Caught By My Step-Daughter Ch. 03

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Still to this day I can’t believe that happened, that I finally got to see and feel my step daughter’s wonderful titties, that she held my cock in her hands and that she, this sweet girl that I’d parented for so many years, had my cock in her mouth! She sucked my cock for Christ’s sake!

Should I feel remorse? Be scared? She’s old enough, after all, but have I corrupted her? Led her astray? Nope, I don’t think so. She’s been teasing me so much over the last year or so with her provocative dress and her sneaky ways so I think she was already ‘astray’ if that’s what it is. I wanted more and I wanted to find out whether she was fucking boys at school or what; I couldn’t believe that all those energies were directed just at me.

Anyway, the night that it happened and for many more after I just couldn’t get it out of my mind – that feeling, that sight, that sensation, that thrill. Even when I was with my wife my mind was elsewhere.

Emily and I didn’t say anything about that night for a few days and when we did it was a little awkward – at least to start, and it was she who brought it up first.

“Dad,” she said, “You didn’t tell Mom did you? You know, about the other night, like, er, we said we wouldn’t, didn’t we?”

“Of course not, Emily, I’ve not told anyone and won’t,” I replied. “What we did was wrong and it shouldn’t have happened, but I won’t tell anyone.”

“What do you mean it was wrong, you didn’t like it?” she said

“Oh, no it’s not that,” I said, “I liked it very much, all of it, in fact I’ve liked everything we did and I love the way you’ve been teasing me.”

“Is that OK?” Emily replied. “The teasing? I know it’s a bit mean but I like doing it. I like it when I catch you looking at my titties. Me and Amy talk about it all the time, it’s like you’re a cool Dad but not really my Dad and anyway, we caught you doing it once and it made us laugh, that’s why we started doing it on purpose.”

It might be argued that this conversation opened a gate, perhaps not a flood gate, more like a door to continued adventures. Emily enjoyed it, I did, and whatever ‘it’ was going to be, it seemed like we were both, not just cool with it, but intent on doing more of it.

Nothing else happened immediately, nothing else actually happened for quite a few days but when it did it built upon all the earlier things and the tension that had been building since we talked and, I sensed, a desire on both our parts to do more of ‘it’.

I’ve mentioned before that it was my feeling that her teasing was deliberate, albeit a by-product of the loose clothes and teenage naivety but now, I know it was deliberate and now, while those very same things happen, they are punctuated now; much more deliberate and provocative, no more ‘accidents’ – it’s all out teasing and escalating sexuality.

This ‘new world’ seems to have endless opportunity for her, limited only by her daring and mood.

This wasn’t the first of the new teases but it did push the boundary: we (the whole family) were preparing and eating dinner so there was much activity in the kitchen and the open dining room. My wife and her son were at the table in conversation Sefaköy Escort while I was in the kitchen when Emily came over to ‘help’. Chatting to me as I plated the meal, she leant across the island, she on one side with her back to her Mom and me on the kitchen side. She very carefully pulled down the neckline of her shirt and gently removed her breast, caressing it in her hand and rubbing her nipple with her licked finger.

All I could think of was reaching over and touching but I couldn’t, I really couln’t risk that and she knew it. The smile on her face was incredible, it was so knowing, so ‘I love teasing you Dad’, so ‘you want to touch me again, don’t you Dad’. And, behind her, her mother and brother talked, in full view of me but with no idea.

This was obviously part of the ‘it’ for her too. That may have been one of the first steps back into that rhythm and back to the teasing but it had a bold new face and it was just the beginning of a behavior change that seemed destined to lead us father down that path, only we were moving quickly.

She continued being much more blatant with her teasing from lifting up her shirt, pulling down the neck-line to flash her tits, grabbing and squeezing them through her shirt. It got to the point that perhaps every day she’d do something, and some days she’d do ten things!

One of her favorite ‘tricks’ was when we talked on the stairs. Often she’d be upstairs leaning on the baluster rail and I’d be down in the entry hall having a quick talk about something routine and almost every time she’d bare her breasts in some way, a quick flash one day, licking her nipples another or, best of all, she’d rest those wonderful orbs on the railing.

If there were others in the house and close by, it would be a fleeting split second. If they were elsewhere it might be a bit prolonged and if we were alone, like those occasional school mornings it was blatant.

That morning ritual for Emily always remained the same, and tame, expect when her Mom was away. Perhaps once a month she’d have a business trip for a few days and it was those days I looked forward to. Emily’s routine didn’t change, just her attire.

While it was normally a bra or a shirt when Mom was home, when she was away it was topless, yes topless. She’d still go back and forth to the bathroom, she’d still do her things, but she’d do it topless and while I didn’t stop and stare, we pretended nothing was unusual; I’d come and go, we’d chat, I’d look, she’d watch me look and occasionally she’d grab them and play for a short second.

I wanted to push the exhibitionist stuff more and differently. So, after some thought and in consideration of both her open-mindedness and not-so-subtle flashing I decided to try something new.

Emily would get home from school at the same time every day and I, with the luxury of working from home when I wasn’t traveling, was always there when she got off the bus. Sometimes, in fact most times, she was alone, but occasionally she’d have a friend with her – most often Amy.

On this day I’d been working alone all day (my wife was away again) and had decided that I’d push the envelope Sefaköy Escort Bayan with Emily a bit (and hope that today might be one of those days that Amy was with her). For most of the day I’d been naked, sitting at my desk, attending those conference calls, managing my responsibilities as I always do, only naked. I have to say that it’s quite a thrill to be talking with client while sitting naked and playing with your cock…if only they knew!

The time was approaching when Emily’s bus would stop, I’d hear the noise of the brakes then the sound of the key in the door and she’d be home. Today, though, she’d see something new if she looked in my office. Which she did.

Usually she’d pop her head in to announce her arrival, which she did. Only today I was there, relaxed in my chair jerking my cock when she looked in. I didn’t stop, but instead gave her a look, one which I intended to be an ‘oh-my-gosh, you’ve caught me!’ look. She just stared, then relaxed and leant against the door frame and quietly watched. I could tell she was contemplating her next move as she put her back-pack down and slowly and very sexily ran her hands down her sides, over her hips and then between her legs. Pausing for a second she gradually started to rub her pussy through jeans and, as she watched me jerk my cock, she keep a similar rhythm on herself.

So there I am openly, nakedly, jerking my cock while she, rather like a clothed stripper, caressed her delicious curves, participating in my masturbation by working on herself. Was she really aroused as she masturbate herself, was she playing a role to tease me or was she inviting me to engage with her? It became clear.

She walked over to me.

“I want to see you make yourself cum,” she said. “I want to watch you jerk your cock, I want you to do what Mom makes you do.”

She just stood there, right over me, watching. And then, with a consideration that showed how well she understood, she took off her tee-short, removed her bra and played with her tits saying:

“I want to see you cum, Daddy. How does Mom make you cum, does she make you jerk off for her?”

And I did, I couldn’t hold it back, I couldn’t control it, I just shot it all over my belly and chest.

“Is that what Mom likes?” she said.

“Well,” I replied, “It depends. Sometimes she just like me to lay next to her jerk off, other times I jerk it after we’ve been fucking and cum on her tits, but I like it best when she watches me jerk off and lets me shoot cum on her face or in her mouth.”

“Oh wow!” said Emily, “That sounds kinda dirty in a naught sort of way.”

Later that evening when everything had quieted down I was in bed reading. I’d talked to my wife a who was a few time zones away and then given the phone to Emily who, some thirty minutes later, came back into my room to give me the phone back.

Freshly showered and wrapped in a towel we chatted about what Mom was doing. She sat on the side of the bed and told me little of what she and Mom had talked about and then she said:

“Dad, when I said I didn’t tell anyone, you know, about the thing we did, I lied because I did, I Escort Sefaköy did tell someone.”

My heart skipped in panic thinking that she may have told her Mom.

“Really?” I said. “Was that a good idea?”

“Well I only told Amy,” she replied. “We’re really close and she won’t tell anyone, I promise. And besides, she thinks it’s cool and she likes the teasing and we talk about that and the way you look and stuff. And anyway, when I told you that she did a blow job, that’s a secret too.”

“Well, I know that,” I said. “I wouldn’t tell anyone about that.”

“Amy told me about doing that BJ,” Emily went on. “She said that he had a small penis and I know she’s seen a few boys cocks so she knows that it was small. And she also thinks that you have a big one.”

“How does she know?” I said. “Did you tell her?”

“Well,” Emily said. “You don’t know this but there was a day, quite a while ago, when we saw you, well, jerking off.”

“What! When was that?” I asked.

“You were on your bed and Mom was out and we heard something and spied on you,” she said.

I knew exactly when that was but I never knew if they saw, until now.

Emily went on to explain that she’d told Amy all about what happened, about her seeing me naked in the bedroom and that her ‘Dad’ was excited when they teased him and that they knew he was looking at their titties – which was as much fun for Amy as it was for Emily. She also said that Amy wanted to see my cock again but touch it like Emily had done.

All the while, through this conversation, Emily was sitting on the edge of my bed and, whether deliberately or accidentally the towel had slowly been slipping down. She pretended not to notice but I’m sure she knew full-well that one of her titties was in full view and the other would be any second.

I put my hand on her thigh and slowly stroked her leg, initially in a fatherly way but quickly that changed and my hand started heading slowly upwards and slid around her butt. She put her hand right on my cock, feeling it slowly through the thin summer comforter, encouraging it to get hard, stroking with her fingers and then squeezing and jerking. Then, without word or warning, she pulled back the covers and took my cock in her hand, holding it straight up and moving her grip right down to the base which made it look so big sticking up like that. She bent down to slowly, licked the big head and slowly eased it into her mouth.

This movement of her body bared her breasts as the towel gave up any grip it might have had and then slipped from her thigh and fell to the floor. Completely naked, her position had shifted and she was now on her knees bobbing her head slowly on my cock with her cute little butt in the air. She looked me straight in the eyes as she sucked and then as my hand moved gingerly from her butt to between her legs she raised her eyebrows and, best she could with my cock in her mouth, smiled. My fingers moved slowly between her cheeks and paused momentarily as I felt the warm wetness of her pussy. Easing my finger between folds, feeling the pulsing swollenness of her clit, I gently penetrated her.

I could see and feel her breasts move across my thighs as she licked and sucked my cock and developed a rhythm in her hips to match, or perhaps guide, my finger in and out of her pussy.

She paused and barely taking her mouth from my cock she said:

“Dad, I want you to cum in my mouth tonight.”

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