Changed Marriage Pt. 03

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This one has quite a lot of cum.

This story includes: truly excessive amounts of cum, cum inflation, unrealistically large genitalia, muscle fetish, public sex, and lactation/adult breastfeeding.


Recap: A married couple mysteriously grows in all the right places. They discover that their new sexual urges are too strong to be restrained by normal societal standards, and come to terms with what it means for their relationship.

I woke up Sunday morning in darkness. My entire face was covered by something warm and… fleshy?

Somewhere above me my wife said “wakey wakey…” and the two strange blobs of fat jiggled against my face. Not quite fully awake, it just didn’t click with me what was going on.

I groggily moved my hands up to feel what was on my face and they came into contact with Isabel’s shoulder. She giggled and sat up, freeing my face from her cleavage. Thus it happened that the first thing I saw that morning was my wife’s glorious new body.

Her pretty chicana face was pretty much the only thing about her that hadn’t changed. Where the previous day she had looked like she worked out a lot, now she looked almost like a bodybuilder. Every inch of her was covered in hard muscles. She had huge shoulders and biceps, a defined six pack, and thighs that looked like they could crush a watermelon. None of her womanly shape was lost, however; it seemed that, while her shoulders had gotten more muscular they had not widened, but her hips and ass had widened even more. That, and atop her chest were the biggest breasts I had ever seen. Each looked like it could comfortably contain a volleyball, and they had delectable teardrop shapes that made them droop down almost to her bellybutton while still being perky. They were capped with dark brown pebbly-looking areolae at least six inches across and thumb-sized nipples that, at the moment, were leaking milk. Her pubic hair had grown totally out of control as well. Her vagina was a gaping pink flower in a sea of curly black hair that spread to her legs and up her stomach. Her legs and arms also had respectable, if sparse, coats of thin hair. She looked like some kind of wild woman, come down from the hills to wreak havoc on me.

She saw me staring and smiled. She stood on the bed above my feet and started posing, holding my complete attention. She ran her hands all over her body and flexed, showing off how she could make her tits jiggle just by flexing her pecs (which I guessed were substantial). Then she turned around and showed me her plump, muscular bubble butt. Her straight black hair had grown a lot longer too, now it went most of the way down her rippling back.

“Like what you see, big boy?” she said as she turned around and squeezed her nipple, making a little stream of milk squirt out and land on the plastic-coated bed a few feet away. I was speechless, completely blown away by her overwhelming beauty, as well as her powerful scent, although at this point I barely noticed its constant presence.

By then I was fully awake, and as she sat back down on my legs I noticed something else crazy.

“Holy SHIT, my dick got huge!”

Pressed against Isabel’s stomach was an inhumanly large schlong. It was certainly thicker than her entire forearm, and probably just as long too. The veiny, pulsing rod of meat emerged from my own mess of pubic hair and ran up her torso into her cleavage. If I hadn’t witnessed how much my body had changed in the past two days I would have wondered how it could actually be hard, but now I was worrying that it might never go soft.

Isabel purred “That’s right, so did your balls.” She put a hand down below where she was seated on my legs and stroked one of the grapefruit-sized lumps that were pushing my legs apart. “God, I can’t wait to see how much you come now.”

Saturday night had been a sex marathon, and by the end I seemed to be spurting almost a gallon every time I came. We’d had to cover almost our entire bedroom in plastic sheeting to keep the furniture and floor from getting ruined, and even so there was a huge stain on one of the walls where a stray rope had landed. Isabel seemed to be really turned on by getting drenched in semen, and I have to say that it was pretty hot to see my wife literally covered in my sperm. Unfortunately it also meant that we were filthy, and our house smelled filthy. Plus I had to eat a massive amount of food to keep up that sperm production. We’d bought almost $500 worth of groceries the previous night and had already eaten through almost a quarter of it. In the back of my mind I thought that we would need to get really hardcore into meal planning to avoid going bankrupt.

I was snapped back into the moment by my wife rubbing my cock with her tits. She seemed to sense that I was still worried, and she whispered “Don’t worry honey, things are changed now. This is just how we are, we should enjoy it.”

She punctuated her statement by reaching between her tits and rubbing my gigantic penis with the Kastamonu Escort copious pre-cum that was oozing from the tip. She needed two hands to encircle the steely shaft but her grip was hard, and the result was an incredible sensation. Almost like being in her pussy.

She smiled at me as I jerked around and twitched in response to her ministrations. Even though I was still bigger and probably stronger than her, I felt utterly at her mercy. She toyed with me for a few more minutes, cooing and humping the base of my shaft, but never quite letting me get release.

Eventually she couldn’t resist any more, and she climbed up to sit on my cock head. Her pussy lips were huge now, almost like they were specially adapted for taking in such a massive penis, and drooling with anticipation. It still seemed ridiculous to see her sitting on a penis that was more than half as long as her chest.

Nevertheless, she popped in the head easily, and slowly started spearing herself on my tool. She looked into my eyes and I could see them go a little glassy as she wiggled her hips to keep going down, inch by inch. Finally she hit the base and let out a long, loud moan as her pussy contracted around my dick. It felt extremely tight, but not painfully so. I looked down and saw the absurd bulge of my cock inside her, stretching her abs for almost a foot before it seemed to disappear into her body cavity. What she had done should be impossible by all rights, but then again, so was practically everything else about this situation.

Isabel collected herself and started to ride me slowly. I could not only feel the ridges of her vagina, but also the ridges of her hard abs as they rubbed against the monstrous penis inside her. Every time she bottomed out her pussy pulsed and clenched and she seemed to lose control. Finally I decided it was time to take back control, and I grabbed her waist and pulled her down hard onto my cock.

The effect was immediate. She howled and collapsed on top of me, humping mindlessly as her body clamped down on my dick so hard it could barely move even with all her juices spraying out. I could feel rivulets of milk leaking from her tits where they pressed against my body. I didn’t give her a break, and started to make tiny thrusts in and out. I kept up her climax for almost five minutes, by the end she was speaking gibberish and tears were coming out of her eyes.

Finally I felt my own coming. My enormous ballsack clenched up and I bucked as the first shot entered deep into her. She moaned and held very still as the first rope kept coming and coming. I was amazed it could even get into her, with how tight her pussy was clenched around me.

The second shot came. The third. Each lasted at least five seconds and it felt like I was shooting pints into her at a time. She groaned “oh god… it’s filling me up!”

I assumed she was just delirious. But a few seconds later I noticed that her belly seemed to be swollen, not just from the gigantic cock wedged inside of it. It felt squishy.

Cum was spraying out of her pussy, but not as much as was being pumped in at high pressure. Her womb(or was it her vagina? Who knows how her internals are configured now) continued to swell as I kept pumping rope after rope of semen into her. Minutes passed until I finally felt my orgasm subside. Isabel seemed to recover and she sat up, prompting more thick jizz to spray out of her vagina and into the small lake that was pooling below me on the bed. Even so, she looked like she was five months pregnant with all the sperm inside her. She felt her belly and squeezed it. “Fffuck, this is so hot. You literally filled me with your cum. You fucking stud.”

I couldn’t disagree. Seeing her swollen up like that, with her tits leaking milk, was not just hot as hell, it was also intriguing.

“Wanna see how full I can get you?”

She gave me a wicked grin and said, “Well I don’t know stud, got another load like that waiting in those big fat balls of yours?” She wiggled her hips a little bit, making that load slosh around. It felt like in the area that was swollen, my dick was still pressed against one side of her vaginal walls, the rest was simply surrounded by my own semen.

I didn’t have another load like that in there, but with how much she was turning me on I could already feel it being made. I flipped her over so we could do it in the missionary position, and hopefully less would leak out, and started fucking her again with vigor. She squealed and wrapped her legs around me while I pounded her sloshing pussy.

After about two hours of trying, we found out that it just wasn’t possible to fill her up much more than we had the first time. There was some kind of equilibrium where she couldn’t get any more full or the pressure would force the cum out. By the end we were both completely covered head to toe in semen and milk, and the bed and floor were both covered in an ankle-deep layer of cum. It smelled awful, but we didn’t really care. Finally Kastamonu Escort Bayan our other urges besides sex won out, and we washed up and left our sex cave to go get some food.

Isabel’s tits continued to leak milk while we made breakfast in the nude. As I finished with the home fries, I had a sudden realization. “Hey Isabel, what if we drank your milk instead of buying it from now on?”

She thought about it for a little bit, and said, “I dunno, it seems like it would be kind of a waste for me to drink my own milk. But you could, for sure.”

We brought out two large glasses and Isabel squeezed her leaky teats to spray milk into them. It took a few minutes for both of them to get half full while I made the rest of our substantial breakfast. As we sat down to eat I took a gulp of the delicious fluid. Earlier I had suckled her for a minute or two at a time, but that was more of a slow, steady flow than a big gulp. Now that I could drink lots of it at a time I realized it was very filling. It was by far the best part of our six-course breakfast.

Afterwards as we sat around digesting our food, I said, “That milk was really good. Think I could get some more straight from the source?”

She nodded, and got up to walk over to the couch. I was hypnotized by the view from behind as she walked away. I could see her huge breasts sticking out on either side of her body, and her ass jiggled and swayed invitingly. When she realized I wasn’t following her she turned around and smirked at me.

“You still want that milk, big boy?”

I broke free from my dazed state and followed her to the couch. She sat demurely and motioned for me to lay down on her lap. There wasn’t much room there, on account of her massive breasts, but I managed to fit without getting suffocated. I used two hands to squeeze and massage her enormous mammary while my mouth sucked hungrily from her nipple. As soon as I started sucking a steady stream of her white ambrosia came out. She idly pinched her other nipple and hummed happily to herself. After the fuck frenzy of earlier that morning, this felt really comforting. I alternated between her breasts for almost half an hour until they finally ran dry. Isabel let out a blissful sigh when the last drop was in my belly, and we simply laid there together for a few minutes.

That is, until the phone rang. I reluctantly went to pick it up. It was Doctor Renault.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Mullen! How are things today? Any new developments?”

I recounted all the changes in our bodies that we had noticed, and the doctor demanded that we take detailed measurements while we were on the phone. Isabel was now 5’11” tall, and I was 6’3″. Both of us were muscled like olympic athletes. My penis had also grown to 15 inches long and 12 inches around, almost certainly a world record. My balls were almost 14 inches around each and hung halfway to my knees.

The doctor was most interested in my semen output. “Well, I noticed from your CAT scan that your prostate had become almost four times larger than a normal one. However I couldn’t find any evidence of tumors. And you say it doesn’t feel uncomfortable, so I guess like everything else to do with your bodies it just seemed to grow out of the blue.

“However, there are some things I do know. After looking at the results from your DNA test I can say with certainty that this is a genetic change in both of you. It seems you both just happen to have just the right genetic makeup and shared epigenetic environment to have this sort of second puberty. And what’s more, I have some degree of certainty now that this should be the extent of it, and the changes will be permanent. The genes involved deactivate themselves quickly once activated.

“There is, however, some bad news. I’m afraid both of you are probably sterile as a result of this, and I confirmed by looking at your semen sample from yesterday. There’s no way you could possibly have a baby. I’m sorry.”

I looked at Isabel, and thought about the sea of cum in our bedroom, and how messed up a child would be if they were raised in our home. I could see in her eyes that she was thinking the same thing.

“Well doctor, I guess you win some and lose some. We’re enjoying this for sure. Are you sure that this is the extent of the changes? If my balls get any bigger I’ll have trouble walking.”

“Pretty sure. The growth probably stopped early this morning, assuming it started very late Friday night.”

“Alright doctor. We’ll schedule a follow-up appointment for some day this week. Thanks for all the help.”

“Don’t mention it! I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve already begun drafting a paper about your conditions.”

With a few more pleasantries we finally got off the phone. I embraced Isabel, glad that if we were going to be hypersexual freaks at least this was the extent of it. My penis wedged itself between our muscular bellies and throbbed with the stimulation, but I tried my best to ignore it Escort Kastamonu while we hugged.

After a quick fuck to relieve some tension, we set about the long process of cleaning the house. Even with all the plastic sheeting everywhere, it’s a huge chore to remove dozens of gallons of sperm from a house. We ended up digging a hole in the back yard that we dumped all the dried and drying cum into. With any luck, it wouldn’t poison the soil.

After lunch I found myself standing while Isabel was crouched down in front of me, servicing me with her mouth and hands. The slit on the end of my dick was now wide enough that she could stick the tip of her tongue in it, which was a very strange but not unpleasant experience. As she slobbered over the head of my monstrous cock I suddenly had an idea.

“Hey Isabel, how about going on a walk?”

She took a break from sucking and looked up at me. “That sounds great! It would be good to get out of the house for a bit. I’d rather not be around people though.”

I agreed. “We can go out to the state park, there’s hardly ever anybody walking around there.”

“It’s a date! Let me just wrap up my business here and we can go.”

She redoubled her efforts at jerking me off. Her hands gripped my shaft tightly, using my pre-cum to lubricate. Her hands would stroke all the way to the tip, where she was licking and sucking on the head, and then all the way down the shaft to massage my gigantic nuts. They felt full, since I hadn’t emptied them in over two hours. I stroked her hair and she looked up at me with those big brown eyes of hers, and in that moment I felt like the luckiest man in the world, since this unbelievable sex goddess was mine and mine alone.

Finally I could feel my orgasm coming on. Isabel did too. She began jacking my dick furiously, and in between tickling the sensitive underside of my helmet with her tongue she murmured obscenities.

“Come on, big boy, I wanna see you empty these fucking jizz machines onto me… Spread your love juice spread all over me… Claim me as your cum slut.”

Soon my cock jerked, my balls tensed, and the first shot emerged from my dick. Isabel aimed my monster at her tits, and the first rope hit them with a loud *thwap*. Instantly they were drenched, but it didn’t stop there. More and more of the thick rope came out and she aimed it back up at her mouth. She wasn’t able to take it all in, but she got a good mouthful. One of her hands moved south to pleasure herself.

More came. Three whole shots hit her body until she was absolutely covered in sperm, squatting and rubbing her pussy while it trickled down between her folds. My wife the cum slut.

She let go of my still-shooting cock and moved both her hands between her legs to relieve her burning sex. I saw her fit her entire hand in there with ease, but I was a little distracted when the next rope came out and arced almost ten feet to hit the plastic-coated wall on the other side of the room. I took hold of my cock and aimed it back at my wife, who was still writhing on the ground. She moaned loudly when the last three shots hit her square in the stomach.

She kept fucking herself for few minutes after my orgasm was over, scooping huge blobs of cum off herself and putting it in either her mouth or her pussy. Finally she arched her back and stayed very still for a few seconds as she came. I just watched and stroked my cock slowly, debating joining in with her.

Finally she stood up and smiled at me through her mask of thick jism. Her entire front side had a thick layer of cum on it.

“Well, that was fun! Alright, I’ll go take a quick shower and we can get dressed for our walk, yeah?”

I nodded and she slapped my butt as she walked past me, leaving a handprint of my own cum. While she showered I cleaned up the mess we had just made.

Getting dressed turned out to be much more difficult than we had anticipated. Even the bigger sweatpants that Isabel had bought the day before were tight on me, and hiding my appendage was absolutely out of the question. Isabel, meanwhile, had not anticipated how much her bust and the rest of her body would grow. The only thing she had that fit her was an old t shirt that used to be several sizes too big; now it clung to her body tightly and seemed to hold her boobs up. None of her pants fit, and she was forced to use a skirt with a worn-out elastic waistband. With her new stature, it barely covered the massive globes of her ass or her pubic hair. She abandoned the idea of wearing panties because her pussy was almost constantly soaking wet anyway. Luckily, Isabel had managed to guess right about what shoe sizes we would need.

We looked like we were both fresh off the set of some surrealistic porno. We didn’t care though, it’s not like we were going to be around many people and we were starting to get used to our new bodies.

The long drive to the state park was uneventful except that I had to drive while also navigating my humongous junk. Isabel leered at it and made bad jokes about “driving stick”, which certainly wasn’t helping. When we finally got there we found that the gravel parking lot had one other car in it. Considering the park was hundreds of acres we figured it was pretty unlikely that we would run into them, and started on our walk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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