Charismatic Ghost Ch. 01


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I know some of you are probably going to shake your fists when you read this. I just want to say that you are ignorant for not reading a well made/written story. So maybe the first couple of chapters are a cock-tease, deal with it. Well for those who want a well written erotic story, read on. For those of you still in a horny teenage state of mind, only thinking of getting of, then close this window and go look at some porn.


Chapter 1


Okay, so let me start off with a few basic details about myself. My name is Mike, I’m 18 and a graduate from high school. I’m around 148lbs, 5’11” in height, I also support a skinny athletic build. I have short brown hair that still has a little bit of length to it. My skin is a fair color, maybe just a small tone darker. Yet the most interesting part about me that you might find intriguing, is my personality.

My mom calls me the Pied Piper of words. My dad tells me that I could lie through any bad situation, or can tell the complete truth to get you guessing which. My friends tell me I’m like the angel of Saint Valentine, because I can basically get any girl I want at school. My teachers would call me the “Charismatic Ghost” because I can always talk myself out of any low grade.

Lisa, my elder sister, would say I’m the opposite. She’d probably say I’m ignorant, half-assed and strange. I can’t blame her, however, because we don’t especially get along as siblings. You’d think that kids born close to each other would get along, not us, no way. Growing up, we always fought. Over the TV, the computer, the couch, the remote, the bathroom towels, the snacks, the drinks; basically anything you could think of.

Well I explained myself, now time to explain some more people in this story, I know, I know, you’re probably going to send me hate mail exclaiming, “You didn’t get on with the fucking story!” Well if you read on then things will make some sense to you later on, you could call it advanced foreshadowing. So for now, sit down, and shut up; you can thank me later.

First of all, I grew up with my family in a three bedroom, two bathroom house. Two of the bedrooms are situated on the second floor of our house, while one is lonely at the first floor. My sister sleeps upstairs, she gets the bedroom where the window looks out onto the curb and street, since there are no other houses right-adjacent to ours. While my bedroom window looks out onto our backyard fence, I have probably the most isolated room in the whole house.

Okay, you’re wondering why I haven’t said anything about anyone yet, well why can’t the house count as part of the story? Anyways, next is my sister Lisa, as her brother it might sound a little perverted to say this, but WOW she is smoking Yenibosna Escort HOT! She’s shorter than me by about three inches, even though she is my older sister. She’s got a nice ass and tits, last year I got a little curious and snooped around. I pulled out her bra and it said 36Cs, I’m not sure what that means, but I’m guessing it means big! Lisa is a year my elder, she’s one of those good looking athletic girls. She’s got a nicely toned body, green eyes like mine, but here’s the twist, she’s got longer and lighter hair than I do.

Moving on, we have my dad. My dad is in his mid to late-forties. He’s a balding man, who is always trying to fit in with is kids (mostly my sister more than me). My father’s name is James, but I’m just going to call him dad for now. My dad was my best friend growing up, he showed me the ropes like a dad does. You’re probably thinking ‘hipster’ dad though, but no, he’s one of those guys to sit back in his chair next to the fire and read the news. That’s my dad.

My mom, Jenny, is in her mid-forties. I never really hung out with my mom, but she did teach me how to cook and clean. You might be frowning and calling me a sissy, but really I like a clean work-place, and it’s a lot easier to make yourself a gourmet meal when you know how to. Well if I had to say something about my mom, it would have to be she knew everything that you were thinking at any given moment. My mom is that kind of parent, all-knowing.

Now for the story. There’s so many places to start! I could start with the sex, I could start with the foreplay, I could start with the sexual tension, or I’ll just start with what I call a hell of a beginning, a cliff hanger! Kidding, I’ll start off with when I returned home from a friends house on Wednesday, around mid-June.

I unlocked the front door and walked inside, the cool air inside refreshing compared to being in my friends humid car. I strolled in as usual, I head straight for my room to drop off my stuff and relieve myself of dead weight. Then I turn right back around and head for the kitchen. As I turn the corner, I see the fridge door is already open and somebody is pushing aside some items to get to what they want.

I walk up, deciding to be polite, and knock on the fridge door. The occupant quickly stands up in surprise, none other than my sister Lisa. I put on my best ‘I missed you’ face and wrap my arms around her.

“Oh Lisa! My sweet older sister Lisa. I missed you so much! It felt like ages since we saw each other.” I said resting my head on her shoulder.

“You were gone for two days!” she protested, trying to peel me off.

“Exactly.” I said, squeezing her even tighter.

I had already noticed her tits pressed up against my lower chest. She wore a thin pink shirt, and I could feel the firmness and shape of her breasts that it almost was as if she Yenibosna Escort Bayan were naked. You could guess what happens next.

I release my sister Lisa and give her a peck on the cheek. Lisa blushed, and without saying another word started to walk out of the kitchen. I looked down into the fridge and found a bottle of chocolate milk.

“Hey Lisa, you forgot something.” I say, tossing her the bottle.

She catches it and nods her head, I know it means “thank you.” I turn back to the fridge as my sister turns the corner. I look inside for some munchies. I sift through and come up empty handed. I go to the pantry to see if I could try my luck in there. To my dismay there’s nothing, no food. I guess the groceries are coming when my mom gets home from work.

It’s mid-afternoon and I have no one to bug, besides my lovely sister. I get an evil grin as I head upstairs to my sister’s door. My blood rises with excitement as I put my shoulder against the door and placing my hand on the knob. I slowly twist it, opening the door slowly with my body weight against it to stop the creaking.

I swing it the rest of the way open and jumping into the room, hoping to surprise her. Instead it was me getting the surprise, I gawked at my sister half naked on her bed fingering herself. I took a mental image of her shirt pulled up over her breasts, her left gently caressing them, and her right down inside her pants.

As I stood there gawking at my sister, Lisa quickly noticed me. She stood up, trying to cover herself up.

“What the fuck Mike!” she shouted at me angrily, “Knock before you enter!”

I should have apologized and walked out, instead I put on a big grin.

“So,” I began, “who were you fantasizing about?”

“No one.”

“Really,” I said, my grin taking on an evil look, “so girls don’t need a little inspiration to get off?”

Her cheeks turned a deep shade of red, “What are you doing?”

“Just wondering what my older sister is doing.” I say, putting my face close to hers smiling.

I stood up straight again laughing aloud. My sister backed up and sat on her desk, which was situated right under the window. As I continued to smirk, she looked me up and down, like she was thinking about something.

“I’ll tell dad!” she warned.

I put on my best innocent face, “Please sis! Don’t make me have to do time man! I can’t handle prison!” I plead, getting on my knees and grabbing the hem of her shirt.

We both laughed at my false plead for mercy. No matter how much we fought I always seemed to make her laugh. I kept up the act.

“C’mon man don’t slap the cuffs on me yet! I haven’t even been to court!” She started sputtering out laughing, “I want my ass to stay a virgin, you know me! I always drop the soap!” With that I had her rolling on the floor laughing.

We Escort Yenibosna lay on the floor for a few minutes, catching our breaths. I rolled onto my side, my eyes level with her tits. I took my finger and poked one out of curiosity. As I watched it jiggle, my sister instantly went quiet and serious.

“Mike, what are you doing?” she asked calmly.

“Nothing, just curious ‘s all.” I say innocently.

“Curious?” she asked.

I nodded, looking up into her eyes. Then back down to her tits as I played with them a little more.

“You’ve never touched breasts before?” she asked, a little surprised.

I nodded again. For a few moments we didn’t talk, I just lay there enjoying her tits.

“Mike, one question.” she said calmly, “Why the fuck are you touching mine!?” she exclaimed, rolling onto me.

With my back on the ground, she sat on my waist. “You–perverted–incestuous–bastard!” she said with each stinging slap to my face.

Even though my face stung like hell, I still managed to grin up at my sister. I reached up and grabbed her tits with both hands, and giving them a gentle squeeze. As I did so, Lisa’s eyes flew open and her mouth gaped. Gripping and fondling her breasts, my dick began to get harder in my shorts.

Lisa’s hands grabbed mine, and just as she was about to pull them off, dad walked in. “Lisa!” he yelled, throwing her off of me. She landed on her back, “I can’t believe you’d seduce your own brother like that!”

“But dad! I didn’t!” she argued.

“Bullshit! I saw you place his hands on your boobs!” he yelled.

“No, dad, it’s okay, really.” I said placing my hand gently on my dad’s shoulder.

He frowned at me. “Really, dad it’s okay, Lisa was just showing me a self-defense technique.” I looked down at Lisa, “Right Lisa?” I winked.

She nodded.

Dad crossed his arms and looked at the both of us, “Well go on ahead, show me.”

I sat on top of Lisa, she precariously placed her hands on my chest. Then in one swift motion she bucked her hips, throwing me slightly in the air, then with her hands on my chest, she threw me onto my back. I guess putting Lisa through a self-defense class wasn’t a waste of my parents money, because now my back felt like it was going through hell.

I coughed, looking up at my dad, “See dad, no harm done.” I forced a smile.

He nodded, “Continue on then.” he said shutting Lisa’s door as he exited.

“Son of a bitch.” I winced in pain as I tried to get up.

Lisa knelt down next to me, “Sorry I threw you so hard.”

I twisted my back, making it crack, “No problem.”

I tried to stand up, but was stopped by my sister, who had a firm hand against my chest. “You can touch them.” she said, popping her chest out further.

I shook my head and looked at her with seriousness, “Who were you thinking about?” I asked.

“You.” she said softly, looking away.

“And I’m the incestuous bastard.” I say rolling my eyes.

After a few moments Lisa was the first to speak, “Hey, Mike, can I tell you something?”

I looked at her curiously, “What is it sis?”

“I think I’m in love with you.”