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Alex sighed and ran a hand through her long blue hair. She had no other options but to do what he wanted or lose her apartment.

“So, what do you say? Your ass, and you keep your lifestyle and home? Or lose everything and go running to daddy… Again”? Michael’s words cut like razor; it was true she didn’t want to rely on her father it always broke her mentally when he would go on one of his rants about her unwise spending.

“Fine… I’ll let you.” The tattooed beauty sighed.

Michael smiled and said, ” Let me what”? He enjoyed playing with his stepsister and was going to make her regret not giving in sooner.

“I’ll let you fuck my ass…” She trailed off, it was her last virgin hole, and she didn’t want to think about the pain she was waiting to endure. Michael stood up and dropped a stack of five grand on her coffee table.

“Want to do it here or in another room”? He asked.

“My bedroom.” She sighed again, getting up to lead him. Once in the dark room, Alex began removing her clothes and climbing onto the bed, exposing her dozens of tattoos and unseen piercings to the world. His grin became more prominent as he followed suit.

“Such a lovely work of art.” Michael stated, while running a hand over her inked body. He then began removing his own clothes and Alex gasped at the site of him. In the thirteen years she had known him, she had never seen him wear anything but a nice suits and fancy sweaters. However, looking at his exposed flesh she couldn’t help but admire his numerous tattoos, (he had more than her, by far), and chiseled frame.

“Like what you see”? He laughed. Alex just nodded as she traced the howling wolf on his left bicep. He looked beautiful to her, and seeing his exposed artwork set her a little more at ease for what was to come. She let out a gasp, as he removed his pants and revealed his massive eleven-inch cock, already hard, she had never seen one so big.

” Can we have regular sex before you get to my ass”? She smiled, gripping his cock in her hand and stroking it a couple of times. He smiled and lowered his lips to her mouth. Taking her in a deep kiss. He joined her on the bed and moved Alex to the center before breaking their kiss.

“I’ll be generous… What do you want me to do first”? He asked, letting his fingers tease her entrance.

“Taste me.” She let out loving the feel of his experienced hand. Michael licked his lips and began kissing her knee and inner thigh. She placed her hands on the back of his head to guide him to her sweet center. Michael took the message and lowered his mouth to her mound and slid his middle finger slowly into her entrance.

“AAAHHHH!” Alex let out and wrapped one of her long legs around his head, forcing him to suck her clit between his teeth and bite down, gently. Causing her to buck her hips upward into his mouth. Michael grinned to himself, and added a second finger to her body, then began pumping her entrance in long, rapid strokes, as his tongue flicked over her spot. Alex was soon writhing underneath him, her hands buried deep in his long blonde hair. His green eyes locked on her chest and güvenilir bahis head while his hand and mouth worked feverishly to finish Alex. “

OH FUCK!” She soon let out and raised her ass off the bed, cumming, for what she now hoped wasn’t the only time this night.

“My turn…” Michael proclaimed, leaning back and removing his hand from her swollen and dripping love tunnel. “I’m still going to fuck that perfect ass, before all is said and done. But I think that pussy needs a little more attention; don’t you agree”? He grinned.

Alex just nodded and once again spread her legs invitingly wide to accommodate his large frame. Alex then slowly pulled him on top of her and teased the tip of his manhood by rubbing her swollen clit against it, “Please… be gentle…” she whispered, her voice somewhat cracked. He pressed his lips to hers and slid his tongue back into her waiting mouth. She moaned, loving the taste of her own sweet nectar on his lips, and allowing his appendage to wrestle against her own. She soon gasped into his mouth, as his massive cock entered her body. Slowly pushing his way into her snatch. He groaned at her tightness engulfing him. Her walls welcoming his girth by forcing him deeper inside of Alex. Michael desperately wanted to pound into her eager heat, but he was able to control the urge, and maintain his composure. After a few agonizing moments of pushing against each other, while each tried to hold back from their release, Michael broke their kiss and sat up on his knees, his prick now buried balls deep inside of Alex.

“I’m going… to try to… be as smooth as… I can be,” he let out, trying not to focus on their joined centers. Alex nodded, smiled and clamped down on her stomach muscles forcing a strangled moan out of his throat. Michael wrapped an arm around her body and flipped the two of them over so that Alex was on top. He lowered his mouth to her nipples and sucked the pierced digit into his mouth and began thrust his hips into her, causing Alex to throw her head back and let out a loud moan. He wasn’t being as gentle as she had hoped, but that didn’t matter anymore, as they were both close to release and his dick started to ram into her with fast, deep jabs. She wrapped her arms around him and tried to tighten her grip on his shaft, to no avail. The tighter she got, the harder he went, filling her hole with his gigantic prick. Soon he felt his peak nearing and grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling his mouth off her chest and slamming deep into her, Michael exploded deep inside her womb, “AAAAAAHHHHHHH!” Alex screamed, as her second orgasm hit, and she felt her juices cover his cock in a wave of pleasure. Michael laid back against the bed and pulled Alex close to his chest. He was still inside of her, and truthfully didn’t want to leave her body.

“Ready… for the Main Event”? He let out, while squeezing her left ass cheek.

“That depends on if you can get hard again.” Alex laughed. “Oh, trust me… that won’t be an issue.” He slowly pulled his meat out of her, placed a pillow underneath her chest and got behind Alex.

“Lift your ass in the air and spread your güvenilir bahis siteleri cheeks.” Alex did as he said and could feel her nervousness slowly creep up again.

She wasn’t sure she wanted to do this, but after what just happened between the two of them, she was eager to try, “Again… Please be gentle. I’ve never even played with my asshole.” She informed him.

“Don’t worry… I’ll make sure you love it,” he quipped. Michael began by rubbing her puckered hole with his thumb. Causing her to choke inward at the foreign touch.

“Relax… I’ll ease into it.” Alex could feel her heart beating and tensed up, every muscle in her body hardened and locked against his words.

“Oh sweetie… you really need to trust me; I’ve done this more than a few times. The pain is always intense, but once you get used to it, you will beg for more.” He said, trying to reassure Alex. She tried to calm her body, telling herself it was just sex, and no different than losing her virginity. The thought of her first time eased her tension somewhat, but far from completely. Michael grinned and pressed his digit into her uneasy asshole, causing a scream to exit her lungs,

“Remember what you said when I first suggested our arrangement”? He smiled. Alex nodded slowly; her brown eyes tightly shut.

“Say it again.” He continued, as he forced half his thumb up her ass.

“Ahh! Kiss my… ass,” she replied, quietly.

“A little more venom would be nice.” He accentuated his words by forcing his digit all the way inside of her.

“AAAHHHH! KISS MY ASS!” She let out, almost hatefully. He then ripped his thumb from her, and slammed his mouth against her rectum, his tongue lapping and pressing into Alex. The alien feeling of his warm mouth against her hole was both bizarre and welcoming to the gothic beauty. Her body eased a little more and she slightly pressed back against his tongue, causing the tip to enter her tightness. Michael took the hint and pressed forward, forcing his way into the unlubricated exit hole, loving the way her ass juices tasted. “MMM.” She let out at the treatment, her body becoming used to the invasion. He stuck his tongue as deep as it would go, lapping and gently massaging her inner anal cavity until he felt she was ready for more. He soon pulled away and licked his lips.

“You can’t imagine how long I have wanted this,” he said, straightening himself to line her asshole up with his thick monster. Alex watched nervously, but anxiously, waiting for the deep penetration that was promised to follow.

Michael took his large member in his hand and pressed it against her tightest hole, causing Alex to wince in pain as he entered her body for a second time, with an overwhelming amount of pressure on her bowels. Her body tried to fight the invasion, but he pushed forward, sliding deeper into Alex.

“Rub your pussy, it’ll help.” He said, huskily.

Alex did as he commanded, and feverishly started fingering her clit. Michael smiled and continued moving inward. Her walls still tightened around his shaft, but her body slowly became more receptive to his size. The sound of her iddaa siteleri moans and pushing against him ever so slightly, let him know, she wasn’t hating it as much as she thought. Soon, he was stuffed balls deep in her ass and trying to control the urge to slam into her, “I don’t think I can hold back for much longer, sweetie.” Michael said, gritting his teeth. As to whether Alex was enjoying her anal lesson or not, she squeezed her cheeks as much as possible and slowly grinding her hips against Michael. Causing a sharp hiss to escape his mouth. Forcing Michael to, once again, fight the urge to slam wildly into her.

“Baby… don’t do that!” He grunted through his teeth and grabbed her waist. Alex smiled to herself as she got used to his invasion. Michael swallowed hard and grunted, before slowly pulling almost all the way out, leaving only the head of his cock in her asshole. Alex squeezed tighter around his thickness, trying to stop the emptiness her backdoor suddenly experienced.

“Enjoying yourself, huh”? He laughed,

“What do you want, Alex”? Michael smiled as his fingers trail down her spine.

“FUCK ME!” She let out.

“Right… like this”? He slowly slid his thickness back into her.

“Harder!” Alex demanded as she grit her teeth together.

“So, like this”? Michael let his words trail off, and pulled almost all the way out again, before swiftly slamming back into the tattooed goddess.

“Oh god,” she let out ignoring the pain still lingering in her ass.

He took the hint and started to quickly thrust into her body, fucking her in long, hard strides, while delivering stinging slaps to her thighs and ass cheeks. Alex had started rubbing more feverishly than before, now wanting to cum with him again. Michael noticed and moved his right hand between her legs and started pinching and massaging her clit, causing Alex to push him deeper into her ass.

As the sound of their moans filled the room, Michael soon felt his peak nearing, and removed his hand from her dripping snatch, “AAHHH!” Alex let out in frustration, not wanting to lose the contact. He placed the hand on the top of her shoulder and picked up the pace, forcing Alex to rise onto her hands to match his penetration, she could feel her own orgasm coming. After a few more thrusts, Michael let out a loud howl and coated her insides with his seed, sending her over the edge with a scream that Michael was sure could be heard in the streets. After the last few thrusts, Alex pried herself off his cock and laid on her side, breathing heavily the room smelled like sex and cum, and her sheets were soaked in their sweat.

“Come here, big guy,” she huffed, pulling Michael towards her and wrapping his arms around her naked frame.

“So, how long have you wanted to do this to me”? Alex asked, as she traced one of his tattoos with her finger.

“I don’t know… just in the last ten years I realized I needed to have you.” His voice was cracked and hoarse.

“Was it worth the wait”? She smiled.

“Absolutely, better than I could have expected. Now let’s get some rest. I have a flight tomorrow.” He trailed off, squeezing her tightly and wrapping the two of them with the comforter she had thrown on the floor.

“We’ll so it again sometime…” She quipped, rolling over and kissing his cheek, then curling up in his embrace and closing her eyes.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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