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If this story is well received, I will write more. I hope you enjoy.

Looking at my cards, I was pretty sure I needed to change three of them. Then again, I really had only a basic understanding of how to play poker. My big brother Charlie had taught me the game a few months ago after my ninth birthday. We played it every day in his room after he got home from high school. He was a junior in high school, and somehow this meant he got out early.

His room always had a strong aroma. He says it”s because he is a big boy and his body smells different. The dirty underwear that always covered the floor held his scent, and I loved it. His briefs always had some strong yellow stains in the front, but so did mine. Neither of us would shake after peeing. Charlie says underwear should have pee stains in them, I don”t think he knew, but sometimes I grabbed a pair off his floor and wear them to bed. It always made me feel so close to him. He is the perfect older brother. Takes me places and teaches me lots of things. I love him and want to grow up to be just like him!

I picked out three cards and threw them on his bed face-down. “Three, please,” I said in my high voice.

He smiled and replied, “You know I trust you, Bobby. Grab three off the top of the deck.”

Charlie always made me feel good and a bit more grown up. We were sitting on his bed with our legs folded and facing each other. We had both changed earlier out of our school clothes into our standard house-wear of jeans, socks, and a t shirt. I saw the deck was in his lap and scooped it up to take my cards. His body radiated warmth, and I felt it rising from his crotch. I put the rest of the deck back, taking a few extra seconds to make sure they didn”t fall off the bulge that was beginning to form there.

“I only need one,” Charlie said with a smile.

“One? Wow! It”s a good thing we don”t play for money. I would need my allowance to be tripled.”

We never played for anything. The best we did was try to remember at the end of the games who won the most hands. Of course, each insisted that he had won.

“Do you want to add betting to the game?” Charlie asked

“I don”t know what we would bet. Neither of us has any money,” I replied

“There is a game called strip poker.”

“How do you play that?”

“Well, its just like we play now only at the end of each hand, the loser must take off a piece of clothes. Whichever of us is naked first loses the whole game. Kind of a way to keep score.”

I was intrigued. My brother and I frequently saw each other naked while changing. I always gaziantep escort admired his very adult-looking body, hoping my hairless puny form would grow to be as sexy as his. Yes, I said sexy. I love my brother”s body and looked whenever I could.

“Sure, let;s do that,” I said. My brother looked a bit surprised but seemingly just as happy to do this.

“Do you want to do it with this hand or start with the next?”

Knowing I was going to lose and wanting to see him shirtless, I said the next hand.

Charlie collected and shuffled the cards. Then he dealt out five new cards to each of us. I had two Aces, a two, a three, and a King. I kept the three high cards and took two more, which were a four and another King. This is a good hand, I thought!

“Okay Bobby. What do you have?”

“Two pair, Kings and Aces!”

“Beats my pair of nines. What do I lose?”

“I will take your shirt, please.”

“Okay, did you want to take it off me?” Charlie said with a giggle.

Thinking only a moment I said yes. I leaned forward, and Charlie lifted his arms, showing he had sweat in his armpits. I peeled it off him and took in his scent and the sight of his muscular chest. He only had a little hair around his nipples and under his belly button. “I cant wait to have muscles like you do,” I said

“I am sure you will,” Charlie said in reply. “You just need to grow a little more. You are already as cute as me.”

I laughed and took the cards to deal the next hand. Charlie”s face kind of lit up, so I was worried.

“You are going to lose your shirt this time, lil brother.” Charlie said with a wink.

“We will see about that,” I replied, trying not to give away that I only had a pair. The hand turned out as I expected, with me losing. I tossed the cards in front of me. and with my arms outstretched in sort of a surrender position, I told my brother to take what he wants.

“You know what, I changed my mind. I want to see your cute little toes.” With that, he reached for my feet and rubbed each one a little before removing each sock. He took me by surprise when he held each to his nose and breathing each deeply before tossing them to the floor. “Mmm Mmm good!” he exclaimed!

Losing the next hand and making the same gesture of surrender, Charlie said, “ I want your shirt. Come here,” I jumped off the bed and stood beside him and raised my arms. Charlie pulled me in for a deep hug. Then he placed his hands on my chest and slowly rubbed my slight muscles and played with my nipples through the material. I felt what I thought was electric shocks running from my nipples to my suriyeli escort toes. I closed my eyes. Charlie”s hands moved down my belly and rubbed it, making me giggle, and to my hips where they rested a moment. He grabbed the hem and slowly peeled the shirt off me and over my head, messing up my mop of brown hair. I shivered, and he gave me another hug. He said it was to warm me up. The feeling of his warm bare chest against my hairless form made me lean in to him. His strong hairy arms around me made me feel safe and loved as they always have, but this felt much more intimate. My boyish dick was getting hard.

Charlie”s nothing to my two pair meant he would lose his socks. He put his feet in my face and laughingly said, “Take them!”

I noticed that they were old and very stained and torn. Something about these smelly feet so close to my nose and mouth made me want to take them into my mouth. I tore open the right sock and put his salty toes in my eager mouth. He gasped. I am sure his bulge got a little bigger. Finally I grabbed the ripped fabric and pulled it off his foot. While rubbing his one now bare foot, I did likewise with his other foot. Soon his strong hairy feet were naked. His eyes were closed the whole time. I asked if he liked what I did. He exhaled and simply said, “Yes!” Then “Wow” and “Thanks!” I smiled, knowing I had pleased him.

“Looks like the loser of this next hand loses his pants,” Charlie said “And I am not wearing underwear, are you?”

“Me neither. I guess this is the deciding hand, then.” I was excited but also scared what would happen if I lost and he saw me hard.

“Lets see your cards,” Charlie said. I had a pair of twos. “Looks like my pair of Kings wins! I win. Are you ready? I will take your pants now.”

I sheepishly stood up and moved alongside his bed. He rubbed my chest and then my crotch. He smiled and any nervousness in my mind melted away. Unsnapping my jeans and sliding them down, I stepped out of them and stood naked, hard, and proud. Charlie whistled. He said I was growing up and was turning out sexy.

Charlie hugged me warmly, and his love poured out through the hug. He kissed me on the lips and said he loved me. Then came the unexpected. He asked me to take off his jeans for him.

He laid back on the bed and waited for me to decide. It was not a long wait. I pulled open the snap and reached inside to find his sweaty bush of hair. My small hands played in it for a while before grasping his dick. He let out a moan and smiled. Unzipping the fly, I then eased them down his legs. rus escort Tugging at the cuffs and removing them entirely. His hard cock rested tightly against his abs. Charlie opened his arms in a hug position, which signaled me to lie on top of his naked body. He closed them around me, and I felt the safety and love of my big brother. We laid there in his bed awhile, rubbing our bodies together and kissing. The head of his dick was getting wet and slippery and slid back and forth over my boy balls. He kept kissing me while holding my tight against his chest. I could feel his heart beating as fast as mine. Suddenly his body tensed, he started to breathe heavier; his dick pulsed, and I felt a wetness between us. I didn”t know what was going on, but knew it was OK. Charlie would not let anything hurt me. When he caught his breath, he finally spoke.

“I love you so very much, Bobby!” he said with a big smile. “You have made me feel very good! I am so glad we could share that. Now I want to make you feel this good. It”s going to seem a bit weird, but I want to suck your dick. Will you trust me to do that?”

My brother was someone I always trusted without question. Without a thought, I said, “Sure.” Charlie motioned me to turn around so my knees were on either side of his head. He complimented me, saying how cute my dick was and how big it was for my age. Then he licked my ball sack. A feeling of intense shock and pleasure went through my body, and I shuddered. Charlie took my balls into his mouth and licked them all over. His tongue sliding over and under them. I felt in Heaven, not knowing what more pleasure I would feel. He kissed the head of my dick, and then without any warning, he took it in his mouth. My nine-year-old words cannot describe the amazing feelings I was experiencing. I let out a whimper, and my body shuddered. All four inches of my boy dick were in his mouth, and Charlie”s own dick was hard again, and he began to stroke it. His tongue was licking and playing with my hard dick. After a short while of this, I felt as though I needed to pee. Not thinking that Charlie wanted this, I warned him, but he moaned an “Umm-hmm” sort of sound but didn”t stop sucking and stroked his own dick faster. We were both sweaty and squirming uncontrollably until my dick started to pulse in his mouth. My whole body began to shake, and I felt as if I was floating on a cloud. A white liquid shot out of Charlie”s dick and covered my face while he shook, too. I instinctively licked what was around my mouth and decided it tasted pretty good.

Once the feeling of what I could only describe as Heaven faded, I spun around, and Charlie held me while we kissed gently. I had a million questions, but right now I just wanted to enjoy the love. It felt so special, and I never wanted it to end. We would have more loving experiences which I may tell about later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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