Catherine Ch. 13

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The Old City Steak And Brew

At last it’s Frank’s usual, “I can see it’s about that time again, so we’ll stop for today, and I’ll see you all tomorrow morning.”

Slipping my jacket on it’s with John, plus two other class members who are out the door and down to the bank of elevators where John and the others stop to wait. And like every other evening I’ll be taking the stairs where I usually beat everyone on the elevator to the ground floor.

But only going three flights down my phone buzzes with a call; it’s Catherine. “Hello you.” Where I hear, “Hi, it’s me.”

“Yes I know, I recognized your voice, plus your the caller Id too,” telling her the obvious. “Where are you,” she’s asking now.

“Right now I’m in the stairwell making my way down to the ground floor, then into the cafeteria where I was supposed to wait for your phone call.”

“Oh…, I guess this is the phone call then, huh,” she says.

“Yes Catherine, this is a phone call — so what’s up girl,” asking her.

“Bobby…,” she says. “I’m going to be about another forty-five minutes before I can leave, is that okay?”

“Sure, not a problem, I usually sit in the cafeteria until it’s closer to the time the express train leaves, instead of the local, which stops at every single station on the way out.”

“Well if you, lets say…, wait thirty minutes then start over to my building, but instead of meeting me in the plaza, how about you meeting me outside the the doors on the Race street side of my building.”

“Sure Catherine, but why there?”

“Because Mister Swaggart,” she says. “I’m going to treat you to dinner tonight…, that’s why!”

“Thank you Catherine, but it’s me who owes you dinner, remember? I was going to treat you, after you got back from your three week business trip.”

“Yes, I know,” she says. “But things got kind messed up as you know. So it’s my treat now; we’ll go to Mickey D’s another time,” she bust on me.

“That’s not fair Catherine, you got back unexpectedly, throwing off my plans.”

“Bobby, I’m only teasing you,” she says. “I know you would have taken me someplace nice. So instead…, I’m going to take you some place nice, and don’t argue,” she tells me.

“Alright Catherine if you insist so.., where to,” asking her.

“How does, ‘Old City Steak And Brew’ sound?”

“What?” My surprise. “Catherine…, I don’t…, that place I hear is…, pretty…, well, you know– coat and tie, plus expensive too!”

“Bobby…, stop!” She says. “Through the week up to Thursday evening, it’s very casual and don’t dare come at me with that expensive crap either, alright?”

” Bobby…, answer me!”

“Of course Catherine, that’s fine; thank you.”

“Good…,” she says. “I’ll meet you as soon as I close out what I’m doing, it won’t be long.”

“Alright Catherine, I’ll wait here till I finish my coffee, then start over to meet you.”

“Okay,” she says. “An Bobby, I can’t wait to see you, Bye.”

“Bye Catherine.”

At the bottom of the stair well, through the door to the elevator lobby where I was thinking the whole way down, Old City huh! From what I’ve heard there isn’t another better in the city. But I’ve also heard, very pricey too! For sure, not the place I could take her.

After getting my usual coffee from the coffee bar it’s waiting in the cafeteria like I usually do except tonight, its only been for a few minutes where I’ve been thinking, what the hell Swaggart, why not just take your time walking to her building, it’s certainly better than sitting here wishing the clock ahead.

Leaving the cafeteria but even walking at my less than usual pace it doesn’t take all that long to get to where she asked me to meet her. It’s just another half block west of where I’ve seen her going in, or exiting her building, where it looks a lot like that other side too.

Checking my watch thinking, if she gets to leave her office about the time she said she would, she could be down here in about another ten minutes. But after standing here, or slowly walking back and forth to keep warm, I’ve noticed a security guard standing close by the inside doors watching me. So, maybe to ease his concern it’s my casual wave to him, where he only nods his head acknowledging it.

Minutes later, where he’s still standing just inside the inner doors watching me, only this time looking past him I see Catherine exiting a elevator, making her way towards the doors I’m waiting outside of.

Catherine, pausing to say something to that security guard, who looks back at me, where I can only guess he’s saying something about that man who’s been hanging around out there. But it’s her wave to me, a smile on her face, then her saying something back to the security guard who’s opening the inside door for her.

Now with her outside coming up to me with a sweet, “Hello.” It’s a quick kiss on my cheek, followed by her, “I tried to get here sooner, but I got a phone call just as I was leaving the office,” she’s telling me.

“Hey, that’s alright, Travesti I was fine. But that security guard kept giving me the hairy eye ball the whole time I’ve was waiting out here,” telling her.

“Oh really,” she says. “Well you do look a little suspicious so maybe I should check you out!”

“Here…, now,” asking her. “It’s a little cold and, you know what the cold does to guys.”

“You are such a ditz Swaggart,” she calls me. “But in your case, I don’t think you have to worry about too much shrinkage,” she teases. “Now lets go, I need a glass of wine and a warm you,” she’s telling me.

“Catherine.., are you sure about this,” asking her, as she hooks her arm around mine.

“Bobby, stop it,” she says. “It’s my treat and you’re not the only one I’ve taken there. Where its usually people from out of town, who don’t know the best places to enjoy a nice dinner in a unique atmosphere, where the food is very good,” she telling me. An like I told you, through the week it’s very relaxed and informal. So…, I want YOU,” her poking me in the shoulder, “To relax and pay attention to me!”

So with her arm hooked around mine, we’re down the steps nudging and bumping against each other as we walk the three blocks to the ‘Old City Steak And Brew’ where I haven’t even felt the cold!

But as soon as we’re inside the front door of the ‘Steak and Brew’ a man in a white shirt, black bow tie, black vest and long black apron, approaches with, “Good evening Mrs. Parker…, it’s so nice to see you again,” his greeting to Catherine.

“Thank you George, it’s nice to see you too,” she replies. And with just a nod of his head to acknowledge her comment, “May I show you to a table,” he ask.

“Thank you George,” she says. “But tonight I’d like a private booth, if that’s okay?”

“Certainly Mrs. Parker, please follow me.”

Following Catherine as George leads us further into the room, past the bar area to my right, now past several long wooden tables with seating for large parties, then more tables aligned along one wall just past the bar. Then some smaller tables arranged around the middle of the room, where several diners are already seated. And spaced out along the wall to my left are some high back wooden booths with padded bench seats. Where I’ve been thinking, this place has the feel of a much older building than the one it’s in, maybe because of all the heavy dark wood paneling and retro lighting, which gives the room a look and feel of something out of the 20’s or 30’s.

“Would this be alright Mrs Parker,” its George asking, standing next to a booth.

“Yes George, this will be fine; thank you,” Catherine tells him.

George, now moving to stand next to Catherine where I see he’s waiting to help her with her coat. So with George taking it from her then turns to me to ask “Sir, would you like me to take your jacket too?”

“Yes please.” Where I’ve already have my gloves and scarf off, putting them in my jacket’s inside pockets just before handing the jacket over to George.

“I’ll put these away for you,” he says, and be right back with your menu’s and take your beverage order,” he’s telling us, then leaves us to ourselves.

Catherine, slipping into the booth as I take the seat on the opposite side from her. “What do you think of it,” she’s asking me.

Looking around, trying to get a better feel for the room, then back to Catherine, “Well I don’t see ‘The Godfather,’ or any of his mobster cronies,” telling her.

“What?” She says.

“Yes Catherine…, I’ve seen some old grainy black and white photos of a place similar to this one, where some dead mobsters were slumped over a table, along with some others laying on the floor,” telling her.

“Damn you! I bring you to a neat place for dinner and right away you start looking for dead bodies. You are such a nut case Swaggart!” Then breaks out laughing along with a light kick at my shin under the table.

“Plus Catherine, it needs some, ‘Thirties Big Band’ music playing in the background too. You know, like our grand parents listened to on the car radio while they were screwing around in the back seat of some old car…, how we eventually get here.” Telling her that gets me a, not so light kick at my shin.

“Mrs. Parker would you like a glass of wine?” Its George back with the menu’s; saving me from another assault on my shin.

“Yes, a glass of Chablis please,” she tells him.

“Very good Mrs. Parker.”

“And for you sir,” George asking me now.

With that it’s Catherine, “Bobby can I interrupt for a moment,” she’s asking.

“Certainly Catherine.”

“George I’d like to introduce a very close friend of mine, Bob Swaggart,” she tells him.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Swaggart,” as he looks to me.

“Thank you George nice meeting you too — so a beverage,” looking to Catherine, then back to George. “Well, with a name like ‘Steak And Brew,’ I assume beer is among the beverage selections. Do you have a favorite, or a suggestion George,” asking him.

“Well Ankara Travesti sir, the booklet to your left has a complete listing of all our wines, spirits, beers and ales, if you would like to look through it. I think you’ll see it’s quite extensive,” he’s telling me.

Taking the book from a wire cage holding it, now quickly flipping through it to see George wasn’t kidding about it being extensive.

“May I have a few minutes to look through this,” looking back to George.

“Certainly sir!”

“An Mrs. Parker, I’ll be right back with your wine.” Where he leaves us.

Thumbing through this book, it is a book, before looking at Catherine, “There must be everything that’s ever been distilled, brewed, fermented, left out to bubble in the sun, or buried in clay jars since man started concocting stuff to stagger his walk, listed in here; stuff I’ve never heard of,” telling her, my head slowly turning from side to side in amazement at what’s in this book.”

“I’m not much of a drinker Catherine, as you’ve seen. But I have been to places and heard of things that the locals consume. Some of it no better than kerosene, or camel piss! But this is ridicules,” telling her.

“Bobby just pick something you’re familiar with. I wouldn’t want you drinking camel piss and have you throwing up all night,” laughing at what I said.

“Yeah, your right Catherine! I see they have Mexican beers listed, and the one I do like is ‘Sol’. So I guess I’ll have that; it’s a nice mellow, golden beer I buy for myself; when I buy beer for myself,” telling her.

“Good, because here comes George with my wine,” she says.

After ordering the ‘Sol,’ Catherine sits back taking several small sips of her wine to a very satisfied look passing over her face showing how much she enjoys it.

“Bobby…, you said you’ve been many places…, plus your remark about the local drinks. Bobby…, can I ask where you’ve been? Plus…, what it is you do in the Marine Corps,” she’s ask.

“Well Catherine I’ve been to those places where the conflicts are continuously in the news,” telling her.

“You mean…,” she ask.

“Yes…, Iraq…, twice. Afghanistan, with a tour extensions too. That deployment is what eventually led to Sally’s and my divorce. Plus…, some other places,” telling her.

“Other places Bobby,” she ask.

“Catherine…, unofficially…, places we’re not supposed to be! Looking for things, or persons they don’t want to be seen, or found; maybe even doing things that never gets in the news. Then leaving without them even knowing we were there,” telling her.

“That sounds…, a little…,”

“Little what Catherine,” asking her.

Without her come back answer to my question, it’s just a look from her, where it’s going on, “Catherine, have you heard of Marine Force Reconnaissance ” asking her.

“Yes, I think so, why,” she ask

“Because Catherine, that’s the part of the Marine Corps I belong to.

It’s the Marine Corps Special Operations Force, that’s used to gather intelligence for those who make the decisions. Which means in many, many cases we’re out there further than the sharp point of the spear.”

“For the public Catherine, we operate in small teams, groups, two, three, four, or more of us. Where we also act as part of larger unit operations…, call it, reconnaissance in force, company, or platoon size units. We’re similar to Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Air Force Combat Air Controllers, but for us, it’s Marine Corps operations. We do interact with those other Special Operations groups. But now that I’ve moved to the reserves…, I don’t do so much of that stuff anymore. But I still keep up with the training. So Catherine…, that’s what I do in the Marine Corps,” telling her.

“Mister Swaggart, would it be alright if I pour your glass?” George back asking with the beer in hand; interrupting what I was telling Catherine.

“That would be fine George and thank you.” Then it’s watching George pour a perfect glass of beer with a perfect head, where he sets the glass in front me, the bottle close by.

“That was a work of art George! I almost hate to drink it,” looking at the class telling him.

“Why thank you sir, I’ve had lots practice,” he’s telling me.

“Yes George, I’m sure you have!”

Now George looks from me to Catherine, “Have you had enough time to make a choice for dinner Mrs Parker, sir,” asking as he looks back to Catherine, then me.

For some reason though, Catherine hasn’t taken her eyes off of me since I related what I did in the Marine corps. But now, as she looks up at George, “Could we have just a few more minutes George,” she ask.

“Of course Mrs. Parker, take all the time you need.”

With George leaving us Catherine looks back to me, “I know you haven’t looked at the menu but…, I know it almost by heart because I order the same thing every time,” she’s telling me..

“In that case, it must be really good Catherine! So why don’t you order for both of us.”

“You istanbul Travesti don’t mind me doing that,” she ask.

“No.., why should I?” Replying.

“Well…, with you, I guess not,” she says. “It’s just some men don’t like a woman taking the lead in some things…, even as simple as ordering dinner.”

“Catherine…, I’m not like those men; who must be very insecure. Me…, I’m very comfortable with who I am. Plus…, you’ve been leading me around since the day we met. An lady…, I haven’t minded that a bit,” telling her.

“Swaggart…, you are so full of it,” she tells me.

“No Catherine…, I’m just full of you; and that’s no shit!”

With that she slides out of her seat, coming around the table, where she leans over, putting a lip lock on me that tells me again, there’s way more to us than just; great sex!

“I can’t wait to get back to your house,” she says breaking the kiss.

“Okay then, I’ll eat fast here, so can I eat you slow back there,” telling her.

Which is follow with her tapping me on the cheek, “You don’t have to do that, eat fast here,” she says. “I want you to finish it all so you’ll have plenty of energy for not only eating me, but also using that beautiful big fat dick to fuck me senseless like you always do to me!”

But right after her saying that it’s hearing, “Excuse me Mrs Parker.”

Where Catherine’s eyes dart open, realizing her position, her butt facing the room — a good thing she’s not wearing a skirt or the view may have been really something to see.

“I’m sorry George,” she says. “I was just telling Mister Swaggart something I didn’t want anyone else to over hear,” she makes up on the fly.

Where its George, with some courage in saying it, “Of course Mrs. Parker. With everyone sitting so close, I can understand the need to be discreet,” he’s telling her. Which has me breaking up in stupid laughter as she stands there looking daggers at me.

My eyes flicking from hers to George then back to her, as she’s sitting down picking up a menu, “We’re ready to order now, George,” she says, suddenly very composed. It seems both of us would like…” Where she recites from the menu something that sounds absolutely incredible.

“Why didn’t you tell me he was there,” she’s asking now that George has left with our order.

“Catherine, I didn’t see him either because your beautiful face was right in front of mine.”

“Do you think he heard what I said about getting you back to your house with you eating and fucking me,” she ask.

“Catherine, I have no idea!” Choking on my laughter at what and how she just said. “Is there a problem now,” asking her.

“Bobby…,” she says. “Jon and I have been here together…, but it’s been some time ago.”

“Did he know you and Jon were married then,” asking her, rubbing the wetness from around my eyes, caused from laughing at her.

“I wouldn’t know that now…, it’s been that long,” she says.

“Catherine, he does know your married…, Mrs. Parker! But who knows, maybe George has a good memory, or just the fact, you’re wearing a wedding ring. Or the fact, as you said, you’ve brought other’s here for dinner. An possibly too, he wouldn’t remember which of those men was Jon,” telling her that.

“Bobby…, all I care about is you,” she’s telling me. “I wouldn’t want to embarrass you about anything…, or make you feel awkward in any way,” she says. “Anyway…, in all probability, he was looking at my ass as I was leaning over you,” she laughs, as you like do too.”

“Well Catherine, I can’t blame him if he was. I know I sure love looking at it — it’s the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen; maybe Georges too?’

“Why thank you Mister Swaggart. So let me tell you something too,” she says. looking around first. “You have a very nice ass yourself. An I don’t know weather you know this or not…, but women also check out a man’s ass too. It’s thought by many women, that a man with a nice muscular ass is a better lover. And you sir, have a very nice ass,” she telling me.

“Oh really Mrs. Parker. So you go around checking out men and their ass,” asking her.

“Well, as I’ve already told you, I never said I wasn’t interested, or tempted by lots of men. And I can damn well bet your wife Sally did the same too. Plus, I bet your other girl friends do the same thing! You know mister, girls talk and compare too, an not just men who go around checking out a woman’s ass, tits too; you know!

“What’s so funny now Swaggart,” she ask, seeing me trying not to laugh at her.


“What about me,” she ask.

“Catherine…, after watching your reaction to me on the escalator, I was smitten! But watching you walking down that concourse, I was mesmerized by the way your hips and your amazing butt swayed with the easy rhythm of your walk — it’s eye catching, so natural, so easy, so lovely to watch. Yes truthfully Catherine, I was checking out your ass. An later during our lunch, your tits too,” telling her.

“An now that I’ve had the privilege of checking them out up close and I’ll dear say, very personal. My imagination never came close to the perfection they are!”

“No come back Catherine,” after waiting for some kind of something back from her.

“Yes,” she says.

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