Cat 02

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I had not expected to see Cat again so soon. In fact I had fully expected to never see him again because I always felt extremely embarrassed after having had sex, especially when it was just sex driven by lust. The day I met him I had sex with no less than three other men besides him and thinking back about it, it made me feel uncomfortable, because I had felt I had acted like a slut. I hated the idea that I would gain a reputation for being a tasteless piece of fuckmeat because I had let myself go that one day.

Yet, I felt this growing urge to call him because I felt fascinated by him. He seemed comfortable with being gay and it was a kind of self confidence that I liked. He also was so unlike any gay men I had expected to meet.. I didn’t like the so obvious ‘female’ ones or the over the top male ones or the hairy bears or the leather clad studs or the drag queens. Being gay seemed mostly about being a freak.

Cat did not look like a freak. He was in his early twenties, slender, supple with pale skin and hair that was dyed black and blond, shaved around the based of his head, but with long hair falling to one side, covering one part of his face. He was what they called in the gay scene an emo twink.

I was somewhat older, also with pale skin, with short hair that was black but so highlighted with white that my hair looked grey. I used eyeliner to accentuated my ice-blue eyes. I also wore lipstick. I think many mistook me for a butch or a dyke: a lesbian dressing up and acting like a man. When someone asked me what I was: I would say I was androgyn.

When he picked up the phone I said that line you swear never to say, I said, “Hi Cat, I am Merit.” I bit of the part where I would say: do you remember me.

“Hey, how are you. “

“I am fine, how are you.” I didn’t feel nervous so that did not explain the uninspired conversation from my side. I simply had no clue what I was supposed to say.

“What kind of music do you like?” Cat said.

“Uhmm.. I like Trance,Chill-out and such, Underworld, DJ Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold. I am not much of an Armin van Buren fan though. I don’t know why.”

“Trance., Great. Can you come to my apartment next Friday? There is a place called Miami Beach where they have this dusk to dawn event. Trance, Chill Out and lounge music. It is a great place. Do you like the idea?.”


“Great. Come around nine. I can’t make it earlier, because I have to work till eight, otherwise we could have grabbed some dinner before hitting the place.”

Cat laughed at me when he saw me. “We are going to the hottest place in town and you are dressed like you are going to a burial. “

“I like my look actually. ” I was wearing a short leather jacket that ended just above my waist, covered with buttons. A black t-shirt and a black jeans trousers that flared a bit at the bottom and sneakers in rainbow colors.

He was we wearing a cropped shirt that left his abdomen visible. His pale skin was covered with fine blue tattoo. He also wore shorts and sneakers.

He pulled me inside and put me before a mirror.

“It will be hot inside. In many ways, but at least in temperature. You been soaking wet dressed like that.”


He laughed at my ‘oh’ and then said, “You need a change of clothes. Let’s get rid of.. everything.”

I protested, “I want to keep the jacket, where would I leave my money otherwise?”

He saw I was not going to change my mind and then said,”You can drop the jacket of at the cloakroom. But you need Sakarya Escort to look more spicy. “

He pulled open some drawers and closets and found me a mesh shirt. When I took my shirt of he saw the blue star patterns on my body.

“Nice tattoos.” He traced them down my crotch, “Are they real?”

“No..body paint. I don’t believe in tattoos.”

“They are cute..and inviting. They guide you towards you to parts you I would like to explore..” He then went looking for some pants to replace mine, but there was nothing of his that fitted my hips.

“You need a pair of swimming trunks. Take these and put them on.”

“Underneath?” I made my first poor joke of the night.

Miami Beach was packed. While we were in the cue to get in, Cat whispered a few tips to me, “Drink water as often as you can, alcohol is ok, but if you want to last the whole night, you better keep it under control. Watch out for guys selling ‘things’. And never leave your drink unattended. I’ll introduce you to a the guys. We watch out for eachother. “

I looked around and noticed that the crowd were mostly male. There were some women. “It’s a male event mostly.” Cat said when he saw me looking, “There are femboys, ladyboys and such.”

“No women?”

“Oh, there will be a few. It’s not about keeping women out. Why do you ask?”

“I just don’t like discrimination.” I said.

He smiled and gave me a kiss.

When we were inside we pushed through the crowd to get to the other side of the dance floor. He introduced me to his friends and gave me names I didn’t quite catch because of the loud music. Cat then bend towards me, pointed at a slender emo boy and whispered into my ear, “That is Sphinx. He is so submissive, everyone is wild and brash in comparison. I need to chat a bit with the guys.”

I smiled at Sphinx and he smiled back. Cat pushed both of us on to the dance floor. I felt a bit lost for words and Sphinx was not saying much. The dancing around us was wild, so I decided to move close to him. The crowd frankly pushed us on eachother. We moved with the music. He was topless unlike me and I saw he had some text tattooed over his chest. I touched it and asked him what it said as I could not see it in the flashing of the club.

“Love for all, hatred for none.” He said. I felt wicked and my traced my finger towards one of his nipples. I teased it. I then felt his hand under my shirt.

“Nice stars.” He said.

We moved closer. So close I could feel his hardon and I knew he could feel mine. The crowd pushed is to and fro and this made us rub and touch each other. Our lips touched and we kisses. I felt excited and I wanted to be less shy. Cat had said Sphinx was submissive and I expected that there was something like a darkroom. So I took his hand and pulled him with me.

I asked and someone pointed me where to go.

Sphinx followed me inside. It was dark alright and I thought it was handy we were both pale. The music was less loud, instead there was the sound of people groaning, moaning and kissing and all the other sounds that you heard when people had sex. I had expected those sounds to repulse me, but they didn’t. I found an unoccupied place and made Sphinx lean forward against the wall. I grabbed his waist and then I pulled his pants down. I ran my hands over his body and then entered him. I felt excited being top for once. I could hear the groaning of others and him. I could not help it handling him with a certain roughness. I came in minutes. Adapazarı Escort I didn’t pull out quickly, instead I kept caressing and stroking him. Letting my hands feel his body. I wondered if he had cum as well.

When I pulled out of him a man appeared next to me. He smiled at me and then set himself behind Sphinx. The guy lifted his cock, jerked it a bit with me looking and then, when it was hard enough, entered Sphinx’s ass with an audible groan. I could hear Sphinx moan as he started to thrust in and out.

“Not to fast.” The guy said to me.,”Relax.” He pulled his dick out of Sphinx ass an laid in on his back. Slapping it a bit. The after awhile he entered Sphinx again, “You are too eager, honey. You should postpone.That is much more fun.”

I smiled at him and I stroke Sphinx softly. Somehow he communicated something to me what we both wanted. When he pulled out, I took his cock and started to lick and nibble it. Running my tongue along it. It tasted strange, but not bad.

“Not to fast..or you make me cum too soon.”, He said.

After having gone through this pattern of fucking and sucking I heard him climax. He however managed to pull out before he shot his whole load, spurting semen on Sphinx back and into my mouth when I grabbed it. I then cleaned his cock and Sphinxes back. Running my tongue up and down and lapping seed.

I then left the two of them alone and went to explore the darkroom. There were sounds all around. Then I ran into a guy who was riding another guy. He was facing me and he had this long dick that was slightly bend to one side and that slapped around when he moved up and down. The guy I didn’t see was groaning and holding the other. The guy looked more like a girl and I think he was a shemale or something. When he saw me, he gave me a wild grin, closing his eyes each time he went down. I looked mostly at the dick waving around.

I moved forward and knelt between their legs. I tried to suck the dick, but the movement made it hard to work towards a stimulating pattern. This changed when the guy underneath the shemale climax loudly.

I put the shemales dick into my mouth and sucked it. The shemale. The other guys dick had slipped out out the shemale and I grabbed it with my other hand. I alternated between the guys dick and the shemales. Running my my tongue over one to clean it and I helping the shemale getting his climax. I felt excited when his seed filled my mouth.

We were hardly done when I saw more dicks appear. Men were surrounding me and soon I found myself sitting on my knees in a dark room pleasing five men. Some blew their loads in my mouth, others smeared my face, others came on my lips.

Cat came to get me. He pulled me out of the room and brought me to a toilet, “Clean yourself a bit.”

When I was more or less presentable again he guided me to a place that was outside of the club.

There was a beach at the back of the club that had palm trees and small bars covered palmleaves as room and cozy seats.

“This is new for you.” Cat said.

I nodded.

“I was like that too. Went totally over the edge. Fucked around with any guy that wanted me. I was butthurt for days.”

I smiled.

“The real test is not having sex, but see if you can be intimate.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sex is easier than intimacy. Most men can fuck other men, even though they refuse to admit it. You let lust take over and voila.” Cat said.

“Maybe that explains it.”


“I Serdivan Escort tried to see if I was gay. So I watched gay movies. Some excite me, most are utterly boring and repulsive.”

“That is because they are.” Cat laughed, “It is only fun when you are actually doing something with someone. That is what I think.”

I nodded.

“Let’s have drink.” He waved at a bartender.

“Let’s tease him, he only wears that apron. Let’s see if we can give it a lift.” Cat grinned, “I keep him talking and you see what you can do.”

The bartender approached us and Cat was right. He only wore an apron.

Cat started to ask him questions about the drinks and snacks.”

“What is in this one.” Cat pointed to the menu. The bartender was a heavily muscled guy. Like a boxer or a wrestler. He was perhaps thirty and had this square jawline. He took a closer look at the drink Cat was pointing at. His apron fell forwards, showing his half hard cock.

“And this?” Cat said.

“I ran my fingers over the muscled leg, wondering how it would feel. The guy gave me a look, but Cat pointed at something else, confusing him. I ran my hand over his dick. Cupping it and rubbing it. He was reacting to me. So I moved forward, pulling his cock to the side and stroking it with my tongue. I then disappeared under his apron. Cat was looking at us and the bartender rested his hands on the table while i set to work on his cock. I had wrapped on hand behind his bum, while I moved my head forward and back. I cupped his balls with my other hands, gently squeezing and pulling. Then he suddenly shot his load. I toyed with it for a few seconds then swallowed it. I then appeared from under his apron and slid back next to Cat. I gave him a smile and we pretended nothing had happened.

“Two of Anejo Highballs and two Perriers.” Cat said.

The bartender went away and brought what Cat had ordered.

Cat gave him some extra money. “He is new, for they are not allowed to have sex. It might get him fired.”

“Oh.” I mouthed.

“Oh again.” Cat laughed.

We drank our Anejo Highballs and then he told me to strip to my swimming trunks and then we ran into the water where we swam for a while, teasing with water and fooling around.

“I like water.” Cat said when he came up out of the water next to me, after I had him pushed under.

“I remember the pool.” I said, “In the penthouse where we met.”

“Especially to have sex.” He said and he pulled me towards him. We swam to a more enclosed part of the water and there he pulled my trunks of and I his. We eager explored eachothers body, running hands over each other, licking and nibbling. It was undecided who was going to be top or bottom, but at some point he had me pinned against a ridge in the water. I spread my legs and he entered me. we french kissed while he penetrated me. We took our time, but eventually he came and I had my orgasm too.

“Want to switch?”

I shook my head, kissed him and told him it was ok.

We didn’t wait for dawn to come, but went to his apartment. We stayed up for some time chatting then we went to his bed. Where we did something unexpected. We slept.

That saturday morning we had a brunch in a place called The Breakfast Palace. It was located on the corner of two busy streets. I found it pleasing to look at the people and traffic. Commenting on innocent things.

“You don’t like to talk about it yet.” Cat said.


“I understand. Just let me say that it would be happy if you want to come to my apartment again. Soon. Not for sex. I mean.”

“Oh.” I said.

“Oh.” He laughed.

“Why do you laugh when I say ‘oh’?” I asked Cat.

“Because it is such a female expression.”

“Oh.” I blurted out involuntary.

And we both laughed at that.

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