This is very long so if you got a short attention span and just want sex, skip ahead a page or two there’s tons of it. 😉

When I get home there is nobody there, a fact I am incredibly thankful for. There are no locks on the doors, four guys sharing one two bedroom apartment makes privacy rare and very welcome. Picturing her in my mind I run into the bathroom dropping my pants and kicking my shoes off I have to hurry. I shut the door to the bathroom hanging the sign off the door that never really works anyway.

I lean over the toilet her luscious body springing to my vision as my hand wraps around my hard cock. I picture her breasts encased in a skin tight shirt as my hand moves up and down my cock. I picture her taking her clothes off for me, beckoning me closer her large breasts swaying with perfect pink nipples. My hand moves faster as I picture her neatly trimmed little tuft of hair hanging just over her pussy hanging open a little in her desire for me to get on top of her.

My toes are clenching a little as I picture her pulling me to her then on top of her, kissing me. I can feel her beautiful breasts pressing into my chest as she reaches down to guide me inside of her. I am groaning as I can feel the hot length of her insides coating my cock in her juices. When I am fully inside of her my hand moving fast as lightning, my back arches and I am shooting my orgasm into the toilet.

I jump when I hear a shout Andy is yelling my name, I reach down pull up my pants get all buttoned up again then flush. I check myself in the mirror, I look a little flushed but nothing unusual for the end of the first month of college, it’s still hotter than hell. I step out of the bathroom almost running Andy over, we share a laugh then he sits me down and hands me a pamphlet.

“What the fuck is this?” I ask looking it over, all it says is cash per month for testing duration.

“Dude that is something we need, check it out we go in and get checked out, we get money just for that, I asked fucking hundred just to be checked, if you get accepted and agree to the testing of whatever the fuck, you make six hundred a month for the duration of the testing. Dude I mean, come on do you really want to work fast food for about the same money and go to classes?” Andy is yelling at me in his excitement.

“Dude I am totally there, where do we go?” I say getting up feeling the excitement he had.

“Awesome come on we only have to go a half mile.” He is grinning from ear to ear.

We race out of the apartment grab our bikes and pedal like mad. Totally bad idea to go as fast as we are, people in cars generally totally ignore bicycles. It’s almost like I’m in a fucking car I’m king of the fucking world get out of my fucking way. We make it with no problem though, like he said only half a mile and only two side streets to contend with. We go inside a fucking army tent if you can believe it, I’m not talking those tents from MASH either I’m talking Iraq fucking base tents. There’s no AC, just a couple fans that do total fucking nothing to the heat.

This totally hot looking chick in fatigues is sitting behind a table, she looks at us checks her watch then makes two notes on two different clipboards before handing them to us. We each take a pencil from the plastic tub at the edge of the table then go back outside to fill out the form. It’s a really fucking inclusive form, almost makes you feel like you are visiting a new doctor or something, Andy takes longer than I do, he has more shit to put and he keeps saying hi to passing chicks.

When we go back in the chick behind the table points to some empty cots behind her then ignores us. We go sit down and play punching rock paper scissors, it’s the same game you would do as a kid except the winner punches the other on ties you punch each other. A couple of guys come over also in fatigues with white doctor coats laughing at our game. Andy curses when his doctor says he is not eligible with his family medical history, he gets blood drawn anyway so he gets the hundred.

“So looking at your form here, you didn’t fill out much I find it hard to believe nobody in your family has suffered from anything listed. I mean this is a pretty all including list.” The doctor I get says to me looking a little doubtful.

“Dude I’m an orphan, my family was all dead I got adopted, as far as I know my family has never suffered from anything. All of the information we could find never had a history of anything medically speaking. Well besides being dead which is well, a major medical problem but your form doesn’t have that listed.”

The doctors laugh then take my blood they ask me to sit here, Andy is allowed to stay they haven’t paid either of us yet anyway. We go back to our punching rock paper scissors game one of the doctors’ joins us. We have a pretty good game going when another dude in fatigues shows up asking for me. Andy asks about his hundred, the doctor that did not take part in our game comes over and hands both of us a crisp tuzla escort hundred dollar bill.

I ask about my bike, the dude in fatigues tells me to leave it here he will drive me home and pick it up on the way. Andy volunteers to walk it home for me, I tell him to order pizza I’ll buy the next one. He smiles then takes off, I follow the dude in fatigues to a freaking hummer, I mean how cool can you get. I’m smiling until I get in it’s a freaking military spec hummer, uncomfortable as all fuck. He drives us across campus then past it to a building that I always thought was just an administration storage building or some fucking thing.

Inside is more like a hospital than anything, white walls white tile floor with colored lines in the floor. A gorgeous woman in a nurse uniform is sitting at a desk when we come in. She smiles at me gets up then takes my arm she walks me along the corridors up one floor then to a room with a hospital bed.

“Get on the bed here, no need to take any clothes off your getting a shot but we gotta put you under first. They tell me it’s a big canister behind the needle and people freak when they see it. Don’t worry, the needle itself is standard size, I’ve seen the toss aways.” She tells me as she guides me to the bed.

“If you’re not doing anything later I got a crisp hundred in my pocket, I can take you out for dinner or something.” She smiles at me before going over to the drawers.

“If I was not married I would think about it.” She says as she comes back then sticks a needle in my arm real fast.

I don’t get time to do more than groan and grab my arm before I am passing out. My last thought is fuck they use good shit in the military before my eyes close and I’m off in sleepy time. I remember waking up a little when I am dropped into the hummer at least enough to groan and get told to not worry it’s normal. I wake up a little when I am dropped on a sofa some big folder type thing is dropped on the coffee table. I have weird dreams, mostly about naked women dancing though I remember feeling a pressure on my chest and waving my hand at what I figured was someone pressing down on me.

“Dude time to wake up its class time, wait I thought you went home last night, fuck were you that drunk.” Andy is asking over me, I groan then wave my hand at him.

“Dude Andy what the fuck did they give me?” Andy crashes onto the coffee table.

I open my eyes when I realize my voice is higher like a chick’s, Andy is sitting on the groaning coffee table staring at me his mouth hanging open. I cough a couple times to clear my throat then try again.

“Andy is my voice like a chick’s?” I clap my hand over my mouth, Andy just nods then points to the bathroom.

I sit up then look down when I realize there is a weight on my chest, I was on my side. Now that I am sitting up I am being dragged forward my eyes get huge when I see breasts sticking out of my chest. I look at Andy he just points to the bathroom again his mouth still hanging wide open. I get up to run to the bathroom then have to slow down when I almost fall over, the breasts or whatever change how my body reacts to running fuck this is weird.

I crash into the bathroom, thanking god our other roommates have a class earlier in the day. Not that I am religious or anything, but it’s just something you say out of habit born into you by the simple fact everyone thanks god for all sorts of things on a constant fucking basis. I stare at the mirror, there is a chick staring back, I was never very muscular, science geeks don’t get much exercise, at least I’m trying to get there fucking have to have classes. I look closer, small little nose, high cheeks with pronounced bones and a fucking rack.

I have to stare at that, I have big fucking tits, at least C cup I would guess. Andy appears in the mirror at the door behind me, he has a totally fucking worried look to him.

“Dude have you checked your balls?” He asks I turn cold at that one.

Fuck I didn’t feel them bouncing when I tried running, I put my hands down to my pants. When I look down I groan my hands are a little smaller, then undo my pants and pull my tighty whiteys out, fuck me I don’t even have hair. I scream a girly scream then crumple to the ground all conscious thought leaving me.

When I come to I am back in the hospital looking place a dude in fatigues with the doctor coat standing over me. Andy is off in the corner perched atop the counters looking at me. The same nurse that took me to a room in here comes in with a folder and a clipboard, she looks at me gives me a weak smile then goes over to the doctor dude.

“Ah well fuck I gotta seriously apologize for this.” The dude says looking over the clipboard. “You were given the wrong nanites you gotta understand these things are brand the fuck new. We can only get them to work by inputting your dimensions, hair color and sex. What they are supposed to do is keep you alive even while being shot, they aren’t good enough for explosion protection göztepe escort yet. What apparently happened is some fucking moron who is so on KP duties for fucking life inputted the wrong statistics into the nanites you got.”

When I go to sit up the nurse pushes me back down adjusting the sheet over me. I look at her she points down then pulls the sheet up, I groan I’m fucking nude, though god that is one hot body.

“OK so what I’m like this for life now?” I ask with a grimace at my voice.

“No we can fix this, simply a matter of inputting the correct data into a new batch of nanites destroying the ones you have in you then injecting the correct ones into you. Shouldn’t take more than two weeks, as a consolation I am authorized to transfer two grand into your checking account, we collected your checkbook for the information along with the six hundred a month you are supposed to be getting. Trust me this will be fixed ASAP, course now that we know this can be done the pentagon is going to make us look into making soldiers stronger or faster or well fuck who knows.”

“If it’s any consolation you are on the simple testing to be sure it works category, some of the subjects are going to be testing if it heals wounds.” The nurse tells me that makes me feel a little better.

“Am I going to have to go to class like this?” I ask dreading that one, I’m not the most outgoing but fuck people will notice a chick sitting where I do.

“Ah fuck, I didn’t even think of that one. Tell you what, I can talk to the dean and have him assign you as a sit in for you, we will have to give you a name, make you a sister or some shit.” The doctor says making notes on a notepad.

“Honestly I wanted to not even go to class, get an exclusion and have the teachers mail me assignments. I don’t know how to walk like a chick or well fuck any of that shit.” The nurse giggles the doctor looks a little uncomfortable.

“I see your point there I’ll talk to the dean, problem is here at ASU they pride themselves on graduating students, not giving them easy passes. Though I’m not sure how they manage to be strict on attendance and be known as a party school. Let me go call him now I’ll be back in a few minutes.” The doctor walks out pulling a cell phone out of his coat pocket.

“I can teach you how to walk, dressing is easy enough, makeup I can cover though I don’t think you would anyway. Bras may be hard, even my husband after four years of trying has problems getting them off me. Trust me with your breasts you will want them, men will follow you around drooling otherwise.” The nurse tells me with a pained expression.

“Dude they make front clasp bras, they should be easy enough to get off for you and you only need a couple he said two weeks. You can totally punch me later but dude you have one incredibly smoking body now.” Andy says getting off the counter and coming closer.

“Good lord you are insatiable with your looking. He was saying the same thing to me, I would have thought about dinner with you before, him no way he’s just after a good fuck. Watch out for him, make him sleep somewhere else or something.” The nurse says with a grimace.

“Hey I resent that, I like to get to know the ladies, if they want a good fuck I oblige. Him I am not going there, smoking body or not he’s my friend besides he was and is going to be again a guy.” Andy says holding up his hands.

The doctor comes back in holding his phone to his ear with a sour expression. I face palm, Andy groans and the nurse mutters something about teaching me.

“OK, good news bad news, the dean is giving you two days free from classes to get your situation in order, his words. After those two days you are a sit in for yourself, think of a name to be for the two weeks.”

“Martha.” Andy says with a grin.

“Beatrice.” The nurse says I have to groan.

“Fuck it Amanda, my birth mothers name I was going to name my first daughter that and well I suppose for two weeks I am my first daughter.” I say Andy smiles at that, the nurse beams.

The doctor pulls Andy out of the room and shuts the door talking to the dean. The smiling nurse pulls the sheet aside then helps me sit up and stand. She has me walk to her, clucks then instructs me on how to walk like a lady. It takes me a while but I finally get it down to an OK sort of walk.

“Listen, are you getting excited?” She asks suddenly, I stop moving confused.

“I probably would be hard as a fucking rock looking down close at a hot chick walking around in the nude why?”

“Feel between your legs, you’re leaking a little.” She says with a giggle holding her hand to her mouth.

I reach down between my legs just like I would if I had to adjust my balls, when I bring them up to meet me I jump at the feeling of pure pleasurable excitement. I sigh then feel my thighs on the inside around there, fuck it’s like I pissed my pants, yet not. I don’t know it’s weird, what I feel is warm and wet, like piss on my thigh, but üsküdar escort it’s also sorta sticky and thicker.

“Don’t worry that is normal when a gal gets really excited, now I gotta tell you something you won’t like. You shrank your pants fell off, we checked you’re about the right size now for the settings, but you will need to buy some clothes. We have a spare sundress for you to wear, it’s larger than you would normally wear but it’s well strange circumstances. Now this is key when you go buy new clothes, you are a size six, if you buy pants you want medium. They come in different lengths just like men but it’s not inseam length it’s short medium and long. Oh and well cut back on the swear words as much as you can, it’s not lady like and well it will get women curious. Probably get you labeled as a dyke as well, which you may not mind for now, though would be a big problem when you change back, if you say start a relationship.” After she finishes talking and I’m still mulling over what she said she goes and gets a sundress from the counter.

“What about my underwear?” I have to ask as she helps me get the dress on.

“Falls off and no clips that would work, sorry but we can’t appropriate a pair in the right size, nobody is a six here and well six is the wrong size for the likely woman you got the stats from. Don’t ask me why but well you will have to buy panties they come in packages like men. Oh and pay attention to the washing instructions on the clothes you get, no woman would go to class wearing clothes that were washed improperly, they discolor and get grungy looking.” The nurse tells me seriously then walks to the door when there is a knock.

Andy and a dude in fatigues come in when she opens the door, Andy walks over to me holding a purse. The nurse motions me to put it over my shoulder I do with a groan Andy is trying hard not to laugh.

“Dude your wallet is inside, luckily college town nobody gives a royal flying fuck when a chick has a wallet in her purse. Don’t buy anything requiring ID though, your ID with your current face is a no sale, doctor asked if we want to get a new ID. I told him no we can deal for two weeks. On a side note I totally love your choice of name, Amanda just always struck me as a beautiful woman’s name. Anyway enough of that I know you’re a dude, smell to the contrary ignored.” Andy says as he takes my arm and leads me out the door.

The dude in fatigues walks ahead of us leading us out the front door to another hummer. He drives us straight to a clothing store says he will wait for us out here then puts an iPod in his ears. Andy leads me to the women’s section he tries to get me to get dresses. I walk to the pants and shirts section, he follows along then helps me pull out in all eight pants and nine shirts of varying styles and colors. We go for the panties I have to pull him away from lingerie reminding him I’m a dude. When it comes to bras he has to size me, he does this with a fairly practiced ease, we find I am actually almost a D cup. Andy is grinning huge while he pulls out bras we get three one white, one red, and one black.

We walk over to the check out counter, some dude whistling at me and asking for my number. I tell I am not interested, he keeps trying so I get in his face and ask if he would like to get a broken nose. He backs away muttering about fucking lesbians, Andy is trying hard not to laugh, he manages to keep it to some snorts. When the clerk lady behind the counter is scanning she looks at what we are getting then looks at me.

“Lesbian?” She asks with a hopeful face.

“No it’s, well complicated, I’m sorry.”

“No it’s no problem.” She says with a smile then finishes ringing me up.

“Dude you are going to need to buy deodorant at least, chicks have their own kind and man you would stick out huge with guy deodorant.” Andy says as we get outside with the bags.

I groan but we head for a grocery store, inside we pick up a deodorant for me, and a hairbrush. Andy swears his needs a replace and it will make it look better for me. We also pick up some groceries, and an ice cream, one of those big huge ones all chocolate. I picked it out Andy is laughing into his hand for a while until I hit him. The clerk at check out looks at the ice cream then me.

“Are you depressed?”

“No it’s just really hot still and well ice cream sounded really good. I just happen to like chocolate better than vanilla or strawberry.” I tell him trying hard to remember to not cuss, working so far in the grocery store at least.

The dude looks like he wants to say more instead he shrugs then tells us the total. After paying we lug the bags out to the hummer stuff them in then get in ourselves. On the way home Andy gets the idea of picking up burgers, the hummer is of course to big to do drive through so the soldier dude parks, I just hand Andy the hundred, I had been using my checking card but fuck it I don’t want to get out. The soldier looks at me then sighs shaking his head, I just have to ask on this.

“Dude what?”

“Oh tis nothing, it’s just a sweet little thang like you and you were a man. You understand if I did not know better I would be very interested in getting your number or a date.” He has a very strong southern accent.