Checking In

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I didn’t even know where I was. Aside from being in my car and on the road, that is. Somewhere in between jumping into my Buick and speeding onto the highway I had totally lost track of wherever I thought I was going. Squinting through my salty tears and the pouring rain, I managed to make out a sign as it flew by. It read: Gas, Food, Lodging — 2 miles ahead. A hotel. Who cared where I was? I wasn’t going home tonight anyway. Not after what happened.

But where to? If I’d been thinking clearly when I left I would have gone to a friend’s house, or to my mom’s. But honestly, I didn’t feel like getting lectured that night. I didn’t even feel like a shoulder to cry on. All I wanted now was a hot shower and a warm bed. Somewhere where the asshole wouldn’t find me. And where better than…The Town Place Suites Hotel, I decided as I pulled in and parked my car. Not only was it the closest place the highway, it was also the only hotel in sight that didn’t appear to be the kind of place that charged by the hour.

I turned off the engine and looked around the car for my umbrella. Damn it! Never with me when I need it, I thought. I had to make a run for it. By the time I reached the door of the hotel lobby, I was drenched. Oh well, I shrugged. I figured that I was unlikely to run into anybody I wanted to impress anytime in the near future.

I was dead wrong. As I opened the door, the man behind the desk looked up. I found myself gazing into the most gorgeous pair of big brown puppy-dog eyes I had ever seen, peering out at me from under the brim of a baseball cap. He must be my angel, I thought, momentarily stunned. As he slowly smiled, I knew that he must have been sent from heaven to make up for the horrendous night I was having.

Wrong again. The man’s smile widened into a smirk as he burst into obnoxious laughter. “Hey hot stuff!” he said, pointing at me. “You might want to freshen up a bit if you were planning on getting a date for later tonight.” He gestured to a mirror on the wall.

Almost afraid to look, I turned to my reflection. My face was a mess: huge dark circles around my eyes, and the drips of wet mascara running down my cheeks. My soaking blonde hair was plastered to the sides of my pretty face. I took a deep breath, and turned back to the man. He’d taken off his hat and tossed it onto a chair, revealing an almost completely shaven head. Now he was sitting perched up on the desk like a monkey, still grinning widely and playing with the piercing in his tongue.

Calling this jerk a man was too much of a compliment, I decided, looking him up and down. He appeared to be about my age 21-22, medium height, slim, and full of himself. He had one of those trendy tattoos around his upper-arm, and there was more hair on his arrogant chin than there was on his head. I decided I wasn’t going to let this little boy-man make my night any worse than it had already been.

“Anyways, if you’re about finished mocking my unfortunate situation, would you please consider doing your job and getting a room for me?” I asked, attempting to wipe away some of the running make-up with the sleeve of my coat.

“’K, sure.” He said, hopping down from the desk and punching some things into the computer. I took off my sopping wool coat and turned to search my purse for my credit card. When I turned back I caught the guy staring uninhibitedly at my ass, covered as it was in skin-tight wet denim. He was grinning almanbahis again. I cleared my throat and handed him my Visa. “What room was that again?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest in an attempt to hide what I KNEW he’d be ogling next.

“Umm…104.” He answered, trying to look down the front of my shirt. “You can be right up front here close to me.” He patted the seat next to him, as his obnoxious grin grew even wider. I didn’t dignify that with a response. “So, I’m all set here…?” I yanked my credit card out of his hand and started down the hallway as quickly as I could manage.

“Remember, my name’s Josh and I’m right here if you need ANYTHING at all!” he called after me. If I needed anything I’d sooner call upon Satan for assistance, I thought as I opened the door to my room.

Thirty minutes later I was contemplating dialing information for the number to Hell. Stepping out of the most relaxing, therapeutic, steaming-hot shower of my life, I was almost feeling like myself again. That was, until I reached for a towel only to grab blindly at an empty rack. Could this night get any worse? I leaned back against the shower wall and let out a stream of curses that would shock a truck-driver.

Ok deep breathe; I could do this, I thought, stepping out of the bathroom. I wouldn’t even have to see him. I could just ask him to leave some towels outside my door. I pressed zero on the phone next to the bed and listened to it ring – twelve times. I hung up and dialed again. Nothing. I glanced at the pile of my dirty, sopping wet clothes on the floor. There was no way I was putting those back on again. I could see only one solution. Yanking a sheet from the bed, I wrapped it around my dripping form like a toga, and slinked out into the hallway toward the front desk. After I got my towels I was going to strangle him with one, I decided with a little smile.

But Josh was not sitting in this chair. He seemed to be nowhere in sight. I searched the lobby and finally found him. He had made himself a comphy little bed on the floor behind the desk — pillows, blankets, and all. What an excellent employee, I thought. He actually looked kind of adorable, curled up into a ball on his side, breathing peacefully. Not for long, I thought.

I got down on my knees on the floor next to him, still trying to keep my sheet from falling. “Hey.” I nudged him. “Hey…Josh…” I pulled on his arm. He groaned quietly in his sleep as he reached for me, and in one quick motion he had somehow pulled his surprisingly heavy form half on top of mine.

“Damn it,” I muttered when I noticed that I had lost my sheet during this speedy little turn of events. Looking over my shoulder, I could see that the corner of it was just in arms reach to the right of my head. “Ok,” I thought, “the last thing I need is for this guy to wake up with me lying underneath him totally nude.” I needed to get my sheet back quickly without waking him. But when I turned my head, I saw it was too late. Josh’s deep brown eyes were wide open, staring from two inches above my face. I didn’t even have time for another thought before I felt his soft lips against mine.

A quick bolt of fire shot through my body, from my lips pressed to his all the way down to the tips of my toes. If for even a split second I thought to fight him off, I don’t remember it. Prying my arms out from underneath us, I wrapped them around Josh’s warm body and pulled almanbahis giriş him more firmly against me. He leaned back just a little, and I felt his tongue trace a hot line over my lips until I opened them to his assault.

His kisses began softly, his tongue working itself against mine and over my teeth as Josh pressed my still nude body more firmly into the floor. I whimpered softly when I felt his hardening erection, even through the thick material of his baggy jeans. Unconsciously, I rubbed my lower body against his. I could feel pussy begin to dampen, as Josh’s kisses began to change. He rubbed his tongue rubbed hotly against the roof of my mouth and I could feel his hand slide between us, resting low on my naked belly. He kept kissing me, biting lightly on my slightly swollen lips.

I kissed him back, but I couldn’t take my mind off his hand. It was driving me slowly insane, just pressing there against my skin. I whimpered again, and he moved it just a tiny bit lower, his thumb caressing just above my tiny triangle of hair. He must have heard me, because he hand moved lower still, his fingers playing idly with the dampening red-blonde curls just above the tiny opening of my burning cunt.

Wrenching my mouth away from his I looked into Josh’s eyes so he could see what I wanted. Just as our gazes met, I felt his finger quickly flick at my hard clit. My body jerked, he laughed and touched it again, but this time instead of a flick he pressed his thumb against my clit and left it there. I could feel my pussy muscles throb as my clit grew even harder. With his thumb still in place, Josh took another finger and lightly traced the entrance to my cunt over and over, making tiny circles round and round my hot little love hole. I shrieked in pleasure, and shoved his tongue again into my mouth at the same time he finally thrust a finger deep into my dripping pussy. I came immediately—hard. My cunt juice practically squirted over Josh’s hand as my muscles contracted around his thick finger.

I closed my eyes, lying completely still on the lobby floor. The contractions of my orgasm were just subsiding when after a minute I realized that Josh was no longer on top of me. In confusion, I opened my eyes only to see him above me. Josh was now naked as well and straddling me, his perfectly shaven cock and balls positioned inches from my face. He reached down and began playing with my nipples, pinching the little reddening buds while he squeezed and pulled on my tits.

Not being able to wait a second longer, I stuck out my tongue and licked a sweet drip of pre-cum from the head of his dick. I scraped my tongue up and down the sides of his cock, loving the way his body jerked each time my wet tongue grazed each special spot. I licked over his sack too, taking his balls in my mouth one at a time, and then together, sucking lightly as I reached up and gently stroked his straining cock. It began to drip again, and this time I closed my lips over the head, enjoying the taste as I ran my tongue back and forth and up and down his shaft. I pushed his cock all the way down my throat, then back out again, sucking and licking as I went. Then I pulled back a little, squeezed his tight sack in my hand and licked again at his swollen head while my other hand gave his cock one last hard jerk. I stuck out my tongue and Josh grunted loudly as his cock squirted, spraying a stream of hot cum into my waiting mouth and almanbahis giriş onto my lips.

I sat back on the floor, and looked at Josh. I licking my lips to make sure I didn’t miss a drop. I smiled. You should have seen his dazed expression. “Aww, did you like that, sweetie?” I asked in my most condescending cutesie little voice. But my smile faded as I looked down to see Josh’s cock was still sticking straight up, hard as a rock.

Before I could conger another thought he grabbed me, shoving me hard, my bare tummy scraping the edge of the reception desk. He bent me over, and my bare ass facing him, spread my legs wide. One fist clenching my long hair and one around my middle, Josh slammed his cock into my cunt. I screamed at the sudden assault, instinctively trying to push him away. But he stayed still as stone inside me, just holding me there bent over the desk. I could feel his hot cock throb deep in my hole, and felt his breath warm on my ear. “You want me to fuck you now, babe? You want me to use you right here on this desk and blow my hot cum inside that begging cunt?” While he whispered, I felt his hand move down my stomach. He lightly pinched my clit before sliding his hand further between my widespread legs. His fingers passed my dripping pussy, still filled with this cock. Lower still, Josh spread my ass cheeks with his fingers and pressed his thumb against my tiny tight asshole. I moaned. Did he think I could actually answer at this point?

Josh began moving inside me, pushing his cock in and out of my cunt and pulling my naked body back against his with my hair wrapped around his hand. He started softly then harder, pumping in and out, his fingers still playing with my clit and asshole. His shoved a finger inside my ass and I screamed as I came again, my cum pouring out of my pussy, coating his cock and balls with my love juice.

Josh stopped, and pulled out of me. He turned me around, cupped my ass in his hands and lifted me up onto the desk. My back rested my back against something soft. Still in shock from my orgasm, I was limp, and I felt him lift my legs one at a time and bend them. He left me sitting like that on the desk, staring blankly at him; with my legs spread wide exposing my swollen hole to the cool air and to his heated gaze. He smiled. After a minute, Josh went down onto his knees in front of me and began licking all the wetness from my sore pussy. He took his time, licking over every inch of me drinking in every drop of my wetness until shoving his tongue inside me.

I couldn’t take it; I needed to feel more of this boy’s perfect fucking. I grabbed him, pulling his body back up in line with mine. Taking his cock in my hand I shoved him back inside me, and wrapped my arms around his hips. Grasping my ass cheeks in both hands Josh slammed into me one, two, three times. At almost the same moment we came, and I felt his cum shoot inside me, up into my belly. Josh moaned and his whole body seemed to spasm. I wrapped my arms tightly around his body as we slid to the floor, onto the blankets that he had laid out earlier that night.

Josh looked at me again with those puppy-dog eyes I had seen when I first walked into the hotel, but for only a split second. We both smiled. He kissed me, one sweet soft kiss on my lips and closed his eyes, beginning to snore almost immediately. Sated, I curled up next to him on the lobby floor, snuggling my body close to his. But right before I drifted off to sleep my eyes fell back onto the desk. The soft object I had been leaning against was a pile of towels labeled “Room 104.” I just giggle, laid my head against Josh’s chest, and fell into an exhausted slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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