Cheating Wife , Cuckold Husband #01

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I dedicate this story to Walter from Southern California.


With his wife, Ruth, no longer giving him sex, Jay has inappropriate, incestuous thoughts for his daughter.

Jay turned to wave goodbye to his daughter, Kim, before getting in the cab. After unintentionally seeing her naked twice in the last two weeks, now every time he looked at her, unable to help himself from seeing the naked image of her in his mind’s eye, he imagined her without her clothes. Killing him inside with him feeling so guilty for his misplaced, sexual feelings, he was filled with sexual frustration and horniness for his wife that has suddenly manifested for his daughter. With his daughter’s her long, lush brown hair and big, beautiful, brown eyes, Kim reminded him of Ruth twenty-five years ago.

Sometimes difficult to tell one from the other when hearing them in different parts of the house, they even have the same voice. They have the same inflections and share the same laugh. If only he wasn’t so horny for his wife but with Ruth no longer giving him sex, he was so sexually frustrated. If his wife was sexually satisfying him in bed, he wouldn’t even think such incestuous thoughts about his daughter. With him now a perversely perverted man, a man who’s been thinking about having sex with his daughter, he blamed his unloving wife for all that he is today.

Now addicted to porn and all things pornographic, his wife has turned him into a sexual monster. Once a loving husband, now addicted to sex, he’s a sexual degenerate. As long as the women are of age, 18-years-old and/or older, he’d have sex with any woman, anytime, and anywhere. Sex, sex, sex. When he’s not focused on work, he’s thinking about sex.

No matter where he is, he’s thinking about sex. Even when he’s walking through the airport, he’s checking out women. When he’s flying, he’s checking out the stewardesses and the other female passengers. Even the hotels where he stays, the restaurants where he eats, and the bars where he drinks, are perfect places to meet women. Luckily for him, able to keep his wits about him and his cock as hard as his desire to meet and have sex with women, he doesn’t drink anymore. Seltzer water or coffee is what he’ll drink when sitting in a bar to take in the ambience of the room while checking out the women.

He loved his daughter and felt guilty leaving her alone to fend for herself with his wife and his wife’s numerous boyfriends that she’d surely invite to the house in his absence. Yet, Kim’s an adult. She can take care of herself. She’s a strong woman who already knows what she wants in life.

With her exerting more control over Ruth than he can, she can handle her mother more than he could handle his wife at her age. She’s even better at handling her mother now than he is. Right from day one, his wife always controlled him with the promise of sex. It’s amazing how many years he believed her promises that she’d give him sex until he stopped believing her anymore. Now everything she said was a drunken lie. If only he had more of Kim’s sense of self, her outspokenness, and her confidence when he was her age, he never would have married Ruth. In hindsight, a horny 20-year-old who thought more with his penis than with his brain, marrying Ruth was the biggest mistake of his life.

Ruth giving birth to their daughter was the only good thing about their marriage. Even though she looked just like her mother when Ruth was her age, she was more like him where it mattered, on the inside. Glad that she was more like him instead of more like his wife, she was so very much like him in so many ways. Kind and loving, she had a good heart and would make some lucky man a loving wife and her children a wonderful mother. A logical thinker, she could see the lies her mother told that he couldn’t. With her having a happier childhood, albeit with her mother a drunken whore, she still had a better chance at finding happiness than he ever did.

Cursed to marry Ruth, even now, twenty-five years later, with some things never changing and some things always remaining the same, he’s as lost now as he was then. He’s just going through the motions of living life while suffering through his unhappy marriage. Pretending he’s happy, tired of having the same arguments over and again, he suffers his sadness in silence and without complaint. With him not home long enough to complain, when he’s not working, he’s traveling. No matter where he goes, he’s always able to find the comfort of a woman.

If it’s not enough that his wife is a drunk, she’s a whore too. He could deal with her drinking. He could get her help, attend AA meetings with her, and put her in rehab somewhere. He couldn’t deal with her picking up men and bringing them home to fuck and suck. He couldn’t deal with her exchanging sex for booze. Even though it was seemingly sexually exciting for him to know that his wife was fucking and sucking other men, he didn’t want to know the details. With him not getting anything sexual from her, the sexual details of her having sex with other bursa escort men would hurt him.

The only thing that saved him, his temporary reprieve that allowed him to continue his marriage of misery, gone more than he’s home, is escaping his life and his wife to travel the country and the world. He couldn’t imagine taking Ruth with him anywhere. He’d rather leave her home and travel alone than to have her embarrass him by getting drunk in public and having sex with one of his customers.

When he wasn’t hiding from his wife while at work, he was hiding from her when traveling on a plane and living out of a suitcase in a hotel. Whenever he was somewhere else, no matter where he was, he was safe from having to listen to her droning, angry voice whenever he was far away. If it wasn’t for the dire prospect of her taking a chunk of his money in a divorce settlement, he’d divorce her. Yet for one reason or another, even more than the thought of losing all of the money, for some reason or a multitude of reasons, he can’t.

A telling sign that their marriage is over, he’d think his wife would be at the front door to see him off too, but she wasn’t. Nowhere to be found, she’s probably pouring herself a drink, even at this early hour of the morning, in celebration of him leaving. Leaving on a ten day, business trip, even though he looked forward to running away, he hated when his trips included his weekends. Then, when he returned to work the day after coming home, having terrible jet lag, he felt as if he didn’t have any time to himself to decompress and relax.

“Bye, Daddy. Bring me something back from Japan,” said his daughter Kim waving and smiling. “I’m going to miss you. Stay safe and have a safe flight. Call me when you land.”

In her saying goodbye, telling him that she’ll miss him, to stay safe, hoping he has a safe flight, and reminding him to call her when he lands, she acted more like his wife than his daughter. Yet, with his sexual addiction creeping in even when saying goodbye to his daughter, he was incorrigible in his sexual desire for women, any woman, even his own flesh and blood. Suddenly, he looked at Kim with sexual lust as if she was his wife. If only his wife was more like his daughter, they wouldn’t be having marital problems right now.

He thought of the kimono he’d buy her, something blue, her favorite color. He looked at Kim as if she was a Geisha girl, his very own, submissive Geisha girl. He imagined her dressed in a blue, silk kimono and ready to service his every sexual whimsy and perversely perverted, sexual desire. He imagined her naked beneath the decorative robe. With her hair up and her big tits blousing out the front of the Japanese oriental robe, she’d look so pretty in a colorful kimono with a contrasting obi tied around her waist. Just as he’s always wondered what nuns wore beneath their habits, he’s always wondered what Geisha girls wore beneath their kimonos.

Digressing in thought, he wondered if his daughter is as sexually submissive when having sex with her boyfriend as he was when having sex with her mother. With Ruth the dominant one, by the time he got married, he was already pussy whipped. Maybe Kim’s not submissive at all. With him having overheard her giving her boyfriend phone sex in the way that her mother used to give him phone sex before they were married, maybe she’s as sexually aggressive as her mother.

It’s funny how he’s changed and how Ruth hasn’t. It’s insightful how he’s grown and how Ruth hasn’t. It’s telling how he’s matured and how Ruth hasn’t. Able to see the real truth now that the sexual fog of control that she had over him has lifted, she’s the same bitch now as she was when he married her. It was his fault for not seeing what she was then and still is now. If he was to blame anyone for his disastrous marriage, he needs to blame himself. He wanted her and now he’s stuck with her.

With him the strong man and her the weak woman, it was his fault for not exerting his control over her. Only, with him always the submissive one, he was never a strong man, especially when around her. With her always the dominant one, especially when around him, she was never a weak woman. It was his fault for not testing her and pushing her limits in making her give him what he sexually wanted. Still, as demonstrated by her not changing who she is, he’d be nuts to think that he could ever change her, especially now. The only one who could make any changes in her was herself and why would she change when she was having a good time being a bitch?

What he wanted then is what he still wants now. Only what he wants now is with other woman and not with her. What he wanted before is what she gave to every other man. What he wanted was sex. What he wanted was her to not only make love to him but also for her to want to make love to him. What he wanted was for her to not only fuck him but also for her to want to fuck him. What he wanted was her to not only blow him but also for her to want to blow him. What he wanted was to cum in her mouth and watch her swallow his cum. Only, too late now, bursa escort even if she was to volunteer to suck him, allow him to cum in her mouth, and swallow him, he’d rather receive that from another woman instead of from her, anyone but from her.

What he found sexually appealing when having sex with Ruth before they were married, he didn’t now. Now that they don’t have sex, haven’t had sex in years, she’s sexually aggressive with other men instead of with him. Having already gone through the hurt and the rejection, he used to be angry with her for not giving him sex but now he’s not. Now, with him getting what he sexually needs from a multitude of other women, he doesn’t care that she doesn’t want to sexually be with him.

It doesn’t bother him that she doesn’t want him sexually, even though it does. It doesn’t bother him that she sucks and fucks dozens of men for booze, even though it does. It doesn’t bother him that his wife is a drunken whore, even though it does. It doesn’t bother him that she belittles him and makes him feel small, even though it does. It doesn’t bother him that she doesn’t respect him by appreciating all that he does for her, even though it does.

He’d be nuts for any and all of that not to bother him. He’d be just as crazy as she is not to feel used and abused. He feels like the sucker that he is for continuing to financially support her by giving her the good life that she doesn’t deserve. Why should he financially take care of her when she doesn’t sexually take care of him? He should divorce her. He should throw her cheating ass out of his house.

Yet, for one reason or another, he can’t. He just can’t. More of a loving husband than she’s been a loving wife, he’s had some good times with her. More than that, they have a daughter, albeit a fully grown, adult daughter. If they’ve come this far by not divorcing, why divorce now when they both found a way to get around their empty marriage by having sex with other people? A strong man, a confident man, an educated man, and an intelligent man, he never thought he’d become a cuckold husband but seemingly he has.

“I’ll bring you a kimono from Tokyo,” he said while imagining her stripping naked in front of him to try it on and asking for his help to get dressed.

In the way she used to do when she was a little girl so very long ago, she shot him a look of happy surprise. If only she knew that he was just thinking of her naked, she wouldn’t be smiling. Some parents she has, a drunken whore of a mother and a degenerate father who has inappropriate, incestuous thoughts for his daughter. With both of her parents addicted to sex, he wondered if she was addicted to sex too. With her maternal grandfather a drunk and now her mother a drunk, he wondered if his daughter would be genetically predisposed to being a drunk too.

“A kimono? I’ve always wanted to wear a kimono,” she said with a laugh while deeply bowing to him.

She waved goodbye to him again while he seductively stared at her. Suddenly he felt a bit perversely perverted for leering at his own daughter. With him always so horny, he couldn’t help himself from enjoying the sexy view of her. He liked watching his daughter’s big, jiggling boobs bounce behind her low cut blouse and C cup bra when she waved. Unless they were American tourists or had breast implants, he wouldn’t be seeing very many woman with big boobs in Japan. Not his first trip to the orient, looking forward to taking time to relax, he had a thing for Asian women.

As evidenced by his leering stare at his daughter, he was already sexually frustrated thinking about his wife having sex with other men while he was gone. Truth be told, even though he tried his best not to show it, he was hurt, rejected, and angered by the sex that Ruth freely gave others but always denied him. Yet twisted by his emotions of jealousy for his wife and confounded by his lust for other women, he was already horny thinking about all of the Asian women he’d meet and have sex with while in Japan.

He wondered what he’d be like it he wasn’t addicted to sex. Perhaps he’d have a more normal reaction to Ruth cheating on him. Perhaps he’d be angry. Perhaps he’d fly into a rage with her sexual confessions and her flaunting her infidelities in his face. Perhaps he already would have divorced her. He didn’t know. All he knew was what he was feeling now, which was callousness towards Ruth and the sexual, excited, anticipation of meeting Japanese woman.

“Call me,” said her father. “Good luck with your final exams,” said Jay proud that his daughter was doing so well in college.

He gave his daughter a loving smile and blew her a kiss before getting in the cab.

* * * * *

As soon as he told his daughter to call him, he thought of his daughter giving him phone sex while he masturbated himself in his hotel room. He’d never have sex with his daughter, of course. He’d never do that to her. Yet, sometimes, especially after he overheard her giving hot, phone sex to her boyfriend, he wondered what it would be like for his daughter to blow him bursa eskort while role playing and pretending she was his wife.

No doubt something no normal father imagines, and uncomfortable for even harboring those incestuous thoughts of his daughter, he never even imagined his daughter sucking cock until he heard her talking in great detail of giving a blowjob. He never imagined his daughter sucking him until she grew up looking so much like her mother. With his wife denying him the use of her mouth, it was a natural transition to think of his daughter giving him the sexual pleasure that his wife wouldn’t. Especially after she painted him such an explicit, sexual image of her giving her boyfriend a blowjob, he’s now able to imagine his daughter on her knees and sucking him.

“If you were here right now, Charlie, I’d stroke your cock before sucking your cock,” she said. “I’d kiss your prick and lick your prick before licking and sucking your balls.”

‘Oh, my God,’ Jay thought with him unable to stop eavesdropping in on his daughter’s very personal and very private phone conversation.

“I’d stare up at you with my brown eyes with your cock slowly sliding across my lips before taking you inside and burying you in my mouth,” she said unmercifully teasing her boyfriend. “Then, while cupping your balls in my hand, I’d stroke you while sucking you. I’d stroke you faster and suck you deeper until you exploded your cum in my mouth.”

‘Oh, my God,’ thought Jay while thinking of his daughter stroking him faster while sucking him deeper. It took all the self-control that Jay had for him not to unzip himself, walk in the living room, and offer his erect cock to his daughter.

“I wouldn’t remove your cock from my mouth until I swallowed every drop of you,” she said with such a syrupy sexy voice that he wished she was his sexy girlfriend instead of his daughter.

Obviously thinking that she was home alone, she was explicitly explaining the blowjob she’d give her boyfriend if he were there with her now. Obviously horny when talking to her boyfriend, and with her making him horny by eavesdropping, they were having phone sex. A terrible thing for a father to do but after overhearing that sexy, erotic, phone call, sometimes he masturbates himself while thinking of Kim naked and having sex with her. Just as she related in talking to her boyfriend, sometimes he masturbates while imagining Kim sucking his cock too.

Something that Ruth used to do with him when dating him, as soon as she married him, the phone sex stopped. As soon as they had baby Kim, the sex stopped. Now he wondered if Kim would be a carbon copy of her mother. Wicked hot sexually before getting married but cooling to a cold fish once she had a baby, maybe with him not alone, he wondered if all women were like that or if it was only Ruth.

If it wasn’t enough overhearing Kim talking about giving her boyfriend a blowjob, there was more. If all that he overheard was his daughter’s phone sex conversation, he could have erased those erotic thoughts from his mind. Only, more than just her words that painted an image in his mind of his daughter sucking cock, she gave him a physical image of her to go along with her sexy, phone conversation. More than just overhearing her phone call, she was in the living room talking on the phone while lying on the couch naked with her bathrobe spread as wide open as were her legs.

‘Oh, my God,’ he thought not believing what he was seeing after not believing what he was hearing.

The first time seeing his adult daughter naked, when he first saw her in that compromising, sexual position, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He hasn’t peeped on anyone since the time that he used to skulk around the house to watch his mother dress and undress nearly thirty years ago. With him having an unobstructed view of his daughter’s brown, trimmed pussy, her naked breasts, and her pink, erect nipples, he watched her from behind the kitchen door, through to the dining room, and into the living room. Something he’s never seen or imagined his daughter doing, surprising the shit out of him, she was touching herself while erotically talking to her boyfriend on the phone about giving him a blowjob.

“Oh, my God. Fuck me,” he said mumbling under his breath.

Tempted to masturbate himself right there, he fingered the head of his cock through his pants. Having never even seen his wife masturbate herself, while knowing she did with all of the sexual toys she has, vibrators and dildos, it was hot watching his daughter masturbating herself. Enjoying her serendipitous masturbation show, he watched Kim feeling her big breasts and fingering her erect nipples before she reached her horny hand down to finger her pussy while talking to her boyfriend on the phone.

Even from the kitchen, he could see his daughter’s fingers rubbing her clit and fucking her glistening pussy. In the way she was positioned on the couch in clear view of him and with her ankles resting on the arm of the sofa, he could see her from the neck down but she couldn’t see him peeping through the kitchen door crack. Even if she wasn’t his daughter, he would have been sexually aroused coming upon a woman masturbating herself while talking dirty to her boyfriend on the phone. Somehow it was even more sexually exciting that the one masturbating herself was his daughter.

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