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The stillness of the sunset was startlingly surreal. It was as if I awoke in another place, another world separate from the real one, where the problems of my life melted and floated away on the lingering air. But even I knew, that this false reality would come to an end. All my problems and issues would reappear and everything would be as hard-if not harder-than it had been before. The orange streaks and purple clouds were painted across the horizon and I knew that the day was only beginning to dawn on our secrets. I ran my fingers though the glossy black strands of my hair and opened my icy blue eyes to see the world in front of me.

I glanced over to my right, and stared at the sleeping form of my husband. He looked so peaceful, with his brown hair all tousled from his slumber. I hadn’t wanted to wake him up. I carefully threw my long legs over the side of the bed and slowly slid up to my feet. I slipped on my subtle one inch heels and quickly adorned my sexy yet sophisticated dress. The indigo of the thigh high dress really brought out my eyes and figure. I walked out of the bedroom, allowing my husband to sleep soundly by himself. I would be back later.

We always met at the usual place-Sassy’s strip club. As the curvy women slid skillfully down the poles, I smiled. I wasn’t going back to work here for another week. He caught my attention within a matter of seconds. Fatih escort He waved me over to the bar, and offered me a seat.

“Hey Jenson.” His short, dark brown spiky hair was flipped up in the front and his brown eyes glistened.

“Well, Marilyn, pick your poison,” he said happily.

“None for me today, Jenson. Shall we get going though? David is at home sleeping still, so we have plenty of time.” I smiled sheepishly and flushed. He handed a twenty to the bartender, who grinned a gracious smile and cleared the area of his drink. Jenson grabbed Marilyn’s hand fervently and dragged her gently outside to his car. He hopped in beside me and slid the key into the ignition. As he pulled out of the strip club, I placed a hand on his thigh. Instantly, he tensed under my touch. I rubbed his leg through his jeans and he groaned. I slowly moved up to his rising bulge and kneaded the fabric that restricted it from extending out. He put his foot to the floor and we sped to the hotel, where he had reserved this entire week for us. I was supposed to be spending my honeymoon with my husband, but he was so conservative at times I wondered why I had ever said ‘I do’. Jenson and I have known each other for a while. After high school graduation, we drifted apart. Three years later he finds me working in the strip club. Said he could never forget my Fındıkzade escort bayan smile and eyes. Unfortunately, he was married. And even more unfortunate, that I was too.

I stopped teasing Jenson just as we reached the parking lot. We rushed up to our room and he immediately locked the door behind us. He cupped my face and kissed me passionately. I looked up at him as we paused for a single breath. His eyes were clearly filled up with lust.

“Who gets pleasuring today?” I asked impatiently.

“You do.” I smiled wide. He laid me on the bed and slowly removed my dress. My perky breasts popped out from the top, and Jenson grabbed them and massaged them. His tongue flitted across my pink nipples pleasurably. I could feel myself growing more and more wet as he slid me out of the dress completely. The bottom brushed lightly against my pussy and the friction felt so nice. Jenson had an evil smile on his lips. He unbuttoned his pants, and they fell to the ground. He wiggled his ankles out of them and sighed. He moved his hands down my boobs to my slit and slowly spread my moisture around my clit. He moved carefully around the hood, prolonging the pleasure. His fingers slipped inside and moved around within my walls. He thumbed my clit even more and I writhed against every touch. He moved his mouth closer to my pussy and took Escort Gaziosmanpaşa the tip of his tongue to gently caress my lips. It was torture. His hands emerged from inside me, drenched with juice, and he licked every drop off his fingers. He kissed my clit, and then left a trail of kisses up to my face. I pushed him back down to my lower torso, impelled by lust. He stood back up, and he pulled his green boxers down. His hard dick came out to say hello. He straddled over my hips and slid inside. It felt so good, felt so right. With every thrust I moaned and with every touch I squealed with delight. Every orgasm made me buck against his hips and grind against his dick. An hour passed and I found myself completely exhausted. He rolled off of me and lay by my side.

“My wife will be getting home soon,” Jenson said quietly.

“My husband will be waking up soon. Thanks for the good time again,” I replied with a sincere smile.

“No problem. Same time tomorrow?”

“Same time tomorrow. Love you Jenson.” I giggled.

“I love you Marilyn. I always have, always will.”

“I know. But I just wish it would work out between us.”

“I do too. But we both know we’ll never be more than friends.”

“With benefits,” I reminded him. He laughed.

“With benefits.”

Sadly, friends with benefits was all we would be. The only person I had come to really love, was someone who was out of my reach. Always beyond the length of my arm.

“See you tomorrow, Jenson.”

“See you tomorrow.” And without another word, we both dressed, fixed our hair, and left with a peck on the lips. Only to return to the same routine tomorrow. The routine, of a cheater.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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