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She hummed to herself as she stood at the porch door overlooking the pool.. It felt so good to get away from the cold bleakness of the Minnesota Winter. The salty smell of the evening breeze wafting in from the Gulf filled her nostrils as the cries of Seagulls feeding at the tide line assailed her ears. She still couldn’t believe they were here. Answering that silly little trivia question the Disc Jockey had asked had won the two of them a weekend on Sanibel Island, a tourist resort on the S.E. coast of Florida.

Dried from countless hours of exposure to the heated, re-circulated air from both home and office, her skin seemed to come back to life as it soaked in the moisture from the semi-humid air. Her senses were almost overwhelmed at the variety of delicious aromas which emanated from the abundant flowers which seemed to be in bloom everywhere around her. With an audible sigh she turned and walked back into the room.

Her husband lay upon the bed. It had been an exhausting day and the toll it had taken was readily apparent upon his features. She knew she too should be feeling tired but for some reason she was full of energy. Without knowing why she felt an urgent need to go out and walk along the beach.

“C’mon, honey. Let’s go for a walk,” she said as she reached out and shook his foot.

“Aww, Baby, I don’t really feel up to it……” He groaned.

Opening his eyes he saw the look of disappointment that crossed her features.

“You can go if you like, Linda. I’m gonna just lay here and try to recuperate some,” he said with a small grin.

“OK, I will,” she replied after only a moment’s hesitation.

She knew him well enough to know that if she forced the issue he would accompany her, but only reluctantly, and she did not feel like having her mood lessened any by his lack of enthusiasm.

By the time she had donned a light sweater to ward away the chill of the evening air he had fallen asleep. His gentle snores echoed in the small room.

Softly, she closed the screen door behind her as she let herself out into the moonlit night. She stopped as she reached the tide line. She turned to her left and began walking down the beach toward several of the other hotels that sat at the water’s edge. Abruptly she stopped and turned to walk in the other direction. This way led to the private residences that lined the shore. Not as well lit, she none-the-less took off in that direction. She knew not what drew her this way but for some reason she felt compelled to follow this course.

With a start she realized she was feeling giddy; like a school-girl exploring something new and wondrous that also might be forbidden to her if the truth were known. After about a mile she came upon a wooden bench that was set in the sand and stopped to rest and splash her bare feet in the little tidal pool that had collected in front of the ancient piece of furniture. Feeling totally at peace, she gazed out over the water which glistened under the clear night sky. The gentle waves that folded then broke softly was the only sound other than the soft strains of classical music that faintly reached her ears from the house which sat behind her a couple hundred feet from the shore. Tranquility pervaded her soul while somewhere deep inside of her she felt as if she were waiting for something. It was a most peculiar feeling and one that made no sense to her, yet it was almost as if she were waiting for the curtain to open and the play to begin. Deciding to ignore the feeling for now, she shrugged her shoulders and leaned back on the bench and closed her eyes.

* * * * *

The day had been a smashing success. After a week of proposals, counter-proposals and negotiating, they had finally reached an agreement and he had the signed contract to prove it. The document that sat quietly on the coffee table represented one of the biggest accounts he had ever landed and to make it even better, the time-share he was standing in was his for the next three months. It had been most fortuitous that his Uncle had fallen ill and couldn’t make it down here for the Winter as he usually did. All in all, the events had come together as if planned. The contract would take about three months and having this place to live while working here on the West Coast only made it that much better.

After dropping Rachmaninoff’s “Piano Concerto

” and Ravel’s “Bolero” into the CD player, he walked back over to the table and picked up the small basket which he had sat there upon his entrance. Reverently, he removed the bottle from its cushiony nest. The label on the bottle read, “Chateau La’Fitte Rothschild – 1989”. A gift from the President of the University as a reward for his patience and perseverance during the preceding week, it was a measure of the esteem the August gentleman held for him and Mike was most appreciative of the gesture as well as the gift. He savored the moment before moving to carefully extract the cork from the bottle. A fine wine best taken at room temperature, he allowed the bottle to sit and antalya escort breathe while he went to procure a wine glass from the wet bar that resided on one wall of the living room.

Returning to the table he held the bottle under his nose and inhaled the fragrance which had collected over the opening. He then poured a small amount in the glass and gently swirled it around, noting the smoothness of the film it left on the glass and the lack of any sediment present in the liquid. Bringing the glass to his lips he took a sip and allowed the fluid to coat the inside of his mouth. He smiled as he swallowed then poured a half glass of the wondrous beverage. Carrying the glass in his hand, he sauntered out the back porch to stare at the reflection of the moon over the calm sea of the Gulf of Mexico.

As he looked out across the expanse of beach between where he stood and the water he noticed a figure seated on the old park bench he had placed out there a couple of years ago.

“This is much too fine a wine to hoard. Would be much better to have someone to share it with,” he mused aloud as he sat the glass down on the table by the door.

Never one to hesitate, he strode out into the darkness and approached the seated figure quietly. He stopped right behind the bench and spoke.

“I have just opened a bottle of fine Chateau. Would you care to share it with me?” He inquired of the silent form on the bench. With a little squeal, Linda bolted off the bench and quickly turned to regard the person who had rudely startled her out of her reverie.

“Wha….Who are you?” She asked with a tremor in her voice.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I just saw you sitting out here on the beach and thought I might invite you to partake of some fine wine with me,” Mike responded innocently.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think………….” Linda said as she regarded the man before her.

Moving so she could see him better in the moonlight, Mike smiled warmly.

“I know I am being forward and presumptuous, but I simply hate to drink alone. I understand if you refuse but I assure you my intentions are nothing more than sharing a little wine and conversation on this lovely night.”

Linda started to walk away and make her way back to the resort hotel but as she turned her back upon the stranger she paused………Something about that smile…………

Spinning about on her heel, she once again regarded the man who hadn’t moved and was still wearing a disarming grin.

Peering into the half-light she thought something was strangely familiar about him. Cautiously she edged closer to him.

“Do I know you?” She inquired nervously.

“I don’t know,” he replied as he moved closer to her.

He too felt there was something disturbingly familiar about the woman who stood before him. As her hair was blown away from her face he froze.

“Linda??” He asked hesitantly.

For a moment she didn’t reply. He knew her name and she felt she should know him but just couldn’t place the face. This made her even more nervous but curiosity prompted her to stay and at least find out who he was.

“Sir, you have me at a disadvantage,” she finally blurted.

“DV8,” he said with a chuckle. “You know – CU-SeeMe?”

Her hand flew to her mouth and she gasped as recognition dawned.

“DV8! My, God! What on earth?……How………”

They both stood silent, shaking their heads in wonderment. Finally he reached out and took her hand.

“Perhaps over a glass of wine we might discuss how we both came to be here at this moment in time.”

Dazed but acquiescent, she accompanied him back to the well-lit porch and into the house. After procuring a glass for her and retrieving his from where he had left it on the porch, he served her the wine as he gestured for her to sit upon the sofa as he lowered himself into a chair positioned directly in front of her.

It took a few minutes for the situation to stabilize after which they each related how they came to be here. The topic of conversation remained generic for a while until Mike changed the subject.

“God, sitting here looking at you is even better than I ever imagined it would be,” he said softly. “You are simply gorgeous!”

“You flatter me, DV8, errr, Mike. But I don’t mind,” she replied with a smile.

“Oh, you have no idea how many times my dreams have been filled with thoughts and visions of you. Ever since that first night I saw you on the reflector……..”

Her own memories flashed back to evenings spent on the computer and watching him as he lasciviously displayed himself before her. As she recalled how his masturbatory exhibitionism has excited her she glanced down at his crotch. Much to her delight she noticed the sharply defined shape of his growing erection so precisely defined by the tight fitting denim slacks he wore. Forcing herself to avert her gaze from the spectacle of him, she glanced back up at his eyes only to blush with embarrassment as artvin escort she realized he had noticed her stare.

“I’m sorry, Linda. As you can plainly see, you do excite me a great deal.”

“Hmmmmmm, yes I can see that,” she laughed.

The wine, the bulge in his trousers and the memories that flooded her mind were having an effect on her as well. She could feel an ache growing in her loins. She suspected she was getting moist and crossed her legs in a vain attempt to negate the disturbing sensations.

“Ever since the first night when you slowly and seductively removed your clothing and proceeded to “play”, I have thought of little else but you when I surf the net. Your arousal was patently obvious to me and when your husband finally went down on you, the looks of ecstacy on your face drove me insane with desire,”

As he spoke his hand reached down to adjust himself. His hand lingered in his lap as he regarded her. Linda’s eyes followed every movement.

“Mike, please stop,” she said as her gaze remained fixed upon his hand. Nervously she uncrossed then re-crossed her legs.

The heat of arousal swept over her like a blast furnace. Her mind was screaming, “Get OUT!” but her body lacked the will to move. As she uncrossed her legs again she became aware that leaking moisture from her sex had saturated the crotch of her panties causing them to bunch up in the center. As she re-crossed her legs she felt the seam of the zipper slide across her clit causing her to jerk with the intensity of the sensation.

They grew silent, each lost in their own thoughts.

“Damn, but it is getting warm in here,” Mike said as he set the wine glass down and reached to pull his T-shirt over his head. “I hope you don’t mind….”

“Not at all,” Linda said as she watched him peel the garment from his torso.

As his chest became bare she perused his form appreciatively. The thick, masculine chest – covered with hair that defined a happy trail which pointed directly to his groin. He obviously worked out regularly and had been doing so at length since she last saw him on the computer. His arms were bigger, the muscles even more sharply defined. The breadth of his shoulders tapered to a narrow waist.

“Yessss, even better in person,” she muttered to herself.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t hear what you said,” Mike said as he resumed his seat.

“Oh, nothing. Was just thinking aloud,” she smiled back in response as she removed her finger from where it had been sitting on her lower lip.

She didn’t realize it for a couple of moments but her hand had slid down her neck and was tracing gentle circles around the open bodice of her blouse. What brought her attention to this was his fixed stare at her hand as his right hand began to caress his chest. She paused and turned to set the wine glass on the end table next to her. When she turned her attention back to him she noticed his other hand once more had fallen in his lap, his fingers moving surreptitiously across the swollen bulge in his trousers.

“I like that,” she said as her hand slid underneath her blouse to trace the outlines of her bra.

“Oh, Linda, you are making me so hot! Do you mind if I……?” He asked.

The look of lust in his eyes only served to inflame the fires that were already threatening to rage out of control within her. Once again her mind screamed for her to put a stop to this and leave but she refused to listen.

“Please, do,” she whispered.

As she watched him rise and undo his belt and the snap of his trousers, she slipped her hand beneath her bra to cup her breast and fondle the nipple that now stood at attention.

He pushed his trousers down a few inches to allow his cock to spring free. Jutting out before him, swollen angry with desire, it bobbed up and down as he once again resumed his seat.

“Take them off, Mike.” She said huskily.

Once again he stood and this time, divested himself of all his clothing. He stood before her, a flagrant display of masculine arousal. She looked up and down his lean, well-toned form.

“Turn around, slowly,” she said.

He did as requested. She licked her lips as his tight ass came into view.

“Nice ass,” she giggled.

Then she looked up and saw the abundant hair that grew even on his back.

“Damn, your family tree include Gorillas?” She asked with a laugh.

“Not that I know of, why?” He asked as he turned back to face her again.

“Hair all over you except the top of your head,” she chortled.

“Keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer,” was his chuckled reply.

As he stood with his legs slightly apart, he reached down and grasped his swollen manhood within his left fist.

“Ohhh, so hot!” Linda said as she pushed her free hand against the juncture of her thighs.

Mike sat back in the chair and brought his left hand to his mouth. Depositing some saliva upon it he once again returned his hand to its former occupation.

“Are you wet, Linda?” beylikdüzü escort He asked solicitously.

“Soaking,” was her muted reply.

“Show me, please,”

Linda paused. Here she was with a man she hardly knew, in his home, with him sitting before her nude and asking her to disrobe. She knew she was in a dangerous situation and one that was likely to get out of hand. It is one thing to sit safely at home and play little watch- me/watch-you games on the computer but quite another to actually do this in person. The thought of cheating on her husband had never entered her mind before except in the wildest of fantasies. Yet she knew that if they continued on their current course the unthinkable might happen. For the third time that night her mind screamed at her to gather her things and run, not walk, back to the relative safety of her hotel room and the arms of her husband. Yet she still didn’t move.

Instead she found her hands fumbling at the waist of her jeans. Slowly she pushed them down over her hips, off her legs and allowed them to puddle on the floor at her feet.

She watched him lick his lips as his gaze centered on the circle of moisture on her panties. Sighing in resignation, knowing she was beyond all hope of redemption now, she quickly removed her blouse and the rest of her undergarments to sit before him as nude as he.

Mike’s face hung in slack-jawed lust as he brought two hands to bear upon his raging manhood. He groaned aloud as he watched Linda place a finger between the swollen folds of her sex. He glanced up at her face to see her finger once again resting upon her lower lip as she slowly and sensuously passed her tongue across it and around it. Linda’s gaze was fixed upon his slowly moving hands.

Linda gazed in mute appreciation at the rigidity and thickness of his cock. She couldn’t help but try to imagine what it would feel like nestled between her thighs. In the back of her mind she was still hoping, though, that she was gonna be able to remain faithful to husband and just keep this a masturbatory experience.

As her fantasy started to take hold of her, she thrust first one, then two fingers inside the pulsing ache that threatened to over-ride all sense of reality. Impossibly, she saw his cock grow even larger as she brought two hands to bear upon her own need.

“Oh My, Linda, Oh yessssssss……Watching you is gonna make me cum…..” Mike exhorted between gasps.

“Do it! Cum for me,” Linda exhorted.

He drug the chair closer to her so that their legs were touching. That little sensation – of his legs next to hers was enough to put her at the edge.

“Mike, I’m there,” she hissed as her hands became a blur.

“Ohhhhhh, yes!” He shouted as the first jet erupted from his cock to land upon his chest.

She watched in fascination as one after another ejaculation of the creamy liquid erupted from his sex to tumble through the air and land upon various parts of his body. Her eyes grew wide then clenched shut as the first wave of ecstacy hit her. Her orgasm coursed through her body like a runaway train – running up and down the length of her – setting her flesh afire and her soul soaring in bliss.

Slowly she became aware of her surroundings again. As she opened her eyes she looked down to discover Mike had stood up and was now poised between her legs. The rigidity of his cock had diminished not at all. The swollen head was poised at the entrance of her sex as if waiting for an invitation.

“No, Mike, we mustn’t,” she said as she placed her hands against his chest.

“I know,” he groaned

They remained immobile for a few minutes, gazing into each other’s eyes.

“I have never wanted a woman as much as I want you right now, Linda,” Mike said softly.

She started running her hands across his chest, caressing the barely yielding flesh. She looked down between her legs at his obvious desire. The head of it was mere centimeters away from her still erect and throbbing clit. She thought she could even feel the heat of it bathing her little nub in incredible warmth.

Her movement was subtle, but it was enough to bring the slick and blood engorged tip of him against the wet folds of her swollen labia. His cock bobbed in reaction which caused it to slide up and down ever so slightly.

Her caress slid down his side and around to his ass. She ran her fingertips along the rigid muscles tauntingly then suddenly clenched her hands, the finely manicured nails digging into his cheeks and he thrust forward. In one swift movement she had pulled him fully within her.

Although his cock was no longer than most, the thickness of it seemed to fill her. The walls of her tunnel rippled with delight at the sensation his entrance had produced. As he tried to withdraw, she locked her legs around him.

“Please………” She cried out softly.

His movements were slow and deliberate. She felt him lower himself down so that he could kiss between her breasts while moving his hips in a circular fashion. His kisses trailed up the deep cleavage between her now rapidly rising and falling breasts to settle at the base of her throat. His lips fluttered like a butterfly as his tongue danced little two-steps all around her neck, under her ears and across her full lips.