Caught in Mid Fuck Ch. 02

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Daddy Daughter

Her hubby was never around to give Lisa a good seeing to and when he was it was just a wham bam thank you ma’am and then he would turn over and go to sleep whether she had an orgasm or not. Now she wondered if her son and his big cock could give her that orgasm that she wanted. Her daughter had told her how his big cock filled her pussy and had her begging him to fuck her harder as she heard when she walked in on them when they were in mid-fuck.

Now it was a case of would he fuck his mom too?

A few days later after the fateful day Lisa had walked in on her son and daughter fucking on his bed Lisa had come home just before lunchtime as there was nothing to do at work so she took the afternoon off thinking she would spend the day by the pool and top her tan up. She knew both Jason and Jessica had gone out with friends for the day so she went stairs and got into the tiny little red bikini she had bought a few weeks ago especially for a day like this. Seeing she had the afternoon off and it was a beautiful day out she thought nothing else would be better than lazing out back catching some rays and having a dip in the pool.

On hair way out the backdoor she went into the fridge and pulled out a cold can of coke to take with her. She lay down on the lounger put her sun glasses on and took a few sips of her cold drink before lying face down. About ten minutes later Jason arrived home through the front door and made his way to the fridge to pull out a cold one. He too had the same idea of going out back and topping up his tan by the pool and hadn’t noticed that his mom had already beaten him to the punch.

It was when he had went to his room to change into his shorts and had looked out esenyurt escort his bedroom window that he noticed his mom laying on the lounger in just a tiny red string bikini that left nothing to the imagination. He could feel his cock hardening in his shorts as he stood there gazing at his hot mom soaking up the sun and he just couldn’t help putting his hand in his shorts for a little tug on his now eight inch hard on. He stood there admiring his mom’s hot body her tight little ass and he just knew he had to have her.

Two minutes later Jason was by the back door with his hand still inside his shorts tugging on his throbbing man meat admiring his mom’s hot body. He just knew he had to have her and seeing it was only going to be him and her home for the next couple of hours he was going to try his best to get her naked and then fuck her till he came inside her.

Lisa was still on here tummy lying face down unaware that her son was home and standing by the kitchen door leering at her thinking of a way he could get his hands on her body and his cock in her pussy. She had been thinking back to when she had caught son and daughter on his bed and wished it had been her on the bed with him instead. It was then that she felt a presence and turned to see Jason standing there in only his shorts staring at her.

“Hey Jason I never heard you come in how come your home early?” She asked her son.

“My plans got scuppered when Johnny hurt his leg falling off a wall so I just came home to soak up some sun but I see you beat me to it.” Her son answered back.

“I think you need some suntan oil on your before you burn mom.” He said again.

“Be istanbul escort a dear will you and put some on for me please and make sure you don’t miss any bits I don’t want to get sunburnt.” Lisa told Jason.

He couldn’t believe his luck, here was his big chance to get his hands on her delectable body and he wasn’t going to pass up on it. He knelt beside his mom and poured some of the suntan oil on to his hands and rubbed them together lightly before starting to oil up his mom’s shoulders and neck area.

“Your neck and shoulders feel like they could do with a massage to mom.” He said trying not to sound too excited.

“Yeah they could do with one Jason go ahead and use plenty of that suntan oil to.” She replied enjoying the touch of her son’s hands on her body.

Jason did as his mom asked and made sure he had plenty of the oil on his hands and began to massage it into her neck and shoulders until he came up against the strap of her string bikini.

“Mom is it ok if I unsnap your bikini top as its getting in the way and I wouldn’t want to get any of this oil on it as it looks like it’s a brand new bikini.” Jason asked with his cock now making a nice tent in his shorts.

“Ok I guess so.” She replied pulling it off after Jason unsnapped it for her and putting it on the ground next to the lounger.

Jason’s cock was now trying to escape his shorts as he looked down on his topless mom in front of him. He so wished she would turn around and let him put the oil all over her nice big boobs.

“Well are you going to put the oil on or not Jason?” His mom asked snapping him out of his carnal thoughts.

“Oh sure sorry mom was just beylikdüzü escort making sure I had enough oil on my hands.” He lied with a smile on his lips.

With that Jason began rubbing in the oil and he gave his mom’s back a good massage starting from her neck to her shoulders and then he made his way down her back not forgetting to rub the oil into her side as his hands made their way back up her body and grazing the side of her boobs. His mom never moved or said anything when Jason’s hands rubbed right over the side of her boobs so Jason repeated the move down the middle of her back and then back up her sides and again running his hands over the sides of her boobs again. “Mmmmm your good with your hands Jason and I am enjoying the massage sweetheart make sure you do my ass cheeks and my legs to please” Lisa told her son as she enjoyed his hands on her.

Jason was really getting into this now and without her knowing he slipped his shorts off and let them pool at his feet before stepping out of them. He was directly behind his mom and she was facing the front so she wouldn’t see what he had done. Jason knelt on the lounger as he carried on rubbing the oil into his mom and had moved down the small of her back. He skipped her ass cheeks leaving them to last and began rubbing the oil into her feet then up to her knees then on up her thighs on the outside first then on the inside as far up as he dared.

He was getting a little nervous now about what he was about to do next. Instead of asking his mom if he could untie the bows at each side of her so her bikini bottoms were not in the way he just untied them.

“Hey what are you doing Jason?” She asked a little shocked at his boldness.

“I just thought I should untie the bows of your bikini bottoms so they didn’t get oil on them either.” He explained hoping she wouldn’t turn her head and catch him out.

“Ok but no funny business mister is that clear?” Lisa said to him.

“Yes mom that’s clear.” Said Jason with other ideas in his head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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