Changing Marriage Ch. 02

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Tera could scarcely conceal her excitement as she walked into the coffee shop and sat down in front of Alexa. “You won’t believe what happened last night, Alexa. Everything worked out just the way you said it would. Except, maybe only better!”

Alexa smiled warmly and replied, “I can’t wait to hear the details. Fill me in!” Tera related the events of the previous evening with Jim sparing no details while gushing with self satisfaction at the ultimate outcome of the conspired seduction of her husband. When she finally finished her account of her tryst with Jim Tera beamed with excitement as she awaited the reaction of her close friend.

“Absolutely perfect” exclaimed Alexa, “you continue to amaze me Tera. You are indeed laying the groundwork for a new marriage. A marriage, shall we say, that offers you the pleasures that befit a smart, beautiful woman of your stature. I must say, darling, you are about to enter a new world that will transform the predictable and mundane to the dynamic and self rewarding that will be forever defined by your pleasure and your control. I think I might just be a little jealous.”

“Well, I owe it all to my talented teacher, don’t I?” The two women exchanged smug smiles befitting not so much the success of their conspiracy of the day before but the promise of what was to come in the days ahead.

“Okay, we’ve laid the foundation Tera but the next steps are even more important and must be executed swiftly and efficiently. It all hinges on what happens next. Are you up for it Tera?” In reality Alexa knew full well that her friend was more than equal to the task.

“Piece of cake, teacher, a piece of cake.” Both women shared a short laugh. “Let me tell you what I’ve in mind for tonight.” Tera rolled out the rough plan for her next steps with Jim while Alexa, being the professional listener that she was, only interrupted her twice to clarify details. After Tera finished Alexa made a few key suggestions and the two used those ideas to develop an even more diabolical plan for the unsuspecting husband. When they finally finished Tera looked across the table at her friend and said, “I think I’m ready Alexa. I am sooo excited I can hardly contain myself.” She lowered her voice and whispered conspiratorially to Alexa, “I’m excited just talking about it! Can you believe it? Imagine what it will be like when it actually happens?”

Of course, Alexa with her colorful past required very little imagination as this was less a new adventure but more a lifestyle for her. “Good luck, Tera, I can’t wait to hear the details. And, of course, you can call me if you have any questions.” Alexa squeezed the hands of her friend while the two said their good-bye. As Alexa left the coffee shop the confident therapist hailed a cab with her final thought being “everything is going according to plan”. Anyone looking at this beautiful woman at that instant would know that she was the picture of self-satisfaction while oozing a level of confidence bordering on haughtiness.

When Tera got home she put her devious plan into action. Knowing that Jim was reading chapters of The Therapist virtually confirmed that he would have a foot fetish. “Who would have thought it possible,” she wondered to herself. Tera elected to take her shower at 9:00 PM that night so as to coincide with the usual time that Jim would shower. She used a very fragrant soap and body wash to get clean and after drying herself off slipped into one of her new nightgowns she had recently purchased that she was quite certain would capture the attention of her unsuspecting husband. Tera then gathered her pedicure kit and placed it on the night stand next to the bed. She busied herself by reading her current novel but only until Jim arrived in the bedroom. Tera didn’t have to wait long as Jim entered the bedroom and was beginning to strip off his clothes before he practically did a double take when he spotted his beautiful wife curled on the side of the bed in her nightgown.

“Wow, what is the occasion?”, he announced as he started to disrobe. “As I recall it’s not even my birthday.” Tera loved her husband’s sense of humor and the fact that he so immediately noticed and commented on her appearance. “You look beautiful, honey. I know I’ve never seen that nightgown before!” Jim had removed all his clothes except his shorts.

“This old thing,” Tera playfully replied. “It’s warm tonight and I just thought I’d slip into something that would be nice and light weight. You don’t think I’m too mature for this nightgown, do you honey?” Tera flashed her most devious of smiles. “Of course, if you do, I could change into something a little more…..practical.”

“Not necessary, this is practical enough,” Jim said advancing closer to his wife with a big smile on his face. He settled in next to her and put his arm around her shoulder and started to kiss her bare arm. “Oh, honey, you smell heavenly.” He accentuated his murmur by literally taking a full breath while nuzzling his face into the soft spot where her shoulder met her neck. Jim slid his free aksaray escort hand to Tera’s practically bare leg and savored the freshly shaved feeling that it offered. He moaned as he intensified his gentle touch.

“Oh, baby, I don’t think I can get frisky tonight. Remember when I told you earlier that I tweaked my back at the gym tonight?” Tera paused for effect while Jim, hands now motionless, stared blankly back at her. He did remember her saying something about it at dinner. “Well, it’s starting to tighten up and I just don’t want to aggravate it anymore. I’m so sorry, but maybe we can tomorrow.” She noted the huge disappointment on Jim’s face and added in a sweet girly voice, “I’m so sorry, baby, I hope you didn’t get all excited. I probably shouldn’t have worn this outfit tonight. I can be such a tease sometimes.” She smiled and playfully pushed her husband.

Jim, being the understanding and good natured man that he was said, “That’s okay honey I understand.” He tried to hide his disappointment as best he could.

Tera could practically see Jim deflate after his last reply. “Oh, thank you Jim. You are so understanding. It’s one of the many things I love about you. You know that don’t you?”

Jim was obviously massively disappointed as it didn’t escape Tera that he definitely had a pretty good erection going on under those shorts until this point when it now began to quickly subside.

“I do have one favor to ask you honey, and its okay if you want to say no. I’ll understand.”

Jim, starting to get over his disappointment said, “That’s okay, what’s up?”

“Well, I really wanted to do my toe nails tonight as I will be wearing my sandals tomorrow night. I know it’s just dinner out with a few of my girlfriends but I like to look nice when we go out. It’s just a girl thing, you know?”

Jim wasn’t quite sure where Tera was going with things but he nodded and said he understood.

“So, I was wondering, because of my back, if just this one time you could do my pedicure for me? It would mean so much to me but I’ll definitely understand if you’re not comfortable… know ….doing something you’ve not done before.”

Before Jim could respond Tera quickly added, “I know men probably think it’s silly for a woman to be so concerned about how her feet look in public because I doubt that most men give it much thought. You know…about the appearance of a woman’s foot.”

Jim was starting to become just slightly agitated as he looked back and forth from Tera’s beautiful face to her just bathed foot that she was now beginning to tantalizingly rotate back and forth ever so slowly in a hypnotically steady rhythm.

Finally, he nodded and awkwardly ans said, “well, I think I understand.”

“Because, it’s not something you pay much attention to, is it honey? You know…a woman’s foot.” Again, before he could respond Tera added, “Sweetie, do you think I have cute feet?”

Jim was torn because he indeed did think about womens feet actually quite a bit as it was something that he’d begun to secretly fantasize about for quite some time. He had been reading a variety of FemDom stories and many of the ones that captivated his sexual imagination had involved the female foot. Specifically, paying homage to it. He recognized that he finally had an opportunity to explore this fantasy while remaining in a safety zone. A zone created by his wife’s request, not his own. The problem for Jim is he wasn’t quite comfortable with these submissive feelings that he entertained while reading on-line stories versus acting out in the real world. Did he dare consent to giving Tera a pedicure? Would she see right through him and identify him as some lowly male pervert turned on by a woman’s foot? It could be so humiliating.

Tera could practically read her husbands mind and knew that she needed to provide him with some reassurance if she were to move things forward. “I know Alexa’s boyfriend gives her a pedicure. She says he likes doing it, if that makes you feel any better.” She giggled a bit and smiled at her husband. “Alexa says they sometimes have hot sex right after.” Here she laughed a bit and poked her husband playfully in his ribs. “It turns into a sort of intimacy thing with them.” She paused. “I mean, I don’t see anything wrong with it, do you honey?”

Jim, completely confused my now, and tempering his own building excitement, tried to focus on what his wife needed. Ultimately, he felt to turn down Tera’s simple request would be unsupportive as he knew her back was bothering her so without further contemplation he jokingly said, “O.K., but you may have the worst looking nails in the restaurant because I am clueless when it comes to this type of thing. Sure, darling, I can help you out this one time.” There, Jim felt he had done the right thing while at the same time affording him self the opportunity to actually get a little closer to his own private fantasy. One thing he was sure of was that his beautiful wife had unbelievably gorgeous feet with high arches and perfectly alsancak escort shaped toes. Fresh from showering they looked irresistible to his excited mind.

“Thank you, thank you! You are the best!!” Tera gave her husband a big kiss. I’ve got all you need right here on the nightstand so I can walk you through every step. It won’t take long. Oh, it’s so exciting getting a pedicure from my man!” Tera flashed Jim her most happiest of smiles. It made Jim feel warm inside.

“I would probably be more comfortable in the chair considering how my back is feeling. And, we’ll use the footstool to prop my feet up for you. Grab those things, honey, and bring them over to the footstool.”

Tera, still in her silky, sexy nightgown sat down in the chair and turned the switch on the lamp so that the footstool area was brightly illuminated. Jim brought everything over and was looking around for a place to position himself when Tera spoke, “Honey, just kneel by the footstool and that way you will be able to reach my toes without too much bending. There, that’s right.”

Jim was anything but comfortable in just his shorts, kneeling before his sexy wife, and trying his very best to get his penis to behave itself and shrink back a bit. It wasn’t real noticeable at this point but he feared that if he got any more erected that his “secret fetish” would become all too obvious. “Let me just grab my robe Tera and we’ll get started,” Jim said as he began to get up.

“Oh no, baby, please don’t. You have such a great body that I love to take advantage of the opportunity to see my handsome man in just his shorts. It’s all kind of sexy for me, you know? Having a handsome man pamper me so.”

Jim knew there was no easy way out of it now so he smiled and said, “You sure know how to flatter a man, honey. Anything for my girl.” He smiled but, again, some of the fear of the potential erection was lurking in the back of his mind. However, Jim believed that he could probably control these new urges of his and get through this without looking silly to his traditional thinking wife. Little did he know at that moment how utterly wrong he would be.

Tera began walking Jim through the procedure taking delight in giving Jim an endless list of orders. At first they were innocent enough as she would compliment him when he did something right and gently correct him when his administrations were not up to par. After a few minutes Tera said, “Do you enjoy giving me a pedicure, baby?”

Jim, keeping his head down, said, “Um, sure, it’s fine.” He said this with sort of a nervous half joke expression. He didn’t dare look at her or tell her he thought her feet were exquisite.

“Thanks, honey, I’m glad that you like my feet. Alexa tells me that some men really get off on womens feet. Some guys actually put “foot play” as a priority even to intercourse. You know, it’s like a fetish or something.”

Tera let that hang out there a bit then added, “Alexa says her boyfriend practically worships her feet. Don’t tell her I said this to you but she says he practially begs her to attend to her feet. I think he gets off on it.” Tera giggled.

“Wow, sounds like she has a kinky boyfriend.”

Tera was rolling now as she completely controlled the direction of the conversation. “She says it didn’t start out that way but after the second pedicure he just started getting more and more into it.”

Tera stopped at this point to instruct Jim to be a little more careful as his polish was starting to look a little sloppy. “Sorry, honey, I told you I wasn’t real good at this,” Jim sheepishly replied.

Jim continued on while Tera sat above him watching him carefully. “That’s better, honey, doesn’t that look better, now?”

Jim agreed. Tera added, if you blow on them sweetie they will dry faster. Will you blow on them for me?” She gave her toes a little wiggle. With Tera’s request Jim started to blow on his wife’s nails and in so doing started to feel strange in a very subservient way. “Get closer with your mouth, Jim, and keep blowing softly.” Jim complied and Tera said, “That’s better, honey, you do that so well. I feel so adored.”

At this point to Jim’s embarrassment his penis started to enlarge. He had controlled his excitement so well up until now but whether it was Tera’s sexy voice, her giving him directions, or the closeness to his wife’s beautiful feet, or maybe it was a combination of all of the above but the cumulative effect was he was getting slowly but insanely turned on. A condition not unnoticed by his astute wife.

As Jim was finishing up Tera said, “Jim, honey, thank you so much. Why don’t you take your shower now and when you come out we can look at your excellent work. Hey, maybe you have a career as pedicurist, baby? Just kidding, but you did an awesome job, for your first one.” Tera’s implication of more to come was not addressed.

Jim, doing the best to hide his full erection, found his way to the shower and after spending an inordinate time in the bathroom finally emerged feeling amasya escort a bit uncomfortable. He felt kind of embarrassed by his earlier excitement while attending to his wife’s feet. Tera was sitting in the chair with her feet propped on the footstool. “Hey, honey, come on over so we can look at my newly styled feet. I look like a model, now, don’t I? Go ahead and kneel down by the foot stool so you can see what I’m talking about. Don’t they look beautiful? Oh, and here’s something else, let’s see how they look in one of leather sandals.” She handed the sandal to Jim. “I’d do it baby, but my back is still a little stiff. You don’t mind do you? Here, that’s it, just slip it on. Put the other on, too.” Jim fumbled a bit while fastening the straps but soon managed to get them in place on Tera’s feet.

At this point Tera stood up and put her foot on the footstool. Jim was still kneeling as she spoke, “Do you think they are sexy, honey?” This was “show time” right now and Tera knew it. Her plan was either going to succeed or fail with what she said and did next. She added, “Would you like to kiss this pretty foot, Jim? And, make your sexy wife happy? Would you baby?”

Jim looked up at his wife who seemed to tower above him in her strapy sandals showcasing all of her beautiful freshly painted toes and saw in her eyes the a look of lust he couldn’t ever remember seeing before. He couldn’t refuse her if he wanted to and at this moment he knew this was no longer a game. It was his moment in time to submit to his beautiful wife and all his senses told him this was right. More than right, it was an action that he so desired to do but never could face in his past. In his most reverent state he bent down and planted a soft kiss on his wife’s exposed, freshly painted toes. He did not rise up as he took a deep breath and then kissed another toe. He repeated this action until all five were graced with his lips.

Tera removed her foot and placed the other one on the footstool. “The other one, Jim.” It was all she had to say before he repeated the action. Tera sat down in the chair and looked at her submissive husband and spoke, “Jim, take my shoes off.”

He complied and when they were both removed Tera said, “Would you like to worship my feet, Jim? Would you like to keep kissing them, hmmm?”

“I would like that very much Tera.”

“Ask me if you can. Ask me for permission to worship the most beautiful feet in your world, baby.”

“Tera, your feet are beautiful. Just like every inch of you. I’d love to worship your feet.”

“Ask nice.”

“Please Tera, please may I worship your feet?”

“Yes, my little man maid, I will allow you to pay homage to them. Begin with the right foot.”

That was the second time Tera referred to Jim as a man maid in the past two days and, again, he didn’t protest. How could he, as he was too busy with his new real life fetish and the attention, no adoration, he was providing to make it all come alive. As if talking to a child she said, “That’s it baby, keep kissing them. Show them how much you love them. They are so happy when they are the center of your world. You do want them happy, don’t you?”

“Oh god, Tera, I do. I do.”

Jim continued on gently kissing and worshiping his wife turned goddess’s feet and as he did so his erection was practically poking through his shorts. If Tera wasn’t so turned on she would have laughed out loud. She contained her desire to laugh to a mere smirk and said, “Take off your shorts, Jim. Take off your shorts and bring that sexy mouth up to my pussy.”

Jim obediently stood and removed his shorts and was now standing in front of his wife on the chair with what could only be described as a raging hard on. He was fully turned on yet at the same time feeling embarrassed by his condition. His eyes went downward to the floor as he awaited Tera’s next words. She withheld her next order so that she could observe her submissive husband and allow for him to feel more awkward as he stood naked in her presence. It was a feeling that she would cultivate deeper and deeper in her husband as time went by.

Tera decided to delay her own sexual pleasure a bit longer so that she could further press Jim into a deeper submission. “Is my man maid excited at serving his goddess? Is that what has you so big and hard? Painting my nails and kissing my feet, is that what turns my maid on? Is that what gets her so excited?” Tera took her right foot and gently touched the bottom of Jim’s penis as she spoke her words. She gently stroked the underside up and down.

Poor Jim was a mess of emotions as he felt belittled with his wife’s verbal teasing yet utterly turned on by the manipulations of her foot on his penis. He could scarcely breathe but finally uttered softly, “Please, Tera.”

Tera could have prodded him even further but she didn’t want to push her husband too far too fast so she put into action the next part of her plan. “Get on your knees baby. Get on your knees and bring your face in between my legs.” Tera then slid down in the chair and positioned her sexy nightgown to afford Jim access to her pussy, her soaking wet pussy. “Come up closer. Bring your face right up here close to me. That’s it. Do you like this? Is it making you even more excited, baby? Do you like being this close to my pussy?”

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