Chaperoning the Swim Team


I want to thank my fans who have been patiently awaiting a new story. It’s been a busy time of my life. I promise not to make you wait for the next installment. This chapter only hints an incestuous themes, and is just taboo. Please keep in mind this is fiction and fantasy, real life doesnt work this way. Feedback is always appreciated. Thank you.


“Daddy please?” Ashley looked up at me with her big blue eyes pleading and her hands clasped as if in a prayer. Anymore she only ever called me daddy when she wanted something that she knew I wasn’t too keen on. Of course, I could never resist her when she really turned it on.

“Alright, sweetie,” I agreed, “We can open the cabin up for your party.” The expression on her face turned to one of pure joy. “One condition, though, I get to be there as chaperon, and no boys, just the girls from the team.”

“That’s two conditions, dad,” she said biting her bottom lip mischievously, and when I didn’t react to her correcting me, “Fine, it was always going to be us girls anyway.”

“Sure it was,” I replied skeptically, “And don’t worry, I’ll stay out of your way. The cabin is plenty big enough for me stay in my own space.”

As she smiled again, excited about telling her teammates the news, I pulled her into a hug.

“You know your mom would have been so proud of all of your accomplishments,” I assured her, “And if she were still with us, she’d make the better chaperon to a house full of college girls.”

Ashley smiled up at me a bit of her curly dark hair obscuring her misting eyes, “I’m sure you’ll do fine, daddy, you always have. All the girls will love you.” And with that she ran off to tell her friends.

It was the end of the swim season, winter break was coming, and Ashley and her teammates had taken first place in the team competition for their college’s division. With the season over, the girls wanted to let off some steam.

It was a small college, a private school that catered mostly to wealthy kids who didn’t want the experience of a large university. I had been rather fortunate in the construction business, but Ashley had been successful on her own, her grades and swimming earning a scholarship that offset the cost. I worried that with so many wealthy girls, that Ashley’s middle class, albeit upper middle class, upbringing would mark her as an outsider, but she seemed to thrive there.

I was a bit surprised when Ashley suggested a weekend in the cabin. It was nice and had good square footage, lots of rooms and a hot tub. In summer the lake was perfect for swimming, but as the planned retreat was over Christmas break, it would be too cold for that. I’m sure some of the other girls might have had better options for country homes, but Ashley was insistent that we play host to the team, and who was I to deny her?

A week later, the day before we were to leave for the cabin, I happened by Ashley’s room as she was packing, and noticed that she had a bikini laid out next to her small suitcase.

Knocking on the door to announce my presence I motioned to the bed with a smile and said, “I think it’ll be a bit cold for swimming, don’t you?”

Her face blushed as she quickly grabbed it and folded it into her suitcase, “The hot tub will still be usable,” she explained, “and that always feels nice in the cold.”

“A two piece, though?” I asked, “I figured you’d only wear that at a beach to attract boys, and no boys will be there.”

“You’ll be there,” she said a bit sheepishly.

I was struck a bit dumb, not really sure what to make of that. Of course I had noticed how she had grown into a beautiful young woman, and at times thought how much she looked like her mom, but I never ogled her. At least, I didn’t think I did.

She had turned several shades of red, and began to stammer when I didn’t say anything. “I mean, other girls will be there, and they’ll be in bikinis, because they told me they would pack them for the hot tub. And you know,” she stuttered again, “I mean mom’s been gone a long time, there’s no harm in looking.”

I ran my hand through my hair, still thick and dark, but just beginning to be speckled with grey. “Ashley,” I sighed, “if I’ve ever done anything…”

“No,” she cut me off defensively, “no, you haven’t. You’re perfect and I’m sorry. I just…” she lowered her eyes to the floor. “I know it must be hard for you. And when my friends started talking about wearing bikinis around the cabin, I just…” she paused, “I know that might be difficult.”

I let out a slight chuckle, “I’m sure I can control myself. Besides, I’m not even going to be around except in emergencies, remember? I’ve got a pile of books and a stack of papers to go through. Honestly I’m looking forward to being caught up on work.”

She looked at me skeptically, and I didn’t blame her. There were more than a few attractive girls on her team. Girls? Young women, kept in shape by a lifetime of swimming. I admit, the team was made up of some very attractive Kars Escort young women, but it doesn’t do to let your mind drift too far when thinking of your daughter’s friends.

Of course, that’s not to say it never did. The thought of a house full of college coeds in bikinis did cause me palpitations, but again, I’m not a teenage boy unable to control himself. I have a lifetime of self control behind me even if my sex life was a bit… lacking.

“Get packed,” I said as I walked out of the uncomfortable conversation, “We’ll leave in the morning, bright and early.”

Usually I had to drag Ashley out of bed on mornings during her college breaks, but this morning she was up before me, letting me know that her suitcase was already in the car as were all of the supplies we had purchased, mostly food and alcohol.

Since Christmas was coming, Ashley had brought decorations for the cabin, she insisted that a highlight would be trimming the tree with her teammates. Of course that left it to me to procure a tree once we arrived, but in truth I didn’t mind. I liked the fact that Ashley still got excited about the holidays, and I wasn’t about to be a wet blanket on that excitement.

Truth be told, Ashley kept me young, energetic, and hopeful. After her mother’s death 10 year’s prior, I had a hard time getting out of bed. I know I should have been there more for Ashley, but if I’m being honest, she was there for me. Without her, I don’t know if I could have made it through. Now that she was a young woman about to graduate college, I dreaded the coming of her full adulthood which would take her away from me. But such is the way things must go.

As we made our way up to the cabin, down winding roads through an increasingly snow covered countryside, Ashley mostly kept to her thoughts, which was a bit unusual. Typically she was a chatterbox, telling me stories about the girls on the team, or professors at her college. Now she fixed her gaze on the picturesque countryside outside her window, and occasionally hummed along with the music on my playlist that she claimed not to like.

“So,” I said, breaking a long silence as I steered the car down the road, “How many did you say were coming?”

Her eyes glanced toward the ceiling indicating she was suddenly thinking about the question. “Well there’s Kate,” she began, “she’s only a freshmen so she’s a bit shy, but once she’s around friends she can be a bit… wild.”

I hadn’t expected a full run down, just a number, but now that Ashley was going, I was happy for her overview. It would help me relax a bit if I knew the girls better than just a numbered lane in a meet.

“Then there’s Jane and Janet,” she continued, “They’re identical twins, so physically they’re alike in every way, but personality wise…” she shook her head.

“What?” I chuckled as I caught her tone of exasperation.

“Well, they’re just super competitive with one another,” she added. “It gets out of hand sometimes.”

“Give me an example,” I asked, intrigued and amused.

Ashley took a deep breath, “One time we were talking about start times and how our initial swim had a lot to do with breath control. They started arguing about which of them was better at holding their breath, until they demanded we judge a competition.” Ashley rolled her eyes at the memory. “The end result was that both of them ended up passing out before giving it to the other.”

“Wow,” I replied in genuine surprise, “That’s a little crazy.”

“Yeah,” she agreed, “They promised they’d be on their best behavior this weekend though, so don’t worry.”

“Who else?” I wondered.

“There’s Erika, she’s a lesbian,” Ashley said matter-of-factly. “At least, she thinks she is. She told me one time that she started dating girls just because she was afraid of being penetrated.”

I was proud of how I had raised Ashley to discuss sexuality so frankly, but at the same time, such a conversation with your college daughter is a bit awkward.

When I was silent for too long, Ashley continued, “That’s not to say she doesn’t like girls, she does, but I think she might be curious about guys too. Really that doesn’t make her any different than…” She stopped herself suddenly and looked over at me before adding shyly, “Maybe that’s getting into too much information.”

“Perhaps,” I nodded with a brief smile, trying not to react too strongly one way or another and keeping myself from asking who else might be a bisexual, but such a question would slip from the merely informative to the prurient. “So that’s four, who else will be there?” I asked moving her along.

We were close to the cabin now, in fact we had just made the final turn down the partially paved, private road that led to the cabin. The snow had piled at least a foot deep, and we could hear the tires crunching over the plowed remnants of the snowfall as I slowed the car.

“Well that just leaves…” the cabin came into sight and there was already Kars Escort Bayan a car parked along side of it.

“Lexi,” I said, both completing my daughter’s sentence and identifying the young red head standing next to the parked car playing on her phone and giving us a wave without even looking up. A younger looking brunette stood next to her, a bit shorter, and I assumed rightly that this was Kate.

When I spoke before about letting my mind drift regarding my daughter’s friends, it was Lexi I was thinking about. Four years of my daughter’s friendship had led to several prolonged stays at our house. More than a few times I had come downstairs into our kitchen in the middle of the night or early in the morning to find Lexi, shoulder length curly red hair mussed from sleeping in the most adorable way, wearing nothing but an oversized tee shirt that barely covered her cotton panties and did nothing to cover her long lean legs. She never seemed the slightest embarrassed, and in my fantasies, I imagined that she was intentionally teasing me.

She would always smile and say, “Hi Mr. Crenshaw,” in the most delightful way, looking at me with emerald eyes almost too innocent, like it was a put on meant to tempt me. If I responded at all it was always a grumble. I didn’t dare risk pleasantries or else I’d end up flirting, and again… daughter’s best friend, I’m not going to be that guy, so I imagine I always came off as cold or downright mean. Better that than a pervert.

As I brought the car to a halt, Ashley jumped out and rushed to give her friends a hug. There were typical young woman squeals as they brimmed with excitement for the weekend.

“Hi Mr. Crenshaw,” I heard Lexi’s voice. There it was, that same teasing look I’d grown to expect and look forward to.

“Hello Lexi,” I replied, my tone as chilly as the December air, and then, to Ashley, “Take your friends inside and check to make sure the cleaning service made up all the beds and removed the covers from the furniture. I’ll unload the car.”

“Yes sir, daddy, sir,” Ashley said making a mock salute followed by giggling by all three of the girls as they turned and disappeared inside the cabin.

I took a deep breath of the fresh mountain air and watched it exhale as steam. “This could be a long weekend,” I thought to myself as I grabbed our two suitcases out of the trunk.

Before I could make it up the porch and into the cabin, another car arrived.

The driver, a young woman with mocha skin and dark hair cut into a bob, leaned forward and rested her forehead on the steering wheel as soon as the car stopped. It was a move of both exhaustion and relief. While the snow fall had been pretty thick over the past few days, the roads were far from treacherous, so I wondered what prompted the move.

My question was answered as the front and rear passenger doors opened and two absolutely stunning blondes stepped out mid-argument.

“Are you kidding me?” the one who had been sitting in front said, exasperated. “The reason you don’t have a car of your own is that daddy thinks you’re a terrible driver.”

“That’s such a lie!” the other immediately responded, “You know as well as I do that I don’t have a car because I chose to spend last winter in Switzerland at that ski resort instead.”

I cleared my throat, and they both looked my way.

“You must be Mr. Crenshaw,” the first said. “I’m Jane.”

“And I’m Janet,” said the other immediately. “Can I help you carry things inside?”

“I bet I can carry more than you,” Jane said before I could respond, and off they ran to the still open trunk of my car, collecting boxes to settle their contest.

As they ran off the driver stepped out and rolled her eyes. “Ashley said you’d be able to keep those two in line.”

“Oh I doubt that very much,” I chuckled. “I take it you’re Erika, I’m Alex, or uh,” I stuttered, “Mr. Crenshaw, I guess, Ashley’s dad.”

She smiled at my awkwardness. It was always difficult to decide how Ashley’s friends should refer to me now that she was grown and about to graduate college. “Well Alex,” she said with a slow smile as she took a box from my arms and lightened my load. “It’s nice to meet you.”

She walked up the stairs to the main door of the cabin and I followed, unable to help noticing the perfectly round ass concealed by her jeans as she went ahead of me.

When she reached the top of the stairs she turned to me and smiled deviously, “Alex, were you looking at my ass?”

I never had good poker skills, so I’m sure I immediately blushed with wide eyes like a kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Even so I stammered my denials, “Um… what? No, of course not.”

Ashley, Lexi, and Kate emerged from the house, but when I reached the top of the stairs Erika leaned toward me and quickly whispered, “It’s okay. I know I have a nice ass,” then she leaned back and looked down behind me, “and I’m not the only one.”

Without Escort Kars missing a beat she was off, welcomed into the house with the three other girls chattering away without so much as a glance back at me. It was going to be a long weekend.

Soon, with much help from the twins, the cars were unpacked and the fridge and cabinets were stocked. I excused myself to my study, which was upstairs and in the back of the cabin, attached to my bedroom. That left the massive front room and the entire downstairs for the girls to have their fun and be well out of my way. Aside from the occasionally audible cacophony of laughter, I was able to settle in as if I were alone.

Of course I wasn’t alone. I was sharing a cabin with five gorgeous young women. Five? No, six. Ashley was as lovely as the rest of them if I were being honest. And while I tried to remind myself that despite being in decent shape myself, having a full head of thick dark hair with only a touch of grey and a relatively flat stomach, I was little more than someone’s dad to them.

Except Erika was flirting with me. There was no doubt about that. If maybe I found a way to be alone… I had to stop myself. What on earth was I thinking? Not only trying to hook up with my daughter’s friend, but doing so practically right under her nose? As if it were even possible. No, I told myself, focus on work, ignore those stray thoughts.

Slipping out of my room, I went quietly down the stairs toward the kitchen to get some ice for a drink, the chatter of the girls in the family room coming closer. As I all but tiptoed in across the door, I peeked in to see the girls sitting around the room in various positions, smiling and paying no attention to me. Most were wearing some form of pajamas, generally t-shirts and either shorts or sweats, a fairly decent display, thankfully.

I hesitated for just a moment and sought out Erika, letting her svelte, athletic figure burn into my mind. If she saw me, she didn’t acknowledge it, consumed as she was in whatever it is that college girls chat about. But I didn’t dare linger long, it was a bit too pervy as it was. Just a glance, taking in the smile in her deep brown eyes, filed away for some future memory.

I turned into the kitchen, lost in thought and admittedly still a bit flustered and as I do I almost run right into Lexi, who, deftly avoided a collision and the subsequent spilling of her drink, by taking a hop back and out of my way.

Surprised by the close call, I gasped, “Oh I’m sorry Lexi, I wasn’t paying any attention.”

“That’s okay, Mr. Crenshaw,” she said with that same exaggerated innocence that drove me crazy. “We all get… distracted.”

As she said this I noticed that unlike the other girls she was dressed in lingerie. A forest green camisole top that barely reached her waistline and matching silk shorts that revealed the better part of thighs toned by youth and a lifetime of swimming. The coloring set off both her deep green eyes and ginger hair, bringing out every bit of her Irish heritage.

As I took her in, I struggled for something to say, but all that I could safely muster was a seemingly out of the blue, “Aren’t you afraid you’ll get cold?”

She tilted her head to the side and placed just the touch of her fingertips of her left hand on my chest, “I’m sure I can find ways to keep warm.” And then she giggled and slid past me out of the kitchen, dragging her hand across my chest and arm as she went.

The kitchen was across the hall from the family room where the girls had gathered, and as I stood there for a moment, collecting myself, the drone of the girls’ chatter suddenly became unnaturally hushed and the entire house stood quiet for far too long.

“That can’t be good,” I thought to myself, and as I did there was suddenly a kind of shriek followed by a burst of giggles. Lexi was clearly telling them about our encounter. I wondered what she had said. It had been innocent enough, but surely she embellished. “Oh poor, Ashley,” I thought. It can’t be easy hearing the other girls describe your father as perving on them. I suddenly felt like I had lead in my stomach.

Retrieving some ice from the freezer I poured myself more than a four finger share of the Scotch I kept hidden in the cabinets and took a long slow sip followed by a deep breath.

“Daddy?” my moment of collecting myself was interrupted by my daughter’s voice. She stood in the doorway to the kitchen on one foot, the other leg bent and rested on tip toe twisting behind her. In front of her she played with her own fingers as she looked at me, chin down, forcing her doe eyes to stare up at me sheepishly. The effect was captivating shyness. And I had to remind myself that she was my daughter, after all.

“Oh hi Ashley,” I said in muted surprise. “Having fun with your friends?” I hoped to God that she wasn’t here to ask me why I was ogling her best friend like a fiend.

She seemed surprised by the question. “Um, yes,” she hesitated, “we’re having fun, I guess. But Daddy,” again with the shyness, “I need to ask a favor.”

I was sure this was about to be the most awkward conversation I’d ever had, and I suppose in a way I turned out to be right about that, though not as I imagined.