It’s late afternoon, you’ve just called to say you have to work late. i miss you already. i want you home with me. i walk to the bathroom, take off all of my clothes, and step into the shower to try and relax. When i get out of the shower i see the shirt you wore yesterday hanging on the back of the bathroom door. i take it down and put it on before going back to the bedroom and curling up on the bed. Nothing much on TV, but i manage to find something that isn’t too dull. The shirt still smells of you, almost like you’re right here next to me.

i had no idea that your scent would have such an effect on me. Without any thought at all my hand has found its way between my legs. By the time i realize what i’m doing there’s no way i can stop. It feels so good, even though i know it’s against the rules. i’m only allowed to touch myself in your presence or with your permission. But, you’re going to be late. You’ll never know, so i continue to explore the moisture between my thighs. Rubbing my clit, slowly at first, gradually increasing the speed and pressure on the swollen knot.

When you come into the house you can hear my moans and know immediately what i am up to. You walk very quietly down the hall and stand silent in the doorway. My eyes are closed. i’m unaware of your presence. Aware only of the orgasm that is so close i can taste it. You can see how close i am as well, and walk quickly but quietly up to me. Grabbing my ankle you pull down hard so i’m lying prone on the bed. Astonished to see you, and full of fear knowing that i will be punished, i begin to whimper apologies.

You stand there, staring at me. Stone still and without expression, like you can’t even hear my desperate pleas.

“Be quiet”, you say softly, as you walk toward the head of the bed. i would rather you yell, you sound almost hurt, and i know now how disappointed you are. You tell me to roll over and lie on my belly. i do so, terrified of the consequences if i protest. You kneel on the bed, and grab my arms, pinning them behind my back. Taking off your tie, you use it to bind my wrists tightly together.

“Get on your knees” you say, and i manage to do it without use of my arms. i’m kneeling, facing the wall and the headboard in front of me. You get off the bed and stand beside me. Unsure of how to react and not wanting to anger you i simply plead with my eyes. You lean forward and kiss my forehead. Ataşehir Fetiş Escort i relax a bit, thinking maybe you aren’t as infuriated as i thought.

Just as i begin to calm, you grab me by the hair and push my face to the bed. “Don’t move”, you growl, so i’m left on my knees, head down, ass in the air. You walk away, out of my view, but i can hear you moving about the room.

Moments later i can feel that you’re near again. i again whimper apologies, but you swiftly muffle my words with a gag tied tightly behind my head. Running your fingers down my spine, you stop with your palm flat against my ass. When you remove your hand i brace myself for the spanking, but it doesn’t come, not yet.

You get on the bed and kneel behind me. i can feel the warmth of your body, but no part of you is touching me. When i least expect it, the first crack of the paddle sends shockwaves through my entire being. Squealing through the gag, defenseless, i try to prepare for the next smack of the paddle. But there’s no way to prepare, you spank me erratically. There are sometimes three or four whacks in succession, but then you wait 30 or 40 seconds between wallops. Breathless and defeated, i take everything you have to give, knowing that i deserve every welt that i receive.

You throw the paddle to the floor, and again place your palm against my ass. Even you are surprised by the heat you’ve caused. The thrashing has left my behind red and swollen. You run your fingernails over my aching bottom and i begin to sob into the sheets. The tears streaming down my cheeks, not because i’m afraid, not because i’m in pain, only because i’ve disappointed you and the guilt is more than i can bear. You can see that i have learned my lesson.

Watching me get myself off has always been a turn on for you, and you’re still hard from the sight of my punishable offence. You move away from my ass and cover my sex with your hand. Feeling how wet i am only excites you more and you slide your fingers to my clit. i moan softly, finally catching my breath as my tears dry on the sheet.

Circling my clit gently with one hand you run the other back over my ass, sending shivers of pain up my spine. You like this reaction, and begin to lightly slap my already reddened ass as you rub and tease my clit. The combination of pleasure and pain is almost more than i can bear.

You lean Ataşehir Gecelik Escort over me and whisper, “You won’t misbehave again, will you slut?” i shake my head vehemently, assuring you that i will behave.

You know that i have learned my lesson. You untie the gag and remove it from my lips. i feel you back away and i’m afraid that you are leaving me alone again. i cry out to you, and you quiet me with a gentle hand on my back. i can hear you removing your clothes, and i calm, knowing you won’t be going very far.

i whisper to you, “please untie me, Sir”.

“Not yet”, you reply, “I have you right where i want you”. You take your position behind me again, and lean over my body. i can feel your breath on my face, and you nibble gently on my ear lobe and the back of my neck.

“I don’t like having to punish you so harshly”, you murmur, barely audible.

“i’m so very sorry, Sir”, i say softly. “It won’t happen again, i promise”.

Still stretched out over me, your hand again makes its way between my legs. “I think you like the punishment slut”, you grunt in my ear. “I think you wanted to be caught. Look how wet you are”, you say, as you push the fingers that were just teasing my pussy into my mouth.

i suckle your fingers just as i would your cock. Moaning loudly, trying to show you what i want. You take your fingers from my mouth, and put your hand up under my shirt, grabbing my breasts, roughly twisting each nipple. You then slide your hand down over my belly and back to my clit. You pinch it tightly between your fingers, nearly making me cum. i groan loudly, and push my ass into you, wanting so badly to be fucked.

“Please, Sir”, i plead.

“Is this what you want?” you ask, as you tease my pussy with your cock.

“Oh yes, Sir, please, please fuck me now!”

“Just this once I will give you what you want.” you grunt, as you slam your cock into my waiting sex. i yelp loudly from the abrupt entrance, and then grind myself into you, moaning satisfactorily because i am, indeed, getting exactly what i want. You fuck me hard and fast for a bit, but slow your pace before too long. Wanting to take your time and get everything you deserve before either of us climaxes.

You make love gently now, rocking with me, running your hands over my body, reaching under the shirt and teasing my nipples. Both of us grunting Ataşehir Genç Escort and moaning with pleasure, you explore my body with your hands as you continue to fuck me from behind. You run your hands down over my arms, untie my wrists and set me free. You massage my fingers gently before guiding my hand under me and to my sweet spot.

“Soon pet, you can release very soon”, you whisper, as you again increase the speed and pressure of your love-making. i bring myself upright on my knees, my back against your chest, rubbing my clit with ferocity. i put my head back on your shoulder, and nibble at your neck and jawbone till you turn your head and kiss my mouth. i suck your bottom lip into my mouth, biting it gently and teasing with the tip of my tongue. The hand not concentrating on my clit is around your neck, my hand in your hair, nails running over your scalp and the back of your neck.

Running your hands up my sides, you rip open the shirt, sending buttons everywhere. Grabbing my breasts roughly, thrusting into me harder and harder, your breathing becoming rapid, muscles tensing. You push me to the bed again, slamming into me mercilessly, one hand gripping my hips and pulling me into you, the other wrapped in my hair, yanking my head back.

You feel me tensing, so close to orgasm, my pussy wrapped around your cock like a glove. You pull me back to an upright position and wrap your arms around me, holding me tightly against you.

“Now, pet”, you grunt into my ear, “Cum for me now”. i feel the spasms of your cock exploding its juices into me, my pussy contracting around it, milking every drop of cum from your organ. My arm again around your neck, holding you close, nails digging into your shoulder blade. You bite into the soft flesh of my neck with your last thrust into me. Exhausted and breathless you collapse onto me, pushing my body flat to the bed.

You roll over and lay spread eagled beside me, breathing heavily, eyes closed. i put my lips to your ear, “May i clean you, Sir?”

“Yes, pet, clean your Master.” you whisper softly. i position myself between your legs, taking your softening cock into my mouth. Sucking and licking gently, caressing your stomach and chest with my fingers. Satisfied that you are clean, i then lick the juices from my own fingers.

i crawl back up beside you, nestling into the crook of your arm, sighing contentedly. i close my eyes and listen to your calming heartbeat, my fingers toying with your nipples and the hair on your chest. i am completely content. Your breathing is slowing as your body relaxes, nearing sleep.

“Thank you, Sir”, i whisper, almost inaudibly, “Thank you for correcting me. Thank you for loving me…”