Caught By Aunt


As Riya entered her empty house, she couldn’t wait to get rid of her clothes on this extremely hot and humid day in Delhi. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d taken a half day from work! All she wanted was to make the most of the long weekend coming up to basically unwind and relax.

Peeling of her tight jeans she left them at the bottom of her staircase as she started to climb up towards her bedroom, on the way she took of her buttoned down shirt too, looking forward to a pampering afternoon in her tub.

Reaching up before entering her room she stopped to admire her self in the full length mirror in the passage.

She absolutely loved what she saw, her globe like 36C breasts barely contained in her half cupped lacy black bra, her hour glass shaped waist with a flat stomach tapering down to her matching lace black thong. She then did a little twirl to see her arched back and her taut round ass.

She smiled to herself thinking not bad for a 39 year old, years of Pilates, gym and yoga had done their magic. Her body was still as tight as it was when she was in her mid 20’s.

Feeling happy about herself and looking forward to a self pampering weekend she entered her room only to find her son’s best friend Chin sitting on the floor with some of her lingerie spread around him with her private photo album (which were full of her pictures in bikinis) lying on the floor in front of him with one of her thongs wrapped around his hard cock as he stroked himself.

Chandar known as Chin by his friends.

Chin was Akash’s (Riya’s son) best friend. They’d been childhood friends and together in school throughout.

They had practically grown up in each other’s houses. They both had been pretty much inseparable until Akash found a girlfriend and had lately started spending all his free time with her.

Chin had always been the shy and introverted one amongst the two, never really partied over the weekends and mostly kept to himself and rarely hung out with the gang. Whereas Akash was a complete party animal who could never sit in one place for too long, loved his weekend binging sessions with his buddies and girlfriend now.

Chin had a secret though, all his life he’d had the biggest crush on his best friend Akash’s mom Riya. The fact that she was a complete milf and that too single only gave wings to his fantasies.

Through out high school despite his introverted nature he’d hang out with Akash or just hang out at Akash’s house not so much for his company but just in the hope of getting a glimpse of Riya auntie, hoping she’d be wearing something revealing like her painted on yoga pants or her short shorts with her sports bra, which left very little to imagination (which he’d seen many a times as she practically lived in her workout clothes at home), but his favourite was seeing her in the backyard pool in a bikini.

Lately with Akash galavanting of with his new girlfriend all the time, leaving Chin alone which ended up encouraging the horny teenager to explore Riya aunty’s room with no one around. During this period he not only found a draw full of her extremely sexy lingerie but also a few of her private photo albums.

From the first time Chin laid his hands on her lingerie and saw her skimpy bikini photos on some beach or the other with some new and different stranger holding her, he was hooked.

He’d come back from school with Akash, wait for him to leave for his girlfriend’s and go straight to Riya’s room, as he knew they’d never be back till late evening. Which gave him ample time to play out his fantasies and shag.


Now Riya being a single mother and running a very successful garment export business, would do most of her fucking around during her many international business trips and vacations, she did have a couple of booty calls in Delhi too, but it was tough to meet them whenever she wanted between her busy work schedule and her effort to spend time with her only son.

In India she also felt she had a reputation to protect, as she really didn’t like the idea of being talked about just because she was single and horny and was extremely protective about not fucking the wrong guy. Therefore she would end up with no action for months sometimes.

It wasn’t like she hadn’t had affairs or tried to find the right guy, but unfortunately for her nothing had really worked out.

It would get extremely frustrating at times but she would always end up taking another trip sooner than later, mostly to get laid and have some fun.

Coming back to that day as soon as Riya walked into her room dressed only in her lacy black coloured half cup bra and matching lace thong she froze seeing Chin in his compromising position.

Chin on the other hand who was on the verge of cumming as she walked in and seeing her live dressed in her lingerie, (she looked way better than he’d ever imagined) started to spray cum all over her thong and photo album.

“Auntie I’m so sorry.” Blurted an embarrassed Chin with cum still leaking Escort Bayan Gaziantep out of his now shrinking cock.

Riya was still under shock to what she’d witnessed and took a few minutes to respond.

Seeing Chin’s embarrassed, ashamed and scared face she immediately went from being shocked to just feeling bad for the kid who had practically grown up in front of her and who she actually treated as her own son, as she walked passed Chin towards her closet to get her self a robe.

Despite his embarrassment he couldn’t keep his eyes of her swaying hips and that tout round thong clad ass as she walked past, she seriously looked way better than he’d imagined and the pictures he thought really didn’t do her any justice.

Walking back as Riya tied her robe belt around her looking at Chin as she sat on the edge of her bed facing him and said, “it’s normal for boys your age to shag so there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Where my under garments are concerned that’s normal too I do wear sexy lingerie, but what I don’t get is what are you doing with your old aunt’ pictures, Chin?”

Then she carried on, “your school is full of young hotties your age I’ve seen Amar hanging out with a few, you should find yourself a girlfriend too.”

Chin without realising said, “non of them are a patch on you auntie.” Shocked at himself he kept his head down in shame again.

“Stop flattering your old aunt Chin.” She said with a smile actually feeling quite good about herself.

“To be honest with you Chin, from all of Akash’s friends you were the last one I’d thought I’ll end up catching in my room like this, unlike all the others I’ve never seen you leching at me or trying to flirt with me the way the rest do.” Then taking a breath Riya continued, “you’ve always been the sweet intelligent boy who according to me was the best influence for my party crazy son.”

“I have a confession auntie, I think you are the hottest person I’ve ever seen and have been attracted towards you ever since I can remember.” In a hoarse voice almost sounding horny. He was feeling quite comfortable saying it seeing how cool she was about the whole situation.

Then looking up at her, “I’m really sorry about this and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to face you again.” As he wiped the cum of the album and shut it, then started picking up her scattered lingerie while accidentally brushing his hands against her ankle and feet.

“Leave all this Chin, I’ll clear it later and off course you are always welcome in this house and don’t let this stupid episode ruin that, in fact where facing me is concerned if I see any difference in your behaviour around me I’ll definitely tell your mom about today, till then it’s our little secret.” Riya said with a wink and a smile, ignoring the confession of his crush on her all together.

Although Riya was sounding all cool and collected she actually hadn’t seen a cock in the last few months and couldn’t get over how a thin scrawny guy like Chin could have a package as big as his. All this while she couldn’t get over sight of his big cock with her thong wrapped around it as he started to spurt cum all over the place was just not going out of her head. Then as he stood up to leave, even his cock when not erect looked massive just hanging in front of his thin frame.

That’s when Riya laughing said, “you should tuck that in before you leave dear.”

“Oh shit!” Screamed Chin as he tucked his cock back into his pants and zipped up.

“So sorry auntie, I really don’t know what else to say, but thank you for being so understanding.” He said looking embarrassed and ashamed.

He was just about to leave, when Riya seeing how embarrassed he looked got up and gave him a little good bye peck on his cheeks, not realising as she got up her robe belt opened as in a hurry earlier she hadn’t tied it properly exposing the front of her lingerie clad body.

Chin immediately started blushing like a kid and getting hard at the same time thanks to the peck on his cheeks and what he could see, her perfect hour glass figure in that sexy black lacy lingerie.

Chin couldn’t help himself and leaned forward and gave a kiss back on her cheek, “thank you again auntie for being so cool and understanding.”

Riya realising her robe had opened had started to tie her belt back while Chin had moved forward to kiss her back, making her hand accidentally brush against the hardening cock in his pants. Just the feel of that growing monster brushing against the back of her hand started making her pussy wet.

She couldn’t believe how fucking horny she felt right there and then.

As she stepped back she couldn’t stop thinking about how she wanted to feel that monster in her hands, mouth, her pussy as she started to go red in her face.

“You okay auntie, you suddenly look a little flushed,” asked Chin as he too had felt her hands brush against his cock which was now was forming a massive tent in his trousers despite his tight underwear, as he placed both his hands in front covering it.

Riya looked back up at him but couldn’t keep her eyes of the massive tent formed in his trousers as she sat back down on the edge of the bed, then grabbing his waist with both hands pulled him towards her, with his bulge now inches away from her face she looked up again and said, “what happens here stays between us, no bragging to friends or anyone as a matter of fact.” Then taking a deep breath, “this is going to be our little secret, you get that, right?” She was just feeling too horny and it had been way too long since a last lay to let this opportunity go.

Chin just looking down at her seeing her beautiful face, with those big brown eyes, her sharp nose and those perfectly shaped pouty lips, he wanted to get down on his knees and start kissing her but was too shy and definitely not brave enough and still to shocked to believe this is actually happening to do anything as yet.

Instead Riya grabbed hold from his belt and yanked him down and brought him to his knees with there faces now inches away from each other and she asked, “ever been with anyone boy?”

Chin nodded a no.

“So this is your first time, not even a first base with any of the girls in school?”

Chin again nodded a no.

Teasingly she asked, “with a boy?”

A shocked Chin replied, “never auntie!”

“With that tool you’ll have enough girls swooning all over you soon,” she said teasing him again.

Chin went red in his face blushing again, as she leaned forward and started kissing his lips softly, soon they were smooching passionately and sucking on each other’s tongue.

Riya couldn’t help herself and out of habit had her hands squeezing his small tight teenage ass while they kissed whereas Chin had both his hands on his sides too shocked to really do anything but kiss.

Then breaking of the kiss Riya looked at him and said, “not bad Chin, you’re a natural, but you should hold the woman you’re making out with baby.” As she squeezed his ass tight and spanked him hard.

Then she got up took of her robe and did a little swirl in front of the still kneeling Chin, as she smiled and asked, “you like?”

Chin looking up, “yessss auntie.” Answered in a hoarse voice almost grunting.

Then Riya jumped on the bed, “take of your clothes and join me baby.” As she took of her bra and threw it at him.

Chin couldn’t take his eyes of her round globes with those pointy pink nipples as he took of his clothes.

Riya couldn’t keep her eyes of his one eyed monster as he stripped but had other plans for now, as she laid on her back and signalled him with her finger to come on the bed.

As Chin crawled up the bed she stopped him half way with her feet on his shoulders, with his face above her thong clad pussy she said, “my panty lover why don’t you take these off, but no using your hands.”

This was getting way better than all his fantasies about her, as he dove in face down and grabbed her thongs waist band between his teeth and started slipping of her panties as Riya lifted her ass to make it easier for him.

“Good boy, now go down on me, I hope you know what that means?” Riya smiled, as she spread her legs exposing her clean shaved pussy.

Chin didn’t need an invite as he grabbed her hips and started licking the full length of her pussy lips from the bottom all the way to her clit like a thirsty dog lapping away.

Grabbing his head with both hands, “slow down boy and use your tongue to penetrate my pussy and let’s see how far you go.”

He immediately followed her instructions and penetrated her pussy with his tongue and went as deep as he could with his nose pressed hard against her clit.

“Yessssss…thats it baby, now fuck me with that tongue.” As she grabbed a hand full of his hair in each hand.

Chin started moving his tongue in and out of her as fast as he could while Riya started to moan softly.

The next five minutes were Chin following every instruction to the T, till eventually he had his 2 fingers fingering her vigorously while he kept licking her clit, with his other hand squeezing her boobs till she didn’t moan herself to an orgasm. As she screamed between deep breaths. “Ahhhhhh… that was perfect…yesssssss…you are a good listener… and a quick learner.”

How she’d needed this release, as she thought in disbelief that the little neighbor boy who had practically grown up in front of her just gave her one of the best orgasms she’d had in the longest time.

After a much awaited release she was suddenly in a naughty and playful mood, also she wanted to just have some fun with Chin without really thinking too much about their relationship etc. As she got up after getting her breath back and made him lie down on his back.

“Now it’s your turn baby, are you ready.” She asked with a wicked smile as she took out a pair of handcuffs (the ones you get at a sex shop) from her bedside draw.

“Yes auntie.” Replied a horny but now nervous Chin.

She then straddled his stomach held both his hands above his head and cuffed them to her brass beds head board.

Her big breasts were dangling inches away from his face as she cuffed him and Chin couldn’t resist the temptation and started sucking on her nipples.

Riya let him suck on her erect nipples for a minute and then got back up now sitting on his chest and looking down at Chin, she wiped his cum soaked face with her thong which Chin had just peeled of and shoved it in his mouth saying, “no sucking, kissing, touching without permission.”

“Hmmm…hmmmm” is all Chin could say while nodding his head.

Riya then slipped a pillow under his head so he could see what she was about to do with him, then slipping down his body she laid herself between his bent knees spread legs. With her face now inches away from his cock looking up at him she said, “are you ready my little baby?”

“Hmmmm…hmmmm…hmmmm.” He nodded again.

“You can spit out the thong, panty lover and answer me.” She said smiling.

Spitting it out in a second, “ohhhhh yessss auntie I’m ready.” He said still under shock of what was happening, this he hadn’t even imagined in his wildest fantasies about her.

Riya immediately dived between his legs and started sucking and licking his balls, with both her hands firmly holding his butt cheeks.

Chin could feel her tongue licking and mouth sucking on his balls it was a brand new sensation for him, in fact when she licked him between his ball sack and thighs he almost felt ticklish but was too turned on to laugh.

How he craved she start sucking on his cock or at least stroke it with her hand while she sucked on his balls. But all he could see was the top of her head and was worried that he might just cum without actually getting a blowjob.

Soon enough though he felt her tongue her tongue lick him all the way from his asshole up his balls eventually licking the base of his cock, he looked down as he saw her staring right onto his eyes as she slowly licked and kissed is monster cock from the base all the way too the top.

Riya then flickered her tongue a couple of times on the crack of his cock head, as chin used all his willpower not to explode.

Then with both of them staring at each other he saw her stretch her pouty lips on to of his thick cock head and as she swallowed his cock into her mouth as he felt her tongue swirling around his cock head.

That was it for him as he started to shoot cum deep into her mouth, Riya swallowed a bit and immediately got her mouth of his cock spitting out the rest but Chin kept cumming even without anyone touching or stroking his cock with a few spurts of cum hitting the lower part of her mouth and the rest onto his own chest and stomach as his thick cock collapsed on his stomach.

“Was that it my baby.” Smiled Riya as she straddled him and sat on his thighs looking down at his placid cock.

Chin looking at her beautiful face with cum still dripping from her lips, to her big boobs that despite their size defied gravity with not an ounce of sag, to her thin hour glass shaped waist, down to her clean shaved pussy which was inches away from his cock started getting hard and rising again without any touch or provocation.

Riya looking back down smiled and said, “not bad baby, I haven’t even touched you as yet.”

Chin could have broken those fake cuffs grabbed her and start fucking her immediately, but was enjoying this more. As he looked at his fully erect cock and then at Riya with that desperate look in his face he said, “see this is what you do to me auntie.” Shyly.

Seeing his massive cock get hard so quickly and that desperate look on his face just made Riya feel horny again, also she really wanted to feel that monster in her.

“Oh baby I can’t believe I’m really doing this,” she said as she caught hold of his cock with one hand and aimed it towards her soaking wet pussy as she slowly sat on it penetrating her an inch at a time. It took her a few seconds for her to get used to the thickness as she kept taking it in a little bit at a time as she was still getting used to both the length and width and soon she had the whole thing in as she moaned softly still adjusting to the size. It felt like it was going all the way too her stomach as she started riding it extremely slowly.

For Chin he was in complete heaven as he saw his cock disappearing into her tight wet pussy, he couldn’t believe how tight, wet, slippery and warm it felt as he slid all the way in and as she started to move up and down his shaft slowly he felt her already tight pussy tighten around his cock. This was definitely much much better than he’d ever imagined.

Soon Riya had gotten used to his size and started riding him faster and harder. She was in total control so she was doing everything to pease herself from rinding him hard to grinding on him on and off to speeding up and slowing down as she pleased, “You know you can cum in me but only once I’ve cum,” she screamed as she rode him with both her hands plastered against his cum filled chest, throughout moaning uncontrollably.