Cheyenne’s Revenge Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 (The Revenge)

Whenever you get the chance, pick you fights. You have three things you are looking for: place, time, and resources. When I had all three, I launched my plan.

I knocked on their door at five past seven in the morning after their party. That was enough time for my targets to get into a deep sleep. Now I was going to wake them up. I knocked again. I could have picked the door, but as always, I wanted to give my opponents a chance to take the easy way out. I’m an unimpressive guy. In my jeans, boots, and old army jacket, I look like a working class stiff. On the fourth knock the door swung open.

“What the hell do you want?” he growled sleepily. He’s bare-chested and wearing pajama bottoms. He’s taller and broader in the chest. He is totally unprepared for me. “Hi. I’m a friend of Cheyenne’s. I would like you to do me a favor please. I would like you to hand over to me the tape and video you made of Cheyenne, including all copies. I would also like back her clothing. If you do this for me, I promise to leave you alone.” He laughed at me.

“You are a funny guy,” he said snidely. “Tell you what,” he grinned as he leant in over me, “you tell Cheyenne I am going to need a good dick cleaning after the fucking she got last night. Tell her to come around at noon. I’ll have her back to you around two.”

“Well,” I shrugged, “that was easy.” He laughed. I drove my fist into his Adam’s apple followed by a blow to the Solar Plexus. He folded up. When his chin was at the right level, I clocked him hard. I hit him so hard he came off the ground and tumbled in the hall. I stepped in and shut the door quietly. I put my sap up, pulled out the cuffs, rolled him onto this stomach, and then handcuffed his hands behind his back. I slapped some tape over his mouth. I took out the syringe and shot him in the ass. I’d done with him for now. That was one down.

I glided down the hall toward the bedroom. She was still sleeping, but I knew my knocking had brought her to the brink of wakefulness. I moved to her side of the bed. She was in a wife-beater and skimpy underwear – black with pink hearts. She was the way Cheyenne described her, shorter, but with a larger cup size and wider hips. Her ass looked plenty enticing too.

Back to work; I slapped my gloved hand over her mouth and pressed her forcefully down into her pillow. Her eyes flew open. First there was surprise, then anger, and finally when she didn’t recognize me, fear.

“Sierra, scream and I will cause you pain. Behave and you will come out of this okay. Do you agree?” She eyed me fearfully. “I will not sexually assault you. I don’t even want to hurt you. All I want you to do is help me with some things. Can you do this?” She nodded. I took off my hand. “Hello, I’m a friend of Cheyenne’s. I would like you to help me get the original and all copies of the tape and video concerning her. I would also like her clothing.” She stared fearfully. “You may speak,” I informed her.

“Are you going to hurt me?” “No,” I assured her. “That is not my intention at all. There is a matter of revenge to deal with, but we will get to that. Right now I need your help, now let’s get to it.” I helped her off the bed, staying close to her. “The tape is in the drawer,” she explained. “The video is still on the card. I don’t think there are any copies.”

“Thank you,” I said sincerely. She gave a shaky smile. It was beginning to dawn on her that I hadn’t hurt her when I clearly could have and I was being very direct and polite. In my experience, when you give someone a hope of getting out, they bend over backwards to help you. That is why you try never to lie unless you have to.

“Where is Joe?” she asked warily. It took her a while, but she got around to asking. “I had to knock him out,” I admitted. “Had he simply given me what I asked for, as you have done, I would have never entered into your life.” I took the tapes and video card. I kept the video cam. “Okay, where is the computer?”

“His, or mine?” “Both,” I told her. “Frankly, I’m of the opinion that since Joe recorded Cheyenne twice without her knowledge, he might also be doing something duplicitous to you too.” Cheyenne behaved pretty slutty, but Joe and Sierra didn’t have to destroy her life the way they did. It was overkill. Now, they might consider what they have done to be regrettable. They have to meet me professionally, and I have been employed by Cheyenne to exact revenge. I am not in the friend-making business.

“He wouldn’t do that,” Sierra insisted. I shrugged. She took me to his computer. “Password?” I asked. She told me. I did shit like this for a living and Joe didn’t. He was trying to hide something from his girlfriend, not someone dedicated to finding his secrets. It took me ten minute to find it. I showed it to Sierra. She looked like someone made her bite into a lemon. She glared over at Joe. “I’m afraid this is going to take longer than I hope Sierra, so I’m going to have to restrain you.” She looked fearfully at me. I take out a pair of plastic slip-ties. “Lie on the ground.” She did.

“Please,” bursa escort she begged. I hushed her softly. I bound her hands together first, then I went to work on her legs. When I was done, I pulled out a black hood. “Please, no,” she repeated. I told her it is going to be okay and slipped the bag over her head. She struggled a little, but not much. That was two down.

Joe got my attention once more. I took off his pants; drug him over to the sofa. I moved the sofa around so that it is back to the door. I bent Joe over it. I pulled out four lengths of cord. I secured his arms and legs so that he was bent over and spread eagle. I put a hood over his head. I doubt his ass had ever been penetrated. I gave it a little slap as I got about my work. I called Cheyenne and told her to come over here. I told her there will be a package waiting for her. She was to put on what she found in it. She was nervous, so I promised her it will be alright.

Now I headed out to my car and brought in my two bags and my laptop. First I burned his computer. No one was getting anything off that computer ever again. I studied the room and figured out the eight best places to set up the cameras to get the perfect panoramic view. I cut them on and studied the pictures on the laptop. I liked what I saw. I did a sound test and was satisfied. The cameras were hidden as best I could. I hid the laptop and checked my ties. I looked at my watch and seeing that it is almost time, I went back to Sierra and pulled off her hood. She blinked, but when she saw me she relaxed somewhat.

“Okay, I am going to cut you free. Play along and you will be alright. I promise not to harm you, or have sex with you without your permission. I keep my word.” Her feet and hands came free. “Joe? What have you done to him?” she gasped when she saw what I’ve done to him. “He’s perfectly fine. He should recover,” I looked at my watch, “in about an hour. That gives us plenty of time for what is to come.” Sierra looked at me warily. “You and Cheyenne are going to work out a solution to her dilemma.”

“What is she going to do?” “She is probably going to have sex with you. I imagine it will be something similar to the party you threw for her last night.” She blanched. “You can’t believe that you would get away with this scot-free.” Sierra gulped. “Her sex with you was one of her more memorable moments. You are not the agent of her troubles after all. Joe is. Had Joe given me what I asked, he wouldn’t be over the chair and you wouldn’t have had to been taken from your bed.”

“Now I am going to show you something.” I throw up the screen on her computer. I click on a file and the video comes on in its entire splendor. Sierra gasped “I didn’t,” she pleaded, tears in the eyes and about to cry.

“I know. They were in a secret directory. If you ever deleted his files, he had others hidden on yours. This is the type of man you are dealing with. He’s sneaky.” Tears streaked her face, a classical response to betrayal. “I have to destroy your computer too. I am sorry about this.” She sobbed as I took her computer over and removed the hard drive. I squirted acid over the heart of the system. I had just murdered most of her life, and she’s glared hate at the unconscious Joe.

I was massaging the last signs of the restraints from Sierra’s ankles when the faint knock on the door came. “Come on,” I said, offering Sierra a hand up. I pulled a mask out of my jacket pocket once we were in the hallway. It was Cheyenne at the door, with a beautiful half-mask I had left for her. She stepped in, uncertain of situation.

“Sierra, do not use Cheyenne’s name. Anything else will do. Now let’s get started.” I took Sierra and Cheyenne by the arm led them into the living area. I started up a conversation, asking how the two ladies are. I asked about last night. We closed on the second sofa, standing next to the center section. “What should I do?” Sierra asked with caution. “I think the Lady should decide,” I said, indicating Cheyenne with a nod of my head. I could see Cheyenne making some sort of calculations.

“Strip,” she commanded Sierra, “shirt first.” Sierra took her shirt and slowly lifted it over her head, her breasts jiggling free from its grip with a healthy bounce. They were better than I imagined, with large, brown areolas and darker nipples as thick as the tip of my pinky. I could see them starting to stiffen in arousal. She’s a DD alright. The shirt came off and fell to the floor. She slid her hands down her hips, palms against her flesh building up a sensual tension. Her fingers slipped inside the underwear’s elastic band. She hesitated. She looked to me, but I remained impassive. She moved her gaze to Cheyenne. Cheyenne’s tongue peeked out and licked her upper lip. Sierra took that as a good sign, gave a frightened smile, and began tugging the underwear down. The pubic area was nicely trimmed, with a small V pointing to her puffy lips. She bent over; her tits swaying seductively as she took one leg and then the other out of her panties.

Cheyenne was eating it up. Sierra’s bursa escort bayan arms haphazardly moved up to cover her breasts.

“No,” Cheyenne ordered. “I want to see them.” She reached out and held one of Sierra’s breasts in her hand, weighing it, stroking it, and finally moved up and pinched one of her nipples. Sierra had a quick intake of breath. “Come here,” Cheyenne said softly, almost lovingly. Sierra stepped forward. “Kneel.” Sierra knelt down in front of Cheyenne. “Lift up my skirt.” Sierra reached out with both hands and slowly pushed the short, black skirt up. I already knew that Cheyenne was clean shaven, but it was still giving me a thrill to see it. “Touch me. Lick my cunt,” Cheyenne purred. Sierra needed no urging. She leaned forward, extended her tongue and started lapping up and down her labia. Her left hand snaked around to gasp Cheyenne’s butt cheek. Her right hand moved up Cheyenne’s leg and began moving a finger inside her wet hole.

“Ah,” Cheyenne panted. She reached up with one hand and starts massaging one breast, pinching her nipple. Her other hand went down to Sierra’s head, kneading her hair and gently pushing in when Sierra hit a sweet spot. Sierra really started getting into it. I thought it was time for me to do something, so I moved up beside Cheyenne and slipped her top off. She kissed me full on the lips, her tongue strong and hungry. I pinched her other nipple before I stepped back. It was time for me to take my own clothes off.

Sierra was really getting into it. She’s had gotten three fingers inside Cheyenne and was pumping furiously. All the while, she was licking her slit and biting her clit. Cheyenne was going wild. Her C cup breasts were rapidly rising and falling. I knelt down beside the two women, whispering into Sierra’s ear.

“Do you want me to get you off?” Sierra moaned and rocked her head as much as she could while still keeping her lips locked to Cheyenne’s clit. I ran my hand down the curve of Sierra’s spine, smoothly moving down the crease of her buttocks. I teased her sphincter with a slight push. That earned me a guttural groan. My hand moved farther down until I traced a line along Sierra’s dripping cunt. I slipped one finger in, then two. I pushed up slowly, but steadily. I pumped a few times, slipping a third finger in and she bucked slightly against my hand, driving me in even deeper. I slipped my hand out and she whimpered, but I was not intending to leave her wanting. I lined up my third, wet finger against her asshole and start gently pushing up. There is some resistance, but when I slipped in I rapidly push up to the third knuckle. My other two fingers slipped deep into her pussy and my thumb pushed against her clit.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh,” Sierra grunted as she spasms on my hand. Cheyenne was racing ahead of her toward climax though. She arched back and screamed. I was happy those walls were so good at baffling sound. If they weren’t the cops would have been there last night. I was comfortable that we would remain undisturbed. Cheyenne collapsed back on the sofa. I was left frigging Sierra who went forward on her hands, doggy style. I picked up my pace as her breathing increased. I wiggled my fingers and she grunted again. Her moan became one steady note and I sensed she’s ready. I reached back and smacked her across her ass.

“Ah!” she gasped, her head popping up, her shoulder-length brunette hair flying around. Her first orgasm hit her. Her cunt and asshole clamp down on my fingers, sucking them in. “Oh God!”, she gasped. As she shook uncontrollably, I rested my spare hand on her back, rubbing it up and down her lower spine. “Good girl,” I cooed to her. I admired my handprint on her ass as I did so. We were far from done.

“Get up here,” Cheyenne commanded, “I want to taste you.” Cheyenne reclined on the sofa. I helped up Sierra and moved her around to the 69 position. Sierra slowly lowered her hips onto Cheyenne’s waiting lips. Cheyenne immediately started to lick up and down her slit, using the tip of her tongue to tease the clit before licking down to her puckered asshole.

“Oh, yes,” panted Sierra. I stroked Sierra’s hair. She looked over at me, clearly confused by my affection. She looked at my stiff member, thick and long, then back at me. Balancing on one hand, she reached for my tool. I caught her wrist and shook my head.

“I’m here for you two. There will be time for this soon enough.” The look of surprise on her face was priceless. Not too many guys are patient when it comes to sex. I still had work to do so I pushed Sierra’s head down to Cheyenne’s familiar pussy. Sierra dug in with gusto and soon they are both lapping and sucking with wild abandon. That gave me time to reach into my bag. I pulled out the two vibrators and a bottle of lube. I liberally coated each one. That done, I snuck around to Cheyenne, got her attention and handed her the item. Without hesitation, she began working it in to Sierra’s ass. It is much bigger than my finger and Sierra bucked.

“Oh!” There was a reason why I brought two. I came around to Sierra escort bursa and presented her with her own vibrator. She turned it on and she started working it into Cheyenne’s ass. Cheyenne wiggled and moaned. They were pumping each other as they ate each other out. Cheyenne had her second orgasm seconds later. Sierra doesn’t let up and within a minute, Cheyenne orgasms a third time.

“Give it a moment,” I whispered to Sierra. I use one hand to cup her jaw and the other pulled out the vibrator from Cheyenne. Sierra looked at me clearly in need. I leaned in and kissed her on her lips. I worked my way down the side of her face, to her ear, and then her neck. I nipped and bit my way along. I put my hands between the two women, picked a breast on each and begin caressing their hard nipples. Sierra’s breath was becoming more ragged and she was tossing her head from side to side. I leaned into her.

“Kiss me,” I said and she does. Our tongues fought for dominance and I was there inside her when Sierra orgasms for the second time that morning. She collapsed on top of Cheyenne. I gently picked her up and laid her out farther down the couch, on her stomach. I checked on Cheyenne. She was covered in Sierra’s love juice, but had this fulfilled expression on her face. I let the women catch their breaths. I went to the kitchen and got them each a tall glass of water. There was still more to do. I gave Cheyenne a glass first then settled in beside Sierra. I helped her drink hers. I gently stroked Sierra’s hair, back and buttocks and she started purring. I waited for Cheyenne to prop herself up on her elbows before going to the next step.

“I’ll be right back,” I said to Sierra. “Get some rest.” She wiggled and closed her eyes. I did glide over to my toy box and got my next two instruments of vengeance. I came around to Cheyenne; helped her attach the strap on vibrator, covered it with lube, and motioned her to give me a moment with Sierra. I took that time to move back to Sierra’s side.

“Let me help you up,” I soothingly said to her. I helped her to her hands and knees, but kept her eyes upon me. I put my hand on her chin and kiss her deeply and fully. I pulled her in as Cheyenne moved up behind her. Sierra knows she’s there, but it totally surprised when Cheyenne hammered the vibrator’s seven inches into her pussy. . “God! Fuck!” she gasped. Cheyenne started giving it to her in sharp, abrupt strokes that plunged deep into her. Cheyenne’s grip on her hips was tight. Sierra’s luscious ass rippled with each thrust. “Uh, uh, uh,” Sierra and Cheyenne panted together. “Take it, you Bitch!” growled Cheyenne. “Take it!”

“Oh God!” Sierra groaned. “Give it to me, you Cunt. I dare you. Make me cum.” Cheyenne started spanking Sierra’s ass in time with her strokes. Had I not already been standing at attention that would have done it for me. The vibrator was rubbing against Cheyenne’s clit; as it stretched Sierra out, it was stimulating Cheyenne as well.

“Lean over her and take hold of a breast,” I suggested to Cheyenne. She gave me a wicked grin and did just that, pulling and pinching Sierra’s tit. Sierra was racing to another orgasm, but I was worried that Cheyenne would beat her there. I picked up the dildo Cheyenne had used on her earlier. When Cheyenne pulled back for another stroke, I plunged it into Sierra’s ass. Sierra exploded.

“FUUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!” Sierra gushed all over Cheyenne with such force it rocked her back. That was enough for Cheyenne. She slammed the strap on as deep as she could into Sierra’s pussy and cried out herself. Her back bowed and she howled up at the ceiling. Cheyenne then collapsed back on her heels and slumped against the back of the sofa. Sierra fell forward.

“I can’t move,” moaned Sierra blissfully. I retrieved the other toy. I moved it up so she could see what it was. “Are you sure? It is your turn now, if you want to do it to her.” Sierra regarded her strap on, first with awe and then hunger.

“Let me catch my breath,” she wheezed as she pushed herself up on all fours. I put the strap on down and went to Cheyenne who was staring at the strap on and me. She looked fascinated by it. I moved Cheyenne around so that she was on her back, her feet facing toward Sierra. That had both girls confused. Sierra sat up and I brought the strap on to her. When I had fixed it in place, Sierra tapped the vibrator head several times and giggled. She cut it on and the device began rubbing against her clit. She gasped. I kept Sierra on the sofa.

“Approach her on your knees,” I instructed. Sierra did as I asked. When I started lifting Cheyenne’s legs up and apart, they both figured out what was going to happen.

“Come here, you slut,” Sierra snarled. “Give me that vibrator,” she told me. I obliged. First Sierra began pushing Cheyenne’s legs back farther and farther until she had easy access to both ass and pussy. She rubbed the vibrating strap on against her pussy without putting it in. Cheyenne bit her lip and looked at Sierra with the passion of a feral beast. Sierra mirrored that. “Take it like a whore,” whispered Sierra. Cheyenne nodded. Sierra now had pushed Cheyenne’s legs so far back that her knees were pressing into her breasts. Still Sierra teased her slit and clit. Cheyenne shuttered and came so strong she squirted into Sierra’s crotch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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