Caught with his pants down

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It was a warm summer morning Greg had just graduated from High School so he was at his Uncle’s farm working for the summer before heading off to college in the fall.
Greg’s first chore of the morning was to feed and hay the cows and their calves.As he was finishing the last cow and her calf he noticed the calf was sucking a teet and thought to hisself I bet that would feel great on my cock.Greg hadnt had sex for about a month so when he thought of the feeling that calf would give him his cock starting growing at a fast rate.By the time he entered the stall his cock was fully enlarged.
He knew the heffer was eating and would not mind his closeness to the calf.He inserted his finger into the calf’s mouth and right away the calf started nursing on it.So he then dropped his pants then pulled his engorged 6.5 inch cock from his boxers. As he steped forword he removed his finger from the mouth and poked his raging hard on at the sucking hole left from the removal of his fingers.The calf instantly started sucking his cock.The feeling was like nothing Greg had ever felt.It felt as if this hot mouth was trying to suck his balls through his swollen cock.Greg started moving his cock in and out of the calf’s mouth the feeling was so good Greg knew he wouldnt last long.
As his balls started to tighten up his cock started flexing.
Then with a big explosion he started unloading the biggest stream of cum he had ever shot.Greg was lost in time just like the world had stopped.After what seamed like 10 minutes Greg started to relax.Just then Greg caught a movement out of the corner of his eye.He yanked his head around and sees the farm manager Buck standing there with a smile on his face and what looked to be a 8 inch cock in his hand. Just as I looked at the enormous cock it exploded and cum streams shot about 3 feet in front of Buck’s feet. After he was done cuming he just smiled at me put his cock away and looked me in the eye and said we are going to have fun this summer he then turned around and walked away.
Buck was about 45 with a slim build and skin that looked as weathered as the barn siding. He had been my uncle’s best friend since childhood and his farm manager from the first day Uncle Joe bought the cattle farm.So I knew if he told Uncle Joe about what he caught me doing that he would without a dobt believe every word of it.
For the rest of the day I just stayed in my room in shame and worry.When I missed supper Uncle Joe came to my room and asked if I was ok? I told him I was just tired and that I would be fine with a good nights sleep.Which was the farthest thing from what I realy got I laid there and tossed and turned and couldnt get Buck’s comment out of my mind wondering what he meant by the statement that we are going to have fun this summer.
So as the next day started I was worried.Uncle Joe didnt say anything this morning at breakfast so I guessed Buck hadnt said anything.The day went by real slow as I worried all day long but Buck never said a thing to me. As I lay in bed that night I felt relieved and fell quickly to sleep I was so tired from no sleep lastnight.
After 3 days of worry and wonder I decided it was nothing and all would be fine.
On the 8th day Buck told me that to go into the hay loft of the calf barn and throw 50 bales into the hay room. As I was up there throwing the hay I heard someone climbing the ladder into the loft it was Buck.As he unmounted the latter he walked izmit escort over to me and smiled and said Ok Greg it is time you pay a payment for my silence.As he said that he unbuckled his belt undid his jeans and let them fall.Buck then told me to come over to him and take his cock out of his underware.My legs was weak and I could hardly make it the 25 feet it took to reach him.As I stood there and looked at his buldge in front of his underware I was froze.Buck reached out and grabbed my hand and put it to the waste line and said take it out.As I started to pull them down his hard cock hit my fingers.I didnt realize untill now that I was totaly hard.When his underware hit the floor I inhaled deeply as I see that I was wrong.The other day I thought his cock was 8 inches long but its closer to 10 inches.Buck told me boy I want you to suck my cock just like you had that calf do to you.When he said that my cock twitched and was straining to get out of my tight jeans.I knew that if I didnt do as he said he would tell Uncle Joe what he seen.So I slowly dropped to my knees never taking my eyes from that giant rock hard man meat that was standing there at full attention.I reached out with the tip of my tongue and licked the fresh drop of precum from the piss slit of Buck’s cock.When my tongue hit the cock I thought I was going to cum in my pants I now wanted this cock in my mouth and with that I shoved my face into his crotch as far as I could.With about half of the cock in my mouth it hit my throat and made me gag.Buck had let out a loud moan as I had took his tool into my mouth.I then started moving my mouth up and down the shaft every time making it hit my throat after a while it started to enter my throat without me gagging.Damn this was so great I was so hot my nuts ached.As I kept speeding up and taking it deeper into my throat Buck begain pumping me and grabbing my head with one bug shove he shoved his cock to the balls into my mouth and throat he let out a deep groan and his cock twitched and flooded my throat with his cum.It scared me and chocked me so that I gagged and was trying to yank my face away from his crotch but he kept it planted.After what seamed like forever he let up his hold and slammed his cock in and out it was shooting wad after hot creamy wad I was swollowing with all I had so I could breath.When he was done he pulled his cock from my mouth wiped it on shirt and said that was great you are a fine cocksucker next we will find out how well you can take a cock in your ass.He put his cock in has underware pulled up his pants and did his belt and turned and walked away and down the ladder.
As I sat there staring I realized I had cum in my pants.What was worse yet is that I liked the taste of the cum in my mouth and the feel of his cock shoved down my throat.
That night as i was replaying what had happened in the loft my cock sprang up hard as a rock. I thought about jacking it off then remembered that Buck had told me that I was going to get his cock in my ass.That made me shiver as I once tried to fuck a girlfriend in the ass and she couldnt come close to taking my cock and its no where close to the size of Buck’s.So I went to the bathroom and retrieved the vaseoline and my hair brush.
I lubed up my ass and as I did I inserted 1 finger in my ass it was so tight I didnt think I would ever get it in.But after it started to slip in it hurt like hell. I knew izmit escort bayan I must relax so I took my free hand and started stroking my cock.The next thing I knew I had 2 fingers burried in my asshole and was humping backwards at them.I then took my fingers out and inserted the brush handle it slipped in easy as I started slipping it in and out I went back to stroking my cock also.I was pumping my ass at a good speed carefull to not slam it all the way in yet.My balls was rocking and wanting to shoot a load.As I neared a climax a slamed the brush as far as I could and when I did my cock leaped and expanded and started spewing hot cum all over my bed when I was finally done I removed the brush from my ass it came out with a slight plop.I went to the bathroom and cleaned my brush handle then took a wash cloth in and cleaned my bed and myself I took the cloth and put it in the laundry basket then went back to bed and to sleep.
The next day after chores I went to the computer and looked up anal sex.As I read so of the stories I was exited and very horny in a strange way I was looking forword to having my ass fucked.There were a few people that said if you use a enima prior to the anal sex it will help make it easier.So that after noon I went to town and bought a couple oil and water enimas.When I returned home I inserted a enima into my asshole as to see how it felt and if it would make it easier to slide somthing in afterwords.After I pushed the fluid out and into my rectum then sat down and let it run out into the toilet it felt great I felt all emptied out and cleansed.I then stood and bent over and tried the hairbrush handle and it entered me with ease I removed it washed it off and went back out.Nothing more happened the rest of the day.
The next morning when I seen Buck he smiled at me so I figured today was the day.After tending to the cows and calves Buck told me that we had to take the truck and go out on the ranch and check the fences.I told him ok but I had to go to the house and grab some food and drink first.I went and grabbed my other enima made a few sandwiches grabbed the big drinking cooler of water.As we headed out across the back pastures Buck asked me have you been practicing??I blushed and and said practiced what??He then laughed and said oh ok.After we had checked and repaired a couple fences Buck drove down to the creek and parked he said this is where we can cool off some.With that he got out of the truck stripped off his clothes and walked into the creek.Buck told me boy dont be bashfull get in here and cool yourself off.As I stripped off my clothes Buck laughed and asked why I was half hard?? I just acted as I didnt hear him and said I have to use the bathroom first I reached in and grabed the enima bent over behind the truck and inserted it.After a minute i released the liquid and stood up and headed for the creek.After a few minutes of swimming and cooling off we got out of the water and headed for the truck as I reached down to grab my pants Buck said wait Greg not so fast.I stood back up and looked at him I then seen his cock was starting to get hard when I seen that my cock also twitched slightly.Buck walked to the back of the truck and called me around there.When I arived there Buck had let the tailgate down and he was setting on it.He then grabbed his cock and told me to start sucking it.It was like I was in his transe I just steped forword and did as he said.As gebze escort bayan I bent over and put his warm cock into my mouth it was getting harder as was mine.As I was sucking it Buck told me yes boy suck that cock make it hard so it can get into your ass.Damn that made my cock throb and I started sucking him faster I reached up and squeezed his balls his cock swelled and throbed with my squeezes.With my other hand I reached back and started fingering my asshole first 1 finger then 2 fingers this was feeling so great.Then Buck told me ok its time bend over this tailgate and spread your asscheeks.I stood and did as I was told.As my asscheeks opened Buck then spit onto my asshole and his cock then stepped up and rubbed his cock head on my awaiting hole.I asked him to please be easy as I had never been ass fucked before.Buck said just relax old Buck will take care of you.He then started rubbing and pushing his cock head at my hole after just a tad of resistance it entered me.It stretched my asshole like I never thought it could be stretched I was so glad I had used the enima and had fingered it.Buck then reached around me and grabbed my cock and started stroaking it as soon as his hand hit my cock I totaly relaxed and just felt the bliss I was getting.He must have felt me relax because he started pushing again as it entered me about half way he stopped moving and just let my ass get used to the stretching it was getting and while he waited he was still jacking me he never missed a stroak.After a minute more he pulled slightly out and I could fill the void it was leaving I then pushed back at him with this he shoved forword and entered me deeper and pulled right back out.He then shoved it in further yet and back out then back in as fast.After a minute of this he then grabbed my hip with his free hand and pulled me back into his stroak and with that he was buried to the balls into me.With his cock all the way in and his big full nuts resting on my scrotem he begain just moving from left to right like a boring machine.He then stopped jacking me and grabbed both of my hips he pulled out all the way to the head then pulled me unto his cock in one fluid move.My mind was swirlling and spinning with bliss.He bent forword some and said you are now my bitch and with that started slamming me like a piston.It was nonstop slam in and yank out.He was going at me nonstop I couldnt believe he was lasting this long and at this pace.I then fely him reach around and start jacking me again I knew I wouldnt last long.Then all at once I felt his cock start to twitch and his groans became louder. He started stroaking me faster and I could feel my balls tightening up as my cum was headed to hand that was jacking me.As I felt his first burst of cum blow into my bowels my first load splashed onto the bumper of the truck.Buck kept groaning and ramming load after load into my now overfilled asshole I could feel cum running down the inside of my thighs my cock was shooting load after load onto the ground under me.After a minute Bucks softening cock slipped out of my ass with a sloshing sound as it did this he released my softening cock.As I stood and turned around there was cum running down the back of my legs from Buck’s heavy load in my ass and on the front of my legs from my own heavy load.I smiled at Buck as I looked at his now placid cock.I dropped to my knees and said let your bitch cleans your cock and with that i inhaled his cock and sucked it clean of all the cum left over from my ass.After a while of cleaning him I stood and said I think I will go for another swim so I can clean up and cool down again.

I hope you all liked the story please leave comments so I know

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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