plug. Trevor bit his lip. It was bigger than anything they had used before… it looked almost as big as Cassie’s fist. His cock was already dripping precum as he imagined putting it in.

He looked at Cassie who was smiling at him. She beckoned Trevor to her with her finger. He stepped toward her and dropped his towel. “Turn around, baby.” Trevor obeyed. Cassie pressed herself against his back and wrapped her arms around him, caressing his chest, his arms, his stomach, with her hands. While she touched him all over, he could feel her cock gently resting between his cheeks, teasing him.

“This is a big one baby, do you think you can handle it?” Cassie finally broke the steamy silence.

“Yes, yes I can,” Trevor whispered back.

Cassie trailed her fingers up his arms, over his shoulders, and down his back. With one hand she reached behind her and took a bottle of lube from the counter. With the other she tickled his ass with one finger. She gently massaged him for a minute before she crouched behind him, and a second later, her tongue joined her finger.

Trevor braced himself on the towel bar as Cassie’s tongue explored his ass. He felt her soft hands grab his ass firmly and spread him so she could get her tongue deeper. She moaned as she tongued his hole, alternating long, soft licks with firm probing strokes, fucking him with her mouth. Her tongue felt cool against his skin in the steamy bathroom and the sensation was incredible.

After several minutes she pulled back. “I can’t wait to see this in your ass,”

First she applied some lube to his hole. She used one finger, then two, and three to warm him up and stretch him open. She pumped her fingers and twisted them one way and then the other, swirling and tickling his prostate until his legs were trembling. Trevor reached for his cock and she slapped his hand away, “Don’t touch! Turn around.” Trevor turned so he was facing her, his cock hard and straining toward her mouth.

With her fingers still in his ass, she reached for the plug and waved it at him, teasingly. She brought it to his ass and pressed it to his tight opening. She lubed it up generously and started rhythmically pressing it against his hole, gently pushing a little further each time. At the same time, she took his cock in her mouth, gaziantep escort swallowing it deep. Trevor moaned loudly.

The plug was bigger than anything he’d had before. He could feel every inch of it stretching him. It felt fantastic. As his ass relaxed she eased it all the way in; it was all he could do not to stroke his dick and finish himself off as he felt it’s immense girth, stretching his well-used ass to its limit.

He could barely see straight as Cassie gently moved the butt plug oh-so-slightly inside him, just enough that he was reminded how big it was, while she sucked him off. He was so close.

Then suddenly she stopped. “Not yet, baby. I’ll be at the table… waiting.” And with that she rose, turned, and left the room.

Trevor threw on a t-shirt and some briefs and headed back up to Cassie, his cock dripping and straining against his underwear the whole way, soaking the fabric. He found Cassie in their dining room, still in her black lingerie, with her legs spread wide on one of their dining chairs, her purple cock bobbing invitingly at him. He could see her glistening cunt from where he stood, his underwear now struggling to contain his hard cock. His hand drifted down to touch himself.

“Uh-uh,” Cassies shook her head and stood. Trevor could see where she had just been sitting by the juices she left behind on the chair. “That cock is for me.”

Trevor removed his hand. “Good boy. Now come sit down.” Trevor did as he was told.

“I’m a bad wife,” Cassie pouted. “I didn’t make you any dinner.” She slowly lowered herself onto his lap and ground her pussy, and her cock, against his throbbing bulge. “I was thinking about you all day long, and I was too horny to cook. Instead I just masturbated all day. I came six times and I’m exhausted. All I have for you is this cupcake.” She handed him the treat, with a single candle lit on top.

“It’s your favourite. Vanilla filled with dark chocolate and cream. Make a wish,” she said, and ground her soaking wet pussy against his cock. Trevor groaned with pleasure as her cock pressed into him, and he blew out the candle. Cassie scooped up some frosting with her finger and fed it to Trevor, licking the last traces of it off his lip. He kissed her back deeply, probing her mouth with his tongue.

“Fuck the cupcake,” Cassie muttered, tossing it aside. “I’ve been waiting for this all day. I need you to fuck me right now.” She tugged his shirt over his head and yanked swiftly at his underwear, springing his erection free. She lifted her ass and impaled herself onto his waiting cock, moaning a sigh of relief as she rode him. He gasped as her slick, warm pussy suddenly sheathed his entire length, and began meeting her thrust for thrust.

She rode him slowly for a bit, letting her clit rub against her dildo while she stroked it, mimicking a hand job. Trevor couldn’t help himself, and he put her hand over hers, imagining it was a real dick he was stroking. He’d always imagined what it would be like to stroke a real cock. Besides his own of course. And for a moment he was lost in his own fantasy.

And suddenly the heat from Cassie’s cunt surrounding his cock, and the plug that was stretching his ass deliciously was too much. “Cum with me,” Trevor begged, about to explode.

“Not yet baby, I’ve been dying for this all day. I need your cock,” she cried, riding him furiously.

Trevor grabbed her ass and pulled her down on him now, harder and faster. With one hand he reached between them and starting rubbing her clit. “Oh god,” Cassie cried out “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Do it now baby, I need your hot load in me now!”

She began to moan and he felt her clench rhythmically around his shaft. That did it. His own orgasm began to course through him. With each spasm, his ass clenched around the plug, intensifying the sensation. Waves of pleasure pulsed through his cock as his hot cum spurted deep in her pussy, over and over again. He grunted in rhythm with their thrusting until it slowed as their orgasms subsided.

When they were both finished, Cassie relaxed against his chest. Trevor whispered huskily in her ear, “that was fucking fantastic. I love the way you fuck me.” All Cassie could do was sigh in agreement.

Cassie lifted herself from Trevor’s cock, and slipped her hand between her thighs. She loved the slick feel of his cum inside her. She brought her hand to her mouth and slipped a finger between her lips. Then she held a finger to Trevor’s mouth and said “Lick it.” Trevor obeyed, already horny again at the thought of tasting his own cum. He would beg for more later tonight.

They quickly cleaned up, while Trevor wondered what else might be in store for the rest of the night. Cassie pegged him regularly, but on special occasions, she usually had a little something extra up her sleeve. And judging by her dildo-wearing-greeting at the door, he was sure tonight wouldn’t be any different.

“Well baby, are you ready for your gift?” Cassie asked, coming up behind him and slipping her arms around his middle, teasing his ass with her cock.

“Yes, please,” Trevor replied, his prostate already tingling with anticipation. Cassie grabbed his hand and led him towards the bedroom. As he opened the door, it looked like their typical setup for a night of fun; a few toys and accessories on the table, and a couple of bottles of lube. Their TV appeared to be playing one of Trevor’s favourite compilations of men being fucked in the ass while their wives watched (or did the fucking.) Good background noise. And his gift was sitting on the bed.

There, in Trevor and Cassie’s bedroom, wearing only a red bow around his cock (“Nice touch, Cassie,” Trevor thought, idly wondering who tied it on) was Dale. Trevor’s cock immediately grew rock hard, knowing what the night would hold.

They had talked about this for months, years even. Agreed that when the right “opportunity” presented itself, they would take it. But they hadn’t yet taken the steps to make it happen.

“Surprise,” Cassie whispered in his ear. Trevor stood for a moment, surprised and turned on and not sure what to do. “Dale and I got to talking at the Christmas party last year. Turns out his boyfriend and girlfriend are very supportive of him putting his dick in your ass.”

“Your wife is very persuasive. Not that I needed much persuading,” Dale said with a smile.

Trevor just swallowed and shifted his gaze to Dale’s impressive erection. He couldn’t believe this was finally happening. He knew he should do something. Say something. Anything. But he stood there, naked, stunned, and horny as fuck.

“Don’t keep our guest waiting, honey. It’s rude. Now go suck his cock.” Trevor did as he was told. He walked over to the bed, and removed the bow from Dale’s beautiful mocha-coloured cock. It was just as long and thick as he’d imagined. Trevor could feel his own erection dripping like a faucet.

Trevor leaned down and hesitantly put his lips around Dale’s enormous knob. He was huge; Trevor could barely get his lips around him. A drop of precum appeared at the tip of his Dale’s cock; Trevor licked it off, enjoying the salty taste as much as he did his own. Dale exhaled softly.

Trevor didn’t think he would know what to do when it finally came to this; but his instinct guided him. He knelt between Dale’s legs and gripped the growing dick and began to stroke the 8-inch rod. He loved the feel of the thick cock, hot and throbbing in his hand.

“That’s it baby, just like that,” Cassie whispered in his ear.

Dale gave a low moan and put his hand on Trevor’s head. He gripped Trevor’s hair, pulling him down onto his cock, and thrust his hips up, forcing his shaft further into Trevor’s mouth. Trevor swallowed his gag reflex and took Dale deeper, savouring every inch. Trevor heard himself groan with pleasure as he licked and sucked Dale’s dick, fucking him with his mouth.

While he blew Dale, he could feel Cassie behind him, playing with his butt plug. Gently turning it, pulling it out slightly, and pressing it back in, all the while massaging and kneading his ass. Occasionally she brought her tongue to him and gently licked his taint.

“Oh god baby that’s so hot. You suck cock so good,” Trevor heard Cassie groan into his ass. “Use your tongue. Lick up all his cum like a good little slut.” She returned her attention to the toy, tugging and twisting it, tickling his prostate. He paused for a moment to enjoy the sensation and pressed himself back against her, his balls grazing her cock. Trevor groaned.

“His cocks not going to suck itself, is it you slut?” Cassie smacked his ass hard and ground herself against him.

Trevor turned his attention back to Dale’s big black cock, which was slick with precum and Trevor’s saliva. He wrapped his lips again around the thick shaft and slid them up and down as he’d watched and felt Cassie do to his own cock a thousand times. “Oh yeah, suck me you little cockslut!” Dale grunted.

Trevor moaned around his mouthful of dick. He loved being Dale’s little cockslut. He loved the feel of a big dick in his mouth, stretching his cheeks and ramming against the back of his throat. He loved the feel of Dale growing more rigid in his mouth as he sucked him just right. As Trevor found his rhythm he bobbed faster up and down on Dale’s pole. He alternated between sucking and licking while he gripped the base of the dick firmly in his right hand. Dale’s hand was still on Trevor’s head, forcing his cock just a little bit further down Trevor’s throat with each push.

Trevor loved it so much he started to moan. As the vibrations of his voice sent tremors through Dale’s member, Trevor could feel his dick straining, preparing for release. “Oh yeah, Suck it you slut! Make me cum!” Dale grunted. Trevor kept sucking and slurping, faster and harder, and devouring the veiny rod with his mouth, desperate for Dale’s hot load.

He could feel Dale start to tense beneath him, his ass clenching and his balls tightening closer to his massive cock. “Oh fuck!” Dale’s cock began to pulse. “Eat me you cum slut! Swallow it all, oh fuck!” Dale’s monstrous cock began to shoot huge ropes of hot cum. Trevor surrounded Dale’s knob with his mouth, sucking and swallowing every drop of jizz Dale gave him.

“Oh fuck I love your cum,” Trevor moaned between mouthfuls. Dale must have shot off his cock eight or nine times before the streams of cum abated. Trevor finished the huge load and was ready for more. He leaned over Dale’s lithe body, catching his breath.

“Oh fuck baby that was so fucking hot,” Cassie groaned. Trevor glanced up and saw Cassie beside him, watching them. She was still wearing her purple cock but had found the biggest dildo they owned and had taken its full length in her dripping wet cunt. She was fucking herself with it, legs spread, giving Trevor a fantastic view of her pussy, which was being stretched to its limit by the enormous toy. “You look so good with a big dick in your mouth. You suck cock better than I do! Oh fuuuuck!” Cassie’s orgasm came screaming out of her, her pink lips gripping the dildo as she shuddered with pleasure. Her eyes closed, he head tossed back, she trembled while she continued to thrust. When she finished she slowly slid the big cock from her pussy and put it to Trevor’s lips. “Suck it,” she said. Trevor obediently cleaned up her juices too.

“Lay down, ” she instructed. “That wasn’t enough. I need you to eat my pussy.” Trevor settled back onto the bed Cassie climbed on his face. She was still wearing her strap on. She teased his mouth, sliding it in and out a few times.” “Good cocksucker,” she praised. Finally, she slid her pussy over his waiting tongue and ground herself suggestively against his face.

He gently sucked her clit and probed her wet tunnel with his tongue until she was quivering which, after eight orgasms, didn’t take long. She was stroking her cock the whole time, teasing him but not touching him. She moaned and shuddered with every lick. Just when he was sure she was going to cum again, she suddenly lifted her ass and spun herself around so he was face-to-ass with her tight little hole. “Lick my ass, baby.” She pressed her ass against his face. He stuck his tongue out as far as he could and fucked her tight little pucker with his tongue. He buried his face as deep as he could, stroking softly as she whimpered with pleasure. Then he alternated between her asshole and her pussy, probing his fingers wherever his tongue wasn’t.

While Cassie rode Trevor’s face she looked over at Dale. “You’re not done here, fucker. It’s your turn. Suck my husband’s dick.” Trevor’s cock twitched at her command. A second later he felt Dale’s hot mouth surrounding his entire length.

Still tasting Dale’s dick in his mouth, and his cum in his throat, made Trevor hornier than he ever thought possible. It wasn’t going to be long before he blew his own load in Dale’s mouth.

He felt the heat from Dale’s mouth leave his cock, replaced by a firm grasp. Dale started stroking his shaft, using his other hand to slip the butt plug from Trevor’s ass. “Oh god!” He gasped as Dale’s tongue was suddenly inside him. “Oh fuck yes. Oh fuck!” Dale used long firm strokes to tease Trevor’s tight hole. His fingers were long and deft, where Cassie’s were small and gentle.

As Trevor tongued Cassie, Dale’s mouth alternated between eating his ass and eating his dick. Trevor couldn’t decide which he wanted more of. Cassie sucked his dick better than anyone. And this wasn’t better exactly; just… different. Every lick and touch felt more intense; with every twitch of his cock he thought he was going to explode.

He could feel that Cassie was getting close to another orgasm. He lapped at her cunt one more time before focusing his tongue in her cute little asshole, while his fingers slipped inside her pussy, and stroked her canal. He felt her firm ridge and rubbed it gently. As he knew she would, she cried out wordlessly, “uunnnhhhhhhhh!!!!” He kept going, harder and faster. She ground herself against his hand. “Oh fuck baby here it comes!” Suddenly her body was pulsing around him while the warm fluid squirted from her pussy, drenching his face.

As she came, Dale fucked Trevor’s ass vigorously with his tongue while he stroked his cock continuously, alternating hands. The orgasm hit him hard and fast, seconds after Cassie flooded his mouth with her cum. “Oh god, oh fuck, I’m cumming!” he screamed. Dale gave one last thrust of his tongue and deftly stuck his fingers in Trevor’s ass to massage his prostate while he took Trevor’s dick in his mouth to accept his jizz. Over and over his ass squeezed Dale’s hand while his cock spurted jet after jet of hot cum down Dale’s throat. He watched as Dale’s mouth slurped and sucked and swallowed his load. As Dale pulled away, Trevor’s cum dribbled out the side of his mouth. He swiped at it with a finger and then applied it to Trevor’s asshole, sliding his fingers in and out a few times, using Trevor’s own cum as lube.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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