Catching Mom Ch. 03

Big Tits

Sorry for the long wait… hopefully it was worth it.


I fell asleep almost immediately that night. Between school, homework, and repeatedly shooting my load down my sister’s throat, I was exhausted. Needless to say, my dreams were quite… detailed. My sister, my mother, various girlfriends, fantasies, all running through my head. I went from getting a blow job from an old high school teacher to watching my mother eat my sister’s pussy.

I was woken up around three by a familiar and welcome feeling. I looked down to see Ally bobbing up and down on my stiff cock, whimpering softly. She was wearing only a large nightshirt, on her knees with her uncovered ass high in the air. Her perky breasts swayed under the shirt each time she moved to take me further into her throat. I reached down to feel her smooth ass, rubbing my hand over her soft skin. She whimpered again and looked up at me, taking me out of her mouth and jerking my shaft slowly.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you… I needed more. I didn’t mean to wake you, I just…” her whispers trailed off as she looked up to me, slowly moving her small, soft hands up and down my shaft. Seeing me smile, she leaned over to gently lick and suck my sack, rolling my balls around in her mouth while jerking me off. I moved my hand up under her shirt, cupping her breast gently. It was firm and smooth, the hard nipple poking into my palm. I rubbed her gently before taking the nipple between my fingers and squeezing it gently, twisting it slightly. Her whimper got louder, more insistent as her mouth opened and my testicles slid out.

“And when you got me nice and hard, my dear sister, what was your plan? Were you just going to suck my dick, because I know you love it? Or did you have more plans?” I kept the pressure on her sensitive nipples, squeezing, twisting, and pulling as I watched her face contort in waves of pain and pleasure. She closed her eyes as I pulled and twisted it hard, mouth opening wide as I mauled her amazing breast. Her eyelids parted slightly, her breathing got harder and faster as I relaxed my grip.

“I was going to get on top of you and fuck you.” She whispered, lip curling up in lust as she leaned back, reaching down to pull her shirt off. She knelt before me, a naked goddess, letting my eyes devour her beauty. Red hair cascading over her pale, freckled skin, c cup breasts sitting high and proud on her chest, nipples pointing slightly up. She reached back to take my cock in her hand once again, continuing the slow stroking pace that had been driving me crazy. She turned in the bed, laying almost perpendicular to me as she stared into my eyes and took my penis back into her warm, wet mouth.

My right hand moved down to brush the hair away from her face, giving me a better view of the dick sucking display my young sister was putting on. My left hand snaked between her legs to rub lightly against her clit. I found her sopping wet, dripping her sweet juices all over my hand as I pressed a finger into her dripping and ready pussy. She moaned around a mouthful of my cock, and I pressed a second finger into her, slowly building up a slow but firm pace as she greedily sucked me. I began pushing my hips forward in pace with my hand, fingering her pussy as I fucked her mouth. Her whimpers turned to moans, her legs spread further apart, and I found her own hand moving down to rub her own clit in pace with my fingers.

“You were going to climb on top of me and fuck me? You little slut, you needed your brothers cock to fill your pussy, didn’t you?” I pushed further into her throat, gagging her slightly, but I saw her nod in agreement and noticed her hand moving faster. I couldn’t wait anymore.

I pulled out of her mouth and pulled her forward by her hair, keeping her on all fours. I heard her give a gasp of disappointment as I pulled my fingers from her sopping wet pussy, but she licked her lips and followed my moves as I moved behind her, spreading her legs and pushing out her ass. I positioned myself right behind her, rubbing the head of my cock along her slit. I looked down at her, into her eyes, silently making sure this is what she wanted. When I saw her mouth form the words “Fuck me”, that’s exactly what I did.

With one smooth motion, I slid my hard cock all the way into her open cunt, hard, bottoming out and hearing the sweet sound of my balls slapping against her. Her eyes got wide, and she moaned, loud. At that moment, I couldn’t care about how much noise she made, I was balls deep into my little sister, and she felt amazing. Her channel was hot, velvety smooth, and tight. I slowly pulled back, leaving just my head in her, and then thrust forward again, hard. I saw her tits bounce with my thrusting, heard a guttural growl come from her throat, and could hear her breath coming in sharp breaths. I could feel her pussy clench around my shaft, as she slowly started pulling off me, then felt her slide back. I held still, letting her control the pace for a minute, enjoying the tightness, and the view.

Looking Isparta Escort down, I had a perfect vision of her heart shaped ass, and I saw my tool slowly moving in and out of her box. Glancing up, I saw the curve of her back and her red hair whipping wildly as she moved back and forth. Breasts shaking with every move, the pace picked up, her body accepting my cock, wanting more. Her moaning continued, grew hungrier, louder, more animal. I could feel her clinching as she fucked me, making her tight channel even tighter, and I couldn’t just passively let it happen… I once again needed to take control.

I reached forward and gathered her hair, wrapping it around my fist before yanking it back, hard. Reaching under her with my other hand, my fingers found the hard nub of her clit and quickly began rubbing it back and forth. I used her hair to control the pace, and my force, yanking her back as I shoved in deep, making her take every inch I had. The room was filled with the sounds of moaning, whimpering, and flesh slapping against flesh. I leaned forward, kissing Ally in the shoulder blade, moisture dripping off my body on to her back. She collapsed forward, arms giving out, splaying her arms to the side as her face got buried in my pillow. I leaned back, grabbing her hips and riding harder, pounding into my sister with as much speed and force as I could muster.

Ally moaned louder, and I grabbed a pillow, throwing it over her head as she continued to increase the volume. “Fuck me, fuck me, Ryan please fuck me” she muttered, the sound escaping from under the pillow. I grabbed her hair again, lifting her up and sliding the pillow under her face, then dropping her head back down to muffle her screams more. It worked, she kept moaning and screaming, but I could barely hear her. I grabbed her hips again and fucked her with full abandon.

Looking down at her smooth back and tight, puckered asshole, I stuck my middle finger into my mouth and get it wet, then took it down and pushed it against into my sister’s butt. Her head shot up, but I quickly pushed it back down, muffling her with the pillow once again as I pounded her pussy and fingered her ass. I could feel my orgasm building, my balls getting tighter as I picked the pace up even more. I leaned forward, putting my mouth next to my sister’s ear. “Where do you want my cum, Ally? Where does my slut sister want her brother’s load?”

At first I couldn’t understand the response, hidden by the pillow and her general moaning. “Where?” I prodded again, pounding into her wet slit harder. She turned her head slightly and whispered “In my pussy. Please, Ryan, cum into my pussy, I’m about to cum again, I need to feel you in me, filling me up…”

That was all it took. I refused to hold back any more, grabbing her hips and pounding her tight cunt as hard as I could. I felt her tense up below me, heard a loud scream come from the pillow, then felt her go limp under me. I didn’t care, I kept up the assault on her pussy, hearing the new sound of moisture mingling with the previous moaning and slapping of flesh. With a final push as deep as I could get, I let go, shooting my hot seed deep in my sisters belly.

I kept thrusting, driving every drop out of my body, breathing hard, panting. I collapsed, falling onto my sisters back, feeling the sweat from my body and hers cooling as we tried to catch our breath. After a minute, I rolled over, my still semi hard cock pulling out of her well used cunt, covered in our combined cum. I caressed her face, running my thumb over her lips as she hungrily took it in and began sucking on it. I smiled, amazed at the wanton whore my sister was. I pushed down on her shoulders, and as she looked up at me, all I said was “Clean it.”

Without a second thought, she took me into her mouth, sucking my cum and her juices off my cock. She then began taking long, slow swipes of my balls with her tongue, cleaning that too, before taking my length back into her mouth, feeling me get hard again in a hurry. Before long, she was bobbing on me again, the same way she was when I woke up, hungry, pleading for more. I could see her fingers working deep in her cum filled pussy, once again moaning like a whore with a mouth full of my dick.

I felt her tense up and go limp again, knowing she had cum yet again, and I pulled my dick out of her mouth. She looked up at me, confused, hungry, and tried to move forward to take me back into her mouth. I held her back.

“Ally, we’ve got to stop… we can’t have an all-night fuck fest with Mom and Hannah so close. Besides, we both need to get some sleep.” Even as I said it, I realized I could easily go another round at least, as I felt myself cup Ally’s breast again, enjoying the weight and smoothness of it. I took a deep breath and stood up, putting distance between us. “You got school, I got… the mom thing to deal with.” I said, the image of my mom splayed out on the kitchen table with a cock up her ass flashed through my head, making my cock twitch. I Isparta Escort Bayan held my hand out to my sister, and helped her up off the bed. I pulled her close, holding her tight, feeling her skin on mine, and smelling her hair, enjoying her warmth. As much as I called her my slut and she acted like my fuck toy, I felt myself growing closer to her, feeling a bond I had never felt. And my guess was she felt it too.

I took her face in my hands and kissed her softly on the lips. I felt her tongue probing into my mouth, and the kiss grew stronger. I pulled away, knowing that if I didn’t, we would start all over again. I took a deep breath, bent over to get Ally back her shirt, and handed it to her. “Go get some sleep. I promise you, we’ll continue this.” She smiled at me, put her shirt back on, and quickly left the room. I opened my window, knowing my room was reeking of sex and that I needed to air out what I could. Thinking about the events of the day, and having cum for the fourth time in less than a day, I once again quickly dropped into a deep sleep filled with all kinds of sex filled dreams.


My alarm went off at 6, and I immediately regretted my plan.

My daily schedule was up at 6, breakfast, shower, clean up, school at 7:30, home by 3ish. Mom’s schedule, as far as I knew, was up at 7, off shopping and to the gym by 9, home around 2:30. Of course, after yesterday, I knew that I had no idea what was going on in my house. So I did all the basics, ate breakfast with Hannah and Ally as if nothing happened, took a long, hot shower to clean myself off, made my bed and got ready to go. We passed mom a few times, and I couldn’t help but check out her athletic, fit body. I eyed her giant breasts straining against her robe, her bright red hair cascading down her back… and wondered what was going on with me. This time yesterday I was a normal guy, thinking about school and video games and girls, but now I had been blown by, and fucked, my younger sister and was planning a way to fuck my mom too.

When my mom bent over to pick up the paper, and I got a glimpse of her ass peeking out under her robe, all those thoughts vanished. It was a mixture of lust and anger, I wanted to punish her and make her realize what she was doing was wrong, and apparently the only thing that could teach her this lesson was a good hard fucking. Logic was out the window at this point.

Ally and I got into her car and drove down the street to make it seem like we were going to school. We pulled over in a nearby park, and Ally immediately dove at me, shoving her tongue into my throat and pressing herself against me. I kissed her back hard, feeling her up over her cloths. We made out for a while, seeming up the windows slightly, until I broke it off. I got out and doubled back home, waiting down the street until I saw Hannah go to school, then Mom leave. I went home, got a drink, then started the search.

To be fair, it wasn’t a hard search.

I hadn’t been in my parents room in ages. There was just no reason to go in there. Going in now felt odd, especially knowing what I knew and what I was searching for. Everything looked normal on the surface. King sized four poster bed with canopy, big TV with dvd/VCR, media collection, desk, computer, phone, bed stands… your everyday bedroom. There was a large bathroom attached, and his and her closets. I made my way to the bed stands, and started with Moms.

While not being a vision of chastity, I guess this would be a normal bed stand for a woman who’s husband was gone often. Some erotic novels, a vibrator, a dildo, lube, condoms… handcuffs? Ball gag? A variety of bondage gear? This was interesting, but not damning. For all I knew, my parents liked it a little rough and kinky, and good for my dad, I guess. The guy was hardly ever home, and his sexpot wife was cheating on him, I guess he deserved to get a little freaky once in a while.

I moved to my moms closet, and it was out there in the open. On one side, normal cloths, blouses, dresses, underwear, shoes. On the other side, lots of fun stuff. Nurses outfit, schoolgirl outfit, teacher outfit, policewoman outfit. Leather. Whips. Chains. Dildos. Vibrators. Leashes and collars. Butt plugs. A wide variety of sexual items for all shapes and sizes, all tastes, all types. I stood, staring at the vast assortment of things in front of me, and I realized that I had no idea who my mother was.

Of all the many things that stood out in this closet, the one that caught my eye was the shelf of home movie tapes. They were all meticulously placed with labels facing outward, labeled with initials and dates. This was pretty much a shelf full of evidence, and here I would find out if my father was a participant, and who else was involved. The date on the first label was about 8 years ago, with the letters AW. I grabbed it and moved to the TV, popping it in and grabbing the remote. I moved to my parents bed, and hit play.

It Escort Isparta wasn’t my house. In fact, it looked like a cheap hotel room. I saw the camera come into focus, zooming in on the bed, and on my mother sitting on it. This was my mother of 8 years ago, and didn’t really resemble what I remembered. She sat on the bed in a black bra and panties, trying to cover her body with a pillow, and her red hair was in more of a bob cut. Clearly, this was before her breasts got done, and her much smaller chest was zoomed in on. The camera then moved to her face, and she was clearly embarrassed to be in this situation. She tried not looking at the camera, bit her lower lip, and kept pushing the hair behind her ear.

“Look at the camera, Beth.” The voice behind the camera zoomed out to get the whole bed into frame, I knew the voice, but could not place it. I turned up the volume, trying to get every detail I could. My mom looked at the camera, smiled weakly. “Is this your first time on camera?” the voice asked, and my mother nodded. “And the first time cheating on your husband?” Another nod, this one a little sadder. The voice gave a chuckle “It won’t be your last, now that we have our agreement. Now, take off that fucking underwear.”

I saw my mother strip, revealing parky little tits with very pale nipples. If you didn’t know they should be there, you would miss them, they blended in with her freckles and pale skin. Her panties followed, revealing a barely trimmed red bush. I recalled how she looked yesterday, and the difference was astounding. This mom on the tape barely took care of herself. She was slightly flabby, hair not in order, nails not done, no makeup. She looked defeated and embarrassed. The voice behind the camera also seemed unimpressed. “Ok, you’re gonna need to trim that cunt for next time.” I heard an unzipping, and saw the man move from behind the counter, pulling off his clothing.

It was my dad’s boss, Andre Wright. I recognized the fat prick right away, balding but what hair he did have was pulled back into a sorry pony tail. He was about 6 feet tall and easily 300 pounds, and had been a prick to my dad for years. And the only word that could describe my feelings right now were anger, as he walked over to my naked mother and shoved his little prick into her mouth. She gagged slightly, and he grabbed her hair and began fucking her face.

“Yeah, that’s right… every time your husband goes out of town, you’re my slut. And believe me, I’ll make sure he’s gone all the time.” Andre was saying as he continued getting his dick sucked. I guess that was part of an explanation, but not a good enough one for me. I couldn’t listen to anymore, so I fast forwarded the tape. It was pretty routine: blowjob, missionary, cowgirl. He finished on her face, cum pouring out of his little prick and all over my mother’s face, dripping down onto her tits. He got up to go to the bathroom, and I unpaused it in time to hear and see mom break down in tears, curling up into a little ball on the bed and weeping, cum still splattered all over her.

I stopped the tape and stared at the blank screen for a moment. I didn’t know the whole story, that’s for sure. I had been so sure it was just a matter of my mom being a whore, but it looked like there was more to it. But that doesn’t excuse the others. Maybe more was found on the other tapes, I thought, taking one of the newer ones, marked AB from about a 8 months ago.

My eyes widened as soon as the I hit play, and my cock was instantly rock hard. My mom was sitting back in a huge, plush chair, and one of our neighbors, Angela Banks, was on her knees, on a collar and leash, tongue planted in my mother’s pussy. Angie had always been someone I had a crush on. She was British, and conservative, but you could tell she was hot under the exterior, with dirty blond hair down to her shoulders and big tits straining against her blouses. She seemed insecure in her body, but had a kind demeanor and a great smile, and that accent drove me insane. Her husband was a stuck up prick, and her son, David, was my age and had actually dated Allison for a little while. I didn’t like him.

But I liked his mother, and right now I could see I had always been right about her. She was curvy, a few extra pounds, but her lovely big tits, D cups was my guess, were swaying under her as my mother gave her instructions. “Come now, Angie, if you think you’re worthy of being my little plaything, you have to do better than that. And I know you can, because you have before. I guess I know what’s making you nervous today.” She laughed, grabbing Angie’s head and looking at the camera. That’s when I first realized someone was working the camera, zooming in on the action and moving to better angles.

“Come here, baby” my mother said, as the camera operator moved forward. Once within range, my mom reached out, unzipped his pants, and pulled out a pretty good sized cock that immediately went into her mouth. The camera watched every motion as she deep throated the shaft with no hesitation, moaning and staring at the camera as she did, all the time pulling an Angela’s leash and grinding her silky pussy against the British woman’s mouth. Angela’s eyes were focused on my mother and her play toy, and it was hard to tell if her expression was one of longing, disgust, or fear.