Choices Ch. 03


The Choice. (The best and worst year of my life.)

Part 3.

The break up.

Stage 1-The plot

A week had passed since I watched and helped Kim with her seduction of my brother Brandon. We watched his reactions during this week and found that while he did continue to see Stella and even moved into the “Serious” stage of the relationship, he seemed more then a little out of sorts and to our delight he was up late nights. We thought he was waiting for the deviless to return.

During this week Kim had become a constant figure at my house. More times then not she slept, ate and hung out here with me. One morning, one week exactly to the day after Kim had finally had Brandon we listened while first mom and then dad and finally Brandon all left for their jobs and got to work.

Kim had dressed in a pair of blue jeans, black combat boots and a T-shirt for the band “Disturbed” and was sitting at my vanity applying her make-up. I was on the other end of the room looking through my closet for something to wear when Kim looked into the vanity at me and cleared her throat.

“I have been thinking more about our problem and we need to tackle it on two fronts.” She asked thoughtfully.

“And those would be?” I replied.

“Getting between Stella and Brandon won’t be easy. One of the first things we need to do is get his attention on someone else besides her.” Kim replied as she applied her eye make-up. “As long as he is under her…well I would say thumb, but I think that covers it. Under her, we don’t stand much of a chance.”

“We are going in circles again Kim. We know that already.” I said sadly. This was looking more and more like a lost cause.

“What if the deviless continues to visit him?” Kim asked softly with a little purr in her voice. “Think about it. Every night. In his bed. In his car. At work. At the shop. He is so fixated on who this woman is, he will forget all about Stella and her bed.”

“My god, your a devious one.” I mused with a little smile on the corners of my lips. “What do we do about Stella herself?”

“We could always get her to cheat and let Brandon catch her.” Kim said thoughtfully as she finished the thick Gothic make-up around her eyes.

“I would rather not hurt my brother in all of this.” I mused. “But, letting HER find him with someone else. Now THAT has possibilities.”

“But who?” Kim said with a little smile playing on her lips. “I could go for another ride.”

“Keep your mind on the task at hand. I think I have the perfect person.” I said and flashed her a wide mischievous grin.

The day after I meant to set my plan in motion, but a unexpected event would shake the very foundation of our lives. It almost tore everything we had build apart and would lead directly to the scariest moment of my life, but we are getting ahead of ourselves. Two days following Kim and I deciding what to do the door bell rang and I walked through the living room to open the door and squealed.

“UNCLE RANDY!” I squealed.

At the door stood my mothers brother Randell with his wife Catherine and their two young children. Randy was the tallest of his family at 6’5 with broad shoulders and even in his early forties he had a youthful look about him. He had blond hair now touched with Grey at the temples and the deepest blue eyes. Catherine was a short woman at 5’1, and she looked completely tiny standing next to her massive husband. She was seven years younger, with blond hair and light green eyes. She could have been part of our brood, she looked so much like the Jenson clan.

“Theres my niece!” He roared and pulled me into a huge bear hug and spun me around the living room while I giggled like a little girl.

When he set me down I saw mom standing at the doorway of the kitchen in her black slacks and her nice blouse fresh from work. Mom had a strange smile on her face, it was soft and almost gentle. Her own blond hair was hanging down around her face. Seven years younger then her only sibling.

“Hey Randy.” She said softly.

Uncle Randy looked over at the sound of the voice and both he and Catherine smiled wide but before he could cross the room to greet her Brandon came running down the stairs at the sound of Uncle Randy’s rumbling greeting for me. Now, anyone else who had seen my massive brother running at them full speed would wince away, but not uncle Randy. Uncle Randy was more then big enough to catch him and stop him dead in his tracks. The two men embraced and I saw my mother smile in that strange way of hers.

And then of course, all hell broke loose. From the door near the entrance to the kitchen where my mother stood my father was standing slack jawed. Had he just stayed in that poise, then everything would have been fine, but I watched as the lines on his forehead began to crease and his lips curled in that mixture of hatred and blind fury.

My father then let out a series of expletives that I won’t even attempt bursa eskort to repeat. My mother paled, Catherine stood there slack jawed at the things her husband was being called in front of their children. Randy just stood still with his eyes downcast and took it. The only one who wasn’t to shocked, was Brandon.

Brandon turned and locked his eyes on our father and his lips curled back into a snarling expression that I had never seen on his face before. It was bestial, mildly psychotic, and our father should have heeded it. Dad crossed the room and continued to yell profanities and then poked Uncle Randy in the chest and demanded.

“Who gave you permission to show your despicable face here?” He demanded.

Randy lifted his head to answer, but my father had lost all sense of reason. He doubled up a fist and threw a inexperienced punch a punch that traveled all of 6 inches before his hand was covered by the large mitt of my brother. For the first time Brandon and our father locked eyes and something passed between them.

“Walk away Tom.” Brandon hissed. “I may put up with how you treat me, but I will be damned if I allow you to treat the one person in this world who always treated me like I mattered that way. This is your only warning.”

The tone Brandon used. The force in his words. It sent a shiver down my spine and I would feel the inside of my body heat up. My little brother wasn’t a boy anymore. He had grown into a man. Strong. Confident. Proud and willing to defend those he loves. That was the last time I saw Brandon Jenson, as my brother.

Our father stammered a reply that never came and then turned and made a beeline for the office he had come out of and slammed the door. The silence that dominated the room wasn’t so much broken, as it was shattered by the sudden exclamation of a 9 year old boy who yelled.

“You are so awesome Cousin!” Jonathan, Randy’s youngest yelled.

Jonathan ran around his father and hugged Brandon’s leg. His older sister Jasmine giggled at her little brothers sudden exclamation and this, of course, caused everyone else to laugh. Brandon leaned down and picked up Jonathan and held him up with one arm.

All I could do was stand and stare at the man who had finally been revealed to me and think about the world. The rules and the Taboo’s. The world told me that what I was feeling is “unclean”, that it is a “horrible” thing. Even to the point of being a crime, but I ask now what I asked myself then. Is love a crime? Or is true love blind?

Uncle Randy broke my all consuming thoughts by clearing his throat, but when I looked up he wasn’t looking at me. He was looking at my mother. At that moment something passed between them.

“Monica, can you help me in the kitchen?” My mom asked quickly.

“Yeah, I need to borrow your brother anyway.” Randy added just as quickly. “We need to find a good hotel in the area.”

I gave Brandon one last look as he turned and began to talk to Uncle Randy and Catherine and felt my cheeks begin to flush a bit. This was a whole new side of me, and to tell the truth, I kind of liked it. I was falling in love with him, and part of me dreaded that, but another part of me just smiled and purred like a happy and content kitten.

Once they were gone I turned and followed mom into the kitchen. For a woman who had called me into the kitchen, mom sure seemed like she didn’t want to talk. She stood with her back to me cleaning the sink, and then cleaning it again.

“Is there something wrong mom?” I asked.

“Why would something be wrong?” She asked, a bit too quickly for my taste.

“Well, considering your cleaning the same patch of sink three times now and….your face is beat red.” I exclaimed as my turned around.

“Leave it alone Monnie. Please, leave it alone.” My mom pleaded.

I couldn’t put my finger on it yet, but something was definitely wrong in the Jenson household.


I felt that blind rage at Tom all the way down the driveway. Randy had always been good to me, and I would be damned if I sat by and allowed that to happen. I climbed into the Camaro and took off down the street with the red minivan in my rear view. The drive helped to calm me down, When we pulled up to the hotel and parked Catherine took the kids in to register and Randy motioned for me to take a little walk with him. For a time, he said something until finally he looked over at me and smiled.

“Thank you for stepping in with your father.” Randy said softly. “But, next time let me handle it. There are factors involved in all of this my boy, that are far beyond your ability to understand.”

“Try me” I said with a little tone to my voice. “After everything he has done to me, I think I deserve to know.”

Though he never turned his face to face me, I felt as if he was staring directly at me. Like a guilty child with his hand in the cookie jar. For a time he was silent and then he sighed and shook his head.

“I’m sorry Brandon.” bursa escort bayan He whispered. “I love you like you were my own son, you know that, but some secrets are best left untold. Sorry Brandon.”

With a pat to the shoulder Randy turned and headed into the hotel. It was then I realized that I had no idea why they were in town. Uncle Randy avoided coming here like the plague. Something was definitely up.

This was the last moment of piece I would have for the next two full weeks.


We put our plan into motion the next night. Brandon came home from work late in the evening after spending five hours working on a woman’s back, showered and went straight to bed. Kim and I laid in bed pretending to be asleep and listened to Mom and Dad talk downstairs. More then once we caught the word “Brother” and I thought I heard my mom say “We can’t let them repeat.”

Kim and I flipped a coin over who would get the first turn and I had to suppress a scream of happiness when I won the toss. The only real problem I had was that we both agreed to start slow and with mom and dad in the house, I wouldn’t be able to do what I wanted with him, but still, I sent a chill go down my spine at the mere thought of feeling his flesh again.

When we heard the silence of the house I nodded to her and donned the deviless mask. This time I allowed my blond hair to fan out around my face and neck. It would be dark enough to cover the color and I wanted to look my sexiest for him. My lover. My brother. My love.

We both decided that when in private like this, we wouldn’t don the rest of the costume. So I crept into Brandon’s room in nothing but the mask. For a moment I paused at the threshold and stared at him. He was on his back with the sheet covering from the waist down. And his face turned away from me. Silently I crossed the room and pulled the black curtain fully closed causing what little light was in the room to die, then standing no more then five feet from his bed I called very, very softly.


“Hmm?” Brandon stirred slightly, but didn’t awaken.

“Brandon, my love. I need you.” I whispered and with a shutter of longing I realized it was completely true. My god, I was falling in love with my own brother!

I heard the sheets rustle and his soft voice appeared.

“Whose there?” Brandon said sharply, but at the same time, very very softly.

“Me beloved.” I whispered.

I crossed the room and when I felt my thigh hit the gentleness of the mattress I slid my hand across the sheet until I came to his stomach. His body flinched at the sudden touch but I slid my hand up his flat stomach to the curve of his peaks and them down his arm until I came to his hand. Then I lifted the hand and placed it to the mask.

Brandon sucked in a deep hissing breath and I smiled inwardly when I realized it was a hiss of lust. He knew the mask just by the shape. His fingertips trailed down by throat and that touch became very gentle when he realized there was no costume. That I was naked. I felt his thumb run over my nipple and it immediately hardened and I moaned.

“Shhh.” He said firmly and then his hand grabbed my waist and pulled until I fell on the bed next to him. Like the first time, I was puddy in his hands. He was so strong and knew what he wanted. His fingertips began to roam over the length of my body, searching, learning. “I have a houseful tonight my deviless, you cannot moan like that. It may wake up my sister.”

“Brandon.” I whispered and forced myself to take control. If I let this continue, I would let him fuck me anyway he wanted and would beg for more. I would bit the pillow if he commanded it of me. I would swallow his cum, let him dump it on my face, or bury it in my ass, but I couldn’t allow that. “Do you want me?” I asked in that mysterious tone.

“You know I do.” He said softly and leaned back as I pushed on his chest. “I have been waiting.”

“Then you must take what I give you.” When he went to protest I placed my fingertip to his lips. “Shhh my handsome phantom soon you will have it all and more, but it must be my way. Will you do that for me Brandon? Will you give control of yourself to me….as I did to you?”

I held my breath in the silence and was suddenly scared he would refuse. Brandon was proud and a hell of a man and he knew it, but to my surprise and endless happiness he just whispered.

“Yes.” He whispered. “For you. Yes.”

With a happy whimper I slid my hand down to the sheet and pulled it back. My hand them closed around the flesh of his rock hard cock. No boxers. Slowly I began to stroke up and down, gently and carefully. Before I did anything leaned up and whispered in his ear.

“Brandon….when you learn the truth…remember this moment. I am soaking wet just touching you. You did this to me, and I wanted it to happen. Know my Brandon, I am yours.”

And then I shifted down and wrapped my lips around that beautiful cock. görükle escort My lips stretched so full around the girth as I began to slurp up and down. The sounds of my sucking filled the room. I spared no sound for him. Every slurp was heard in his room. When I went deeper, every small choke was heard in his room.

My eyes snapped open suddenly and I moaned loudly into that cock. He had broken my rules and was now burying two fingers deep into my pussy as I worshiped his cock. My body tried to ride his hand, No, his body. I was his, completely. It took all my will power to reach down and pull his hand away.

“W…wait.” He moaned as I did this, but I simply began to go deeper and bob faster. That hand that had been buried in my pussy seconds before was now gripping the sheet. The other hand came to my hair, not as a hold, but as a gentle caress. This only spurred me on more. I bobbed my head faster and harder, working hard to get that cock into my throat and when I finally popped that head past the entrance his back arched off the bed and he groaned.

“Baby….i’m gonna…your gonna make me….” he pleaded, trying to warn me, but I would be damned if I stopped now. I didn’t just want this, I needed this. I had never swallowed a man’s cum before but I wanted him to be the first.

With that cock now being able to enter my throat I began to go from the head down to the base. Into my throat and out of my throat over and over again. He tries again to warn me, but I only sped up again. His scream was muffled by what I assumed was a pillow or his fist and he launched a torrent of cum into my throat.

I drank it down greedily all the while gagging and choking on the amount. Once I had swallowed the last of it I pulled my head up and suddenly his hand grabbed my hair, not roughly, but still.

“Stay.” He whispered.

“I can’t baby. Not yet.” I pleaded. God, I wanted to stay so bad, my whole body ached.

Kim then hit the wall, pretending to be me and the shock was enough to make him release my hair and I slid from the bed. When I heard his voice again, it almost broke my heart.

“Please…stay. I….i never felt like this.” Brandon pleaded.

My heart leapt into my throat and I wanted nothing more then to leap into his arms, but he wasn’t ready yet. More still needed to be done. So I simply reached out and gently caressed the top of his head.

“Be patient my Brandon. And be strong.” I whispered and then added suddenly. “Stella isn’t right for you. Can she make you feel like I do?”

“No.” He whispered back in the darkness. “Not even close.”

With a happy heart and a smile I very softly walked from the room, leaving him talking in the darkness. Once I made it back to my room I closed the door carefully and then tossed the mask to Kim for her to hide. Once she had hidden it she turned to me and her eyes had a strange look in them.

“I heard you.” She said after a moment of silence. “Your Brandon? My love?”

I could tell she didn’t approve, me fucking him was one thing, but this was different. Even I knew that much. All I could do was nod.

“Your falling in love with him aren’t you?” She accused.

“God help me Kim. I am have already fallen.” I whispered in despair and collapsed onto my knees and cried. To her credit, she was there a moment later and holding me. “What do I do Kim? I have fallen in love with Brandon.”

“We get him away from Stella.” She said gently and stroked my hair. “Monica….don’t take this the wrong way but….”

And then she kissed me. It wasn’t a sexual kiss, but our tongues danced and she moaned into my mouth before pulling back softly.

“You had to taste him…didn’t you?” I asked.

“….Yes.” She answered.

The rest of the night we talked about where this went from here. Kim was next and we would take this one step further with her. Then, if he was ready we would both talk to him and tell him the whole story.


I laid awake for hours after the strange woman of my dreams had left me. I felt fulfilled and yet empty at the same time. It was close to two hours before I could get to sleep. That night I dream of hundreds of masked women all taunting me, except one. She said nothing, simply watched me with a strange smile on her full lips. The others taunted and laughed, but she simply said “I love you baby.” and I felt happy. I woke up happier then I had been in months. Confused, but happy.

My day began like it always did. Dress. Breakfast of eggs, bacon and sausage then off to the gym. An hour workout and a shower in the gym and then off to the shop. I opened the shop and got it all ready for the days business. The shop was opened for less then an hour when the phone rang.

“Innocence lost. Brandon speaking.”

“Hi. I have kind of a strange request.” Came the female reply. It was strangely familiar and at the same time not.

“Okay, I may have a strange answer, but ask away darlin.” I replied with a chuckle.

“Well….i want to get some work done, but I am very shy. Would it be possible to close the shop for my appointment?” She asked.

“Well, I have private rooms just for shy people.” I answered.

“….That’s not the same. If it’s a matter of money, I can pay more.” She said firmly.