Change is Good for Hemangini Ch. 02


Introduction: This is the second part of the story about how an erotic columnist interviews Hemangini for his upcoming work on femdom. Hemangini dictates about how she changed her married life after turning her husband Tushar into a slave. The story is narrated by the columnist of his interviewing with Hemangini.


I parked just outside Hemangini’s lawn. I rang the door bell after walking my way towards the door steps. The door opened with Hemangini standing on the other side. She was in the meadow green kurti with a shiny black leggings at the bottom, her hairs were tied in a looped bun which again made her face shine like the jewel of a woman she was.

“Oh, looking lovely Hemangini.” I said after making my way in.

“Haha, thank you Avinash ji (Ji is used after a name to show the respect credence to the person)!” Hemangini said after giving away a laugh.

“Ji? And I thought someone asked me not to be formal, such a shame!” We got into laughing harder in no time. We took our seats. Hemangini poured the wine in her glass. I held my tea before I spoke.

“Shall we?” I asked after taking out the recorder.

“Ofcourse Avinash.”

I tapped the start button and the reel started rolling.


“[[ It had been 10 good days since I started to dominate on Tushar. I hurt him, punished him and also fucked his ass on random days in these period. I didn’t cuckold him because I was still less confident for that thing. I woke up naked next to Tushar. He was still having a good grip of my shoulders and his cheek was layed on my right boob. He looked as lovely as the water flowing down from the hills from the edges between the fog and meadows.

I kissed his forehead. I nudged on his cheek with my finger before introducing a lovely light slap on it. Tushar opened his eyes partially. He settled himself between my pussy before my call. It’s ten days past now since I introduced him into this new set of rules of life.

Tushar glued his mouth to my pussy. I locked my one leg on his head, before getting a good grip on his hairs. I closed my eyes to release all of the distilled water in his mouth. All of my pale golden shower was slurped in by him in a second.

“Thank you Mistress.” Tushar said after getting on his knees under the bed. I stretched my body out of relaxation after getting up from the bed. I kissed his forehead. I grabbed Tushar by his waist after bringing him up from the floor. He held my shoulders after taking his hand from my back. We went to the bathroom. Tushar bathed while I got in my tracksuit to go out for workout.

I did some crude squatting with low weight-lifting to tone up my stout arms. I returned home in half an hour. Being naked, Tushar was still cleaning the hall floor. He left his work in between after catching the glimpses of me in the house.

Tushar came down quickly. I sat in the couch. Tushar leaned in towards me after settling himself on the knees. He started to lick my sweaty neck. He made his way at my underarms. He hiked my T-shirt up to lick the sweat around my belly. I did the T-shirt out of the top to make him lick all over my sweaty breasts. I knew how much Tushar loved my clothed legs and butt, because of his always visible intents since we got tied in the knot. My butt was almost triple the size of his face.

I turned around with my ass facing him. I asked him to worship my ass. Tushar started kissing my ass through the leggings. He pressed on it before getting deeper in his hunger for my butt. I closed my eyes in pleasure. Tushar kept kissing my 42 inched butt for another five minutes. He was fully covered between my ass.

I stopped him in between. Tushar pulled my leggings down as I instructed him to do. I made him stick his face at my asshole before I released a loud fart on his face. I didn’t know hot or ridiculous it was but it was pleasing to humiliate him by the filthy traits.

It was the time when I bring in the another phase of my dominance on him, but this time it was to pull out positives from it regardless of my own pleasure. I came at his front with a gift. I handed him the wireless Bluetooth headset. Tushar had an obvious question in his eyes.

“This is for you slave.” I looked in his eyes.

“What use is it of, Mistress?” Tushar asked sheepishly.

“You are supposed to wear them when getting before your bosses. It has a high voice catching power that could clearly make the 6-7 feet away noises audible. I’m sure this is the exact distances you could be keeping with your bosses. You are ought to give me a call when them or any other senior prick asks for your presence before them. Your words would be owned by me baby, I won’t only control your words but also the pitch of it. Get dressed and get my attire ready as well. I’m up for shower baby.” I patted on his ass once and left for the bathroom.

I stood under the shower to let the water hit my body. I felt a different energy in me with what was happening. I stayed there Ataşehir Sınırsız Escort for sometime to gather my thoughts of what was actually happening in my life. I prepared to go out. Tushar soaked me dry with the towel.

He helped me get in my blue and grey pair of bra and underwear. He had these pairs of white and floral navy salwar chemise with the patiala dubatta at the top, he dressed me in it; I combed my open wavy hairs. Tushar looked fabulous as always in his corporal clothes.

I held him by his waist to hug him from side ways as we walked out of the house. I held Tushar at the door front by his ass to kiss him to a goodbye, he settled his hands just at my shoulders. We settled in our cars before leaving for our works. It was a great morning again. I didn’t feel this positive since a very long time but still had something going in some corner of my head.

I went in the salon. I patted Adi on the top of his ass for a good morning. He was having a customer so he couldn’t turn his head but just answered while working. I went in my cabin to do the files before I came out after taking a sip of the scotch. Wine was getting regular after stepping in this relationship. I kept working till afternoon. I attended some customers.

I saw my phone buzzing with Tushar’s name flashing on it. I took the call.

“I’m supposed to meet my boss in 10 minutes, Mistress.” Tushar spoke out of the creep he had in his voice.

“Get the headphone on your ear baby. I would be the one to guide you in your meeting. And you are supposed to go there in 15 minutes. Call me once you are at the inside of his cabin. See you.” I was very confident of Tushar leaving his impression elegantly before his boss. I had an email from an old friend who was now a top attorney of the city. I had all the information about his boss by now, like what good he did, what bad? pros and cons, everything in whole.

I read all through it and I knew exactly what to do. Tushar called me in the 14th minute when he was about to enter in.

“Good morning Tushar.” I heard his boss.

“Good morning.” I spoke, Tushar repeated after me, “Good morning, SIR.” It was not exactly what I asked him to say but it had to keep going.

“What date is it son?” Tushar’s boss was a 65 years old bastard, so this tone was still fair.

“I am not sure.” I said. Tushar stayed mum for a long second before speaking in a low voice, “I am not sure Sir.” Tushar commited much errors already.

“What do you mean by I don’t know?” His voice raised and echoed all over the room.

“I said I was not sure. Regardless of I do know it’s 9th.” Tushar kept on repeating after me. I had a cruel laugh in my head after the moment got created there. Tushar’s boss was pissed in anger.

“Are you any concerned of what the situation is Tushar? But you are more concerned with getting in plays with me. Do you understand I could fire you right away?” He spoke in much harsh tone with my husband. I was really not convinced by it.

“My sheet is not as bad as the sheet last year that had the invoices set so absurdly in it that it ended up bankrupting our long corporate ally ‘Sheetal Industries’, Sir!”

Last year, Tushar’s boss was guilty to have carried out the large scam by pick pocketing crores of rupees from their long time partners Sheetal Industries. He still had ongoing investigation on him. I thought this was enough to let him remember his scar and I was right.

“You know as a professional my hands were tied then. I was helpless, we still have the investigation going to find the accused one. Do you mean that it was carried out by me?” I heard his pitch down from the previous one, he sounded a bit offended by Tushar’s knowledge of it.

“I’m just asking you to pass my sheet on Sir. This is the best shape it could get in.” Tushar repeated after me. I didn’t know about how good Tushar would have made the sheet, but his work was always above excellent in my knowledge from the past experiences.

“Okay okay, I take your submission for good. But from next time… it’s okay you can go son.” I punched in the air for a victory gesture. I clearly sensed the sweat on boss’s forehead following his clumsy pitch out of fear.

“Thank you sir, have a nice day.” Tushar spoke. Except the last one, I never asked Tushar to call out Sir but he still did. Tushar spoke after a minute.

“I couldn’t believe how it happened, I have been trying since a week now. I couldn’t believe either how easy it could get. Thank you mistress.” Tushar sounded much happy. I was glad for his amusement. I sensed my husband from the past in his voice but it was not even the quarter we went through.

“It’s okay. I will see you in the evening. I love you too slave.” I hung up. I was very convinced with how things went. Tushar had many errors while repeating after but I don’t know if it was totally in favour of the obedience. I planned to whip him out of his mistakes, but I had this confused Ataşehir Suriyeli Escort vibe surrounding me.

Even when I had a good day, I was much in the mood swings with the awkward clumsiness going in my mind with the constant thought of if all this was very right. All of the pisses, punishments, pegging, farts, slaps was rounding my head. I was restless.

I picked the phone to dial to Mrs. Mehra. I asked her for a visit and she promised a visit after her court sessions. It was the evening when the salon just closed and every worker returned to their respective houses. Mrs. Mehra just parked her X1 in the parking lot. She was still in her white court Saree and the band around her neck. Making her way in my cabin she gave me a meeting hug.

“Yes yes, how can I help my fellow mistress?” Her first words, as soon as she touched me.

“I’m looking forward to Tushar’s services as a slave for a longer time than I decided.” I hurriedly spoke in a go still her in my arms.


“And I’m nervous.” I felt very low mentally. Mrs. Mehra gave a satirical laugh. She sat in the chair with her legs crossed.

“I always doubted your abilities Hemangini. This things are just not for the ladies of your age. It’s heartfelt, but I think you should quit.” My heart had a cold breeze as soon as she spoke of it, I heard my ego cracking down in pieces. “What?” was all I could say in a low voice again.

“Take a seat please.” She said after pointing at the table side where her chair lied. I had a weird trembling when I made my way to the table. I sat just above her with my legs hanging down. Mrs. Mehra kept her hand at my right thigh before starting to speak.

“You have still not developed even the slightest attitude to make it into this personality dear. Mistresses don’t fear or get nervous for anything.” Saying that, she started rubbing her both the hands on my thighs. “These iron legs.” She dragged her hands on my hips and waist before ending at my boobs and squeezing it under her palms, “These bust”. She got her hands more upwards before finally placing them on my cheeks, “And this cruel beauty. ALL THESE ARE OF NO USE.” She raised her voice by grinding her teeth and dropped her hand on my cheeks for a hard pat which almost felt like a slap.

Considering her personality, Mrs. Mehra had a tough voice of a blunt attorney. I was very ashamed; I had my heart beating at a very fast rate after hearing to all this from her. She left her seat to bent forward towards me with her head coming closer. I didn’t manage an eye contact with her. Before I could move my head to the side, She spit on my face. I felt her thick fluid rolling all over my nose and cheek. I was shocked by her gesture. Mrs. Mehra held my chin with a tight grip before speaking,

“You are fake.” I closed my eyes in grief. Mrs. Mehra threw her spit on my face again. I was not much convinced after feeling it on my face again, “You are fake.” Before I could open my eyes, she yet again spit on my face. I had my fist closed in anger as soon as I felt it for the third time on my face. Mrs. Mehra nudged me heavily on my shoulders to make me fall backwards before getting straight on her feet again. “You are fake and a waste of time.”

Mrs. Mehra started to head towards the door before I spoke in a low voice with a little gnash between my teeth, “I’M NOT FAKE.” “You are dear.” I had my head boiling in anger with her rude replies. She started to gather her stuffs to start making her way out. I said it again in a raised tone, “I am not fake.” She ironically smiled at me and kept walking. I couldn’t believe the inferiority she inflicted on me, I never felt this angry before in my life.

Mrs. Mehra was just on the door before I left the table to approach her in my angry rage. I turned Mrs. Mehra around before holding her chin with my hand and sticking her to the wall. I was well built and four inches taller than her. I yelled after getting close to her face, “I AM NOT FAKE, BITCH.” She still had the little laugh on her face and she said, “Being strong doesn’t means being real. You lack attitude dear.”

I got my grip on her chin tighter. Her chin had the red marks on it of my fingers’ pressure being very tight. I lifted her up from the ground with my strength. I dropped a hard slap on her cheek. She didn’t get away from the laugh on her cheeks, she kept looking in my eyes. I was more angry by it. I got her away from the wall before dropping her down cruelly on the table. I laid myself on her and got on her top.

“How do you feel now?” I yelled at her face again.

“This rage is temporary, Hemangini. This is not you. YOU ARE FAKE.” Saying that, she spit on my face again.

I had my conscience faded in it’s whole, I was very furious at her. I brought two more hard slaps on her face and yelled again, “How dare you?”. Mrs. Mehra had a little tear in her eyes with my raining rage upon her. I yelled at her with the loudest pitch till now, “It’s Ataşehir İranlı Escort you who will clean my face now, now get to it bitch.”

“Ain’t you nervous now, Hemangini?” I stopped as soon as Mrs Mehra spoke, I was brought back to my conscience. I had my eyes wide, after realising to what I did in the last few minutes in the heat of the moment. Before I could speak anything she brought me closer from my face. “This is the real you, this is the real you and I’m proud of you bitch, now let me help you with this.” Saying that Mrs Mehra brought me closer to her.

She licked clean all of her spit from my face. As soon as she reached around my lips, she entered her tongue in my mouth. Our lips met and we began to kiss. We grabbed each other from our busts before getting into a deep and wet kissing for few more minutes. I entered my fingers in her saree before settling it in her pussy, she dig her two fingers in my pussy from my salwar. We fingered each other and kept moaning in pleasure.

Mrs Mehra just stopped in between followed by a low voice, “You are fake.” She oozed out an impulsive smirk on her cheeks.

I spit at her face before slowly licking it off her face with my tongue and said, “I’m not.” We got into a huge and loud laughter. We kissed for more than a minute again and came up from the table. I hugged Mrs. Mehra before whispering in her ears, “I cannot wait to see you again, Mistress.” She got her hands on my ass through the salwar and pressed on it with a smile. She adjusted her Saree back and made her way out.

I headed back home. Before reaching home, I stopped by at a cafe to meet Prakhar. Prakhar was the attorney friend who helped me with Tushar’s bosses information. He was the guy whom I always thought of dating in my college days, until I met Tushar and we got tied in the knot. He waited for me outside the cafe.

Prakhar approached to greet me with a light hug. We were friends since many years now. I had a nice little chat with him before the vital part began.

“I don’t know how to thank you enough dear!” I exclaimed.

“It’s okay, Hema. I did what I was supposed to do as a friend.” Prakhar spoke out of his decency.

“Are you seeing anyone?” I asked him out of the blue.

“Umm.. no, not lately, why?”

“Then allow me to thank you tomorrow night dear. No flower vase is needed, just bring the extra rubber and stamina with you.” I smirked at him. Prakhar was very confused by my words.

“But you are married Hema, ain’t you?”

“I would mail you with all the possible details about it dear. I’m looking forward towards tomorrow night. See you!” I hugged him lightly to bade him a goodnight. I was not going to hesitate in opening up my relationship before him as he was more of a sensible mature guy with an understanding level above Adi. I drove my way towards home.

Being naked, Tushar greeted me inside by kneeling down on the floor. He started to kiss my feet for a welcome. I patted on his head. I offered my feet to him, Tushar licked on my thumb in affection. I noticed his asshole quite visible from his crack after it was widened up from the abuse. I stayed at the door front, before letting him know about my urgency to pee.

Tushar slid my lehenga down with my underwear. I mounted on his head and pissed directly in his mouth. Tushar gulped all of it down obediently. I kissed his forehead to leave for the bathroom. I came out changed in my sleep wears while Tushar prepared the dinner. I had the disciplining sessions prepared after the dinner. Tushar was no less than a professional chef in Bengali food.

I allowed him a normal dinner by being on the opposite side of the table. He prepared the masala fried pomfret fish curry with the traditional rice. We ate on it with all of our amusement. ‘Delicious’ word could have not been enough to explain Tushar’s recipe. I finished my dinner. Tushar was about to get his rice done before the devil at my shoulder kicked in.

I held his plate and poured the handful of remaining rice on the table. Tushar gazed at me with confused eyes. “Finish your dinner and clean the bathroom. I want to see you at our judicial table in 15 minutes. I would get the plates done and remembe, no hands involved.” Saying that, I poured my left overs on the table as well. I smiled before his face after getting the plates from the table and then in the kitchen. Tushar licked all the rice and my left over curry and rice from the table with his tongue. I enjoyed the view from the sink.

Tushar met me at the judicial table. I cuffed his hands under the table after locking his feet with the legs of the table. Tushar had his body above the waist laid on the entire table with just his hips at the edge, exposing his full ass. Tushar had a little shaking on his body out of the creepy rollercoaster he was going to be in. I stood at his back just behind his butt. I explored my hand all over his butt. I loved my husband in reality and that was the reason I had him going through this.

I exerted a tight spank on his ass cheek with my hand, Tushar breathe heavily. I got my hand roaming deeper in his bottom before stopping just at his testicles. I ran my nails gently on his filled testicles. He responded with a large fuss.

“Thoughts on today’s scenes baby?” I asked Tushar.