Chad and Blaine Ch. 02


Chad was a nervous wreck when he and Blaine got in the car, he’d never been this nervous for a date, but most of his dates consisted of buying a burger and then fucking the guy he took, and most of them just wanted to fuck.

Chad jumped when Blaine’s hand landed on his thigh, he looked down at the hand and then up at the beautiful face of the man he was growing to care for. Blaine smiled and squeezed his thigh, Chad stifled a moan when he cock started to grow in his trousers, Blaine giggled and pulled his hand away, looking out of the passenger side window.

“Where are we going?” Blaine whispered.

“My house, I’m cooking you dinner.” Chad said in a gleeful voice.

“You can cook?” Blaine acted shocked.

“Of course I can cook, I’m not stupid.”

“I know, sweetheart, I’m just surprised, no one has ever made me a home cooked meal.” Blaine said as his hand went to Chad’s thigh again.

Chad drove the three miles to his ranch house and his parents had gone out on a date, subtle much, Chad thought sarcastically to himself. Chad shifted and reached down to subtly adjust his cock in his suddenly tight dress trousers, obviously not subtly enough when Blaine chuckled at him. Chad turned in his seat, unbuckled his and Blaine’s seatbelts then pulled Blaine across the console mashing his lips to Blaine in a rough kiss.

Blaine squeaked seconds before Chad’s lips came down on his roughly, he held stiff until Chad’s tongue swept the interior of his mouth, then he melted into Chad. Chad’s tongue was hot and wet and the first thought that went through Blaine’s head was ‘what will that feel like on my cock?’, he giggled quietly against Chad’s lips. Chad pulled back with a frown.

“Your not supposed to laugh when I kiss you.” Chad said seriously.

“Sorry, I had a dirty thought.” Blaine whispered, flushing.

“Yeah? About what?” Chad started kissing down Blaine’s neck.

Blaine moaned and tilted his head back, Chad bit his jaw gently, licking the sting away. Blaine couldn’t tell Chad what he was thinking about, he just couldn’t, so instead he said “I’m hungry.”

Chad pulled away and sighed, “That’s not a dirty thought.”

“I can’t tell you, it’s too embarrassing.” Blaine whispered then leant over to kiss Chad’s cheek. “Can we go inside now, if you are as good as a cook as you think you are then I’ll tell you.”


“I promise.”

Chad nodded and got out of the car, rushing around to help Blaine out of the car, Chad kissed him once more, he couldn’t get enough of the plump lips. Blaine giggled and batted him away. Chad had a thought all of a sudden, Blaine was always embarrassed by physical affection.

“Are you a virgin?” Chad blurted out.

“Chad!” Blaine shouted flushing a deep, deep red.

“Guess that is my answer then.” Chad whispered and grinned, to Blaine’s eyes the grin looked feral.

“Don’t you want me now?” Blaine whispered his bottom lip trembling and his green eyes filled with tears. Chad pulled Blaine to him and wrapped his arms around him holding him tightly to his chest. He kissed the top of Blaine’s black locks and murmured quietly to him.

“I’ll always want you, baby, I feel honoured if your going to let me take your virginity, now shall we go eat?”

Blaine nodded and giggled quietly when Chad scooped him into his arms.


“That was amazing.” Sakarya Escort Blaine said after he and Chad had finished his dinner.

“What, did you think it was going to taste like pig slop?” Chad asked with a chuckle.

“No, it was lovely Chad, thank you for a nice first date.” Blaine said and stood up.

“Where are you going?” Chad asked in a panicked voice.

“I- I thought we were having dinner.” Blaine stammered out.

“Well, I thought you could stay a while longer, just to watch a movie or something.” Blaine thought he was delusional because Chad looked embarrassed.

Blaine looked at his watch, 8.30pm he still had three hours until his curfew, he looked back up at Chad then nodded. Chad cleared the table and tugged Blaine into the living room, while Chad looked for a DVD Blaine looked at the photos on the walls, most of them were of Chad at various ages, his favourite was where Chad was with his dad and mum at the zoo.

“I was eight there, it was one of the best days of my life, it was the first time I ever went to a zoo.”

Blaine smiled and sat on the sofa and patted the seat next to him, Chad chuckled again and sat next to him wrapping his arm around Blaine’s shoulders.

“Hug me, I don’t bite…usually.”

Blaine wrapped his arm around Chad’s torso and hugged into him watching the movie. The movie was on around about forty minutes before Chad’s hands started to wander, they moved over his shoulder, his chest, his hair and finally his lips, Blaine kissed his fingers and smiled when Chad moaned slightly.

Chad was just about to kiss him when a scream came from the TV startling them both. Blaine laughed and hugged back into him. Chad slowly started kissing down Blaine’s neck, sucking at the pulse point, Blaine twisted his neck just a little and sighed blissfully. Chad licked the new mark on his neck and smiled, he liked marking Blaine made him feel like he owned him.

“Do you parents know your gay?” Blaine blurted out.

“Uh-huh.” Chad replied while kissing his neck.

“When did you come out?”

“Fifteen.” Chad’s single word replies were annoying Blaine, so he asked a question that demanded more than word.

“Who were your boyfriends?”

Chad pulled away from Blaine with a sigh, rubbing his hands over his face.

“I dated Richard from the football team, Michael from the science club and Daniel from my mathematics class and a couple more random guys, happy now?”

Blaine nodded but asked one more question, “How many did you sleep with?”

“Blaine! Do we have to do this?”


“All of them.” Chad whispered.

“Thank you.” Blaine whispered then kissed Chad’s cheek.

Chad and Blaine hugged again until the movie was over, this time Chad moved in for a kiss, Blaine tried dodging but Chad caught his chin and kissed him hard, sweeping his tongue inside for a taste, Blaine was shy when he snaked his tongue out to tangle it with Chad’s. Blaine moaned quietly when Chad pushed him back to lay on the sofa, the kiss deepened and Chad started grinding against the front of Blaine’s jeans. Blaine thought his head was going to explode, he was climbing towards climax fast, just as he was about to come the living room door opened.

“Chad, sweetheart, what have I told you about bringing your dates home?” A female voice floated through Adapazarı Escort his brain.

Chad sat up and pulled Blaine up with him, kissing him on the cheek with a mumbled “Sorry.”

“Sorry, Mum, this is Blaine, Blaine this is my Mum.”

Chad’s Mum had gorgeous blonde hair and the same colour eyes as Chad had, she was wearing a blue summer dress and had her hair up in a bun on her head, standing next to her was a huge man, my god was he huge, the man had brown hair, with greying hair at the temples and green eyes.

“Oh, this is Blaine, well Hello Blaine it is very nice to finally meet you, Chad has been talking non-stop about you.” Chad’s Mum held her hand out, Blaine offered his hand but the woman, with surprising strength, pulled him up and hugged him, he wrapped his arm gently around her delicate waist.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Mrs Thurston.” Blaine said when they parted.

“Please call me Tina.” She said.

The big man stepped out from behind his wife and offered his hand, Blaine shook it and smiled when the man clapped him on the back.

“Call me Jack.” he said in a really deep voice.

“It was a pleasure meeting you both.” Blaine said quietly.

Blaine looked at his watch and panicked, 11.30pm, he was an hour late for his curfew, he was going to get in so much trouble.

“It — it was- really nice to meet you both but I really have to go.”

“Do you need a lift home, son?” Jack asked.

“I’ll take him Dad.” Chad said.

“Thank you anyway, Jack.”

Chad and Blaine grabbed there jackets and climbed in the car, Chad drove Blaine home in complete silence. Just as Blaine was going to get out of the car Chad grabbed his arm.

“You promised.” He whispered.

“I- um- I was wondering what your mouth would feel like around my cock.” Blaine stammered out then climbed out the car.

“I’ll see you Monday.” he shouted. Blaine watched Chad’s car go around the corner before opening his front door.

“Your late.” the voice came from the dark corner.

“I’m sorry, Dad, I was out with a friend.”

“A guy friend?”

“Yes, Dad”

Blaine jumped when a bottle flew past his head and slammed into the wall behind him.

“I told you I would not have a fag as a son.”

Blaine’s Dad was almost as big as Chad’s and it was pure muscle from working at the lumber yard, except his Dad had greasy black hair that was falling out, and the coldest blue eyes you could ever see, not like Chad’s eyes they were warm and comforting.

A huge fist slammed into his face, and then another in his stomach, Blaine clutched his stomach and sat still while the blows slammed around his body, he shielded his head as best he could but he still felt the blows. Blaine squeezed his eyes shut when a steel toe capped boot slammed into his back, Blaine cried out in pain and fell onto his stomach.

“Pack your bags and get the fuck out of my house.” Blaine’s Dad whispered with one last kick to his ribs.

Blaine stood up with a moan and shuffled into his room and grabbed the bag he had packed since he was twelve years old, it held everything he owned. He walked as fast as he could out the door and shuffled his way towards the only place he knew he would be safe, Chad’s. *** It was 12.30am when the doorbell rung at the Thurston’s house. Tina opened the door and Serdivan Escort gasped, sitting on her doorstep was a beaten up and bloodied Blaine with a duffel bag clutched in his hands. He looked up and smiled weakly.

“I need help” he said, his voice was gravely and deep.

“Jack!” Tina shouted.

“What is it sweetheart…” his voice trailed off when he saw Blaine. He stepped forwards and plucked the boy up of the step and cradled him in his arms, Blaine moaned and shifted in his arms, Jack place him on the sofa gently and put a pillow under his head.

“Get my bag and Chad please Tina.” Jack whispered.

Tina rushed away and knocked on Chad’s door before going inside, Chad pulled his hand from under the covers with a blushed face.

“Don’t worry about that, I have heard you more than once, sweetie, it’s about Blaine.”

“What about Blaine, he’s at home I took him home.” Chad whispered.

Tina shook her head and pointed to the living room, Chad pushed out of bed and pulled a pair of boxers on quickly. Tina grabbed Jack’s medical bag and ran into the living room with Chad right behind her. Chad gasped loudly and dropped down beside the sofa next to Blaine.

“What happened, Baby?” Chad said, tears streaking his face.

“I’m dating you and my Dad don’t approve.” Blaine whispered. “He told me to get the fuck out of his house, I had no where else to go, Chad”

“You can stay here, can’t he Mum?”

Tina nodded and her and Chad watched as Jack patched up Blaine, the worst was the cut on his eyebrow, the rest was bruising. Jack was a doctor at the local hospital. Chad sat at the end of the sofa and put Blaine’s feet on his lap, pulling his shoes off and massaging the balls of his feet, then the arches.

“I’m so sorry baby, this is all my fault.” Chad whispered.

“No, don’t blame yourself Chad, it was my father’s fault, if it wasn’t you it would have been someone else.”

Chad growled at the last part and started rubbing Blaine’s calf’s. Blaine moaned and rubbed his feet into Chad’s lap, making him rub deeper into the muscles. To Chad’s embarrassment he felt his cock starting to get hard, he never came when he was interrupted. Jack and Tina went to bed and Blaine watched him with a lustful look.

“Pull your boxers down.”

Chad eagerly pulled his boxers down and his hard cock sprung free slapping Blaine’s feet.

“Do you want a hand getting up?” Chad asked quickly.

“No, I have a better idea.” Blaine whispered. “A thank you for all you have done for me.”

Chad was about to deny that when Blaine’s feet started rubbing at his cock, he held the shaft between the arches of his feet, his toes rubbing the head.

“Oh.” Chad moaned and arched into Blaine’s feet. He had never had a foot-job before. Blaine squeezed his feet together, the pre-come oozing from the tip making it easier to slide along. Chad licked his lips and watched Blaine’s feet move on his cock. Blaine removed one foot and started rubbing it on his balls, tickling them and tugging the slightly furred orbs.

“Come for me Chad, I want to feel it.”

Chad moaned and half a dozen strokes later he came shooting all over Blaine’s feet and some on his legs. Chad bucked with the occasional aftershock and sighed when Blaine smiled down at him.

“One more thing, rub your come in my feet.” Blaine whispered.

Chad smiled and started rubbing his come into Blaine’s feet and legs. By the time he was finished Blaine was fast asleep.

“I love you, Blaine.” Chad whispered before he fell asleep, he vaguely remembered being woke up during the night when someone covered him with a blanket.