Cheating Pt. 02

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A message from the author.

I know that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. I know equally well though that there are many of us who thrive on it, who enjoy it and get a big buzz from it. I know I do. I get a massive kick and huge excitement from it. There’s some guilt and trepidation too of course, but they are relatively easily overcome. And when you have a fling or an affair the downsides are far outweighed by the upsides, well they seem to be at the time. And one of the upsides, ironically, is that often after an affair, fling or a one-night stand and usually during it as well you feel closer to your partner and it can become the glue that keeps the relationship stuck together.

Now I am talking, of course, about women cheating. Horrific is it may sound to some bigoted men, it does happen. Women do go off and ‘sow their wild oats,’ oddly just like men do and have done for years. Well in this new age it’s the females’ time and it’s us who can have our cakes and eat them as we fuck both our husband and our lovers.

I’m talking about cheating. About playing away from home, being unfaithful and having bits on the side. Long term affairs, short flings and even one-night stands, they all provide that buzz, that kick and usually those thrills and excitement. And during and between my two marriages I have had loads buzzes and kicks and lots of thrills and excitement.

Liaisons such as described above arise from many situations. This series of stories, some of which is taken from real life as it happened to me, looks at the motivations, pleasures, excitement and concerns of the more common circumstances.

Christina x


The Neighbour.

‘Was it an accident?’ I wondered looking up and across the table at him. He smiled. I smiled back and then felt it again, his foot touching mine. I looked up again and he raised his eyebrows and mouthed.


I looked away. I turned and talked to the guy next to me a boring older man probably in his late sixties or seventies dressed far too conservatively for this neighbourhood barbecue dinner party. After a few minutes I felt it again. This time, though, it was firmer and lingered. I turned and looked at Ian my next but one neighbour who was sitting opposite me. He raised his eyebrows and I shook my head making sure that none of the other ten guests round the table on the large patio beside the swimming pool saw me. He smiled and pressed harder.

“No,” I mouthed. “Stop it.”

He grinned.

“Enjoying yourself?” Ian asked as we stood chatting by the pool an hour and four or five glasses of wine later.

“Yes it’s good.”

“Yes the Monktons dos always seem to off well.”

“They used to run swinging parties years ago, you know.”



“Did you and Kate come to them?”

“No, no way would Kate do anything like that,” he said rather blatantly looking at my fairly low cut black tee shirt type top. Kastamonu Escort “Would you and Richard?”

“Well never have.”

“Would you like to?”

I was getting a little embarrassed so I sipped my wine. “Not sure.”

“Well if you need a partner, let me know.”

We had moved into this upscale gated community on the outskirts of Harpenden some twenty miles north of London a few years ago and had been to a number of these neighbourhood get-togethers including one we had thrown last Christmas. Although we got to know most of the couples it was Ian and Kate who we knew best, mainly because Ian and Richard were Arsenal season ticket holders and travelled to the Emirates stadium together with the four of us often having a meal out or a takeaway at one of our homes after the football matches.

After that brief, but rather provocative chat we both circulated and didn’t talk again until near midnight when he pulled me up to dance with him. It was a Lionel Ritchie number to which most of the dancers, who I noted like us were not with their partners making me think momentarily that perhaps the Monktons’ parties had reverted to their earlier theme!

He held me a little too tightly for a non-lover, but there was nothing I could or if I was honest wanted to do about it.

“God you smell gorgeous,” he whispered as he rested his face against my blonde hair.


“You’re welcome.”

I was a little drunk by now and my inhibitions had slipped, they may actually have disappeared altogether as I replied. “And thanks for the messages at the table.

“And what do you think they were saying?”

“You couldn’t keep your feet still?”

“No Christina, much more than that.”

At home in bed a couple of hours later I pressed my body against my husband’s back, reached round him and grasped his cock. He turned, we kissed then he fucked me. As we finished and he rolled off me Ian’s face came into my mind!

That neighbourhood barbecue was the watershed. Things moved quite quickly after it. Ian and I seemed to bump into each other more often; at the supermarket, petrol stations, arriving home at the train station, leaving our homes in our cars and at neighbours’ parties. We talked more, we got on well, we found interests in common and as surreptitiously as possible we flirted.

“How about a quick one in the Crown?” Ian said as we ‘bumped’ into each other leaving the station one evening a few weeks later.

“Mmmm I don’t mind a quick one now and then.”

That was the start for as we were leaving he asked. “I probably won’t mention this to Kate.”

I didn’t mention it to Richard either so that became our first secret. Having lunch a week or so later when we were both home and Kate and Richard were out was the next and him popping round the next week mid-afternoon became the third. And that led to the fourth.

“What time you expecting Richard home?” Kastamonu Escort Bayan he asked as we were standing in the hallway by the front door as he prepared to leave after borrowing a box set I had promised to lend him.

“Oh not until eight or so. Kate?”

“She’s out for the evening.”

“And the kids?”

“They’re in the house now,” he said moving a little closer.

I was leaning back against the wall. He put his hand on the wall just above my head and to the side. Leaning forward he said quietly.

“What would the delicious Mrs. Cooper say if I kissed her?”

My heard started to pound as I had been envisaging this moment for the last few weeks. No clear plan was in my mind, but increasingly I was reaching the conclusion that we would do something; I was not sure, though, just what?

I was thirty-six at the time and eight years into my first marriage. I had not strayed at the time.

Looking up at him I smiled and said.

“Maybe the handsome Mr. Baines should kiss her to find out.”

He did and all hell seemed to break loose.

The kiss started slowly, tentatively almost. We were I suppose exploring and enquiring about each other. His hand slid down from above my head and one arm went round my waist, the other round my shoulders, he pulled. I slid my arms round him and let him squash me against him. His tongue probed my mouth open and delved inside as our lips squirmed together. His tongue was all over the inside of my mouth and I responded by pressing the tip of mine against his. He sucked my top lip then my lower then broke the kiss and licked round both lips and down onto my neck.

“Oh Chrissy I have been fantasising about this for so long.”

Then we kissed again. This time it was not just with our mouths but with our entire bodies and hands. He squashed my breasts against his chest and I writhed and wriggled against it. One of his hands slid from my waist down onto my bum. He grasped the cheek thus, pulling my stomach more firmly against him. He was unashamedly erect and that was pressed provocatively against my pubic mound and stretched up the soft, flatness of my tummy almost to my navel. I let my hand slide down onto his pert arse and I gripped that just as he eased his chest away from mine, slid his hand upwards and cupped my breast. We were both wordlessly but with gestures confirming that we wanted to fuck.

I was wearing a dark blue skirt that was tight round my tummy, buttocks and hips and a skinny knit, blue and white hooped sweater. The hem of that ended at the waistband of the skirt thus, when I stretched I revealed a strip of flesh round my stomach. Being a modest B cup at I had not bothered with a bra.

The feeling of his hand on my breast made me jump and I pressed back against it as a low moan escaped from my mouth.

“Oh Chrissy,” he sighed as, feeling no resistance from me he firstly pinched my nipple then Escort Kastamonu slid his hand inside the sweater and up and onto my bare breast.

“Yes Ian, yes,” I moaned back loving his hand and fingers on my bare flesh.

“God I want you so much,” he whispered as without any further hesitation he slid his hand up the back of my leg and onto my arse that was as good as bare for I was wearing a skimpy thong.

I was gone now. I had no resistance, not that I wanted any for I was as much into this as he was. I started undoing the buttons on his shirt as he pushed my sweater up above my boobs exposing them to his gaze and, of course to his mouth. As I ran my fingers through the covering of hair on his chest he shrugged his shirt off and let it fall to the floor. As he did that I took hold of the hem of the sweater and in one movement pulled it up, over my head and off.

“They are beautiful Chrissy and just as I have imagined them so many times.”

We kissed again as now he was unashamedly squeezing my bum, slipping his fingers inside my panties and between my legs right on the wetness of my labia.

“Come on,” I croaked taking his hand and picking up my sweater.

He picked up his shirt and followed me upstairs. At first I went to turn left towards one of the guest rooms, but something told me to go to my marital bedroom. And it was there that Ian fucked me for the first time.

I guiltily admit that I sort of revelled in the fact that I had made love to someone other than my husband in a place where really I should not have. Coincidentally or oddly Ian felt the same and a week or so later I was on my back in his marital bed lying exactly where he told me Kate slept.

“The difference is, though, Christina,” Ian said as we were making love. “Kate never wraps her legs round my back as I fuck her.”

I felt uncomfortable but excited that evening after having Ian in my bed when Richard came home. It was difficult when he asked what I had been up to and of course I lied. Ian had stayed all afternoon until six or so after phoning his teenage kids and telling them some story that did not involve me to explain his absence.

We had gone to bed at around three and we stayed in there until just before he left. We had loads of foreplay including extensive oral and we fucked twice, something Richard had not done for years.

The uncomfortable feeling and the excitement increased when we went to bed and my husband laid down exactly where my afternoon lover had been just a few hours earlier. I toyed with starting something, but as he showed no inclination I didn’t and went off to sleep fairly quickly.

I thought that I would have a really big guilt trip the next day and that when I met Kate again I would feel awful. Ian had said that he thought in a similar way. However, when we met again when I popped into his and Kate’s house a week later we both agreed that seeing the other’s spouse and being with our own had not been the enormous challenges we had both felt they might be.

We had the affair for the best part of a year. There was never any chance of us leaving Richard or Kate for neither of us wanted that. What we both wanted was illicit sex and lots of it and that is what we had.

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