Caught! #02


Caught! (Andrea’s Story)

I had suspected that my husband Phil was having one night stands when he was away on business conferences. At 34 I still considered myself as attractive and I certainly enjoyed our sex life, so why was he playing away?

One day, feeling lonely and wanting to confide in somebody, I went next door to Wendy our neighbour. As I started to recount what I suspected, the tears started to flow. Wendy took me in her arms to comfort me, as I calmed down and relaxed in her arms I kissed her in thanks. She lightly retuned the kiss and we continued to hold each other. I don’t know what came over me, but I started to pull her into me becoming very needy. We were soon caressing each other and becoming increasingly intimate and aroused. Wendy took me upstairs where we gradually stripped and explored each other. One thing lead to another and we were soon having a full blown lesbian sex session. Neither of us had had lesbian sex before. When we came down from our climaxes, we were both embarrassed about what had taken place. We both quietly dressed and I went home.

We both avoided each other for a couple of weeks, but I couldn’t get out of my head what had happened. I had to admit I had enjoyed sex with another woman and wanted to try it again. We couldn’t avoid each other for long and gradually we started talking again. Wendy like me admitted that she had enjoyed the experience and over the next couple of weeks we took up where we left off. In fact we couldn’t get enough of each other. We caressed, fondled, fingered and licked each other. We discovered vibrators and dildos delighting in experimenting on each other with them.

One day when Phil was away, Wendy told me she felt sorry for me when he was away and wondered if I would be willing to spend those nights with her and Mike. I was definitely interested but didn’t want to seem too keen. I hadn’t touched a man’s penis since long before Phil and I were married. I wondered what it would be like to do so again, to have a different prick inside me. The thought excited me more than Wendy would ever know.

We made a plan to trap him into having a threesome. We were getting impatient because it didn’t seem as if he had noticed anything, until one day we heard him coming in the back door trying to be quiet. Now we very deliberately made more noise and put on a show. It worked, I saw him standing in the doorway with his pants Bayan Eskort down, playing with himself. It didn’t take much to get him in bed with us. I had a quick feel of his prick, it was a little longer but thinner than Phil’s. The thought of him inside me made me have a mini orgasm, but I would have to wait because Wendy wanted to be fucked in the bum first.

Wendy became the filling in the sandwich. She was still wearing her strapless dildo and as Mike fucked her in the bum, the strapless was fucking me in time with Mike’s actions. When we all came, Mike had to recover for a while. I was getting impatient, I wanted him inside me. Once he was hard again they wasted no time lubing up my bum. Once done Mike lay on his back and I straddled him, guiding his prick to my puckered hole and gently at first, let him enter me all the way. As Mike fucked my arse, Wendy straddled his face and was tongue fucked. Wendy was playing with my clit, kissing me and we were playing and sucking each other’s tits. We all came together, well almost, Mike’s cum inside my arse was red hot, almost a burning sensation, God I loved it.

After a while I got up, dressed and went home before Phil returned from work. I couldn’t wait for Phil to go away on one of his conference, I wanted to spend the night with Wendy and Mike.

When Phil next went away I was round at Wendy and Mike’s almost before Phil’s car turned out of our road. We all fondled, caressed and fingered each other. We ate each other out, Wendy and I sucked and deep throated Mike. Finally I was well and truly fucked by Mike while Wendy watched, fondling his balls and my clit. Then I watched as Wendy was fucked, cupping my hand round their conjoined sex.

One day Wendy’s mother, Edna, found us all in bed together and shocked us all by impaling herself on Mike. Watching her riding Mike, soon had Wendy and me turned on and another great session was enjoyed by us all. It was the only time I had sex with Wendy’s mum and I couldn’t believe it when she started fingering her daughter. She seemed to be the dominant one in their relationship. That was later confirmed by Wendy, when she told me of what happened one time at her mum’s house, involving the girl next door.

By now I was wanting to watch Wendy being fucked by another man, or two men at once. I managed to get Wendy to agree we should try to get Phil involved, but we couldn’t persuade Mike. I don’t know if he didn’t like the idea of somebody else fucking his wife, or if he was afraid that he might have sex with another man. He seemed to enjoy anal when Wendy and I used our strap-ons on him, so I couldn’t understand his objections.

Mike came up with his own idea, which sounded intriguing, but it would mean less time with the two of them. His idea was that I should surprise Phil by catching him with another woman at one of his conferences. I liked the sound of that, I just needed to work out the details of how I was going to do it. When the time came I wanted to be hiding in his room, give them time to get started and then catch them at it.

When the day came I was nervous, wasn’t sure how I was going to get into the room or if there would be anywhere to hide. I arrived at the hotel when all the delegates were sitting down for their evening meal, that should give me time to get sorted. The guy on reception wasn’t being helpful about handing me a key to Phil’s room even though I kept stressing that Phil was my husband. In the end I performed a little favour for him. I crawled under his desk and sucked him off while he attended to the other guests. His penis was similar in size to Phil’s but it had a distinct curve in it when erect, also it was the first circumcised one I had ever seen. I was enjoying his penis so much that I almost forgot why I was there.

I eventually got to Phil’s room, I had a quick look round. No evidence that he’d brought anybody back yet, the room and the bed were still neat and tidy. There was nowhere I could hide in the bedroom, but in the bathroom I could hide behind the shower curtain. I sat on the lid of the toilet to wait, it wasn’t long before I heard the keycard in the door. Quickly I got behind the shower curtain, I was going to wait until I heard unmistakeable sounds of sexual activity. I could hear muttering and mumbling coming from the bedroom, then somebody came into the bathroom. I kept very still and held my breath, there was a small tear in the shower curtain. It was the woman, I saw her hitch up her skirt, pull down her knickers and sit on the toilet. My god how much had she had to drink, she seemed to take ages peeing. While she sat there she kicked her knickers off completely, hmm pretty panties I thought. When she wiped herself and stood up I noticed she was shaved. This was going to be fun, I would give them some time to let things warm up.

When I burst in on them they were both naked, she was straddling him and just about to impale herself on his cock. I nearly burst out laughing, and wished I’d thought about setting up a spy camera. The shock of me bursting in on them, caused the woman to sit heavily onto Phil, winding him and impaling herself to the hilt. She quickly bounced up and tried to cover herself under the sheets.

Keeping my angry face on I yelled, “What the fuck do you think you are doing? Who the fuck is this TRAMP? Get over there in that chair, I’ll deal with you later. PHIL!!!”

Turning to the woman, I pulled the sheet away from her and roughly grabbed one of her tits.

“Are her tits better than mine?”

I then forced her legs open shoving two fingers up her cunt, she was wet from anticipation of sex with Phil.

“Do you like a shaved twat?” I yelled.

The woman was trying to fight me off, but my fingers were firmly inside her and there was no way I was going to stop now. Gradually the woman gave up fighting me off and let me finger and grope her, much to her surprise she started to enjoy my ministrations. I slipped my panties off and straddled her face, thinking I might have to force her to eat me out, but she eagerly started to lick and suck. She was good, obviously this wasn’t her first time with a woman, she managed to mumble, “69”.

I didn’t need a further invite, the rest of my clothes came off. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Phil begin to get out of the chair. Pointing at him I said, “You are not taking part in this you cheating BASTARD, you can watch”.

He had gone flaccid when I caught them, but now he was as hard as I’d ever seen him and playing with himself. “KEEP your hands off your dick! Don’t you dare touch yourself unless I give you permission”.

I never did find out the woman’s name, once we had eaten each other out, she dressed and left. I made Phil suffer, by touching myself, using my vibrator and forbidding him from doing anything to me or himself. I told him that I had suspected for a while about his affairs and that I’d been playing with our neighbours. I demanded that in future when he went to a conference, I would set up a spy camera and we would reenact my ‘shocking discovery’. He agreed, but I didn’t let him have sex for a week while I mercilessly teased him and flaunted myself in front of him.

I told Wendy and Mike all that had happened and they looked forward to enjoying the spy cam footage when some became available.