Chameleons Ch. 02


Lavender Tate fiddled with the tassel of the pastie attached to her left breast as she waited her turn to step on the stage.

Tonight, she was in the Yellow room at Prism, and the cheery dance pop music that surrounded her shook the floor thanks to a persistent bass line. She watched the woman before her, a larger woman who was nonetheless incredibly attractive, as she put on a show for the people at the tables. The woman strutted and swayed like an expert burlesque performer under the yellow lights that shone on the yellow tiled stage with the shimmering gold backdrop, and Lavender felt a lump in her throat from nerves even as the pulsing between her legs grew furious from desire.

He was out there in the crowd.

Her Chameleon. Her mystery man.

And she would put on a show for everyone, but especially for him.

After the previous night, when they’d fucked like animals in the middle of the dance floor of the purple room, she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him. When she’d arrived back at her apartment, the thoughts had turned to an intense longing. She’d masturbated twice – in the shower and in her bed, her fingers serving as a poor substitute for him – before she’d been able to drift off to sleep haunted by steamy visions.

The small box he’d given her at the end of the night had contained what she was to wear for this evening in the yellow room – only two yellow pasties with golden tassels, and the tiniest golden thong she’d ever seen. Barely a string, the garment could barely even be called a garment, and she was glad she’d kept up her monthly wax appointments.

Lavender still didn’t know who he was, only that she wanted him to fill her with the feelings she’d had the night before. If she had to go onstage and do dirty things in front of strangers to earn him again, she’d do it. Not that she minded doing things in front of strangers. The previous night she’d discovered she liked having all eyes on her.

“You ready, kitten?” The stage manager, who wore black leather and a headset, guided her toward the steps to the stage.

Lavender nodded. She was, indeed, ready. To prepare for the show, the staff at Prism had taken her to a store within the club where she could purchase any sort of sexual accoutrement she could want. Boldly, she’d selected a large pink dildo. It had caught her eye and called to her as something that could prove useful. While she still wasn’t sure what she’d do with it, she knew she’d figure it out.

The music ended, and the crowd cheered loudly.

“Thank you, Cynthia!” The announcer bellowed.

“Next up we have a newcomer to the Yellow stage. Ladies and Gentlemen and Everyone else, please give it up for Lavender!”

Loud applause surprised her, and she took a deep breath. She waited until the music she’d chosen – “Circus” by Britney Spears – began before she entered the stage in darkness, walking on the highest gold heels she’d been able to find with only a day’s notice. (Thank goodness for the trendy vintage clothing stores by the school she taught at.)

Before the lights came up, she could make out faces in the crowd. About fifty people – men and women alike – sat drinking at tables in various states of undress. She saw The Older Man from the night before, the one who’d watched her so openly, and she saw The Queen, dressed in a bright yellow wig and a gown of gold.

And she saw The Chameleon, sitting front and center still wearing his gemstone mask with the phallic nose.

She knew exactly what she wanted to do.

The lights came up right on cue, and revealed Lavender bent over with her ass aimed at the crowd. The audience broke into whoops and hollers as she smiled upside down at them through her legs, gave them a tiny wave, and then reached her hands back to part her firm cheeks even more. Her fingers on her cheeks, she began to sway her ass side to side to the beat of the music.

The Older Man nodded appreciatively, and immediately undid his pants to release his cock. He took it in hand and began to rub it slowly. Lavender knew she was doing things right.

Pushing her ass toward the mersin escort crowd, she slid her thong down and let it fall to her ankles. Then, Lavender stood up and raised her hands high, shaking her ass at them in her best Shakira impression. Still shimmying, stepped from her thong and kicked it into the crowd as she turned to face them, letting them enjoy the way she made the tassels hooked to her breasts move. She jiggled and whirled and the tassels went in circles round and round, a dizzying display of delicious sexuality. Lavender squeezed her breasts, bounced them around, and enjoyed the whistles and whoops she got in return.

She liked putting on a show. She danced more, dropping her ass nearly to the floor and rising again, taking a few spins around the stripper pole in the middle of the stage, and wiggling like every backup girl in every sexy music video she’d ever seen.

It was the most fun she’d ever had.

But she wanted a partner. She ached for one, yearned for another’s hands on her body.

She stepped forward and reached out a hand, not to The Chameleon, but to The Older Man. The Chameleon smiled at her action, and gestured to allow the Older Man to take the stage.

Lavender brought him onto the stage and gave him a little kiss. The man’s hands went to the bare skin of her hips as he kissed her hard in return and sucked on her tongue for a moment. Reaching for the table, she picked up the dildo and handed it to him. His eyes sparkled as he held it the dildo next to his hard cock.

Lavender knelt before him and took the plastic of the dildo into her mouth with her hands on his ass and began to lick and suck it as if it was really his dick. She looked up at the man while the dildo was pushed deep in her mouth, and winked. He grinned broadly in return, and put a hand on the back of her head to simulate pushing his cock deeper into her throat. She gave the dildo the best blowjob she’d ever given, and it was as if the Older Man felt every wet moment.

A few moments later, she stood up and turned her back on the Older Man. Lavender bent over again and took hold of her ankles.

“Use it,” she demanded through her legs.

The Older Man rubbed the wet dildo against her pussy lips, and used it to part them and explore her, circling around her holes for so long that Lavender reached back and slipped her finger into herself to relieve some of the pressure. The audience made noises of approval.

The Older Man looked toward The Chameleon, who nodded. Lavender noted that he had also undone his pants and held his great cock in hand. She remembered the thickness of it, the power of it between her legs the night before, and wanted him so badly she pushed herself back onto the dildo hard and exclaimed.

The Older Man took a hint well, and shoved the whole dildo into her quickly. She exclaimed, and he began to forcefully fuck her with the pink plastic as he bit and kissed at her ass cheeks with his mouth and teeth. He rammed the dildo into her yearning pussy to the rhythm of the music and slapped her cheeks along the way. When the pleasure had grown to an intense level and Lavender felt her body tensing, she cried out, The Chameleon stood up and hopped onto the stage.

“Mind if I join in?” he asked.

“Be my guest,” The Older Man said with a big grin, and slapped Lavender’s cheek so hard it left a red mark.

The Chameleon lay down on the stage floor, and Lavender got on her hands and knees so her face was in his lap while The Older Man worked at her pussy with the dildo, and soon, his fingers.

She took The Chameleon’s thick cock into her mouth as deep as she could, and moved her tongue around until he moaned. He tasted as yummy as she remembered from the previous night – like salt and skin and sex. The Chameleon put his hand on the back of her head and held her in place while he fucked her mouth hard, until she practically choked on him.

All the while, The Older Man worked at her.

She felt the pressure building in her, and she cast her eyes to the audience and saw their riveted expressions. Just then, The Chameleon grabbed at her breast and squeezed it hard and The Older Man’s thumb rubbed her clit with a furious pressure.

Lavender came as she looked out into the audience with a cock in her mouth, an explosion of passion rushing over her, and squirted a little liquid onto the older man’s fingers. He held up his fingers like a trophy, and then licked the liquid with his tongue.

The song was done, and the audience cheered.

“Thank you Lavender!” the announcer called, and Lavender and the Chameleon and the Older Man stood in a line to take a bow. Lavender, having just come through a powerful orgasm, was wobbly on her heels, but the men held her with strong hands.

The Chameleon leaned in to her. “Never start something you can’t finish.”

She looked between the two of them, and saw the two hard cocks just waiting for her. Both men were hard for her, and needed release.

They left the stage and the stage manager indicated the doorway they were to out. Right outside the door was a yellow leather couch.

Two hard cocks protruded at her, and Lavender wanted them both. She pushed both men to the couch and dropped to her knees and put a hand on each dick, then spit on each, and began to work them both with her hands at the same time.

The Chameleon reached forward and took hold of both the tassels and pulled. Lavender’s ample breasts rose with his pulling and stretched until the glue gave way and both pasties popped off, leaving red circles around her nipples. He pulled her face toward his cock and made her take him in her mouth again. The thick solidity of him filled her all the way to her throat. Then he pulled out of her and pushed her face toward the other cock, and Lavender took The Older Man the same way.

The Chameleon moved behind her and brought his tongue to her ass cheeks. He poked and prodded her pussy and asshole with his tongue and fingers until she was throbbing all over again for him and reached back to try and grab his cock, but he pushed her hand away and took hold of her hips to guide her up and onto the Older Man’s cock. It wasn’t as thick as The Chameleon’s, but it was longer, and as she sat on top of him his member seemed to push into the very core of her being. He felt good inside her, and she very much wanted him.

She rode on top The Older Man and buried his cock inside her hard. She bounced wildly and happily and bent forward. He worked at her nipples with a curious mouth at the same time, biting and pulling at them even though they were already sensitive from the pasties.

Overcome with desire, she barely noticed The Chameleon until his hard member was pressed against her asshole. She’d never had a man there before, and looked over her shoulder with wide eyes. The Chameleon took hold of both her shoulders and forced his way inside her until she cried out and fell forward onto the Older Man, her head draped beside his shoulder. The fat cock in her ass and the long cock in her pussy made her feel stretched beyond anything she could have imagined her body could take, but after the surprise had passed she began to enjoy the sensation. Soon, both men were moving on her and Lavender thought she would die from the pain and the pleasure taking over her at the same time. Four hands explored her body at the same time, clutching her and pinching her and pulling at her. The Older Man teased her pussy with his wet fingers, and The Chameleon reached around and took hard hold of her raw breasts as he thrust himself into her.

This went on, and on and on, and Lavender found herself helpless. The pleasure was out of her hands, and completely on the two men moving in and out of her, alternately filling her holes with their hard members. The Chameleon pulled her hands behind her back, to completely take control, and pulled her so she was leaning over The Older Man, with her breasts swinging over his face. Lavender allowed it all and The Chameleon pumped her harder, groaning as he buried his cock almost all the way to his balls in her asshole.

The Chameleon pulled himself out of her and pushed her onto her back on the couch. He and The Older Man both knelt above her, cocks jerking in their hands, and they slid their fingers in and out of her respective holes and rubbed their dicks until both of them spurted hot cum onto stomach and tits. She sat up and licked both of them clean, rubbing The Chameleon’s cock around on her tits for added emphasis.

The Older Man sat back on the couch with a long exhale and a big smile. “Didn’t expect that. Mind you, I’m not complaining.”

Lavender smiled. “The pleasure was all mine.”

The Chameleon leaned his face, still in the mask, down toward her and tipped his face sideways to kiss her on the cheek. “You did incredibly well, baby.”

“What color is tomorrow?” Lavender pushed her hair, damp with sweat, off her face and reclined luxuriously on the couch, her nakedness no longer something she was ashamed of.

“Blue.” The Chameleon smiled as he stood up, and she took in the sight of him. The muscles in his arms and chest shone with sweat, and he looked like a statue come to life.

The Older Man nodded knowingly. “The Blue room is excellent.”

“Will I see you tomorrow?” she asked him.

He smiled and shook his head. “Blue is for two. But I enjoyed tonight, and you will see me again.” He kissed her hand and walked away.

Lavender stood up. “I have class tomorrow. I should get some sleep. Though I should wash up first, I suppose.” She was sticky with their cum, and ran a hand over her glistening breasts.

The Chameleon took her hand and led her into a bathroom just off the backstage hall. Once she was inside, he followed her and locked the door behind them, then picked her up and sat her on the counter. He got some paper towels from the dispenser and wet them, then began to quietly wipe her down. The cold water chilled her, and he slowly covered all of her chest and made small circles around her nipples. Then he worked the towel down her stomach and parted her legs with his hands. She raised her legs and set her ankles on the counter, leaving herself wide open to him. Slowly, he used the paper towel to clean her pussy, washing every fold and crevice of her most private place until she felt the familiar yearning for him once again threatening to take her over.

Lavender reached down a hand to take hold of his. She took the paper towel from him and raised his finger to her mouth. She sucked his finger in her hot lips for a moment, getting it wet with her spit, then guided it back to her pussy and drove it inside her.

“One more time,” she pleaded. “Please.”

He smiled and kept his eyes glued to her face, watching her pleasure as he fucked her with his finger. He drove his finger deep and hard into her wet pussy until she leaned back on her elbows and threw back her head.

His fingers continued at her pussy, then she felt him against her asshole again and called out in surprise as he pressed his fat cock back into her butt. She spread her legs as wide as she could, and he took hold of one ankle and held it wide.

“You ever had a man in your ass before?” he asked, double pleasuring her as he watched her breasts jiggle in response to his thrusts.

Lavender could only shake her head. She couldn’t make words.

“Do you like it?”

The sensation was thrilling. She’d always thought the act was dirty, a filthy thing only crazy women would allow, but now that he was inside her she understood the appeal. She felt filled in a whole new way.

All she could do was nod.

“Good,” he answered, and leaned forward to fuck her harder, his whole body slamming into hers so hard her head pushed against the mirror.

He came in her ass that time, a guttural cry escaping him. Once he’d spurted, he dropped to his knees and brought his mouth to join his fingers in her pussy, working at a faster and faster pace until she felt her whole body overcome with orgasm again.

He helped her back up to her feet.

“What should I wear tomorrow night, for the Blue room?” Lavender breathlessly looked to him as her guide. The Chameleon, whoever she was, controlled these nights. She’d have to figure out who he was eventually, wouldn’t she?

He gave her a wicked grin. “Don’t worry about it. It’s taken care of.”

Who he was didn’t matter. Not yet.