Cedric’s Adventures Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Marci

Darkness had completed recolouring the day’s blue sky black with a dribble of fading pink to the west indicating where the sun had slipped over the horizon when Cedric saw the hitchhiker.

Oh dear, a young woman alone in the wild, or was she? He looked about for her companions, but saw none. Well, old boy, he thought, picking up a young woman in these circumstances at your peril. Drive on, you clown!

At least that was his intention, but as he passed the woman he caught the stricken look on her white face and his cold heart yielded.

Cedric stopped and in the rear-view mirror saw her jogging towards him, humping a huge pack.

“Thank you for stopping. I’m Marci. Are you alone?”

Cedric tossed up whether to answer yes or no, uncertain which would be the answer she wanted. It had to be yes, however, because he was alone.

“Never mind, you’re old enough to be my grandfather. May I jump in?”

Cedric wondered whether to cup his ear as say ‘What?’ like shaky old grandfathers do in the movies.

What was the question? Never mind, she’d already darted around the front of the camper van and was opening the passenger side door.

He flipped on the cab’s twin ceiling lights and Marci said, “Oh, what a cute little truck.”

You’re not half cute yourself, leered Cedric, glimpsing what appeared to be a fully developed chest of impressive proportions as Marci’s all-weather jacket parted when she climbed in and hauled her pack on to her knees.

Cedric grabbed the pack and tossed it back into the passageway between the seats.

“Hi, Marci. I’m Cedric.”

She took his outstretched hand and shook it, saying, “I should be kissing this hand out of gratitude; I’m so thankful you stopped because it’s rather dicey trying to hitch a ride in darkness.

Cedric could have suggested something else he’d rather she kiss.

“Were to, Marci?”

“Oh, the next town where I can get transport to Lake Taupo.”

“That will be Matamata, roughly fifteen kilometres away. Look, there is a river just up ahead. What say we pull into the car park and I prepare us some hot food and coffee and then I’ll take you on to Matamata?”

“That sounds great, Cedric. You are ever so kind to a foreign girl.”

“Are your foreign?” he asked, straight-faced.”

“Oh yes, I’m American, Cedric. “Can’t you tell by my accent?”

“Do you have an accent?” Marci looked at him closely, surprised that he wasn’t grinning stupidly.

“Where are you from, Marci?”


“Oh, is that in Texas?”

“Marci couldn’t believe this. Here was a guy from Down Under who was ignorant about the geography of the biggest and greatest country on the planet.”

“Cedric, Okalahoma is…”

“It’s cool, Marci. I was just pushing your button. I’ve been to Oklahoma City twice; my sister lives in Stillwater and still works at the university…

A New Zealander? Antep Bayan Escort Marci sensed there was a connection. Cedric, not Maggie Bellows at my old university, OCU?”

Cedric nodded.

“Christ, Cedric. Do you know who she is? She’s a legend, an authority on nurses’ rights and has been a major force in bringing political pressure to bear on discrimination against nurses in the armed forces.”

“I know who she is,” grinned Cedric. “My young sister began playing nurses from the time she could bandage me.”

Cedric parked the vehicle and poured two glasses of wine. Marci took hers on a stroll along the otherwise empty car park while he cooked bacon, eggs, tomatoes and hash browns.

Marci made a phone call to advise someone of her whereabouts. She and Cedric sat on the riverbank on folding chairs talking like old friends.

At eleven, Marci asked, “Where can I sleep, Cedric?”

“Er, I can make up a bed over the driver’s cabin, but it’s hot up there. The alternative is my double bed – I guess you have got a bed roll in your pack.”

“Just the normal bed will be fine,” said Marci.

“Er, I’ll go for a stroll while you do your teeth and whatever.”

“Please yourself, Cedric. I won’t be long.”

When Cedric returned the campervan was in darkness. He locked the door, cleaned his teeth and decided not to wear his usual tee-shirt and Mickey Mouse theme boxers; instead going to bed nude. One never knows, Marci may turn over in the night and plug herself into him! Though fat chance of that happening, he thought.

Cedric started getting into bed and realised Marci was almost beneath him. She wriggled to the other side saying, “Oops.”

“Good night, Marci.”

“Good night, Cedric.”

After a few minutes Marci asked, “Are you married, Cedric?”

“Legally, yes, but almost ten years ago when we were holidaying in Australia Jane decided to continue driving off with the bus driver when the rest of the tour party including me ended our trip.”


“I haven’t really missed her.”

“At your age sex wouldn’t be of front-of-mind importance in your life, would it?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I regularly shaft my neighbours daughter who is twenty-two.”

“How old?”


“I’m twenty-two, Cedric.”

“I thought you were.”

Cedric awoke during the night thinking he’d wet the bed; his crutch felt wet and suddenly he knew why: Marci had his cock down her throat.

“Are you awake?” she asked. “It’s gone rock hard.”

“Put your mouth back around it and suck with enthusiasm,” he growled.

“Yes master.”

Cedric wondered if this would be happening had he said his neighbours’ daughter was fifty-two, which was the truth, and not twenty-two. The daughter also doesn’t suck cock.

Marci began to moan, then sat up after shuddering. She’d gotten herself off.

Cedric flipped her on to her back, and flicked on the subdued side-wall lighting.

“Now, let’s get an eyeful of these tits of yours,” he growled.

Already red-faced, Marci coloured further.

“Not used to having the lights on?”

Marci shook her head.

“Get used to it, my Oklahoma beauty.”

Her breasts were really like melons – smooth, very firm and beautifully rounded. Cedric lowered his head and began muzzling them. Soon Marci had her fingers digging through his thinning white hair and with increasing intensity seemed to be attempting to de-thatch him.

To escape the pain Cedric moved up on her and stuck his tongue into her ear, alternatively rolling it around and then lightly blowing into it Marci bucked and dug her fingers into his ass cheeks.

“Cedric, please fuck me.”

Well, here’s a babe who likes to hurry foreplay along, but I’m not complaining, thought Cedric, as he drew himself down her body then saw a sight that almost put him into cardiac arrest. He looked at two plump and now sexually swollen mini-cheeks, with fluid emerging from between them.

“Oh, my goodness.”

“What’s wrong?” Marci asked anxiously.

“You are bald, down here.”

Marci giggled. “Sexually active younger women shave themselves these days, Cedric.”

“So shaven pussy is not confined to whorehouse babes?”

“Of course not, but can’t we talk about this afterwards?”

Cedric decided to have some fun. Lifting himself up on his hands, he looked down under his pulled in stomach and announced:

“This is the Captain speaking. Please report Bombardier.”

“Have target lined up right below, Captain.

“Camouflage seems to have been stripped from scene, giving me a fantastic view.

“Preparing to release a torpedo now.

“Torpedo released and right on target. Looks a bit wet and greasy down there.”

The Bombardier’s voice lifts in excitement.

“A direct hit, Captain. Torpedo appears to have plunged through defences and is homing right into the inner depths of target.

“Oh Captain, with all this excitement I feel close to ejaculation.”

“This is the Captain speaking. Well done, Bombardier. If you get lucky tonight give her one for me.”

By now Marci was helpless with laughter, tears streaming from her baby blue eyes, and she had both hands on Cedric’s backside, pulling down with all her strength. She eased the pressure as she felt him slide all the way in, the flesh over their pubic bones flattened under the loading.

“Oh, Cedric.

“Oh Cedric.

“Oh Cedric.

“Wheeeeeee.” Cedric looked at Marci and asked, “More?”

She nodded, now flushed and beginning to perspire. Sweat was dripping off Cedric’s forehead and running down her nippled globes.

Cedric pushed himself up a little and her increased in moaning confirmed that he was now also shafting her tiny button.

“Oh, Cedric.

“Oh Cedric.

“Uh, Cedric.

“Uh, uh, uh.”

“O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh. J-e-e-e-e-esus! Oh Cedric!”

“Uh, uh. Here comes Cedric,” cried Cedric as the end of the torpedo detonated and creamed her cunt in a spine-tingling release. Her muscles tightened, giving the head of his cock a hurry-up and his balls cooperated by sending two more multi bursts of cum.

“My God, I feel you are half-drowning me in the boiler room, Bombardier,” giggled Marci.”

“Hope it’s enough to give you a Kiwi baby, Yank.”

“I’m protected, smart-ass. Not that I would have any objections if the defences fail.”

“What a delightful thing to say to an old man.”

“Come here, buster, and kiss me long and deeply. Kiss me to sleep.”

In the morning it was Marci’s turn to wonder if she’d wet the bed. Or was she giving birth? Sleepily she explored with her hands and felt a man’s head. Cedric! she thought, snapping awake fully.

Cedric was working on her button, with occasion deep dips and long sucks right into her cunt.

Marci began groaning in happiness, and also to signal that she was awake. She suddenly spewed a dollop of cum into Cedric’s face as confirmation that she was a sexually fit and very healthy young woman.

His grinning face loomed up over her, assorted juices dripping off his chin and the sides of his face on to her. God, she thought. He must be the sexiest old man alive!

Cedric has a kind face, sighed Marci. That probably was the reason why she’d allowed him to fuck her. Also she had been grateful because of his roadside courtesy. She’d been in a car with a young company representative who’d behaved like a spoilt brat when she refused to allow him to touch her. The bastard then stopped and ordered her from his vehicle.

She reached up and pulled Cedric down for a kiss. The foul bastard! During the kiss he released a dollop of goo sucked from her cunt into her mouth and probably it contained some of his semen from their coupling a few hours earlier – she loved him being a foul bastard; he was right into everything!

Marci smiled, and asked Cedric how old he was, and was told sixty-six. Marci smiled again, pleased that she’d had the privilege of giving a man of that age his first look at a shaven vagina.

Four hours later Cedric stopped outside a camping/cabin park by the lake in Taupo. They kissed and cried (yes, Cedric too) and exchanged email addresses.

Marci had told Cedric that her husband was waiting for her in one of the cabins. They’d had a row about which route to take the previous day so had parted to hitch-hike their preferred routes.

“Oh Hell, I’ve committed adultery,” said Cedric.

“Again, I presume,” grinned Marci.

“Again,” sighed Cedric.

As Marci began walking off, Cedric called her back, and made a request. Marci thought it was a wonderful thing to ask and promised him to do it. Cedric had asked her to email him a photo of her pussy as a trophy, the first shaven pussy he’d ever seen.

“And penetrated.”

“Yes, Marci – viewed and used full-throttle!”